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Chapter 929: Green Feather

When he heard the other party’s tender and delicate voice, sounding as if she were both pouting playfully and truly angry, Zu An was stunned.

He had never heard a more beautiful voice in his entire life!

It had already been quite some time since he arrived in this world.

The girls he met were all incredibly pretty, and their voices were also pretty.

But this woman’s voice was melodious and moving.

It was bright and beautiful like the song of an oriole! Just her voice alone made him feel as if his ears had just been massaged.

Even though he knew that she was a woman from their exchange, he hadn’t had the time to pay close attention to her appearance.

Now that he looked at her, he saw that she had a tall and slender build.

Her pretty face was snow-white, and her expression was as cold as snow.

She stared back with clear eyes full of embarrassment and annoyance.

Nan Xun was already an incredible beauty herself, but when they stood side by side, she was completely overshadowed by this woman’s beauty.

It was a feeling that was hard to describe.

Perhaps the newcomer just carried a kind of aura that made her stand out from everyone else.

“I’m the scoundrel” Zu An sneered.

“You came up with this honey trap to plot and harm others, but I’m the scoundrel here” He didn’t stop attacking while speaking, and grabbed at her body.

He wouldn’t hold back just because she was a woman.

The mysterious woman’s expression changed.

She quickly made a profound hand seal, and green light flashed in front of her.

Zu An sensed a dangerous energy, and quickly backed up to avoid the strange attack.

He finally saw that the green light was actually a feather.

It was green mixed with a little black.

It flickered with a jade-like radiance and was quite pretty.

Zu An was speechless. What the hell is my luck with green But this feather really is pretty.

The mysterious woman tried to take Nan Xun with her after that strike.

However, even though she had evaded Zu An, his ki still firmly locked onto the two of them.

She knew that things weren’t going to go as she wished, so she said, “Young master Zu has misunderstood.

We didn’t have any intention of harming you.”

“You didn’t have any intention to harm me” Zu An sneered.

“Do you take me for a fool If not because I was still on guard, I might’ve already become a living corpse.”

That mysterious woman said apologetically, “Young master, please don’t be upset.

We were only trying to scout out some information.

We didn’t plan to harm you.

Once we asked you some questions, you would only treat it as a dream.

We wouldn’t have actually done anything to your body.”

Zu An laughed.

The only reason she was talking this way right now was because he had his cultivation.

Forget about their vicious battle, just that final move of hers would have already ended his life if he hadn’t been careful.

There was no way she would have had the patience to talk to him otherwise.

“Who are you” Zu An asked as he looked at Nan Xun.

“Also, are you human or are you a ghost”

Nan Xun had a look of alarm on her face.

She instinctively looked toward the mysterious woman, who frowned and asked, “You’re able to see through her”

Zu An’s expression turned cold.

He said, “I’m asking the questions right now, and not the other way around.”

The mysterious woman fell silent.

A while later, she said apologetically, “I’m sorry, our statuses are too sensitive, so we can’t tell you.”

“Hah!” Zu An laughed out loud.

He said, “Sure, no problem.

Right now, I’m going to go tell King Qi that his little concubine was actually serving other men here in the brothel.”

He had suspected that she was from King Qi’s faction from the very start, but now that he had some time to think about it, even if King Qi wanted to do something, he wouldn’t have sent his concubine all the way to a brothel.

Was he really not scared at all that someone might make him wear a green hat

Furthermore, once news of such a thing got out, his reputation would be destroyed.

With Zu An’s understanding of King Qi, he knew there was no way the latter would take such a huge risk.

The two women’s expressions changed greatly when they heard him expose Nan Xun’s identity.

A flash of killing intent passed through the mysterious woman’s eyes.

Zu An keenly sensed it and sneered.

“What, you still want to kill me Perhaps I should just detain you two and bring you to the Embroidered Envoy for interrogation.” He immediately used the Sunflower Phantasm and vanished, instantly reappearing behind the mysterious woman.

His palm clamped down on her shoulder.

The mysterious woman was horrified.

Her entire body twisted at an inconceivable angle and she forcibly pulled her arm back.

Her clothes couldn't bear the strong force and were torn apart with an audible rip, exposing her fair arm.

You have successfully trolled Kong Nanwu for 444 Rage points!

There was strong killing intent in the mysterious woman’s eyes.

She lashed out toward Zu An with her other hand that was holding the green feather.

Green light filled Zu An’s field of view.

Countless pairs of eyes appeared in the light, seemingly staring at him.

In that instant, he felt a wave of dizziness, seemingly losing his sight.

There was only green left in his view, and nothing else.

Even though he was startled, he didn’t panic.

He summoned Hundredwarble, and its cry tore through the air.

The mysterious woman groaned, and Zu An’s dizziness disappeared.

Most of his sight returned.

He didn’t hesitate and grabbed the arm holding the feather.

He could feel the threat coming from the green feather, so he decided to seize it first.

The mysterious woman harrumphed.

She snapped her fingers, and the feather turned into a streak of light.

A split second later, it reappeared behind Zu An’s back.

In that instant, the soft feather had turned into a sharp flying sword.

But right before it was about to stab through Zu An’s back, the mysterious woman showed a moment of hesitation.

The feather then shifted three inches to the side, avoiding his vitals.

Even so, if the attack landed, it would make Zu An lose his fighting strength for some time.

But Zu An didn’t avoid it at all.

Instead, he relied completely on his body’s toughness.

The sharp flying sword only entered an inch into his body, and couldn't penetrate any further.

The mysterious woman was horrified.

Even though she had shown mercy, she knew just how terrifying her weapon was.

Just how hard did this man’s body have to be for it to have only made it that far in

But she didn’t have the time to think about that right now, because she knew that she was in danger.

She quickly retaliated, wishing to take the chance to break free, but Zu An’s hands were like clamps.

He quickly jerked her arm behind her back, then put pressure on her neck with his other hand.

In that instant, the woman felt goosebumps run through her entire body.

She knew that she had been restrained.

As soon as Zu An twisted his hand, then her life would be forfeit.

In a moment of crisis, she quickly shouted out a word.


Sure enough, Zu An’s hand froze when he heard that word, and he stopped.

Just like that, the two of them were holding onto each other.

The mysterious woman’s breathing was rushed.

Her chest rose and fell intensely.

The experience had clearly scared her badly.

“Let my young miss go!” A pretty maid bared her fangs at Zu An from the entrance, standing on all fours.

Her sharp teeth told him that she wasn’t human, and a patch of white fur gradually appeared around her ears and neck.

Zu An’s expression darkened and he exclaimed, “Fiend race”

That mysterious woman took a deep breath and said, “Huhu, don’t expose yourself, or else we’ll end up drawing the eyes of the capital’s human experts.”

“But…” The maid looked at Zu An’s hand on the mysterious woman’s neck.

“I’m fine.

He’s little sister Snow’s good friend.

He won’t harm me.” After her initial alarm, the mysterious woman had already calmed down.

“Oh…” the maid named Huhu muttered.

Then, she stood up, once more looking like a little servant girl.

However, she still looked at Zu An with a rather unpleasant expression.

“Who is this Snow you speak of” Zu An was actually half-convinced.

However, for his own safety, he still had to ask for confirmation.

The mysterious woman said calmly, “There have always been rumors that human men are the most heartless and fickle.

I didn’t really believe those rumors, and yet I didn’t expect to meet someone who had already forgotten their past lover so quickly.

Snow, Snow, you really are foolish…”

There weren’t many people who knew about Zu An's relationship with Snow.

Only those Snow had told herself would know about this.

Zu An loosened his grip when he came to that conclusion.

He asked coldly, “Who are you all”



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