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Chapter 966: Substitute

“Cloudcenter Commandery” Zu An’s eyes narrowed.

He hadn’t expected such a coincidence.

It seemed this trip to Cloudcenter Commandery was one he had to make no matter what.

Xiao Jianren asked, “Sir Eleven, will your respected self remain on this ship Sir Sang arranged a boat for you.

Should I guide you there”

Zu An shook his head.

“There’s no need.

I have another mission, so I won’t be staying on this ship.”

Fortunately, the Embroidered Envoy had been mysterious to begin with.

Those of lower ranks couldn't really question the actions of those of higher ranks.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so easy to fool others.

After some hesitation, Xiao Jianren asked, “If something happens, how do we contact sir” He just couldn't feel peace of mind if the other party was never with them.

“I’ll return to the ship from time to time to interact with you.

You just need to give me a report then.

If there really is some emergency, I’l know when to arrive promptly.” Zu An replied in a serious tone.

Xiao Jianren was shocked. Sir Eleven getting on and off the ship at his own convenience is something I can understand, but if something urgent happens, how can he immediately react if he isn’t on the ship

But he knew that all golden token envoys had extraordinary methods.

Even though he was suspicious, he didn’t think about it too much and replied, “Understood!”

“Then I’ll be leaving first.” Zu An was about to leave, but when he noticed the books on the table, he stopped and said, “I advise you to just read during the day.

Reading at night will damage your eyes.”

“Thank you for your concern, sir.” Xiao Jianren bowed.

That was something easy to say, but hard to do.

Only at night could he have some peace and time to himself.

It would be a bit of a waste if he didn’t use that time to read.

After Zu An left the room, he took a bit of a detour.

When he was sure that no one was following him, he then returned to his own room.

He changed out of his Golden Token Eleven uniform and began to think carefully to himself.

Once or twice like this was fine, but there would easily be problems if he continued to switch places.

After all, whether it was Sang Hong or Xiao Jianren, they were both meticulous people.

After thinking for a bit, he suddenly thought of something.

He summoned Daji.

Under the quiet moonlight that scattered through the window, it almost seemed as if there were a glistening mist swirling around her.

She really was too beautiful for this world.

Her long and foxy eyes added a bit of a charming feeling to her otherwise untouchable and aloof aura.

It made her look pure, yet also seductive.

“It’s a pity that you’re like a lotus flower.

You can only be admired from afar and not played with.” Zu An felt gloomy.

However, that was something he had already accepted, so he didn’t dwell on it.

He took out a set of clothes and gave it to her, saying, “Change into this.”

Daji gave him an indifferent look with her alluring eyes, but then she decisively ignored him.

Zu An was speechless. Who’s the real master here He took a deep breath and put on a kind smile, saying, “You don’t need to take off any clothes.

Just wear this over your current outfit.”

After some hesitation, when Daji realized that she didn’t have to take off her clothes, she didn’t have any more feelings of rejection.

“I’ll help you!” Zu An exclaimed, overjoyed.

But Daji immediately took a step back and looked at him vigilantly.

Zu An was speechless again.

He knew she was rejecting any form of physical touch from him.

He thought to himself, I can give you an order through just a thought, so to a certain extent, aren’t we already spiritually linked Your head is already in my shape, and yet you’re still so on guard against me.

Is there really a need for this

“Then put it on yourself,” he said as he turned around.

He pulled over a chair and sat down gloomily.

A while later, the sound of rustling fabric faded.

Only then did Zu An turn around.

His eyes immediately widened.

Daji was dressed in a well-ironed uniform, embroidered with meticulous patterns.

The feeling she gave off was completely different.

If she had previously been more like a goddess who fell to the human world, or like a seductress who brought down an entire country, that charm had now completely changed.

Instead, she now looked valiant and formidable, like a female prosecutor or an attractive policewoman… Zu An thought, Ahem, I need to stop right here before I go too far.

After a while, Zu An took out the Golden Token Eleven mask and put it on Daji.

He sighed in amazement, exclaiming, “Simply perfect!”

At first, he had been worried because she was wearing a dress underneath, and thought it would look a little strange with the Embroidered Envoy uniform over it.

He had thought that would easily cause problems.

He had no idea what Daji’s white dress was made of, but it was almost as if it didn’t exist.

The uniform still fit her perfectly well.

Her build had been smaller to begin with, but because her chest took up too much space, together with the dress and uniform, her figure seemed more similar to his.

“Is her chest area a bit too much” Zu An thought while propping up his chin.

However, he quickly dispelled that thought.

He had already tempered his body several times with primordial ki, so he was quite muscular himself.

Even if that area was a bit larger than his, the others weren’t all that familiar with Sir Eleven anyway, so they wouldn’t notice anything strange.

But Daji’s height was a problem.

Even though she was tall, she was still a bit shorter than him.

He thought for a bit, then fiddled with the Brilliant Glass Bead for a while before tossing over a pair of modified shoes, exclaiming, “Lord Huang Xiaoming’s shoes of blood, sweat, and tears! Being taller isn’t just a dream!”[1]

Daji looked away.

She didn’t know who this Lord Huang was, but she still wore the shoes.

Of course, she didn’t take off her own shoes.

She just put them on with her own shoes inside.

Zu An’s eyes twitched.

He probably couldn't wear these shoes again.

Fortunately, he didn’t lack extra pairs of golden token envoy shoes.

However, he nodded in satisfaction when he saw that Daji’s height was about the same as his own now.

“Not bad, not bad.

Take a few steps around for me.”

Daji wouldn’t refuse such simple orders.

She stepped forward with her long legs.

However, because of her new shoes, she wasn’t too used to it yet, and she almost fell down.

“Be careful!” Zu An subconsciously moved closer to support her.

But unfortunately, Daji reacted faster.

Her palm spread out a bit, and she forcefully stabilized herself.

Zu An withdrew his hand unhappily, saying, “I’m your master; I’m not a wolf.

Do you really need to be so apprehensive about me”

Daji ignored him.

She continued to try to walk.

She was a powerful cultivator in her own right, and so she quickly found her balance.

She was able to walk in the shoes as if she were walking normally.

Zu An was happy at first.

To a certain degree, the shoes could be considered high heels.

As expected, the way she walked was graceful.

However, he quickly realized something.

“Hey, don’t move your butt when you’re walking.

“Don’t let your waist sway back and forth either.

“Can you not act so flirty How am I supposed to face anyone again if someone catches you walking like that”

Zu An finally fixed some of Daji’s natural habits after great difficulty.

The way she walked looked a bit more normal.

Afterward, he had her change her hairstyle a bit too.

He didn’t have to worry about the length, because just like Ancient China, men and women both had long hair.

The main issue was Daji’s hairstyle.

Letting it flow down naturally the way she did normally was purely a feminine style.

After another few hours, it was finally passable.

“Next is your cultivation,” Zu An muttered to himself.

Even though the world’s impression of his cultivation was around the sixth or seventh rank, his real strength was far above that.

However, Daji had just broken through to the sixth rank, so hers was a bit too low.

When he thought of that, he brought out the Rage point system.

It had already been a long time since he pulled the lottery.

He had a total of 118,815 Rage points.

He frowned in dissatisfaction when he saw that.

He really was slacking off! He had only earned this little bit

Could it be that the higher my cultivation climbs, the more I instinctively refuse to be as shameless

I mustn’t forget my roots!

After praying for a bit, he began to pull the lottery.

With 118,814 Rage points, he could pull a total of 1188 times.

The light indicator continued to flicker around, but it never stopped on the keyboard’s letters.

Zu An could only acknowledge his fate there.

However, while he was feeling gloomy, the final result appeared.

His eyes widened.

He had pulled a total of 389 Ki Fruits!

After all, with the average rate, he was only supposed to get a bit over a hundred Ki Fruits.

Yet today, he had gotten three times the amount! Wasn’t his luck insanely good this time

Zu An fed the Ki Fruits to Daji.

Daji sat down to meditate, and her aura quickly became stronger.

She went from the bottom of the sixth rank to the fourth step.

Even though it was still a bit low, it wasn’t so bad anymore. 

I’ll call her out to use her as Golden Token Eleven one day.

I wonder if it’ll be enough to fool everyone.


The celebrity Huang Xiaoming wore a pair of white high-top shoes, and many netizens speculated that he wore insoles inside of those shoes too. ☜


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