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Winnie patiently waited for a bit to see if these three bandits would take out more military magic machines or related equipment. When they didnt, her heart relaxed and she prepared to take care of these fellows.

Of course, she couldnt kill them all.

The enemy was just a few bandits and they had these high grade military magic machines, so their backing definitely wasnt simple.

But putting all that aside, just investigating how these four high end personal Magic Barriers ended up in the hands of these bandits was very important. As a researcher of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Winnie was bound by her duty.

But when Winnie was planning on making a move, she heard a voice from above.

“Humph! Putting hope on you pieces of trash really was a waste of time.”

As soon as the voice fell, there were magic fluctuations that followed.

Winnie was shocked and didnt hesitate to fly back.

With how powerful these magic fluctuations were, she could instantly tell that it was a spell released by an Eighth Grade Magician or higher, which far surpassed the level that she could handle.

However, the speed that she flew at was not the same as the speed of the spell. Before she flew that far, there was a powerful light that fell down in front of her.

With the sparks in front of her, Winnie could tell that this was a High Grade Wind Spell, the Eighth Grade Wind Spell, Electric Blade.

This spell was one of the most powerful single target spells among Eighth Grade Spells. With Winnies level as a Sixth Grade Magician, even if she could take it, her injuries wouldnt be light.

But this magician was incomparably fast and she couldnt dodge it.

Out of desperation, Winnie pulled out a thread of magic from her body and quietly activated something that she had on her.

There was a light blue screen of light that spread over Winnie, completely covering her.

When that swift and sharp lightning hit that light blue screen of light, it caused it to ripple many times, but it couldnt shake the screen in the end. It didnt penetrate the screen, so naturally it didnt deal any damage to her.

If one looked at it from the side, one would find that the light blue screen of light that Winnie released was similar to the Water Magic Barrier released by the four bandits. But when one looked even closely, they would find that it was clearly much stronger, which was how it had resisted an Eighth Grade Spell.

This item that Winnie had hidden the entire time was one of the personal Magic Barrier items, but it was specially made to work with a magician to increase their own barriers power.

Compared to simple Magic Barrier items that normal people used, this one made for magicians could work with their own Magic Barrier, which would make it much stronger than the personal Magic Barriers.

Also because it had the support of a magicians magic power, it would be influenced by their level of magic. The Magic Barrier released by this item would also become stronger.

To put it simply, this was an item that worked with a magicians power, which allowed the Magic Barrier that a magician released to become stronger.

Otherwise, just with Winnies level as a Sixth Grade Magician, it was impossible to block the attack of an Eighth Grade Magician.

The only problem was that Winnie specialized in Fire Magic, but the Magic Barrier item that she had only strengthened Water Magic Barriers, otherwise the barrier that she released now would be able to block peak Eighth Grade Spells or even Ninth Grade Spells.

After confirming that she had blocked the other sides spell, Winnie let out a sigh of relief and looked forward.

But as soon as she calmed down, her heart shook once again.

By the road, Joshua and Harvat who had been watching her take care of the bandits had been caught by fully armed men who had suddenly appeared. There were two blades at their neck and they were even careful when breathing.

“Let them go!” Winnie wanted to charge forward as she angrily roared out.

But as soon as she moved, there was another bolt of lightning that flew out. She was forced to use her Magic Barrier again to block this bolt of lightning.

“Winnie Spencer, if I was you, I would choose to not move right now. Otherwise, theres no way to guarantee that your husband and nephew will be fine.” There was a sinister voice that came from the other side.

Winnie was surprised as she turned in the direction of the voice.

There was a middle aged man in normal clothes and had a normal appearance who was no different from a bystander floating in front of her, looking at her with a smile.

“How do you know my name” Winnie asked with knitted brows.

This fellow not only knew her name, he even knew that Joshua was her husband and that Harvat was her nephew. This meant that the other side was prepared and had laid this ambush for the three of them.”

“You dont need to know this.” This middle aged man with a normal appearance, but was on the level of an Eighth Grade Magician shook his head, “The only thing you need to do now is obediently listen to me and come with us. Relax, you and your husband Joshua have your uses, we dont want your lives. Of course, if you dont listen to us…..I cant guarantee the life of your little nephew……”

Hearing this open threat, Winnie took a deep breath as she looked at Joshua who had a blade at his neck.

Although Joshua had a blade at his neck, his face was only a bit pale and he didnt look afraid. He looked at Winnie and calmly said, “Winnie, listen to them, we cant fight back right now.”

Winnie was silent for a bit before looking at Harvat who looked like he wanted to cry, but didnt dare cry. After thinking about it, she released the Magic Barrier around her and landed on the ground.

The middle aged magician was a bit surprised at how easily Winnie surrendered, but he reached into his chest and took out something that he threw to Winnie.

“Put it on.”

Winnie looked at it and found that it was a kind of bracelet.

This bracelet released magic fluctuations and when she put it on her wrist, she felt the magic inside of her being suppressed and it didnt flow as smoothly as before.

It was clear that this was a magic suppressing item.

This kind of item that suppressed the magic of a magician was rare on the continent, but the other side had taken one out, so it was clear that they had been prepared.

But this meant that they didnt have any thoughts of harming her, otherwise they wouldnt need to waste all this effort.

Thinking of this, Winnie calmed down before looking at Joshua, exchanging gazes with him.

“Right, also take out all the strange things that you have on you for me.” Seeing the exchange between Winnie and Joshua, the middle aged magician seemed to have thought of something as he gave this order.

Two of the men started moving towards Winnie. Winnie knitted her brows and said in a sharp voice, “Ill do it myself! If you let these men come close to me, do you believe I wont kill myself”

The two men could only stop and turned to look at the middle aged magician.

The middle aged magician hesitated a bit before nodding, “Alright, do it yourself. But you need to know that I am clear if you have anything on you, so if you dare to hide anything, dont blame me if I completely strip you to find these things!”

Winnie gave a cold snort and turned around. She reached into her chest and took out the small items that worked with her magic power.

The middle aged man flew over and took those things before looking over Winnie. He gave a nod before waving his hand, “Bring her along!”

Two men detained Winnie and Joshua while another man carried Harvat who struggled from time to time. Their group headed right into the forest on the side.

After traveling some distance in the forest, they came to a clearing.

There were five horse carriages parked there. The two men detaining Winnie and Joshua put them in the largest horse carriage with the middle aged magician before it headed off.

“The two of you, I can see that youre smart people, so Ill be straight with you.” The middle aged magician narrowed his eyes to look over them before saying in a low voice, “As long as you cooperate with us, then nothing will happen to you and you will even be treated well. But if you dont work with us, we dont mind letting you suffer a bit, even…..letting you suffer a pain that you are not willing to suffer……”

When he said this, the middle aged man looked at one of the horse carriages.

Harvat, who had his mouth stuffed, was put in that horse carriage, so it was clear what the meaning of the middle aged magicians words were.

“I have a question.” Joshua suddenly spoke, “What value do the two of us have that you would spend all this effort to deal with us”

“Right, we dont have any special identities. We are just two commoners, we arent even nobles, so why are you spending all this effort to catch us” Winnie also asked.

The middle aged magician gave a cold snort. He looked at the two of them before saying in a low voice, “Its very simple, its because you are from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Winnie and Joshua looked at each other with surprised looks.

“Just because were from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, is it worth all this effort Were not important people like sir chairman…..” Winnie couldnt help saying.

The middle aged magician impatiently waved his hand, “Nonsense, if we could catch Xu Yi, would we need to waste all this effort Alright, just be good. Once we arrive, you will naturally know what you need to do.”

Winnie and Joshua looked at each other again, thinking that this was just too confusing.

What importance did the two of them have-

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