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Seeing Sancheli lost in thought, Xu Yi stood up with a faint smile and left Sanchelis personal lab.

The research on elemental magic energy and the microscopics of magic was a very big topic. With the current rough magic theory level of the continent, it was far from being able to reach such a fine tuned degree.

He requested this research from Sancheli to give him a new direction of study, but he didnt think that he would have results for a long time.

On the other hand, Xu Yi wanted to shift the study of magic from “feelings” to accurate data, to theoretical analysis which wasnt an easy thing to do.

It wasnt enough with Sancheli alone, it would be best if all the magicians on the continent could change their ideas and study this together.

But that was very difficult.

The magicians with high achievements on the continent were deeply influenced by this old magic theory system, so it wasnt easy to change their thoughts.

Take Arch Magus Camilla, even if he had been with Xu Yi over ten years and was always influenced by Xu Yis data analysis method, he still had many traditional thoughts about magic. This had affected him quite a big with his high end magic research.

And Arch Magus Clay who had joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce not long ago, this problem was even more serious with him.

Arch Magus Clay had already been with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for close to a year, but he still was adapting. He couldnt change his thoughts and couldnt full integrate himself into the research.

This caused him to spend close to a year to grasp this new method of magic research, he hadnt even been able to contribute much to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, this couldnt be rushed.

Xu Yi was clear that if he really wanted to change the model of magic for the magicians on the continent, it would take the efforts of an entire generation or several generations.

Whether it was Arch Magus Camilla or Arch Magus Clay, they needed to build their basic theory first.

The ones that really played a role would be those children who had joined the magic research facility and had grown up with this new magic theory.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh.

To get some achievements, it would take at least ten or twenty years.

When that time came, he would already be an old man……

“Sir chairman, are you worried about the colleagues in the Drow Race Kingdom” A voice suddenly sounded that cut through Xu Yis thoughts, “Be assured, the guards are already prepared. As long as you give the order, they can immediately set off.”

“Oh……” Xu Yi came back to his senses and looked at the human Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards vice leader Dulus in front of him. Then he turned to the guards that had assembled at the training base and gave a nod.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had developed during these years and now it was a large army with over twenty thousand troops.

Adding in the newest high end military magic machines they were equipped with, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards were much stronger than any countrys army.

Although they were only sending three thousand people to the Drow Race Kingdom this time, Xu Yi believed that they could easily accomplish this task.

“Dulus, repeat your mission objective to me again.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice.

“Yes! Sir chairman!” Dulus gave a bow before standing up straight and loudly saying, “The mission this time is to save the commerces staff who are trapped in the Drow Race Kingdom, as well as provide support for the staff of other companies in the same industry, while launching an attack on the Drow Race Kingdom to suppress the riots!”

“Very good, you remembered the objective very clearly, but do you know what you need to do” Xu Yi asked.

“This……” Dulus was silent for a bit before looking at Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, please explain!”

Xu Yi revealed a dangerous smile.

“What you need to do is very simple, while guaranteeing the safety of our people, you will teach those b*stards of the Drow Race Kingdom as much of a lesson as you can! Dont worry about the consequences, understand”

Dulus trembled before he revealed an excited look.

“Sir chairman, can we really not care about the consequences”

“This is my order, you just have to follow it.” Xu Yi nodded.

“Alright! We will listen to sir chairmans orders!” Dulus immediately replied in a loud voice.

“Good. Since youre prepared, then set off. The colleagues stranded in the Drow Race Kingdom are waiting for you to save them.” Xu Yi patted his shoulder.

Dulus agreed before turning to give a strong wave to the guards waiting in the field. The three thousand guards in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces uniform all headed into the ten large transport Magic Airships waiting for them.

The large transport Magic Airship was a new kind of Magic Airship developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce three years ago. This Magic Airship was five times bigger than the first generation and had ten times more carrying capacity. Each Magic Airship could transport over twenty tons of cargo and there was more than enough room to spare to carry a hundred guards each.

Then with the thirty small guard Magic Airships around them, the ten large transport Magic Airships flew off at the same time, heading off in a eastern direction.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base was over four thousand kilometers away from the Drow Race Kingdom, so whether it was by land or sea, it would take a week to arrive safely.

So this time Xu Yi had sent half of the large transport Magic Airships that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce owned. He planned on sending the guards to the Drow Race Kingdom through the air as quickly as possible to complete this mission.

“Sir chairman, do we really not need to care about the consequences” The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard leader Hart came up from behind. Looking at the Magic Airships in the sky turning into black dots, he had a bit of worry in his eyes, “You should be clear how destructive they are, so if you dont care about the consequences at all, Im worried…..that the results will be very serious.”

Xu Yi turned to him and couldnt help revealing a smile.

“Hart, I remember that you used to have the strongest attitude in the entire company and you even said that you would start a war with the Candra Empire. Why do you now care about the consequences of fighting a single Drow Race Kingdom This isnt like you.”

Hart revealed an awkward smile, “Perhaps its because our company is much bigger than before and I have more people under me, so Ive become more cautious.”

“No, I can see that youre older, so you will think more.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I know what you are worried about, youre worried that these kids will be too brutal in the Drow Race Kingdom. But you need to understand that this time, this is the result that I want to see.”

Hart looked at the fierce look in Xu Yis eyes that he wasnt hiding and after being silent for a bit, he gave a nod.

“Sir chairman, you want to give these people a warning through this”

“It can be considered this and it can be considered not.” Xu Yi said, “Those fellows in the Drow Race Kingdom dared to make a move against our company, if we dont give them a deep enough lesson, how can others know not to have ideas towards our company As for the other considerations…..it can be considered a whip for those hesitant people to make them move faster.”

“A whip” Hart looked at Xu Yi with a confused look.

Xu Yi gave a laugh and didnt reply.

After talking about some other arrangements for the guards, Xu Yi left the training field and returned to the main office building.

When sat down in his office, the door was suddenly pushed open and Ankhto came in with an anxious look.

“What is it Why are you so rushed” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Ankhto slammed the documents in his hands on the table in front of Xu Yi and loudly siad, “Sir chairman, those fellows in the Candra Empire are simply going too far!”

“Oh” Xu Yi picked up the document to look over and found that this was an official report from the Candra Empires eastern provinces Governor Manor, “What is it Youre not satisfied with how the eastern provinces Governor Manor is handling this matter”

“How could I be!” Ankhto raised his voice, “I even suspect that they caused this mess and then they blamed it on our company!”

The incident that the two of them were talking about was naturally the accident caused by the Frestech Brand Magic Fans in the Candra Empires eastern province a few days ago.

After this matter, Ankhto who was the chairman of the Frestech Household Magic Machine Chamber of Commerce had been in contact with the Candra Empire the entire time, taking care of this matter with them.

He never thought that Ankhto would suddenly come here and propose such a shocking guess.

However, Xu Yi wasnt that surprised. He looked at the document again and after being silent for a bit, he asked, “Do you have evidence”

Ankhtos expression froze and he cursed in a low voice.

“If I had evidence, I would have gone to them already……”

“Since you dont have evidence, you cant randomly say things like this.” Xu Yi warned him with a serious look. Then he picked up the document on the table and gave it to Ankhto, “Moreover, you dont need to find me for these small matters. You are the household magic machine companys chairman, not me. If you need to come to me to solve things like this, whats the point of having you as the chairman”

“But……” Ankhto scratched his head and said in a bitter voice, “Sir chairman, Im used to listening to your orders……”

“Then you have to get used to taking care of this yourself.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “If you cant do this, I will consider replacing you.”

Ankhto was scared by this and quickly took the documents as he waved his hands, “I will take care of it!”

After carefully receiving the documents, Ankhto looked at Xu Yi and after hesitating a bit, he spoke again.

“That……Sir chairman……can I ask you for something”-

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