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“Sir chairman, how do you plan on taking care of the Drow Race Kingdom in the future” Kennard asked.

“Drow Race Kingdom”

Xu Yi knitted his brows and twisted his head, trying to throw out those terrifying scenes from his mind.

Before this, although he lived for more than ten years on the continent, when he met others, he would always have the mentality of an observer and would rarely invest himself into things.

However, when he witnessed the cruel scenes from the riots in the Drow Race Kingdom, it was his first time feeling true hatred in his heart.

If it was from his own personal feelings, he would want to completely eliminate the Drow Race.

However, his ration told him that even if there were countless Drow Race that participated in the riots, that didnt mean that all the Drow Race were evil.

From an objective angle, if he destroyed the entire Drow Race because of this, he was no different from the Drow Race that participated in the riots.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi replied, “Right now the companys guards are in the Drow Race Kingdom, so as long as we tighten our control over the Drow Race Kingdom, those despicable Drow Race wont be able to cause any trouble in the future.”

“So my question is……” Kennard revealed a bit of a dangerous look in his eyes, “Sir chairman, how do you want to tighten our control over the Drow Race Kingdom”

Xu Yi was surprised. He looked into Kennards deep gaze and asked, “What do you want to say”

“Sir chairman, the Drow Race Kingdom is over four thousand kilometers away from our companys main base. Even with the Magic Airships, it would take two days to arrive. With such a distance, it would be hard for us to rely on just three thousand guards to completely control the Drow Race Kingdom.”


“So I think…..how about we do it more thoroughly”

“Oh What do you consider thorough” Xu Yi looked at Kennard with an interested look.

Seeing that Xu Yi was interested, Kennard focused his mind. He stood up to walk over to the map of the Sines Continent on the wall and slapped his hand on where the Drow Race Kingdom was on the map.

“Sir chairman, look, the Drow Race Kingdom has the Candra Empire to the west and several other countries to the east, then only a thousand kilometers to the south is the endless sea. It can be said to be in the most prime position on the continents north. If our companys products want to go to the eastern or northeastern part of the continent, we have to go through the Drow Race Kingdom.”

“Un, I know this, so I directly send the company guards into the Drow Race Kingdom. Its to make it easier for our company to operate in the future.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Sir chairman is taking the long range approach, so you can see the importance of the Drow Race Kingdom, but I feel…..that this isnt enough.” Kennard said with a serious look.

“Tell me, what isnt enough”

“You should know that the Drow Race Kingdom is a nation filled with the Drow Race. This country has the greatest cohesive force of all the countries, so they are the most dangerous. Although we can use military force to stop the resistance of the Drow Race, Im certain that one we relax, they will clash with the outsiders in the Drow Race Kingdom again. Our companys guards will become their prime targets.”

“Your worry is correct and this is what Im always worried about.” Xu Yi nodded, “If its just three thousand guards, it isnt a problem to control the base or even a region, but its a bit difficult to completely control the Drow Race Kingdom. But our companys guards only have twenty thousand people, so we cant send all those people there.”

“So we should do this more thoroughly. Since its impossible to completely control the Drow Race, then we should just exterminate them so we dont need to worry about this in the future.”

Xu Yi looked at Kennard in surprise before knitting his brows, “I thought that you would give some constructive feedback. It isnt difficult for us to exterminate the Drow Race, but we cant take the consequences of this. Exterminating their race will have a serious impact on anyones fame, not to mention a company like us that everyone pays attention to.”

“No, no, no, sir chairman, youve misunderstood. I said exterminate the Drow Race, but that doesnt mean exterminate their bodies, rather exterminate them mentally.”

“Exterminate them mentally” Xu Yi looked at Kennard with a confused look, “How will you do this”

“The cohesiveness of the Drow Race causes them to be against foreigners, but the main reason for this is because the Drow Race has always lived in the Drow Race Kingdom and has not gone anywhere else. If we can spread them out, their cohesiveness will naturally weaken. If we can increase the number of outsiders in the Drow Race Kingdom, in the long run, there will be less and less Drow Race in the kingdom, so there wouldnt be this problem.”

Xu Yi looked at Kennard who was speaking in such eloquent words and he couldnt help laughing deep down.

He had to admit that Kennards idea was very creative, but the feasibility of this was zero.

If one wanted to split up a nations citizens on earth, there had been many similar cases of spreading out the citizens. However, each case had come with a bitter price and the results had always been a mess.

Although Xu Yi didnt dare say that he knew everything about the humans on the Sines Continent, based on the history of earth, it was almost impossible to solve the problem of the Drow Race with Kennards method.

Of course, he wouldnt directly tell him what he thought. After thinking for a bit, he gave a nod to Kennard, “You can try this, but I have to remind you that this will take a lot of time and effort. Are you certain you want to do this”

Kennard thought about it and didnt reply right away, rather he asked, “Then sir chairman, theres still another easier method. We can directly destroy the Drow Race Kingdom and integrate it under the name of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. What do you think”

Xu Yi looked at the ray of hope in Kennards eyes and was silent.

This was not his first time hearing this proposition.

During this time, there were many high level members that had mentioned this to Xu Yi when discussing the Drow Race Kingdom riots. Arch Magus Camilla had even said “might as well make that country disappear”.

He had to admit that this proposition was feasible and enticing.

For the people of the Sines Continent, in wars between countries, it wasnt strange for entire countries to be exterminated.

In the several hundred years of expansion for the two empires, they had destroyed countless small kingdoms.

In the tradition of the Sines Continent, the powerful people were the kings and the people that were killed by the powerful just didnt have the ability to keep themselves alive, they couldnt complain to anyone.

If one sent out troops to destroy an entire country on the Sines Continent, they wouldnt be criticized and be under social pressure like on earth, rather people would be in awe of your strength.

In this kind of space, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only a company and couldnt be considered a country, as long as they were capable of destroying the Drow Race Kingdom, no one on the continent would say a thing.

Not to mention that in terms of public opinion, the newspapers and the most effective Magic Illusion Projectors were mainly controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so there was no need to worry.

Even Xu Yi himself had considered this method before because it really was the most simple and crude method.

However, this was an issue that was hard to solve that made Xu Yi unable to use this method.

Right now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a company and not a country.

The biggest difference between a company and a country was that a company could freely operate and didnt need to care about other things.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was countless times bigger than before, having close to two hundred thousand staff, with branch offices in all the countries on the continent.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce only needed to care about the matters of their own company.

Compared to a country that needed to care about the economy, people, politics, land, and defense of a country, a company needed to care about much less.

Even the smallest Stantine Duchy, the parliament had to handle many things that were very complicated.

With Xu Yis resources, it wasnt even enough to develop a Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so there was no need to mention a country.

Moreover, Xu Yi had his own understanding.

It was already hard enough for him to manage a company and he gave most of the administration to Kennard to take care of. If he were to become the head of country, it would be good enough if he didnt become a foolish leader.

Then again, he wasnt interested.

He had loved machines since he was young and had been a mechanical engineer in his past life, so his biggest interest was studying machines.

After transmigrating, his dream was to integrate magic which didnt exist on earth into everything, creating a perfect magic machine industry on the continent.

The reason he developed the military magic machines was to give some backing to realize his dream.

It wasnt hard to destroy the Drow Race Kingdom with the powerful Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but to manage them after destroying them, that was the biggest problem.

After Xu Yi considered all of this, he turned to shake his head at Kennard, “Its too troublesome to directly destroy the Drow Race Kingdom. If youre willing to spend this much energy, I can give you some limited resources from the company to let you take care of your first idea.”

Kennard revealed a smile.

“Sir chairman, as I expected, you really chose this.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile which could be considered silent acknowledgement.-

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