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Chapter 918: A Unique Courtesan Queen

Zu An thought to himself, Is this really just a coincidence I was wondering what kind of excuse to come up with to visit Scarlet Invitation, because why would an honest person go there for no reason But these guys came over to invite me; what amazing timing.

Chu Youzhao was stunned and asked, “What kind of place is Scarlet Invitation”

She had always been pure and simple in nature, with her parents and older sister being quite protective of her.

She had her grandfather sheltering her in the Qin clan as well, so she normally didnt come into contact with these things.

Murong Qinghe moved over and told her what it was.

Chu Youzhaos face immediately turned red as she exclaimed, “No! You cant go to a place like that!”

“Why not” Pei You was confused.

“Visiting places of romance is an activity of intellectuals; you should go as well.

Otherwise, you wont be able to mingle well in your circles.”

Chu Youzhaos breathing stopped.

Im a girl; how can I go to some place like that! She was about to go crazy from internal conflict.

“But I wont allow it! You two can go, but dont lead my brother-in-law astray!”

“How is this leading anyone astray” Pei You was starting to panic.

“Even if your big sister were here, she shouldnt be interfering with something like this, right Otherwise, if news of that got out, everyone would think that your big sister was a jealous woman.

It wouldnt be good for her reputation at all! Furthermore, according to what I know, Sir Zu has already divorced your big sister, so they arent even related anymore.

Why are you still stopping him”

“You…” Chu Youzhaos face turned entirely red.

This matter had always been a thorn in the Chu clans hearts.

Unfortunately, she didnt know how to argue against that point.

She could only look at Zu An and asked, “Brother-in-law, what about you Are you going or not going”

“Um…” Zu An felt a huge headache as well.

He obviously had to go, but that little sister-in-law of his might just blow up if he insisted on it now.

Making her upset wasnt a big deal, but he was worried that bad rumors might reach the Chu clan.

After all, Pei You had just brought up his divorce with Chu Chuyan again.

As if seeing through his conflicted feelings, the more steadfast Gao Ying said, “Were just going to drink and listen to the music, nothing else.

Young master Chu, please dont worry.

Furthermore, the reason were gathering today is to thank Sir Zu for saving us in the dungeon.

Young master Chu wont prevent us from having such a chance, right”

Chu Youzhao was still young and rather thin-skinned.

When she heard him say those words, she felt that rejecting them again was a bit too much, so she said, “Fine, but Im going with you guys!”

She thought to herself, You guys are saying you are only going to listen to music, but who knows what else youll do afterwards Ill be monitoring all of you so you dont lead my brother-in-law astray!

Gao Ying and Pei You looked at each other in dismay.

After considering how even though he was young, he was still the Chu clans young master, they realized his relationship with Zu An was also special.

That was why they didnt refuse Chu Youzhao.

It was now Murong Qinghes turn to panic.

She grabbed Chu Youzhaos arm and said, “Big brother Chu, you cant go!”

Just the thought of someone spotless and pure like her big brother Chu being defiled in a place like a brothel… Ugh, big brother Chu is so handsome that those girls will definitely seduce him! Just the thought alone was enough to make her head explode.

Chu Youzhao also felt a bit guilty.

But for the sake of expressing her manly side, she stuck out her chest and said, “Dont worry, its just normal social interaction! Ill be there to make sure they dont lead my brother-in-law astray!”

Murong Qinghe thought for a bit, then said, “Then Im going too.” If big brother Chu is going to keep an eye on her brother-in-law, then Im going to keep an eye on big brother Chu!

Gao Ying and Pei You couldnt sit still anymore and both waved their hands.

“No way, no way! That wont do, that wont do.”

It was one thing to bring the Chu clans young master; what the heck would they be bringing a girl to a brothel for Theyd become the biggest laughingstocks of the entire capital the next day! With her grandfather, Murong Tongs temper, he might just storm in and tear them apart on the spot!

“Why not It wasnt even that big of a deal when I ate and lived with the other guys in the army, so Im going to go with you guys!” Murong Qinghe exclaimed, unhappily with raised eyebrows.

But she lowered her voice the next second and explained to Chu Youzhao, “Big brother Chu, I stayed in a tent by myself when I was in the army; I didnt live together with those stinky men.”

Zu An almost burst out laughing.

This girls personality really was completely different depending on the person she talked to.

Everyone already knew even if she didnt say anything that there was no way the Murong clan would let her live together with other soldiers.

When he saw how frustrated Gao Ying and the others were, he realized that it was now time for him to speak up.

He pulled Chu Youzhao aside and asked, “What are you getting all worked up for Just be good and go home.”

“No! I want to go!” Chu Youzhao raised her head and looked straight into his eyes without backing down.

Stinky brother-in-law wants to send me away because he wants to do bad things!

“Come on, dont cause trouble now,” Zu An said quietly.

“Did you forget what happened at the government brothel last time”

Chu Youzhaos face turned red.

The last time she had been dragged to a brothel, she had become so drunk her real gender was almost revealed.

If not because her brother-in-law appeared, she might have even had her purity defiled.

She still felt lingering fear even now.

Sure enough, her tone became a lot weaker when she recalled what had happened back then.

She replied, “Fine, I wont go, but youre not allowed to do anything thatll make big sister sad! Otherwise, Ill definitely find out since news travels fast in the capital.”

“Alright, alright.

Ill definitely have a clear conscience.” Zu An patted his chest and gave a guarantee.

Chu Youzhao smiled.

She didnt notice that Zu An had played with his words a bit.

Murong Qinghe was obviously happy to hear that her big brother Chu wasnt going.

She didnt insist on going anymore either.

Gao Ying and Pei You sighed when they saw that those two had finally left.

“Brother Zu, your little brother-in-law seems protective of you.

Its almost as if hes a woman.”

“He is trying to help his sister, after all.” Zu An was worried that the two might really start to suspect Chu Youzhaos gender, so he quickly changed the topic.

“How are your injuries”

“The clan brought out all sorts of medicines for me.

Even though I havent recovered completely yet, it doesnt affect my daily life anymore,” Gao Ying replied.

“If not for the fact that Sir Zu upheld justice and didnt act on hatred, we wouldve already lost our petty lives.”

Zu An chuckled and said, “That was just a bit of misunderstanding from the start.

Later on, we fought together, and the two of you bravely fought the enemy too.

The two of you wouldve definitely saved me too.”

The two of them found Zu An more and more likable when they saw that he didnt act arrogantly.

“Haha, Sir Zu is open-minded after all.

We brothers will definitely thank you properly today for your kindness.

We will help you experience the capitals liveliness.”

They were children of the capitals noble clans, locally born and bred.

They obviously wanted to serve as the hosts since it hadnt been long since Zu An had arrived at the capital.

Zu An hadnt expected the two of them to get along so well! But their party had fought together, and together with their similar backgrounds, they had easily become close.

Zu An pretended to be confused and asked, “Why arent we going to the government brothel Isnt that kind of place a bit more relaxing”

After all, most of those girls were from noble clans that had committed sins.

Those girls obviously seemed higher-class in comparison.

Gao Ying explained, “Something happened with the Left Guard General in the government brothel last time, and it even ended up involving the Devil Sect.

The mood around that place is a bit inauspicious now, so who would want to go there”

Zu An had a strange look on his face.

He hadnt expected to be the reason.

Pei You also added, “Brother Zu, theres no need to worry about the quality.

Scarlet Invitations reputation is on par with the government brothel.

Furthermore, recently, there has been a new courtesan queen.

All those who have seen her claim that she is absolutely incredible, that her personality is extraordinary.

I heard that she would pick someone brought together by fate to meet with her in private.

That was why we came to call you over and come with us.”

Zu An said with a sigh, “Its just some marketing tactic… Shes clearly a prostitute, and yet she keeps up a noble and virtuous appearance just to inflate her value.”

Gao Ying and Pei You laughed.

“Sir Zu really draws blood on the first prick[1].”

“No, I only know how to draw blood with my rod,” Zu An corrected them.

Gao Ying and Pei You were stunned.

“Right, could you guys tell me some more about that courtesan” Zu An figured that getting some more information wouldnt hurt.

Even though Xiao Jianren knew a bit about her, it was official information.

It was probably different from what guests like these two knew.

Gao Ying and Pei You exchanged a look.

Both of them chuckled inwardly.

This fella looks like he doesnt care at all on the surface, but isnt he still interested now all the same

“Her name is Nan Xun, and shes proficient in all four arts.

Her dancing skills are exceptional as well, and its at a level where other dancers cant pick any faults with her.

Heh, we all know…” Pei Yous previous gloomy nature was now completely gone, and he instead began to talk non-stop.

Gao Ying added with a smile, “If it were just that, there wouldnt be so much excitement.

After all, these are skills most courtesan queens have.

The most important part is that this person carries a mysterious noble quality, and in her eyes, theres a… How do I explain this Its an aloofness, almost as if shes looking at trash or ants.

Thats formed an itch thats hard to get rid of in all of the capitals young masters.”

Zu An burst out laughing.

“You guys really are something else.

You dont want those gentle girls who welcome you with a smile, and instead go for this type”

The two of them laughed as well.

“Maybe thats just human nature! The more unobtainable something is, the more enticing it is.”

“That attitude she has is probably fake.

Shes just a prostitute, how refined can she even be” Zu An couldnt help but remark mockingly.

“Thats whats so strange about it.

You can say what you want, but these young masters from distinguished clans are all veterans in these pleasure quarters.

What kinds of seduction methods havent they seen before But that Nan Xuns expression doesnt seem fake.

Thats why everyone is going crazy over her,” Gao Ying explained.

Zu An thought to himself, No wonder even someone like Yu Nan couldnt control himself and often visited Scarlet Invitation.

This courtesan is a piece of work.

He was growing more and more curious about her.


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