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Xu Yi let out a soft breath and there was a white mist that appeared in the air.

This years winter was colder than previous years.

In the beginning of the year in the past, the countries of the Sines Continent would fall into deep winter. For a northern place like the Marlow Empire, its most northern part was covered in snow and didnt have any footprints.

But for a southern place like the Stantine Duchy, the weather was quite warm most of the year and it wouldnt be that cold when it came to winter.

Not to mention snow, even breaths condensing in the air was something that was rarely seen.

Looking up at the distant broad sea, Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

The transport fleet setting out for the Marlow Empires northern point had set out last month. According to the plan, because they were stopping at several countries along the coast, they would only arrive in the Marlow Empire next spring.

The reason for such a long travel time was to deepen relations with the countries along the way, as well as promoting the magic machine industry and evaluating the magic machine industries set up in a few of the countries, so it would mean spending at least a month in each country.

According to the plan, the fleet should be in the Antila Kingdom that was to the north of the Sack Kingdom.

Based on past experience, the sea of the Antila Kingdom shouldnt be frozen in this season, but this years winter was colder than normal. The Antila Kingdom should be colder than normal that might make the water freeze, delaying the schedule of the northern transport fleet.

But thinking about it, there hadnt been a single report from the northern transport fleet to headquarters that there were any incidents. That meant that it should be going smoothly and there shouldnt be any problems.

What Xu Yi was really worried about was the unknown open sea exploration fleet.

Since they set out, it had already been half a year. According to the travel speed of the open sea exploration fleet, they should be over ten thousand kilometers away, so naturally they couldnt maintain communications.

Although the conditions of the transport fleet were far better than that of Magellans fleet from earth, any kind of accidents could happen on the open seas, so it couldnt be avoided even if they had better conditions.

Because of their lack of communication, even if Xu Yi was worried, he couldnt do a thing and let nature take its course.

Thinking about this, Xu Yi couldnt help looking at the sky above him.

On earth, because of the invention of communication satellites, people on earth had been able to establish a real long range communication network and could even use the satellites for tracking.

If it was a fleet on earth, they just needed a satellite communication system and people could easily contact them, so there wouldn't be any worries.

On the Sines Continent though, not to mention communications of over ten thousand kilometers, even communications of a thousand kilometers was only limited to the southwest corner where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had built magic signal towers.

But he could solve the communication problem on the continent by promoting the magic signal tower and building a complete magic communication network, but what about the endless seas

On this continent, could he solve the problem using something like a satellite like on earth

Xu Yi knitted his brows and thought about all the magic knowledge in his mind, carefully searching for any possibilities.

“Dad, look, look!”

When he was thinking, there was a young girls voice that suddenly came from in front of Xu Yi and cut through his thoughts.

Xu Yi looked over and revealed a happy smile.

“Hei, Freya, what do you want me to see”

Freya was already twelve years old and because she had the genes of Xu Yi who was from the Orient on earth, she developed later compared to other girls on the continent. However, she had already entered puberty now and had finished developing. She was not only one meter and sixty centimeters, reaching Xu Yis chin, her figure had already started growing and she was a big girl now.

Adding in the fact that she had almost perfectly inherited Stills beauty, her features had already started developing since she was young and she was very beautiful. She was just like the mixed race beauties that Xu Yi had seen before on earth.

People that saw her couldnt help praising her. Perhaps when she grew up, she might not even lose to Still when it came to beauty.

“Look at this!” Freya had a proud smile on her face as she placed her right hand in a fist in front of Xu Yi.

“Oh What good thing are you hiding” Xu Yi looked at her fist with a smile, deliberately thinking for a bit before opening his hand, “I know! You must have caught some bug from somewhere, right”

Freya had always been an active girl and had an open personality, so she was sometimes just as mischievous as a boy.

Normally girls would be scared of bugs, but she was very brave and would grab all kinds of strange looking bugs for fun.

Although Xu Yi was happy to see her this open and active, he was speechless as how she would like to play with bugs.

Of course, he wouldnt put down Freyas interests.

“Hei, hei, its not a bug this time.” Freya raised her right hand a bit higher, “Dad, look carefully!”

Freya opened her hand when she said this and there was a thing inside. It was a small fireball.

Xu Yi had actually already felt the magic fluctuations from her hand, but he didnt reveal it and acted surprised as he said, “Wa, Freya, you can already create this small fireball, youve really made progress!”

Who would have thought that Freya wouldnt accept this and curled her lips before giving a soft snort, “Dad, who told you to look at this small fireball You should focus on the elemental magic energy around it.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at Freya in surprise and focused his mind as he tried to sense the elemental magic energy around the small fireball in Freyas hand. When he did, he revealed a truly surprised look, “Freya, you……actually completely stabilized the magic space around it”

When he used his magic to check the space around the small fireball, he found that while this fireball in Freyas hand didnt look that different from a normal fireball, the surrounding magic space was completely different.

Normally speaking, when a magician released a spell, they would gather the elemental magic energy around them with their magic, forming the spell.

Like this, once the spell was formed, it would have some effect on the surrounding magic space which would destabilize the elemental magic energy.

If it was a powerful magician, they could use the magic space to directly affect space itself.

The principle behind spatial magic was based on this.

But the fireball that Freya made was different from a normal fireball.

First, this fireball was just too small, it was only around the size of a tennis ball.

And if one looked carefully, they would find that this fireballs colour and brightness were very stable, there wasnt a single fluctuation at all.

This meant that Freya was perfectly controlling the elemental magic energy inside this fireball, far surpassing the level of a normal magician.

For Xu Yi, what caught his attention the most was that there was an extreme stability between the elemental magic energy in the fireball and the magic space around this fireball.

The elemental magic energy around this little fireball flowed as normal, like it wasnt affected by the fireball at all.

To be able to do this, it couldnt be described as just having precise elemental magic energy control.

Seeing the surprised look on Xu Yis face, Freya looked up with a proud look and said, “How about it Dad, am I powerful”

“Powerful! Very powerful!” Xu Yi didnt hold back as he gave a thumbs up to praise Freya.

This praise came from the bottom of Xu Yis heart because Freya was worthy of this praise.

Reducing the effect of spells on the stability of the surrounding magic space was something that was proposed in the magic research facility half a year ago, only recently did they have initial success.

This meant that with only half a year of research on this topic, Freya was already able to release a spell of this standard, which could only be said that her talent for magic was shocking.

According to Arch Magus Camilla, he even thought that his great granddaughter Freyas talent for magic even surpassed Xu Yis!

However, for Xu Yi, the so-called talent for magic was an unclear definition in the magicians circle of the continent.

In the traditional sense, “magic talent” was just how fast a magician could grasp spells and increase their own magic power.

But in the last four years since the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility started promoting using data for magic research, after several years of research, the mysterious magic in the minds of people was no longer as mysterious. It became something that even a normal person could learn.

On the continent, even the people who didnt have magic talent, as long as they were willing to work hard to understand the magic data curriculum that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce taught, they would be able to learn magic.

Because of this, the research of Xu Yi and the magic research facility had been named hearsay by the magicians of the continent, which created a wave of resistance.

However, when there were more and more normal people who learned magic at the Frestech Academy, this wave of opposition gradually subsided.

In just three years, many peoples understanding of magic on the Sines Continent had undergone an earth shattering change.-

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