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Xu Yi and the others all looked at each other in blank dismay.

There was this female…..Alright, this young dragon girl from legends who not only knew the common language of the continent, she also knew about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and could even mention the “Magic Illusion Projector”!

Were the dragons that advanced

It was a good thing that Xu Yi reacted quickly. He thought that this dragon should have met the Frestech Chamber of Commerces open sea exploration fleet, so she learned about this from them.

“Great Magician Juna, can you please go back to the company for a Magic Illusion Projector”

Great Magician Juna gave a nod before disappearing.

Xu Yi turned back to Cassandra and carefully looked over this legendary dragon.

“Miss Cassandra, I have something to ask you. Your dragon race……are you the only one left”

“Why do you think this” Cassandra looked at Xu Yi and there was a strange look in those dragon eyes, “Our dragon race is the most powerful among all the intelligent races. If you humans havent been exterminated yet, how could there only be me left”

“Since its like this, then after your dragon race left the continent two thousand years ago, you should have been living in another place Does that mean that there is another continent in this world” Xu Yi asked.

Cassandras giant nostrils let out two plume of smoke as her tone was filled with ridicule.

“The world of you humans really is small. Could it be that you thought that there was only the Sines Continent in this world Let me tell you, other than this Sines Continent, there are several other continents. The Sines Continent isnt even the biggest continent. Youve always been on this continent that you think that controlling the Sines Continent means controlling the entire world. It really is laughable.”

Arch Magus Camilla and the others behind Xu Yi all revealed shocked looks.

Although they had always guessed that there were other continents, there had never been anyone that had confirmed this.

But now that there was a dragon that suddenly appeared that confirmed that there was another continent, it was a strong hit to their hearts.

But Xu Yi didnt feel that different.

Based on his observations since transmigrating that this planet was like earth, he was already certain that there wasnt only the Sines Continent alone on this planet.

The humans of the Sines Continent couldnt explore the endless seas because they were limited by technology. The appearance of Xu Yi had brought the rapid development of magic machines on the continent, which had enabled humans to explore the seas, to explore the world.

But Xu Yi never would have thought that after the first exploration fleet went out, before they even came back, there would be a legendary dragon that would be sent back first.

“But you humans really were courageous enough to explore the seas this time and found the habitat of my race, it really is worthy of praise.” Cassandra continued, “After not seeing each other for two thousand years, you humans have also made many strange and fun things, it really is unexpected.”

“Strange and fun things” Xu Yi was a bit confused. He thought that the steel Magic Ships that made up the exploration fleet, were nothing more than fun things in the eyes of a dragon

“Right, miss Cassandra, since you have met our fleet, have you seen that halfling on that fleet”

“Youre talking about that little halfling girl” Cassandra asked.

“Little girl……” Xu Yis lips twitched. Lumi was several hundred years old, but she was only a little girl in Cassandras eyes.

But thinking of how the legendary dragons had lifespans of over ten thousand years. Although this Cassandra called herself a little girl, she was at least over a thousand years old, so it wasnt strange for her to call Lumi a little girl.

“Un, its her. Actually our company organized this open sea exploration fleet just to confirm for her if the halfling race had left the Sines Continent and gone to another continent several thousand years ago. Now that the fleet has met your dragon race, does that mean that the legend of the halflings migrating to another continent is true”

“I dont know what your legends say, but as for the halflings…..they are all over the Magic Cloud Continent. As for whether they came from the Sines Continent or not, Im not certain.”

“Magic Cloud Continent” Arch Magus Camillas expression changed as he cut in, “Dear miss dragon, may I ask if the name Magic Cloud Continent is translated by you to our continents language, or does its name already sound like that”

“Is there a difference”

“Of course there is.” Arch Magus Camilla gave a serious nod.

“Of course its the original pronunciation. My common tongue was learned from the humans of your fleet and they didnt teach me the words for the Magic Cloud Continent, so I sounded it out from the language of us dragons for you.”

“Its like this…..Thank you for your response.” Arch Magus Camilla nodded before knitting his brows to think.

Xu Yi was a bit curious as he looked at Arch Magus Camilla. He didnt know why he cared this much about the name “Magic Cloud Continent”.

After asking Cassandra a few more questions, the magic space by them fluctuated as Great Magician Juna appeared again with a Magic Illusion Projector in his hands.

“Alright, Ill give this to you and you can watch for yourself.” The small box that had been floating in front of Cassandra the entire time was thrown to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi grabbed it and opened it to find that there was a Magic Illusion Disc inside, immediately understanding what was happening.

“It isnt convenient to watch this here. Miss Cassandra, are you willing to……” Xu Yi looked at Cassandra and wanted to invite her back with them to slowly talk, but he found that the giant body was already prepared to leave.

“Ive already finished my mission, you dont need to care about me.” Cassandra flapped her wings, preparing to take off.

Xu Yi quickly flew up to stop her.

“Miss Cassandra, please stay a bit longer. There are still many things that we have to ask you about the fleet. As well, we might need to send another fleet, so we hope that you can guide them to meet up with the previous fleet.”

Cassandra looked at Xu Yi before looking at the Sines Continent behind him. After thinking for a bit, she asked, “You said that you were the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, right”


“Then I want to ask you, did the later episodes of the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty» come out”

“Ah” Xu Yi and the rest were all stunned by this.

They never thought that this dragon would ask them about this.

“What You dont even know about the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty» The humans of your fleet said that it was very popular in your human world, you dont even know about it”

“Of course I do.” Xu Yi nodded without knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Then tell me, how many episodes have come out”

Xu Yi calmed himself and thought about it before understanding what was happening.

The open sea exploration fleets journey would be long, so to prevent them from being bored, before setting off, they had prepared several Magic Illusion Projectors. The New Moon Chamber of Commerce had also given them several discs for films, which would be considered entertainment during the long voyage.

When the fleet met this dragon, he didnt know what happened between them, but the dragon seemed quite interested in the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty»……

“Ke…..I remember that when the fleet set off, the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty» had just begun broadcasting.” Xu Yi had a strange look. He never thought that a dragon would be interested in a drama about the rise and fall of a human dynasty, “It has already finished broadcasting. If youre interested, I can bring out the entire collection for you to watch.”

“Really Thats great!”

There was an excitement that wasnt hidden in Cassandras voice.

She flapped her wings a few times before saying, “Alright, find a place where I wont be disturbed and give me a Magic Illusion Projector, as well as the complete «Records of the Pollock Dynasty». If you have any questions, you can come and ask me.”

She had instantly forgotten about going back at this time.

Xu Yi gave a speechless nod. When he was thinking about how to take care of this, Arch Magus Camilla flew over.

“Ill take care of her, you take care of the fleets matter.”

Xu Yi looked at Arch Magus Camilla and seeing his serious look, he became even more curious.

But he understood Arch Magus Camillas personality and didnt keep asking as he gave a nod. He took the Magic Illusion Projector and the Magic Illusion Disc, then with a flash, he appeared at his personal manor on the cliff.

After entering his study, Xu Yi put the Magic Illusion Disc into the Magic Illusion Projector and an illusion appeared.

When the illusion appeared, it showed Narvil who had been in charge of the open sea exploration fleet.

Narvils expression in the illusion had an excited look, but he was also nervous.

“Sir chairman, I am Narvil. I am currently reporting to you from an island that is ten thousand kilometers away from the Sines Continent.”

The illusion changed to an overhead angle shot and showed just how big the island was. There were few plants on the island and Xu Yi even saw a giant volcano, showing that this place wasnt a very comfortable place to live on.

“Weve already seen islands like this countless times on our journey, so it isnt strange, but……on this island, we actually met the legendary dragons!”-

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