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After watching Count Birmingham enter his Magic Sedan from the window, Kennard took the report in his hand and went down two always, coming to this room that the City Lord Manor had specially prepared for the organizing committee of the conference.

When he opened the very normal looking doors, he saw Xu Yi sitting at a large table with his head down, looking over some documents.

Xu Yis new secretary, the female elf Cindy from the Night Song Tribe was on the side with some other documents in her hands.

“Did you send off the people of the Yash Duchy” Xu Yi didnt even look up as he asked this.

“Un, Count Birmingham just left.” Kennard replied before coming over to hand the documents over, “He said that he will talk to Duke Yash after he gets back and will give sir chairman an answer that you will be satisfied with.”

“It seems like hes not that dumb.” Xu Yi looked up with a faint smile, “To be honest, I said that I would retain the right to retaliate against the Yash Duchy purely just to scare them. The Yash Duchy is separated from us by several other countries, so going that far to attack them doesnt benefit us at all.”

“I understand.” Kennard also revealed a smile, “This time its just to give a warning to the people who have ideas towards us. But sir chairman, through this matter, I feel that we should focus on something. After receiving this report, Ive made some rough statistics. In the last five years, the number of researchers who have resigned has clearly increased. Just last year, there were thirty seven researchers who resigned.”

“How many researchers does the magic research facility have” Xu Yi asked.

“A total of one thousand three hundred and seventy four.” Kennard replied.

“Then the proportion of these thirty seven isnt that high.” Xu Yi raised his hand to cut Kennard off, “I know what you want to say. Youre worried about the serious situation of our company losing researchers, but in reality, this outflow isnt that serious, its actually very small. It even…..makes me very disappointed because those other countries and companies still dont see the true specialty of the magic machine industry, so they dont attach importance to the very precious research staff of our company.”

“No, they definitely attach importance or they wouldnt have tried to kidnap our researcher this time.” Kennard refuted.

“Alright, even if they do put importance on it, it isnt enough.” Xu Yi touched his chin as he thought for a bit before giving a nod, “Un, at the conference over the next few days, I have to emphasize these things.”

Kennard didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Sir chairman, youre reminding others companies to kidnap our researchers”

“No, of course thats impossible.” Xu Yi thought about it before turning to Cindy, “Cindy, record this. Let the magic research facility work with the military magic machine development center to create a sharper magic signal device and give one to each researcher. I want to guarantee that if our companys researchers encounter any problems, they will be able to report as soon as possible so we can organize a rescue as soon as possible.”

“Yes.” Cindy took out her notebook and wrote down his exact orders without missing a word.

“Other than this, Kennard……as for the plan to distribute our companys guards, you have to hurry up. This time Winnie and Joshua were lucky that there was an equipped Magic Airship that was passing by that received their rescue signal, which allowed us to save them on time. If it was somewhere else, they might not have been this lucky and we would have never seen them again.”

“Un……this is indeed a big problem.” Kennard knitted his brows to think for a bit before saying in a difficult voice, “But sir chairman, we can send the guards to patrol in the countries that we are cooperating with, but for the rather large countries like the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire, they definitely wouldnt be willing to accept an army that they cant control being stationed there.”

“So I want you to count the various countries and regions first, then we can start with a broader plan. Of course…..the best way to solve this is to increase the distance of the magic signal, but this is a problem with our technology and cant be solved quickly…..” Xu Yi thought about it and could only wave his hand, “Forget it, just worry about what you need to do now and well take everything else slowly.”

“Un. Then sir chairman, as for the Yash Kingdom, what are your ideas” Kennard asked, “What price do you want the Yash kingdom to pay How should I reply to them”

“Remember three things.” Xu Yi raised three fingers, “First, I want the Yash Kingdom to come forth with a proper stance. Youre more clear on this than me. Second, as for the exact compensation, separate into a part for Winnie and Joshua and a part for the company. Third, as for how to deal with this in the future, well change our plans based on the situation, theres no need to rush.”

“Alright.” Kennard nodded as he recorded this.

After telling him this, Xu Yi fell into silence once again.

Kennard patiently waited for a bit before Xu Yi suddenly tapped the table, saying something as if he was asking Kennard, while also seeming like he was talking to himself.

“Tell me…..Even a small duchy like the Yash Duchy dares to take risks like this. In this conference, should I be a bit more generous……”

Kennard and Cindy looked at each other, not knowing what to say.


A week later, the fifth Sines Continent Magic Machine Industry Conference had successfully finished.

The conference this time was without a doubt a successful business gathering because based on the data after, at this conference, after the various representatives from countries and companies discussed with each other, there were over four thousand large and small deals made. The value of the various orders surpassed a shocking one billion and six hundred million gold coins and the value of the deals were estimated to surpass four billion gold coins.

In the history of the continent, although there had been business gatherings like this before, there wasnt a single one that had this many countries and companies participating, as well as never having one that involved business deals of such shocking numbers.

When the conference ended last year, the value of the deals were only around five hundred million gold coins. After a single year, this value had increased by more than ten times.

Just based on this alone, everyone understood how powerful the business meeting that was this Magic Machine Industry Conference held by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, from another angle, it also showed the giant potential hidden in the magic machine industry led by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After all this data on the conference was announced through the various newspapers, there were countless more companies related to magic machines that appeared on the continent.

Even the aloof Chimera Chamber of Commerce that was considered the number one company on the continent announced that they would be investing in the magic machine industry in the Candra Empire, representing that the Chimera Chamber of Commerce finally couldnt help but enter the most popular industry.

For those countries and companies that had participated in this conference, the biggest harvest wasnt the deals that they had made, but rather the plans the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had announced at the conference.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu announced on behalf of the company that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be releasing a series of magic machine technology over the next two years, which included the agricultural magic machine that many countries and companies wanted, as well as the production magic machines.

Xu Yi promised that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will publicly announce a price for these two types of technology and any country, company, or even individual would be able to buy them.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce followed the old traditions, ensuring that they would provide technical support for anyone that bought this technology, so that they would be able to make these agricultural magic machines and production magic machines.

Of course, based on past conventions, the technology the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold was only the low end technology and wouldnt sell the higher grade technology.

Xu Yi gave this announcement to make the other countries and companies want to invest in research, so they could develop their own technology.

Through everyones shared research, the magic machine industry would develop even better on the Sines Continent.

There were many people who snorted in contempt when they heard Xu Yis announcement.

Pei! What everyone work hard on research. Isnt it just your Frestech Chamber of Commerce being afraid of releasing your high end technology and letting others catch up, so your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt be able to sell their products

This was the most basic foundation of competitive business, but this fellow Xu Yi was saying it in such a pompous manner that it really was disgusting!

But no matter what they thought, everyone cheered loudly for Xu Yis decision.

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had the most magic machine technology. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt share it, for the other countries and companies to develop it themselves would mean spending an unimaginable amount of time, energy, and funds.

So compared to that, even if it wasnt cheap buying this technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was still much more cost effective.-

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