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The tenth Frestech City Magic Car Race had just ended and the results were as expected, it was a Frestech Chamber of Commerce car that took first place.

However, what they didnt expect was that there were two drivers in these cars and with the power of the Frestech Team, since they were racing in Frestech City this time, they should have taken the first two places. But only one of them received the championship and as for the other……they were in last place.

This last place wasnt because of an accident that happened, but rather it had been in last place the entire time.

When everyone saw this result, they all felt that it was unbelievable.

This was the newest Magic Race Car developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so how could it get last place

This was just too strange!

Because of this surprising result, there were many people who suffered losses with their bets during this race. No one had thought that a driver from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would get last place which was unbelievable.

However, no matter how disappointed people were, they couldnt compare to the person who drove…..oh, no, the dragon who drove this car……

“Xu Yi, you didnt give me the best car at all, did you” Cassandra angrily looked at Xu Yi with eyes that almost popped out.

If she wasnt in human form, Xu Yi didnt doubt that she would be spitting out flames.

“How could that be” Xu Yi quickly raised his hand to show his innocence, “We prepared the best cars for our team and they were specially maintained just so they would be in the best condition for the race.”

“Then why did I get last place” Cassandra was still angry.

“This……” Xu Yi blinked in a daze. He couldnt just say that her driving was so bad that it was natural that she would get last place.

It was a good thing that Cassandra just thought that it was embarrassing getting last place and was only venting herself. Actually, she knew that her driving skills werent that good and she had been shown that in the competition.”

“Xu Yi, other than the Magic Illusion Projector, also give me a Magic Race Car.” Cassandra paused before saying, “Of course, I dont mean for you to give it for free. I guarantee that I will help your companys people as much as possible.”

“Oh” Xu Yis eyes lit up as his heart filled with joy.

Getting a promise from a dragon wasnt easy. If he could get a promise from Cassandra with some illusion films and a Magic Race Car, that was considered too cheap.

“Alright.” Xu Yi quickly agreed. After thinking for a bit, he deliberately knitted his brows, “But theres a problem. Cassandra, youve used the Magic Car from some time, so you should know that they have a chance to break and you need to maintain them and service them when they break. So even if I give you a Magic Sedan, you wont be able to use it for that long.”

“Is that so” Cassandra knitted those two red brows that were like tiny swords above her head, “What do I do”

“Theres two ways to solve this. Once is when something happens to the Magic Car, you can bring it to our place to repair it.”

“That is too troublesome.” The place I live is over ten thousand kilometers away, it would take ten days even if I flew at full speed.” Cassandra immediately shook her head to reject this idea.

“Then we can only use the second method. Our company can open a Magic Car repair shop at your place that will maintain this Magic Race Car in the future.”

“Alright, then its this.”

“But Cassandra…..do you know how much we would need to invest to cross ten thousand kilometers of seas and go over to your place to open a Magic Car repair shop” Xu Yi looked at Cassandra with a strange look.

Cassandra pursed her lips, “You humans like you go around in circles. I understand what you mean, you just want money. How about this, Ive been alive for this long, so I have some treasures that are considered valuable to you humans. Ill take some out to pay you with, that will work, right”

“Un……I cant deny that you have the finances, but Cassandra, for our company, just running over there to build a magic repair shop for you alone isnt worth it.” Xu Yi shook his head.

Seeing that Xu Yi rejected him, Cassandra couldnt help getting angry.

“I say, Xu Yi, why are you humans so troublesome I just want you to give me a Magic Race Car and you bring out all these things You can just not give me one if you want, do you think that our dragon race craves your human products that much”

“No, no, no, I didnt have this meaning at all.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Its just that compared to this, I have a better proposition. It can solve the problem of giving you a Magic Race Car, while also bringing plenty of profit to our company.”

“Oh You have a good idea”

“Cassandra, do you like illusion films very much”


“Then do the other dragons of your dragon race like watching them as well”

“I dont know about the other clansmen, but the clansmen on Fire Rock Island all seem to like it.”

“Un, do you like driving the Magic Race Cars very much”

Cassandra glared at Xu Yi, “Nonsense, didnt you see it”

“Then do you think…..your clansmen will also like it”

Cassandra looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look before shaking her head.

“I dont know. What are you asking this for”

“Since you dont know now, lets give it a try.” Xu Yi revealed an enticing smile, “Cassandra, when you embark with our companys fleet, other than giving you a Magic Race Car, I will give your clansmen another fifty Magic Sedans and a hundred Magic Illusion Projectors, as well as three large Magic Illusion Projectors. As for how to divide this, itll be up to you. What do you think”

Cassandra was stunned before looking at Xu Yi with a look of doubt.

“Why are you doing this Xu Yi, I know that you humans have a phrase that saysthere are no meals that fall from the sky. For you to suddenly do this, you must have some kind of plot!”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “How could there be so many plots I just want to run an experiment.”

Seeing the vigilant look on Cassandras face, Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh and spread his hands, “Alright, Ill be direct. I want you to help us test something for our company, we want to see how receptive you dragons are to these two things. If there are many dragons that like them, we can definitely continue trading with them in the future and everyone will get what they need. Could it be that this kind of simple business deal is considered a plot by you”

“That isnt certain. You humans are always deceitful and when making deals with you humans, the other races will always suffer.” Cassandra had a look of disdain as she said this.

“Hey, not every single one of us humans are bad, alright Its just that there are a few more people with sly intentions when doing business. Then again, the decision is in your hands, so do you think that I would make you suffer a loss” Xu Yi said in an aggrieved voice.

Cassandra tilted her head like a naughty little girl to think before giving a nod.

“Un, thats right. Alright, I promise you, but I cant guarantee that they will like it. When they dont like it, I wont give back the things that you give me.”

“Of course. Since Ive already given it as a present, how could I take it back” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

Cassandra waved her hand and was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something. She turned around to look at Xu Yi with a grin, “Xu Yi, since youre giving a gift, why not be more generous Other than those Magic Sedans and Magic Illusion Projectors, how about you give me some of the things that Ive been playing with in the past few days as well Perhaps my clansmen will also be interested in them”

Xu Yi couldnt help blinking before reevaluating Cassandra.

Who said that this dragon only had the intelligence of a little human girl

That smile was just as sly as a human merchants!

After looking at Cassandra for a bit, Xu Yi could only grit his teeth and give a helpless nod.

“Alright, I promise you. As long as youre interested in it, Ill let you bring back a few things……”

Cassandra immediately revealed a smile and stood on her tiptoes to pat Xu Yis shoulder.

“Xu Yi, you are a very good human, I like you very much. Alright, Ill go test out the Magic Race Cars now, come look for me when youve prepared the rest!”

After throwing this down, Cassandra ran off without leaving a trace.

Xu Yi could only watch her run off with a bitter smile, thinking that he couldnt look down on the other intelligent races.

Especially the dragons that were considered the most intelligent race, it wasnt easy to cheat them.

“Xu Yi…..you really are powerful.” Seveni came from the side. She looked in the direction Cassandra had run off while saying in an emotional voice, “When you made deals with the elves, the dwarves, and the halfling, I felt very surprised. I never thought that you would plan to do business with the dragons as well……”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “This isnt anything strange. The dragons have their own demand and as long as there is demand, wouldnt it be possible to make a deal”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a strange look.

“Xu Yi, you have emphasized before that your status as a merchant is more important than your status as a magician, but now I feel…..that you really are clear on your status.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “That is called staying true to oneself. What Seveni, are you interested in doing business with the dragons You can take it as a test of the future development on the Magic Cloud Continent”

Seveni looked at the fire red Magic Race Car running along the track and there was a bit of hope that appeared in her eyes as she gave a slow nod.

“Alright, Im looking forward to it very much.”-

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