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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 6 - Fragile Guest

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At nine the next day, Joshuas Magic Sedan came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce infrastructure promoting departments engineering departments temporary base by the east gate of Fernandez City, meeting Taylor as promised.

When they came out, they saw that there was a middle aged man who was around forty years old with a black robe and rather dark skin who looked to be in a slight daze standing beside Taylor.

“Let me introduce you. Magician Sodak, these two are the colleagues I mentioned yesterday. This is Joshua, this is Winnie, and this is…..” Taylors eyes fell onto Harvat.

“This is my nephew.” Winnie explained, “Come, Harvat, greet aunt Taylor.”

“Hello aunt Taylor.” Harvat obediently called out.

“Call me big sister, Im not that old.” Taylor immediately revealed a happy smile and pinched Harvats face before turning back to Joshua, “Joshua, this is the one I told you about. This is magician Sodak who wants to get a ride with your back to the company.”

Joshua reached his hand out towards Sodak with a smile, “Hello, magician Sodak. I heard Taylor say that you want to join our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I represent our company in welcoming you.”

Sodak was a normal magician who was bad at interacting with people, so he only reached his hand out to quickly shake Joshuas hand before pulling it back. He forced out a smile as he said with a nod, “I dont know if Ill be accepted by your company.”

Joshua casually looked at Sodaks chest and found that there was only a Third Grade Magician badge there, so he couldnt help slightly knitting his brows.

Based on his appearance, Sodak was at least forty years old and people might even believe it if it was said that he was fifty. But he was only a Third Grade Magician at his age, it meant that his talent for magic was far from being outstanding.

Normally speaking, he wasnt qualified to enter the magic research facility at his level.

But if it was just as a worker who engraved Magic Arrays, there wouldnt be too much of a problem.

But everyone knew that it was much better to work for the magic research facility than to be a normal worker, so even if Joshua wasnt optimistic about Sodaks prospects, he didnt directly tell him that it was impossible to join the magic research facility.

He just said with a smile, “Relax, our company welcomes all magicians to join the magic machine industry. I think that magician Sodak will definitely find your place in our company.”

Taylor on the side was also clear on Sodaks level of magic and she revealed an understanding smile when she heard this. Then she asked Winnie, “Since youre here, how about I treat you to lunch before you go”

Winnie shook her head, “That wont work. Itll take more than ten hours to return to the main base from here. If we set off now, we might be able to get back tonight. If we stop and eat lunch, we wont be able to make it today.”

“Why are you in such a rush You can definitely stay in Anvilmar City for a night so you wont be too tired on the way. Then again, Winnie, I remember that you dont have a drivers license, right Joshua will definitely be driving by himself the entire way, so you should rest along the way so that he wont be too tired.” Taylor said in a curious voice.

“Its fine, Im used to it.” Joshua shook his head, “Ive been driving all over in the past two years, its normal to drive for over ten hours, it isnt anything.”

Taylor looked at him and couldnt help shaking her head, “In order to promote infrastructure in the past two years, you really have gone all over. Its been hard on you, but there are also benefits. Look, if it wasnt for your work, how could the company give you the newest high end Magic Sedan This car costs over two thousand and three hundred gold coins, if you had to buy it yourself, it would take you several years to buy it.”

“Several years I cant afford it even in several dozen years.” Joshua shook his head with a smile, “Alright, lets not talk about this, Winnie and I should go. Magician Sodak, have you prepared all your luggage”

Sodak raised the bag in his hand, “Its just this, I prepared it yesterday.”

“Alright, then put the bag in the trunk and then lets head off.”

Joshua helped Sodak put his simple luggage into the trunk of the Magic Sedan and then had him sit in the front before waving goodbye to Taylor with Winner.

After the Magic Sedan started, it didnt take long before they drove out of Fernandez City, heading off in a southwest direction.

It seemed like it was Sodaks first time in a Magic Sedan, so once the car started, his expression was tense as he sat there, not daring to move.

When the Magic Sedan came out of Fernandez City, he finally relaxed a bit as he began looking around the Magic Sedan with a curious look, asking Joshua a few questions from time to time.

Joshua had been driving this Magic Sedan all over in the past two years, so he was already quite good at driving. The roads outside of Fernandez City werent as crowded as the roads in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, so it was quite spacious. He stepped on the gas pedal and pushed the Magic Sedan to its max speed.

When Sodak saw the scenery around the car fly by, he couldnt help being a bit worried again.

Harvat, who was riding a Magic Sedan for the first time in the back, actually became more excited as the car picked up speed, watching the scenery fly by with wide eyes while cheering from time to time.

In just an hour, the Magic Sedan was already a hundred kilometers away from Fernandez City.

As soon as the Magic Sedan entered a patch of trees, Sodak sitting in the passenger seat suddenly had a pale look and he covered his mouth.

Joshua noticed this while driving and immediately understood what was happening when he saw his face.

This really was Sodaks first time riding in a Magic Sedan and now he was……car sick……

Joshua slowed down the Magic Sedan before stopping at the side of the road.

With a single word, Sodak opened the door and charged into the woods. He held a tree branch as he lowered his head to throw up.

Harvat looked at Sodak with a surprised look from a distance before asking Winnie, “Little aunt, what is wrong with him”

“Its nothing. Hes just car sick and wants to throw up.”

“Then why am I not car sick”

“Each person is different. Some people will get car sick and some wont. Moreover, youre a child, so your body is better than his.” Winnie explained.

Harvat made an oh sound before revealing a proud look and he couldnt help flexing his arms in front of Winnie.

Joshua saw that Sodak didnt come back for a while, so he opened the door to come out before going to the side of the road, taking out a cigarette from his chest pocket to light up.

After a while, seeing that Sodak had stopped vomiting, he took out a bottle of warm water and a pill that he had prepared and walked over.

“Here, magician Sodak, this is medicine that will help with the car sickness. Rinse your mouth first and then use the pill, youll feel much better.”

Sodak turned to look at the bottle of water and pill in Joshuas hand with a weak look. He didnt even have the strength to reveal a doubtful look as he reached out to take the water to rinse his mouth with before swallowing the pill, then letting out a long sigh of relief.

“We……” Joshua wanted to say something else, but he suddenly heard a gurgle sound from Sodaks stomach and was surprised.

Sodak revealed an awkward smile and pointed further into the woods.

Joshua could only force down a smile that he almost couldnt hold back and give a nod.

“Go ahead, well wait for you.”

It was like Sodak was trying to escape as he charged into the woods.

After a while, he had already disappeared and he couldnt be seen anymore.

Joshua looked in the direction he ran off in with a surprised look before taking out another pill from his chest pocket, looking it over before he couldnt help muttering, “Strange, does the car sickness pill of the elves have a side effect of causing diarrhea Ill go ask the Night Song Tribe about this after going back.”

To avoid it being awkward, Sodak had gone far away, so far that Joshua couldnt hear a sound.

Of course he wasnt interested in those sounds, so he turned to head back to the Magic Sedan. He took out some food from the trunk that he had already prepared and gave some to Winnie and Harvat.

“It seems like we still have to wait some time, so we might as well take care of lunch.”

Winnie was doubtful as she received this and asked, “Didnt we say that we would have lunch in Filios City”

Joshua gave a shrug, “Something has happened to our guest. I think that not to mention eating lunch, he wont want to eat for the rest of the day.”

“What happened to him” Winnie looked into the woods with knitted brows, but she couldnt see Sodak at all.

She wanted to keep asking, but there were sudden rustles that came from the woods. After a while, there were twenty people with various weapons that came out, surrounding the Magic Sedan.

The man who was in charge looked at the Magic Sedan and Joshua standing beside it before looking at Winnie and Harvat in the car. He gave a fierce laugh and raised the giant blade in his hand as he loudly said, “Hei, the two of you, if you dont want to die, you should obediently listen to me!”

Joshua and Winnie looked at each other in surprise.

This……did they encounter a bandit-

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