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“Due to that, our Chu clan has to tread carefully at the moment.

We mustnt show any opening for the enemies to strike,” said Chu Chuyan worriedly.

She, too, knew that there was no way to continuously fend against the schemes directed toward them.

It was only a matter of time before they got careless and succumbed.

However, there was no other choice here.

They could only persevere on.

Zu An couldnt help but ask, “I dont get it.

Why do you insist on taking a neutral position Wouldnt it be good to choose a faction to side with At the very least, you wouldnt end up in this difficult position youre currently in.”

Chu Chuyan shook her head and said, “The main issue here is that both factions are equally matched at the moment, so theres no way to know wholl have the last laugh.

If we pick the wrong faction to work with, our Chu clan would be in dire straits.

The neutral position might place us in a difficult position at the start, but as long as we toil it out until the end of the battle, itll be all over.

Whichever faction that won would need some time to recover, so they would willingly embrace any non-hostile powers.

At the very least, this would ensure the survival of our Chu clan.”

Zu An was amazed.

Those who dabbled in politics sure were amazing.

Even someone as honest as Chu Zhongtian was thinking several steps ahead here.

Yup, I should be more careful.

Theyre all cunning old foxes! Hmmm, didnt Pei Mianman sneak into the Chu clan to steal some accounting records a while back I wonder which faction shes from…

It was then that the carriage suddenly came to a halt.

A commotion sounded in front.

With a frown, Chu Chuyan knocked on the wall of the carriage and asked, “What happened outside”

A guard of the Chu clan quickly answered, “First Miss, it seems like the Sixth Young Master of the Shi clan is here.

Many people have filled up the streets in order to throw flowers and fruits into his carriage.

So, the road is a little congested now.”

Zu An was perplexed.

“Does he look like an ape or something Why would so many people gather here to look at him, even throwing fruits into his carriage”

Those words made Chu Chuyan smile in amusement.

It was Chu Huanzhao who explained the situation to him, “Silly brother-in-law.

Havent you heard of Shi Kun from the Shi clan”

“Is he very famous” Zu An asked.

“No one has ever gathered around to give me flowers even though Im a famous figure in Brightmoon City too.”

Even Chu Huanzhao found it hard to swallow those words.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Yours is more of notoriety than fame.

His reputation is far better than yours.

The Sixth Young Master of the Shi clan is known for his good looks.

Have you ever heard of the story ofwelcoming a carriage with fruits and flowers”

“Nope.” Zu An was confused.

What the hell is that

So, Chu Huanzhao began on a long story, “Its said that the Sixth Young Master of the Shi clan has a beautiful appearance and a graceful demeanor.

In his earlier years, whenever he toured around the streets of the capital, even old ladies would find themselves infatuated with him and toss fruits into his carriage, filling it up.

Upon hearing the story, another young master also emulated Shi Kuns example and drove his carriage around too, only to have the women of the capital fill his carriage up with spit.

“That should give an idea of how good-looking Shi Kun is.

I thought that the story was just a rumor, but it seems like its real.”

“Is it really that exaggerated” The excited look on Chu Huanzhao face displeased Zu An.

“I shouldnt miss this opportunity.

I should head out to see how dashing that man is!” Chu Huanzhao got to her feet and prepared to dive out of the carriage, only to be stopped by her older sister.

Chu Chuyan remarked calmly, “The Shi clan belongs to the empress faction.

Its best for you not to come into contact with him.”

Zu An nodded vehemently in agreement with Chu Chuyans remarks.

He shot a glare at Chu Huanzhao and said, “It looks like its only right for your parents to constantly nag at you.

When will you learn to become more mature like your older sister”

Disappointed, Chu Huanzhao sank back into her seat.

She harrumphed with a pout, “Brother-in-law, youre just jealous.”

Zu An straightened his posture and said, “No matter how handsome he is, could he possibly be more handsome than me It should be enough for you to look at me!”

Those words tinged Chu Huanzhaos face in redness.

She turned her head away and murmured, “Shameless~”

It was then that a gentle voice suddenly sounded from outside.

“Is it Miss Chu inside Shi Kun from the capital wishes to meet you.”

Dreamy exclamations immediately sounded outside.

“Waaaaa~ If only young master Shi would ask me out on a date like this!”

“Tsk, you should take a look at the mirror.

Do you think youre worthy”

“As if youre pretty yourself.”

“Stop arguing.

None of you can possibly compete with Chu First Miss when it comes to looks!”


No matter how pretty she is, it doesnt change the fact that shes already married.

Ive been protecting his chastity well for young master Shis sake!”

The discussions coming from all around provoked Zu Ans curiosity.

He parted the carriages curtains a little and saw a few women swooning on the spot.

Haa, I thought that I would be able to see some beautiful women out there.

It turns out that theyre all just old hags.

They arent even close to matching my wife!

Looks like that young master Shi doesnt look as suave as the rumors put him out to be.

With such thoughts in mind, Zu An turned his gaze frontward, and he caught sight of something that nearly bedazzled his eyes blind.

It was a refined man with looks so dashing that one could probably sing praises of him for an hour straight!

Too freaking handsome!

Even Zu An had no choice but to acknowledge this.

In terms of appearance, the other party was nearly a match for him.

However, women lacked the ability to accurately gauge how handsome a man is, so he worriedly turned his gaze back into the carriage to look at Chu Chuyan.

Unexpectedly, Chu Chuyan looked perfectly calm, barely reacting at all.

She replied calmly, “My apologies, but its inconvenient for a married woman like me to meet with another man privately.

I beg your pardon, young master Shi.”

After saying her piece, she gestured for the coach to set off.

Zu An was so delighted to hear those words that he felt tempted to rush forward and give his wife a tight hug.

All along, he thought that his wife treated him so coldly because she looked down on him, but it turned out that she was impartial to everyone!

In fact, it could be said that she treats me fairly well.

Meanwhile, on the streets, Shi Kun looked at the departing carriage with a hint of anger on his beautiful face.

The hands hidden within his sleeves clenched tightly together.

Chu Chuyan, just you wait.

Youll be mine soon!

His awful complexion couldnt escape the notice of his surrounding fans.

Those women continued gossiping amongst them once more.

“That Chu woman sure is insolent.

How dare she snub our young master Shi like this”

“You can do that if youre pretty enough too.”

“Hmph! I wouldnt snub our young master Shi no matter how pretty I am!”

“Indeed! Why is she putting on airs for In the end, she still married a wastrel for a husband.

I might not be able to win her in anyone else, but at the very least, Ill find a husband superior to hers!”

Of course, there were some who meekly pointed out, “Young master Shi had a frightening look in his eyes for a moment earlier…”

Unfortunately, such words of dissension were swiftly drowned out by the other fans.

“What do you know Thats what we calldevilish charms! Thats a unique disposition that only our young master Shi has!”

In the carriage, Chu Chuyan was starting to feel uncomfortable under Zu Ans intent stare.

She couldnt help but ask, “What are you looking at”

Zu An replied with a smile, “Im looking at you, honey.

I think Im growing fonder and fonder of you.”

Chu Huanzhao couldnt bear this atmosphere.

“Hey hey hey, theres a child in here.

Please control yourselves, alright”

Zu An was rendered speechless.

I mean, its true that youre young, but to call yourself a child seems to be going too far, no

“Dont misunderstand.

I didnt turn down the young master of the Shi clan for you.

I simply didnt want to get involved with the Shi clan,” replied Chu Chuyan.

That didnt dampen Zu Ans joy though.

“Regardless of the reason, Im quite happy that you rejected him.”

Chu Chuyan was a little stifled.

She felt like her point wasnt getting across to Zu An properly.

After a moment of contemplation, she decided to put it out even more clearly, “While I do identify myself as your wife outside, were both aware whats going on in our marriage.

Its impossible for me to fulfill my responsibilities as your wife.

So, I hope that you wont get too involved in this relationship lest you get hurt in the future.”

Chu Huanzhao felt deeply pitiful for Zu An when she heard those words.

While there were plenty of speculations regarding this going around the Chu Estate, it was completely different hearing it coming right out of her big sisters mouth.

My brother-in-law must be really depressed to hear those words.

Unexpectedly, that still didnt dampen Zu Ans joy.

“I know.

However, whether I like you or not is my own business.

It has nothing to do with whether you like me or not.

Besides, who knows You might just fall for me in the future.”

Chu Chuyan shook her head without a shred of hesitation.

“Thats impossible.”

Zu An shrugged casually, thinking nothing of it.

“Since youve already put it out like that, I think that I should clarify another matter too.

If you dont intend to fulfill your responsibilities as my wife, would you mind if I look for other women”

Chu Huanzhao was still grieving for Zu An a moment ago when she suddenly heard this question.

Her eyes immediately widened in shock.

You horrible brother-in-law! My big sister will teach you a lesson for daring to cheat on her!

Chu Chuyan was equally surprised too.

She hadnt expected to hear such a question from Zu An, but she still answered calmly, “I dont mind.

Its just that you…”

Her gaze slowly traced downward to Zu Ans crotch.

As her little sister was in the carriage too, she chose not to say it out loud.

“You dont have to worry about that.

I should be able to recover in due time!” Zu An patted his chest proudly.

It was not that he was confident in finding the Evanescent Lotus, but his lack of it didnt hinder him from putting on a strong front before Chu Chuyan.

Chu Chuyan also chose not to say anything about it.

She thought that he was trying to turn his eyes away from the cruel reality.

On the other hand, Chu Huanzhaos lower jaws slackened.

What in the world is going on here As if it wanted ridiculous for my brother-in-law to ask my big sister if he could cheat on her, my big sister didnt get angry at all and even said that she was fine with it

Big sister, you must be unaware that my brother-in-law is far more outstanding than you know! If you release your grip on him, all of those vixens out there would surely snatch him from your hands!

No, this wont do.

I need to help my big sister keep him in check!

With different thoughts in the minds of the trio in the carriage, they soon arrived in the academy.

The academy had a rule where students couldnt ride their carriage into the academy, so they alighted at the entrance.

Chu Chuyans appearance immediately stirred a commotion in the surroundings, with many thanking the heaven above for allowing them to catch a sight of this elusive top beauty of the Sweetheart Ranking.

However, when the crowd saw Zu An alighting from the same carriage too, they suddenly felt a huge outburst of envy.

They were reminded of the fact that their goddess was already married to a good-for-nothing, and their moods were immediately spoiled.

“What a coincidence.

I didnt expect to meet Chu First Miss here too,” a familiar voice sounded.

Zu An turned over to take a look, only to see Shi Kun standing not too far away.

The latter had a dashing smile on his face, but in Zu Ans opinion, it only looked irritating.


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