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Of course, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research reduced the scale of magic learning so that even normal people could come in contact with it, just like the basic subjects on earth, different people had different aptitudes. After the standard for studying magic was reduced, there was still a difference in aptitude, which was a new kind of “magic talent”.

For example, Freya was one of the most outstanding magicians in this new era of magic study.

Because her great grandfather was an Arch Magus, her father was the youngest Great Magician, and her mother was powerful Ninth Grade Magician who was only a step away from becoming a Great Magician, with Freya being born in this kind of family, it was impossible that she wouldnt come in contact with magic.

Moreover, Freya had been very interested in magic since she was young, so since she was six, Arch Magus Camilla, Xu Yi, and Still would find time to teach her magic.

But different from most magicians on the continent, when Freya studied magic, she always accepted the redefined magic study method that Xu Yi made. She would always analyze the data of the magic before trying to grasp the spells.

Because of this, Freyas understanding of magic was different from other magicians from the beginning. She didnt treat it as a fuzzy concept, but rather she finely analyzed the magic that she learned before grasping it.

The problem with that was for Freya to learn any new spell, it would take much more effort and time compared to other magicians.

For example, when learning the most basic Fire Spell, the Fireball Spell, Freya used an entire week to successfully release a Fireball Spell. Compared to many of the Primary and Second Grade Magicians in the Frestech Academy that only took an average of three days, this was much slower.

As for talented magicians like Arch Magus Camilla, Xu Yi, and Still, she was far lacking.

But the benefits of this was that after Freya mastered this Fireball Spell, the first fireball that she sent out had reached the pinnacle of what this Fireball Spell could do. In terms of elemental magic energy stability, the shape of the fireball, and magic power and elemental magic energy ratio, it could all be considered nearly perfect.

Moreover, once she shot out this first fireball, it meant that Freya had already grasped all the related knowledge to this Fireball Spell, which would increase the speed at which she would learn all other Fire Spells in the future.

For example, when a normal magician learned Fire Magic, the first spell that they would learn is the Fireball Spell since it was the foundation of Fire Magic.

Normally speaking, magicians with a certain amount of talent would learn it in two or three days.

The second spell that they would learn would be a bit more complicated. They could choose the Flame Spell, the Continuous Fireball Spell, or other spells. Magicians with a normal amount of talent would take a week or two to grasp it.

However, after Freya spent a week learning the Fireball Spell, the second spell that she learned was the Flame Spell and from the time she started to when she released it, she used less than half an hour!

Then in just three days, she had learned all the First Grade Fire Spells that were released by the Magicians Guild.

After learning this news, Arch Magus Camilla was so excited that he flew around in the sky a few times while shouting, “Theres another super magic genius in our family now.”

Xu Yi was calm because he wasnt surprised by Freyas performance at all.

To him, a thing like magic was just using the magic power in a magicians body to draw in the corresponding elemental magic energy in the air. Then arranging those elemental magic energy before releasing the energy that was contained within it with a certain method.

This was no different from lighting a piece of firewood.

Although Freya had spent a week learning the Fireball Spell, what she had grasped in that week wasnt just for the Fireball Spell. She had grasped how the characteristics of Fire Elemental Magic Energy, as well as how to arrange that Fire Elemental Magic Energy.

So she was that fast in learning new Fire Spells because for her who had grasped the essence of Fire Magic, she was just learning how to arrange the Fire Elemental Magic Energy in new ways.

If she wasnt limited by her own magic power, Freya would have been able to release even higher grade spells.

But speaking of magic power……

“Freya, how has your magic power increase been going lately” Xu Yi asked Freya.

Freya slightly knitted her brows and looked a bit depressed.

“Its been very slow over the past few months. Dad, have I reached my bottleneck like great grandfather and grandfather Turner said”

“What bottleneck, theres nothing like that.” Xu Yi curled his lips in disdain.

The magicians of the continent had always thought that there was a “bottleneck period” when they increased their magic power. The meaning was that once a magicians magic power reached a certain extent, they would find it harder to increase which meant that they had reached their bottleneck. Only when they broke through this bottleneck would they be able to greatly increase it again.

But for Xu Yi, this was just nonsense.

Because this so-called “bottleneck” didnt conform with scientific law at all.

The magic power of magicians was actually just magicians absorbing and transforming the elemental magic energy around them. It would allow them to resonate more with the elemental magic energy around them and control even more elemental magic energy.

It could be said that there was no limit to this transformation and if one proceeded in an orderly manner, there was no bottleneck. As long as one continued on it, it would always increase.

Those Low Grade Magicians that could never increase their own level before, it was because they were limited by their own physiques and limited by their methods of increasing their magic power, so they were unable to increase their magic power and could never become a High Grade Magician.

But Freya had inherited the good genes from Xu Yi and Still, as well as having a bunch of powerful magicians creating a magic cultivation method for her, so there wasnt this problem. She shouldnt have anything like this bottleneck appearing in her body.

“Come, let me take a look.”

Xu Yi thought about it and placed his hand on Freyas shoulder, sending a trace of magic into her body.

After this trace of magic went through Freyas body, Xu Yi took his hand back, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Hei, Freya, when was the last time you measured your height”

Freya blinked in a daze, feeling a bit confused why Xu Yi would suddenly ask this question.

“Eh…..It should be half a year ago……” Freya said in an uncertain voice.

“How tall were you then” Xu Yi asked.

“I remember that it was one meter and forty seven centimeters.”

“One meter and forty seven centimeters”

Xu Yi had been sitting in the chair and when he heard Freyas answer, he stood up and pulled Freya in front of him. He measured the top of her head to his body and found that Freyas body was just under her lips.

“Freya, Im certain that youre taller now. Look, youre already at my chin. I think that you should be over one meter and sixty centimeters now.”

“Really” Freya excitedly raised her little fist, “Great! It seems like it wont take long before Im taller than you, dad!”

“You want to pass me” Xu Yi tapped her head with a smile before giving a cough and saying with a serious expression, “Freya, I know whats the issue of your magic power increase slowing down.”

“What problem”

“Actually its very simple, its because of your height.”

“Ah” Freya blinked her eyes in a daze, “How is growing taller related to my magic power increase slowing down”

“Of course its related.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “The cultivation of magic power is to let your body adapt to elemental magic energy, so it makes it easier for your mind to resonate and control the elemental magic energy inside you and around you to use them. The magic cultivation technique that you were using before was made by your great grandfather and several Great Magicians when you were starting to learn magic at the age of six, so it fitted your body then. But youre much taller than when you were six and your body has changed quite a bit, so if you use the same magic cultivation method as before, it wouldnt work.”

“Its no wonder I felt it slow down over the years, I thought that this was normal……” Freya muttered before asking, “Then the slowing down over the past few months, is it because Ive been growing faster recently”

“Yes.” Xu Yi patted Freyas head with a smile, “Our Freya is a big kid now, youve been growing exceptionally fast in the past two years. Un…..How about this, Ill go find your great grandfather over the next two days and well create a new magic cultivation method for you, what do you think”

“Really Thats great!” Freya excited jumped onto Xu Yi and hugged him, “Dad, I really love you!”

Xu Yi laughed and looked down at Freya rubbing her head against his chest. He thought that if the magic cultivation technique that Freya was using before could be considered an elementary school curriculum, then the new magic cultivation technique made for her should be a middle school curriculum.

Freya had Arch Magus Camilla, him, and a bunch of powerful magicians in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as her backing, so they could tailor make a magic cultivation technique for her.

But the other magicians of the continent didnt have this kind of backing and when they study magic, they would naturally be slower.

However, this wasnt what Xu Yi wanted to see.

“Then should I promote Freyas method of studying magic”

Xu Yi fell into deep thought.-

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