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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 40 - Different Ideas

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Watching the door to his office slowly close, Xu Yi tapped a finger from his right hand on the table. While tapping on the table, he slightly knitted his brows as he fell into deep thought.

He had known Kennard for over twelve years, Kennard had worked as his subordinate for twelve full years now.

In these twelve years, Kennard had always been an outstanding CEO for the company. He took care of all the administration and external affairs for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It had to be said, Kennard really was worthy of the successor trained by the Emma Family. With such strong abilities, he was very suited for a management position. In the twelve years that he had managed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had saved Xu Yi quite a bit of time and effort.

If possible, Xu Yi hoped that he could keep working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce until he died of old age.

But from Kennards words just now, Xu Yi smelled something unnatural.

It was ambition.

Yes, ambition.

In the twelve years Kennard had been working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had always followed Xu Yis development plan for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, never going his own way.

However, his proposition today had finally revealed his ambition.

Or it could be said that it represented the ambition of many people in the company.

Xu Yi was always willing to operate the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as just a company, developing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like this.

But Kennard and many high level members didnt think the same.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still small and not strong, they couldnt have this ambition.

But six years after the war with the Mana Magic Kingdom and after the clash with the Drow Race Kingdom this year, everyone had noticed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had become incredibly strong. Even the two empires had to be worried about them.

This made peoples thoughts change, which included Kennard.

Kennards second proposal ofdirectly destroying the Drow Race Kingdom, even if he had said it in a different tone, Xu Yi could tell that these were his real thoughts.

Different from the Stantine Duchy, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really sent out their troops to destroy the Drow Race Kingdom, according to the tradition of the continent, all the countries on the continent would silent approve of the Drow Race Kingdom entering under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce name with their current power.

Xu Yi didnt doubt this and didnt doubt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had the ability to do this.

But if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really took the Drow Race Kingdom under them, then it would be impossible for it to be like the Stantine Duchy. They wouldnt be able to just secretly control the congress and would have to form a controlling organization that belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If they really did this, the nature of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would change. It would change from a company to a country.

This was without a doubt a large change, but this was what the CEO Kennard and the high level members wanted to see.

After all, for the people of the continent, especially those nobles affected by tradition, they regarded control of land to be very important.

To them, no matter how much power merchants had, they couldnt control any land, so they were below nobles in status.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could officially control the Drow Race Kingdom, then this would be a large leap for Kennard.

This was something that in the years of working together, Kennard had hinted at to Xu Yi more than once.

But this time, he was very open with it.

It could be said that this was a probe into what Xu Yi was thinking.

If Xu Yi was willing, then with the current power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it wasnt hard for them to destroy the Drow Race Kingdom and bring them under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Once this goal was accomplished, Xu Yi could imagine that the path of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would go further and further, becoming the path of dominating the entire continent.

When that time comes, Xu Yi wouldnt have a choice even if he wasnt willing.

“But Im not willing right now……”

Xu Yi gave a sigh.

At this time, he really wished that he was the kind of main character that would want to dominate the world after transmigrating, but he knew that this wasnt his type and he really wasnt interested in doing this.

If he forced himself, he might not get any good results.

Moreover, establishing a kingdom and trying to take over the continent sounded simple, but it was very hard.

Xu Yi wasnt interested and didnt have the time.

So for the ambition that Kennard and quite a few of the high level members had, Xu Yi could only apologize.

“Perhaps Kennard will regret that he followed the wrong person in the future” Xu Yi gave a smile of self ridicule. After thinking for a bit, he stood up to leave the office.

After leaving the main office building, Xu Yi drove his Magic Sedan down to the seashore.

It was already mid August and was the hottest time of the year.

With the bright sun above him, it was very hot and dry inside the Magic Sedan.

Xu Yi didnt turn on the cars Magic Air Conditioner and opened the windows as he drove at high speeds. Feeling the hot wind hitting him, he quickly drove by the sea.

It didnt take long before he arrived under the observation deck that was set up by the cliff.

“Sir chairman, youre here again.”

There was a clear voice that came from above him.

Xu Yi looked up at the young man wearing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce uniform looking down from above and waved his hand with a smile. Then using his magic, he flew right up.

“Bensack, how is it Has there been any noise lately” Xu Yi came up to the observation post by the sea while asking the young man this.

“Theres no noise at all.” The young man named Bensack shook his head, “If there really was anything, I would have contacted you immediately.”

“Un.” Xu Yi nodded, neither agreeing or disagreeing.

Coming up to the observation post, Xu Yi looked at the distant sea with the telescope that was specially set up here. He found that because it was the afternoon, there was a bit of red in the sunlight being reflected from the sea and wasnt as white as it was at noon.

Looking at the horizon for a bit, Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

The open sea exploration fleet had already been gone for close to ten months and there wasnt a single bit of news, so he couldnt help being a bit worried.

Although it was agreed that it would take a year, based on the speed of the Magic Ship and even if the planet under them was twice as big as earth, ten months would have been enough for this fleet to go around the planet two or three times.

Even if something happened along the way, ten months was more than enough time to spare.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help looking at the sky.

When he considered this issue, if he could have made several satellites like one earth, then he wouldnt have to worry about not being able to contact the fleet.

But for the current Sines Continent, this technology was too far away, so he could only accept reality.

“Sir chairman, are you worried about something” Bensack nearby saw that Xu Yi was knitting his brows as he looked at the sky, so he couldnt help asking this in a curious voice.

Xu Yi turned back and waved his hand with a smile.

He was worrying about many things, but whether it was Kennard and the other high level members having different ideas than him or being unable to contact the exploration fleet, this young man who was manning the observation fleet wouldnt be able to help him.

Looking into the horizon again, Xu Yi patted Bensacks shoulder and praised him a few times before flying down to leave.

“Sir chairman, when will you come again” Bensack suddenly asked in a loud voice.

Xu Yi waved his hand at him, “When I feel like it, Ill come. Just watch properly.”

Bensack mumbled something and was a bit dejected as he went back.

He thought that sir chairman coming every other day was to see him and planned on giving him a special promotion, but based on sir chairmans current attitude, it didnt seem like this was the case.

“Could it be that I have to stay in this boring place”

Hearing the sounds of the Magic Sedan from under the observation deck, Bensack gave a sigh and turned back to look at the horizon.

“What is there to see Why does sir chairman care so much Isnt it just the sea It isnt strange at all. I……”

Bensacks eyes opened wide as he looked into the horizon in the distance before he quickly reacted, immediately coming to the side of the observation deck.

“Sir chairman! Theres something! Theres something!”

Xu Yi who had just finished turning the Magic Sedan around and prepared to leave suddenly heard Bensacks shouting before stopping in a daze.

“What is it” Xu Yi reached his head out the window to ask.

“That……The sea……The sea, theres……Theres……” Bensack waved his hand and didnt know what to say, “Theres……Theres something flying over here!”

“Flying over” Xu Yi was surprised.

His first reaction was a sea bird, but if it really was a sea bird, Bensack wouldnt be this agitated.

Then he thought of a possibility.

“Could it be a Magic Airship that the open sea exploration fleet sent back”

Thinking of this, Xu Yi opened the door and used his magic to fly up to the observation deck again.

“Over there! Over there…..” Bensack pointed at the sea for Xu Yi in an anxious manner.

Xu Yi quickly came to the telescope and focused it to look into the distance.

After a while, Xu Yis mouth opened up and he let out a shocked cry.


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