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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 10 - Easily Rescued

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The next day, their group left the camp. Joshua and Winnie were forced back into the horse carriage and they continued heading northwest.

After around half a day, when it came to the time when the sun was at its strongest, the horse carriage stopped again.

Joshua and Winnie came out of the horse carriage and were surprised to find that although this place couldnt be considered a wasteland, it wasnt that far from it.

Because all around them, the two of them could see that other than a manor, there were only hills and woods in front of them. There wasnt a trace of any other people at all.

Winnie slightly knitted her brows and asked the middle aged magician, “Hey, didnt you capture me to do magic machine research for you Are you telling me that this is the place Im doing research in”

The middle aged magician looked at her and didnt say a thing, but he pointed at Harvat who was being sent into the manor by two people.

Winnie asked a few more questions, but he didnt say a word. It was completely different from on the road when he said a few things from time to time.

Not long after the entered the manor, a group quickly came over.

The middle aged man who looked dignified and was dressed in noble clothes looked at Winnie and his face had a trace of joy on it. He then asked the middle aged magician, “Musher, she is the target this time”

The middle aged man who had been called Musher gave a slight bow before replying in a serious voice, “Replying to the lord, this girl is the target this time. She is a third grade researcher from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce named Winnie Spencer. The young man beside her is her husband Lerno Joshua. This little boy is her nephew Harvat.”

The serious middle aged man looked over Joshua and Harvat without caring about them, but when he turned to Winnie, he revealed a very friendly smile.

“Researcher Winnie, I warmly welcome you to our secret research facility. I hope that you will be happy here in the future and can fully invest yourself into our work.”

Winnie looked at him before coldly saying, “You had people kidnap us like this and you hope that I will be happy here”

The middle aged man gave a laugh, “Although the method of inviting you here was a bit rough, I hope that you will not doubt my sincerity. I promise you that you will definitely live the best life here, while also giving you the best working conditions. There are countless people dispatched here for you and countless magic materials for you to use at will. I believe that working here will definitely be more comfortable and convenient than working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Winnie gave a soft snort, “If I want to leave”

“Of course that isnt allowed.”

“Then if I ask you to release my husband and nephew, will you let them leave this place”

“Of course that also isnt allowed.”

“Then can I contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and tell them that I will be working here”

“Its very clear that also isnt allowed.” The middle aged man said with a smile.

“Then isnt everything you said a waste of words” Winnie gave a sigh, “Thats why I always never liked how you nobles do things. You clearly kidnapped me and are forcing me to work here, so just say it directly. Theres no need to beat around the bush by saying a bunch of pompous words. Is there any meaning to this”

The middle aged mans lips twitched and his smile became a bit stiff. Only after a cough did he reply, “Researcher Winnie, Ive said it before, although there will be some limitations to your freedom, the conditions I will provide you here will be superior and I guarantee that you will be happy working here. As long as youre willing to cooperate, I can guarantee that neither you or your family members will be hurt.”

“That means that if I dont cooperate, you will harm them” Winnie asked back.

The middle aged mans smile was suddenly filled with danger, “Of course I dont hope that it will reach that extent. You wouldnt want it to reach that extent either, right”

“Humph! What false words!” Winnie said with a cold snort.

The middle aged man gave a shrug and spread his hands, “No matter how you see me, I only need your answer now. Researcher Winnie, are you willing to work with us”

“You spent all this effort to capture us and you still act this way, could it be that I would be allowed to say now” Winnie asked with a cold smile.

The middle aged man said with a faint smile, “If there is a chance to sincerely cooperate, its clear that I dont want our relationship to be too stiff. You are a smart person, you should know how to choose.”

Winnie looked around before giving a sigh, “It seems like I have no choice”

The middle aged man smiled without saying a thing.

Winnie looked at him for a bit and when the middle aged man thought that she would agree with a nod, she suddenly shook her head and revealed a naughty smile.

“Its a pity that Im still not willing.”

As soon as her voice fell, Winnie raised her hand and sent out two fireballs at the men who were holding Joshua and Harvat captive.

The two dodged unconsciously and Winnie flew right over, taking Joshua and Harvat in one hand respectively before lying off into the air.

The three of them had been silent the entire way and didnt fight back at all, so for them to suddenly make a move had naturally caught them off guard.

Especially the middle aged magician who was called Musher.

He had clearly put the magic sealing bracelet on Winnie, so how could Winnie use magic this easily now Shye could even fly into the sky with two people”

The dignified looking middle aged man reacted the quickest and angrily said to Musher, “What are you standing in a daze for Quickly get them back!”

Musher quickly said, “Lord, please be assured. Shes carrying two people, she cant get far. This subordinate will bring her back right now.”

His magic surged after saying this and the other two High Grade Magicians the middle aged man brought also flew out at the same time.

Seeing Winnies group of three that was already halfway in the air, Musher wasnt that worried.

With Winnies ability as a Sixth Grade Magician, she wouldnt be able to fly far with two people.

Moreover, they were surrounded in mountains and forests, so it was impossible for her to find a place to hide in a short period of time.

Although Winnies actions were surprising, he could tell that it was only a last ditch struggle and wasnt worth mentioning.

When he was thinking about how he would deal with Winnie, although he couldnt touch her, he could warn her with her husband and nephew, Musher suddenly felt a powerful magic fluctuation in the distance.

He and the other two magicians turned in surprise and saw that in the air, there was a red glow that was flying at them.

The three of them couldnt react in time and could only release their Magic Barriers.


The red glow first hit Mushers Magic Barrier and created a giant explosion.

Musher felt like his Magic Barrier was like snow being exposed to the summer sun and it instantly evaporated, before he was blown away by the giant force of the explosion.

The other two magicians were no different from Musher. The three of them fell from the sky in a parabola like kites that had their strings cut, falling into the distant rear of the manor.

The middle aged man on the ground looked in the direction the red glow had come from in show and found a large black shadow that was quickly moving over, already arriving in the space above the manor not before long.

After seeing the real appearance of this black figure, the middle aged mans face was like dying ashes.

“Its actually the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards Magic Airships! How did they find this place so quickly”

Winnie who was carrying Joshua and Harvat had already flown to the side of the Magic Airship that had suddenly appeared, flying into the door to the cabin that had been opened.

When they came in, Winnies legs gave up and she fell to the ground, taking deep breaths.

“Hu, that scared me to death. If you came a bit later, we would have been caught by them again.”

A girl in the Magic Airship cabin who was wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and was around the same age as Winnie came over, saying with a smile, “Youre quite good Winnie, werent you afraid at all on the way If it was up to me, this was just you and Joshua enjoying an unexpected vacation.”

After saying this, she patted the head of Harvat who was in a daze the entire time and said in a gentle voice, “Your little nephew should have been scared enough. Hei, Harvat, are you afraid”

Harvat looked around the Magic Airship in a daze before revealing an excited look. His eyes were glowing as he shook his head, “Im not afraid! Auntie, this is the legendary Magic Airship, right”

The young girl rolled her eyes, “Call me big sister! Im not that old! Right, this is the Magic Airship. You havent been in one before, right”

“Un! It was even my first time riding in a Magic Sedan! This is too much fun!” Harvat gave a strong nod.

The young girl helplessly gave a facepalm, “Alright, Winnie, it seems like I was worried for nothing. Your nephews guts is simply too shocking.”

Winnine gave a snort. When she wanted to say something, a young man who looked to be around thirty years old in the same Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard uniform cut her off.

“Joshua, Winnie, we could have saved you earlier, but in order to draw out the one pulling the strings, we had you suffer a bit more.”

“This isnt anything.” Winnie took a deep breath before standing up and pointing downwards, “How will you take care of the fellows below”

The young man came to the window and looked at the giant manor below before revealing a cold smile filled with contempt.

“These fellows dared to touch our Frestech Chamber of Commerces people, they simply dont want to live! I guarantee that they and the people behind them will regret it this time.”-

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