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Other than transferring the civilian magic machine technology, what everyone cared about the most was Xu Yi announcing on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that they were releasing the military magic machine technology.

However, when it came to the military magic machines, Xu Yis announcement wasnt as generous as with the civilian magic machines.

According to the strategic cooperation plans the Frestech Chamber of Commerce set seven years ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only release military magic machines to nations and it was limited in what they would release, divided into categories.

Only when the magic machine industry of a country reached a certain level, receiving the grading of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would they receive the appropriate military magic machine technology.

However, at this conference, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced that there were three countries that had a third grade magic machine industry, so the Frestech Chamber of commerce would open up personal Magic Bazookas, seventy five millimeter Magic Cannons, low grade Magic Barriers, and other military magic machines to them. At the same time, they would also start selling high end military magic machines to these three countries, helping these three countries modernize their military with military magic machines.

When announcing this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only announced on countrys name which was the Rudson Kingdom and didnt announce the other two countries.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce stated that it was those two countries that asked for this not to be shared, but when it fell onto the ears of others, there were all kinds of guesses.

After several displays of strength, in front of an army with military magic machines, a normal army couldnt take a single hit. So when the army of countries were equipped with military magic machines, their battle strength would surge. It would even allow a small country that everyone ignored before to become a powerful military force.

So which countries other than the Rudson Kingdom had these military magic machines was very important information.

Because after they learned this, they could adjust how to treat these two countries and what to do against them.

Otherwise, if one side became much stronger, then it would be too late to regret it.

The Rudson Kingdom chose to announce this to the public clearly to prevent the possibility of the Candra Empire invading them.

As for the other two countries choosing not to announce this, their goals became questionable…..

But this wasnt something that was very secret. After all, to reach an evaluation of a third grade magic machine industry from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were many things needed which were hard to hide from people.

If they wanted the military magic machine technology, as well as the high end military magic machines, it would be very hard to hide.

As long as they increased their investigations, it wasnt hard to find out which two countries these were.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announcing this at the conference was clearly to give the other countries a warning.

If they didnt follow the Frestech Chamber of Commerces arrangements to increase their own magic machine industries, they might be thrown behind by the other countries.

It would be hard to predict the consequences of this.

So after the fifth Sines Continent Magic Machine Industry Conference was over, the entire continent became lively again.

Whether it was for the deals that were made at the conference or out of consideration for their own survival, all the countries and companies of the continent began investing into the magic machine industry.

The magic machine industry created unrest across the continent in the years after Arch Magus Levin Hasko fell, already sweeping across the entire continent.

When he thought of this, Xu Yi couldnt help secretly thanking Arch Magus Levin Hasko.

If it wasnt for him and Arch Magus Sarandal Clay attacking the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, falling to the trap that he had set, the people of the Sines Continent wouldnt have recognized the giant influence of the magic machine industry that quickly, investing into the magic machine industry.

When he thought of this, Xu Yi couldnt help looking at Arch Magus Sarandal Clay who was standing by him without any emotions.

If even this Arch Magus had fallen five years ago, would the people of the continent have been even more shocked

Perhaps he could see the evil will in Xu Yis eyes and Sarandal Clay stopped moving, looking at Xu Yi with a confused look, seeing that strange look that he was looking at him with.

“Chairman Xu, is there something wrong with me” Sarandal Clay couldnt help asking.

“Ah, no…..Its nothing.” Xu Yi quickly gave a few laughs before changing the topic, “Your excellency Clay, Im just very curious, you have very good conditions in the Mana Magic Kingdom, so why did you choose to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility”

Sarandal Clay had attended the Magic Machine Industry Conference held by Xu Yi and five days after he came back to the main base, he had suddenly appeared here.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was worried when they noticed him, afraid that this Arch Magus who had run away five years ago had come back to take revenge for what happened five years ago.

Who would have known that Sarandal Clay would not only not have any hostility, but going against everyones expectation, he stated that he wanted to join the magic research facility to study magic machines!

After receiving this report, Xu Yi met with Sarandal Clay. He had felt his sincerity in the talks he had with him, so he felt even more strange.

He was a respected Arch Magus!

Even if he had attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base with Arch Magus Levin Hasko five years ago, which had damaged his reputation, he was still an Arch Magus in the end. He wasnt someone that a normal person or even a normal magician could compare to.

From Xu Yis personal point of view, he naturally wanted another Arch Magus to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a researcher, but from an objective perspective, he really was a bit confused.

Even if Arch Magus Clays views had changed in these five years and wanted to study magic machines, he would stay in the Mana Magic Kingdom to do so. There was no need for him to come to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, who should be his enemy in theory, to do so.

“Chairman Xu, what do you think…..If I stay in the Mana Magic Kingdom, how long would I need to let the Mana Magic Kingdoms magic machine technology, or more accurately, the military magic machine technology surpass that of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Arch Magus Clay asked back.

“This……” Xu Yi gave a shrug and spread his hands, “I cant guarantee this, but I think that it would take at least several decades, but you still most likely wouldnt catch up.”

“Im seventy three this year, how long do you think I can keep living” Arch Magus Clay asked.

“Seventy three” Xu Yi muttered. He thought that this Arch Magus Clay only looked to be around fifty or sixty, he never thought that he would already be around the same age as Arch Magus Camilla.

It seemed like ones life expectancy really would increase after becoming a Great Magus. Even becoming an Arch Magus could increase it by this much, it really wasnt a joke.

“Most Arch Magi can live to a hundred years, so I think you shouldnt be an exception. Like this, it shouldnt be a problem for you to live another thirty years.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before replying.

“Then do you think that in those thirty years, it would be enough to let the Mana Magic Kingdom surpass your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Arch Magus Clay asked again.

“Impossible.” Xu Yi immediately shook his head, “The foundation of a magic machine industry needs to be accumulated bit by bit, the technology needs to keep increasing from testing. So even if I gave all the technical data that our company has to the Mana Magic Kingdom, the Mana Magic Kingdom would need some time to grasp this. As for surpassing our company……it would take several generations of effort for it to be possible.”

“So that means, if I stay in the Mana Magic Kingdom, I have no chance of defeating you in my entire life.” Arch Magus Clay gave a sigh.

Xu Yi was surprised, “Defeat me Your excellency Clay, you…..want to defeat me With your strength as an Arch Magus, this should be very easy.”

“Levin and I thought that five years ago, but Levin died and I could only run away. Five years later……” Arch Magus Clay took a deep look at Xu Yi before his expression became more complicated, “Chairman Xu, if Im not wrong, your should be a Five Star Great Magician right now, only a step away from becoming an Arch Magus, right”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “I havent gone to the Magicians Guild to assess my rank, so I dont know what my strength is right now.”

“Magicians Guild Humph!” Arch Magus Clay gave a cold snort of disdain, “Are those fellows qualified to evaluate Arch Magi I can feel your strength, so you have this strength.”

Xu Yi helplessly spread his hands, “Alright, if you say that I have the power of a Five Star Great Magician, I have it. But this isnt related to you saying that you wont be able to defeat me in this life, alright”

“Of course its related.” Arch Magus Clay said with a serious look, “I dont know what method you used to kill Levin five years ago, but Im certain that Im not stronger than Levin. If it was me, I might have died in the end as well. Five years later, not only are you stronger, but your Frestech Chamber of Commerces research has also progressed since then. I havent made any progress in the last five years, so theres no chance that I could defeat you.”

“So” Xu Yi asked as he felt that this was a bit funny.

“So I want to join your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I want to focus on studying those things you used to kill Levin five years ago and then…..defeat you!” Arch Magus Clay looked into Xu Yis eyes and said this with a serious look.

Xu Yi didnt look away and matched his gaze, revealing a faint smile.

“This means that you want to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to research the power that we used to kill Arch Magi. Then you want to use this research to defeat me…..Wait, is it to defeat me or to kill me”

“I dont have any intentions of killing you. Levin is not my friend and I dont have any grudges with you. I just want to…..defeat you.” Arch Magus Clay shook his head.

“Alright, lets just consider it as you wanting to defeat me. But Arch Magus Clay, why do you think that I would agree to letting a powerful Arch Magus like you grasp the high level secrets of our company and then use it to defeat me Although you say that you wont kill me, do you think that I would believe you” Xu Yi asked.

Arch Magus Clay and Xu Yi silently looked at each other for a bit before he gave a slow and determined nod.

“You will. Xu Yi, you are a maniac, I can see that.”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a laugh.

“Alright, Arch Magus Clay, you win.”-

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