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“Hey, you two and that child, all of you get out of the Magic Sedan for me!” That large man brandished his large blade as he shouted this. At the same time, the other twenty subordinates also approached.

However, other than Harvat who revealed a terrified look, Joshua and Winnie werent worried at all, rather they had smiles on their faces.

“Hey, Winnie, have you met bandits before” Joshua was calm as he asked Winnie this question.

Winnie looked at the twenty men approaching with an interested look before shaking her head.

“Do you think that bandits would dare attack me”

Joshua gave a laugh, “That is right. Alright, Winnie, well leave these fellows to you. Harvat, come with me to the side and watch your little aunt show off her might.”

Winnie glared at Joshua, “What show off my might, you make it sound like Im so fierce.” After saying this, she patted Harvats head and said in a gentle voice, “Be good and watch with you uncle. Watch me take care of these fellows who dont want to live anymore.”

Harvata nodded and went to the side with Joshua. His eye were opened wide as he looked at Winnie with a curious and interested look.

Back at home, he had heard his mother mention this before. The kind little aunt who treated him well had a very incredible identity……

Seeing Joshua and Harvat move to the side, Winnie turned to face the twenty bandits as her lips curled into a dangerous smile before raising her right hand.


There were several fireballs that size of human heads that gathered around Winnie before flying at the bandits.

“Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng.”

Half the fireballs hit the ground and created powerful explosions. The other half had hit some bandits and had blown them away while also lighting them on fire.

The bandits that had been lit on fire screamed out as they all fell to the ground rolling. The remaining bandits who hadnt been lit on fire all scattered as they looked at Winnie with looks of panic.

“Magician! Shes actually a magician!”

Winnie looked at the bandits with disdain and gave a cold snort, “You want to steal from a magician just with you fellows Simply seeking death!”

After throwing this down, Winnie raised her hand and sent another round of fireballs at the bandits.

As a third grade researcher of the magic research facility, Winnie had been a Fourth Grade Magician when she entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Now that she had been at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for five years, she had raised her magic level from the Fourth Grade to the Sixth Grade with her countless magic research projects.

Not to mention bandits that didnt know any magic, even if it was a group of twenty elites from a countrys army, she wouldnt put them in her eyes.

However, when she threw the fireballs at the bandits this time, the leader and three other bandits suddenly had three light blue magic barriers appear in front of them.

Winnies fireballs hit this magic barrier and only created weak ripples on the magic barrier before disappearing without a trace. It didnt cause any damage to the bandits at all.

Winnie was surprised before narrowing her eyes.

“Personal Water Magic Barriers How did you get this thing”

The bandit leader gave a laugh, “Little miss, dont think that youre that incredible because youre a magician. Father has the Frestech Chamber of Commerces latest military magic machines, so its quite easy to take care of a little Low Grade Magician like you!”

Winnie ignored him and turned to look at Joshua who also had a surprised look.

Joshua shook his head, showing that he had no idea.

Winnie waved her hand at him, telling him to move a bit further with Harvat before turning around, looking at the bandits with a serious look.

Although she wasnt a researcher in the military magic machine department, as a researcher of the magic research facility, she would naturally understand more about the development of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce military magic machines compared to normal people.

The bandit leader and the three subordinates had items that released a light blue Water Magic Barrier, which was one kind of personal Magic Barrier that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed three years ago. It used Water Magic to create a barrier, which was effective against Fire Magic, so even though she released a Fourth Grade Fire Spell, it didnt have any effect.

There wasnt a problem with this. What made Winnie curious was, how had this group of normal bandits gotten their hands on this

It should be known that although this thing was developed three years ago by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was only announced last year to be sold to the public.

Until now, only the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, the two empires, and four countries that had been deemed third grade countries by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been able to buy these.

Not to mention normal bandits having these things, even most of the armies on the continent didnt have these.

How had the bandits gotten them

Moreover, they had these powerful Water Magic Barrier items that were the strongest against Fire Magic, which made people even more curious.

“Hey, it doesnt matter where we got these. Little miss, you should just care about yourself. If you go along with us, I can spare your life, but if not, dont blame me for being impolite!” The bandit leader roared out.

Winnie narrowed her eyes and she felt that this was a bit off.

Bandits that could even take out these high end military magic machines definitely werent normal bandits, so these fellows didnt just come here to rob them, but had another goal.

But why did they want her and Joshua to come with them

Unless they were here for Sodak

Winnie immediately denied this guess.

If they were here for Sodak, it was impossible that they wouldnt ask about him until now, like they knew that Sodak wasnt in the car.

Then why were they here

While Winnie was thinking about this, the bandit leader and his three subordinates were already moving closer with the Magic Barriers.

“Winnie, be careful, they might have other military magic machines!” Joshua suddenly called out from behind her.

Winnies heart turned cold and she couldnt help taking a step back.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been attacked by the two Arch Magi, causing the first steel mill to be destroyed and causing mass casualties, as well as economic loss, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been studying how to use military magic machines to attack magicians on the order of sir chairman.

After five years of development, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines had made great strides and it could be said that they had reached a crazy level when it came to defending against magician attacks.

In these years of development, there were two categories and seventeen types of machines that could target attacks. The personal Magic Barriers in the hands of these bandits were one of these.

If they only had this, Winnie wasnt afraid, but if they had other military magic machines that targeted magicians, while Winnie would be fine herself, it would be hard for her to protect Joshua and Harvat.

Thinking of this, Winnie no longer hesitated and gathered all her magic, creating a wall of fire in front of her which she sent at the bandits.

The bandit leader and the three subordinates had their Magic Barriers up in front of them. When the fire wall came forward, it was stopped by the Magic Barriers and didnt deal any damage to them.

But they could only protect themselves and in the places not protected by the Magic Barrier, the fire wall had burned away everything else, causing the rest of the bandits to scatter.

After chasing off the bandits, Winnie focused on these four bandits as large amounts of data quickly flowed through her mind.

According to the data that the military magic machine research department had released, the personal Magic Barriers had an upper limit of damage in theory. It was around three thousand Evs, which was the upper limit of a Ninth Grade AoE Spell.

In terms of single target spell, a normal Sixth Grade or Seventh Grade Magicians upper limit was also around there, but that was decided by the level of the magician.

Winnie was a Sixth Grade Magician and she was an outstanding Sixth Grade Magician, so her magic power wasnt weak.

But this also meant that she could only release Sixth Grade Spells, which would find it hard to reach the upper limit of the personal Magic Barriers.

This meant that she couldnt rely just on her spells to destroy the barriers and kill these four bandits.

But this doesnt mean that she didnt have the means to deal with it.

The Magic Barrier was not a living thing, it depended on how a person used them.

These four bandits shouldnt have had them for long, so they clearly wouldnt understand how to effectively use them.

After Winnie calmed down, she took a step back before stomping down with her right foot.


There was a column of flame that shot into the sky under the feet of one of the bandits.

This bandit was covered in flames and they let out a pitiful cry before running into the woods covered in flames.

Seeing the shocked looks the bandit leader and the other two bandits had, Winnie gave a cold laugh in her heart.

“You didnt even bring a magic power detector and you dare to attack a magician You really think that youre invincible with military magic machines”-

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