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Chapter 916: Scarlet Invitation

Zu An looked meek and docile on the surface, but he was laughing inwardly.

You have no idea just how hard Im playing you.

The emperor suddenly noticed that something was off with Zu Ans expression, which made him subconsciously feel a bit unhappy.

He always found this kid annoying.

One day, he had to make sure to get rid of him.

But on the surface, the emperor didnt show anything.

He continued, “During the morning court session, we decided that Qin Zheng will lead an expedition north to deal with the invading fiend races.”

Zu An was stunned.

He didnt know why the emperor would tell him that right now, but he still replied respectfully, “The State Duke of Triumph is renowned for his achievements, and he is respected in the army.

Our troops will definitely return victorious.”

“Respected in the army” The emperor sneered, but he didnt continue the discussion and changed the subject.

“Once Qin Zheng leaves, King Qi will lose one of his arms.

Thats why we must make full use of this opportunity.”

Zu An shivered.

The emperor was going to start his offense against King Qi after all! It was just as Sang Hong and Sang Qien had anticipated: The emperor wanted to clip King Qis wings, then finish him.

“I heard that youve done quite well for yourself in those areas of pleasure,” the emperor said, suddenly smiling at Zu An.

Zu An was stunned.

Bro, can you not change topics so quickly like that He quickly replied with a serious expression, “This subject is an upright person; I dont frequent those dirty places.”

Even though visiting brothels wasnt anything bad in this world, he couldnt really talk about it in public.

He wasnt sure what the emperor was trying to say and was worried that he might involve Qiu Honglei and the others.

That was why he obviously had to refute the statement.

“Hmph, lying to the ruler is a capital offense.” The emperors expression sank.

“This emperor has heard that there are courtesan queens from both Brightmoon City and the capitals government brothel that are completely devoted to you.”

Zu An was stunned.

He replied, “Perhaps this subject is just a likable person.” He felt more and more suspicion.

Why was the emperor talking about this right now Did he know about his relationship with the Devil Sect

The emperor gave him a look, then asked in a seemingly careless manner, “Do you know Secretariat Assistant Director Yu Nan”

“I have heard a bit about him.” Zu An was going to go crazy.

This man had just been talking about brothels and courtesans a moment ago, and now he was going to talk about Yu Nan

“Whats your impression of him” the emperor asked.

Zu An almost blurted out that Yu Nan was almost as handsome as him, but his mouth quickly hit the brakes.

Instead, he said, “He comes from a prestigious family, and is well-known for his temperament and…” He thought to himself, For better or for worse, he is the emperors brother-in-law.

I still have to be courteous.

“Speak honestly!” The emperor shot him a look.

“Um… He indulges a bit too much in luxury.” Zu An quickly snapped out of his daze.

The Yu clan was part of King Qis faction.

How could the emperor possibly like this person When he recalled his experiences in King Qi Manor, Yu Nan wanted human-fed pigs for even more tender pork.

It really was absurd.

“Its not just indulging a bit.” The emperor harrumphed, clearly highly dissatisfied with Yu Nan.

“Ill put you in charge of him.

Chase him out of the court within a months time.”

Zu An was stunned.

He replied, “Even though Im quite competent, isnt your majestys evaluation of me a bit too high How can I possibly do something like that”

The Secretariat Assistant Director was already an important position in the court.

Furthermore, this was related to the Yu clan.

He was the oldest son of such a huge clan, and his wife was the emperors own sister.

With that kind of background, how could he dismiss such a person just because he wanted to

“Thats something for you to figure out.

Bring King Qi Manors maid into the palace, then focus on the Yu Nan task.” The emperor picked up his teacup again.

His intent to end the meeting there was clear this time.

Zu An was still dazed when he left the imperial study.

If there was a way to go back in time, he definitely wouldnt have reported about King Qis concubine so quickly.

Sigh, he is heartless after all.

Even slaves need time off…

“Why are you sighing, Sir Zu” asked a gentle voice from beside him.

Zu An turned around and saw that Concubine Bai was standing near him with a smile on her face.

She was dressed in a white palace dress with a fiery red cloak draped over her.

Compared to her usual weak and gentle nature, there seemed to be a bit more of a charming side to her today.

“I greet her highness Concubine Bai!” Zu An replied in greeting.

There were many maids and eunuchs watching, so he had to show her proper respect.

“Theres no need for excessive formalities.

Youve saved the crown prince and princess, and yet I havent had a chance to express my gratitude for that yet,” Concubine Bai said with a sweet smile.

That beautiful smile made Zu An momentarily distracted.

Was this really a woman who had already given birth to a child He answered, “Your highness is far too kind! That was merely our duty as subjects.

I dont dare to take credit for that.”

Concubine Bai gestured for her subordinates to stay put.

Meanwhile, she herself took the lead to walk toward the gazebo at the center of the lake.

Zu An followed behind her.

“Sir Zu still hasnt told me why you were feeling distressed,” Concubine Bai said with a gentle smile, as if she were welcoming someone home.

“Its just some work-related matters.

Its not really worth mentioning.” Zu An wasnt sure what kind of relationship this woman had with the emperor yet, so he obviously didnt dare to tell her everything.

“With Sir Zus ability, I trust that youll be able to resolve it quickly.” Concubine Bais voice was fair and beautiful.

Those who heard it would feel as if their ears were being caressed gently.

She continued, “Sir Zu hasnt sought me out even once after you came out of the dungeon.

Were you avoiding me”

Zu An had a strange look on his face as he replied, “I fear that these words might cause some misunderstandings in the palace.”

Zu An would have definitely teased her a bit if it were any other time, but before he entered the dungeon, he had learned that her relationship with the emperor was actually extremely close.

That was why he didnt dare to make any rash moves.

“What is Sir Zu thinking All I meant was that Sir Zu borrowed something that belonged to me, but you havent visited me all this time.

Thats why I could only come here personally to ask for it back.” Concubine Bai reached out her hand, exposing her fair and beautiful wrist.

Zu An finally realized what was happening.

He took out a spice bag and handed it over, replying, “Whats wrong with my memory Please dont take offense, your highness.” This thing really was pretty useful.

It could completely conceal his real cultivation.

He almost didnt want to return it.

Concubine Bai took the spice bag, then gave Zu An a look of surprise, saying, “Sir Zus cultivation is increasing quite fast.”

“Thank you, your highness,” Zu An replied stiffly.

Concubine Bai couldnt help but laugh, remarking, “Why do I feel as if youve changed after you came out of the dungeon You were never such a stickler for rules before.”

Zu An couldnt help but fire back, “Then does your highness want me to treat you the way I did before”

The two of them both thought about what had happened back then.

The gazebo suddenly became strangely quiet.

Eventually, Concubine Bai blushed and got up, saying, “Sir Zu must be busy with your work, so I wont disturb you any longer.” Then, she walked leisurely toward the imperial garden, leaving behind a faint fragrance.

Zu An had a pensive look on his face as he looked at her departing figure.

After separating from Concubine Bai, Zu An first went into his Embroidered Envoy courtyard to change into his Golden Token Eleven clothes.

Then, he headed toward the Embroidery House.

He saw the balding Dai Seventh andMediterranean Sea Chen Eighth sitting in the courtyard, bored to death.

When they saw him arrive, they quickly stood up, their eyes filled with joy.


Ever since their previous case, they had already been placed under Golden Token Eleven as his subordinates, and yet their leader had disappeared for a long period of time.

The office had become completely forgotten, and there was nothing to do there at all.

Zu An nodded toward the two of them with a smile.

Then, he told them why he had come.

“I need all of the materials we have on the Secretariat Assistant Director, Yu Nan.”

The two of them were shocked.

They exchanged a look.

Then, they said hesitantly, “Im not sure if Sir Yu is someone we want to offend.

He has Princess Chang backing him, and also the Yu clan…”

“When has the Embroidered Envoy ever feared a clans background during our investigations” said a long and drawn-out voice.

The silver token envoy Xiao Jianren was sitting inside with all sorts of cases and documents strewn out on the table in front of him.

He quickly got up to greet Zu An when he saw him walk in.

Zu An said in praise, “What Jianren said is correct.” Wait, why do I feel like Im cursing him…[1]

“Understood!” Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth immediately understood the importance of the case.

They didnt try to dissuade Zu An any further and ran over to bring over all the relevant information on Yu Nan.

Zu An saw the files upon files on the table.

His brows rose as he asked, “There were actually that many”

Xiao Jianren replied, “The Yu clan is the greatest clan in the Zhou Dynasty.

Yu Nan is the oldest son of the Yu clan as well.

Furthermore, he married the princess and assumed the post of Secretariat Assistant Director.

It cant be helped that there are a lot of files about him.”

Zu An flipped through a few of them with a frown.

There were many records of various things, but none of it was what he was looking for.

“What kind of information does sir want Perhaps I can offer some suggestions,” Xiao Jianren said quietly.

Zu An then remembered that this person was basically the human-shaped library of the Embroidery House archives.

As such, he didnt hide anything and said, “Anything that can take him down.”

Xiao Jianren was shocked.

Sir Eleven was actually going to bring down a giant like Yu Nan But he was intelligent and quickly knew that it was probably due to orders from above.

As such, after thinking for a bit, he said, “According to what I know, the capitals Scarlet Invitation recently took in a new courtesan queen.

Her beauty and arts are both stunning, and yet she refuses to sell her body.

This has riled up quite a few of the capitals heirs, and Yu Nan seems to be precisely one of them.”

Zu Ans eyes widened.

He finally understood why the emperor had been asking him about the flower courtesans.


Jianren sounds likelowly, ordespicable person.

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