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The Sines Continent was a continent with many races.

With the current situation of the Sines Continent, there was no doubt that humans were the main race of the continent, making up over 90% of intelligent life on the continent in total.

In the less than 10% left, the race with the highest population were the beastmen followed by the dwarves and the elves.

But other than these races, a long time ago, there were even more intelligent races on the continent.

Among them included the halflings that Xu Yi had met before, as well as the legendary goblins, lizardmen, ents, and other races that he hadnt met before.

But among all these races, if one was to mention the most legendary and the most powerful race among all these legendary races, it was without a doubt the dragon race.

Yes, there had once been dragons on the continent before.

According to the legends that Xu Yi had read, it was said that the dragons were still very active three thousand years ago, but they gradually disappeared. After the race wars, there hadnt been a trace left by them.

It was said that the dragons had lost interest in the Sines Continent after the elves lost control, so they had found some other place that was more suited for them.

It was also said that the dragons had a powerful body, as well as naturally powerful magic. It was said that they had gone to another place and were no longer on this world.

In short, there were already few dragons on the continent and then they disappeared without a trace.

Moreover, the dragons were very big and would attract attention no matter what they did. Everyone had thought that they would be noticed eventually and with the pride of the dragons, they wouldnt hide from humans forever.

Xu Yi had gone through countless materials and could only confirm that dragons were legends. They hadnt left behind any sparks like the halflings did with Lumi, so he might not be able to meet them in his entire life.

But now, through this specially made telescope, Xu Yi could clearly see that it was a dragon!

The two wings that were like bat wings flapped as it carried its large lizard body through the air. The long and sharp head had a pair of giant sharp horns on them and with the fierce looking teeth in its slightly opened mouth, it gave off a very fierce feel.

It was just like the dragons from the legends, so Xu Yi could recognize it with a single look.

“Is it really a dragon” When Bensack on the side heard Xu Yis surprised cry, he couldnt help swallowing a mouthful of saliva with difficulty before saying in a shocked voice, “Gods! Its actually a dragon! Sir chairman, what do we do now That is a dragon! Will it attack us”

Xu Yi focused his attention on the dragon quickly flying over and after making sure that he didnt make a mistake, he said to Bensack in a deep voice, “Immediately report this back and send down my orders. Have the guards prepare themselves to attack the enemy at any time, but they are not to make any rash moves, understand”

“Understood, understood.” Bensack kept nodding before suddenly reacting, “Sir chairman, you want me to pass down the orders, what are you planning to…..”

“Im going to take a look.”

After Xu Yi said this, he disappeared.

Bensack was stunned before quickly looking through the telescope. He found that Xu Yi was already in the air and wasnt that far away from the dragon quickly flying over here.

“Sir chairman, he……”

Bensack was stunned, but then he remembered Xu Yis orders and quickly picked up a Magic Communicator.

“Emergency situation! Emergency situation! Observation post number thirty seven has discovered a dragon flying over here! Attention, its a dragon! Sir chairman has already gone to meet the enemy personally and has given the orders……”


The dragon had already noticed Xu Yi when he appeared and had violated all common sense as it stopped in midair.

Feeling Xu Yis gaze on it, the dragons giant eyes looked right at Xu Yi without blinking.

Without knowing what it was, Xu Yi could feel a bit of curiosity from its eyes as if it was observing him.

But no matter what, at least the dragon didnt attack Xu Yi as soon as it saw him, so he was much more assured.

The human and dragon stared at each other for a bit. After thinking about it, Xu Yi wanted to wave his hand to greet the dragon.

But who would have thought that as soon as he raised his hand, the dragons wings would flap to move back a bit. Then there was a bit of change in its eyes as it stared at Xu Yi, letting Xu Yi feel a bit of vigilance from them.

Xu Yi was surprised, while also finding it a bit funny.

Wasnt this a dragon How could he see so much from just a single glance It was no different from a human.

Moreover, they were the legendary most powerful dragon race. Why would it be this alert after seeing a human raise his hand

Looking at the giant dragon several hundred meters away, Xu Yi didnt know how to deal with it.

There were many legends about the dragon race and no one knew what to do after meeting a dragon.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi used a bit of magic to amplify his voice as he shouted to the dragon in front of him, “Hey, hello, friend from the dragon race!”

He was speaking in the common tongue of the Sines Continent.

It was said that the dragons were one of the most powerful and most intelligent races. When they lived on the Sines Continent, they had a good grasp of the human language, the elven language, the dwarven language, and several other languages.

But Xu Yi wasnt sure if this dragon could understand him since the dragons had already disappeared for several thousand years.

When that dragon heard Xu Yis voice, it looked at Xu Yi with a bit of doubt before opening its large dragon mouth.

Then it spoke in the most common language of the continent…..

“Human, do you know the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi looked at the dragon with quite the astonished look on his face.

My god! Forget about how there was a dragon that suddenly appeared and how it was speaking in the common tongue of the continent…..but why would it suddenly say the words “Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Hey, human, Im asking you a question. Do you know the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Or do you know a human from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce I have to tell them something.”

Xu Yi still hadnt recovered from his shock yet, so he could only nod in a daze.

“Ah……I do, Im from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Very good, since youre from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then you can call your chairman. It should be a human named Xu Yi, right Tell him that your companys fleet needs help.”

Hearing the word “fleet”, Xu Yi trembled before coming back to his senses.

“You said fleet How do you know our companys fleet Did you meet them Did you learn about our Frestech Chamber of Commerce from them What happened to them Why do they need our help Where are they now”

“Human, youre asking too many questions.” The dragon seemed a bit impatient. After flapping its wings a few times, it headed to the cliff that was behind Xu Yi.

Xu Yi didnt dare neglect it and quickly followed it.

That dragon flew very fast and wasnt slower than the fastest Magic Airships. It forced Xu Yi to use several spatial spells just to keep up with it.

Very soon, a human and a dragon arrived at the cliff, which was also the beach that was under Bensacks observation post.

When Xu Yis feet met the sand, he felt several magic fluctuations around him.

Arch Magus Camilla, Arch Magus Clay, Great Magician Turner, Great Magician Telucci, and the other powerful Frestech Chamber of Commerce magicians appeared.

Seeing the giant dragon that was five stories tall, everyone revealed shocked looks before going on alert.

Xu Yi quickly stopped them.

“Dont be impulsive, this dragon doesnt have any hostility.”

Arch Magus Camilla and the others carefully looked at this dragon and found that it was also looking at them. It indeed didnt have any hostility, so they relaxed a bit, but they didnt lower their guard.

“Human, theyre also from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” The dragon turned its head to ask Xu Yi.

“Yes. Right, let me introduce myself, I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi. May I ask…..what you are called”

Arch Magus Camilla and the others looked at Xu Yi with strange looks.

This fellow, he was this calm in front of a dragon and could even start a normal conversation with it

“I also have a name. If you use your human language, you can call me Cassandra.”

“Cassandra” Xu Yi had a surprised look and couldnt help muttering, “This sounds like a girls name……”

“Because I am a girl.” The dragon named Cassandra said.

Xu Yi, Arch Magus Camilla, and the others all had even stranger expressions.

Alright, it was hard enough for a dragon to appear, but it was also female……Alright, it was a girl from the dragon race.

“Ke……Then Cassandra……Miss, you were saying that our fleet needed help, what does that mean”

“Something happened to the fleet” Arch Magus Camilla and the others were surprised.

Xu Yi pointed at Cassandra, indicating for them to listen first.

“Its too troublesome to explain, youll understand faster if you look at this.” The space in front of Cassandra distorted and a small box appeared in that space, floating in the air, “Did any of you bring a Magic Illusion Projector”-

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