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Chapter 904: New Mission

Bi Linglong couldnt show any of her thoughts and could only say with a smile, “Thank you, Sir Zu, for your concern.

Im fine and Ill recover after a bit of rest…”

Her maid, Rong Mo, was confused as well.

“Huh Crown princess, your hair is becoming even whiter.

If Sir Zu has a cure, you should hurry and let him treat you…”

Bi Linglong shot her a look before she could even finish.

“Shut up!”

Rong Mos expression immediately became downcast, but she didnt dare to talk back to the crown princess.

She could only glare at Zu An while pouting and muttering, “Its all his fault! He only knows how to say some pretty things… Hes making me look bad.”

“How is the crown princes body” Zu An asked, pretending to care.

He was in front of everyone else, after all, so it would be strange if he were only concerned about the crown princess.

“Thanks to all of Sir Zus efforts, even though the crown prince has suffered some injuries, his life is in no danger.

It is just that he was scared quite badly in the dungeon, so he might have nightmares sometimes.

The imperial physician has already prescribed some Calm Focus Pills, so he should recover soon too,” Bi Linglong replied in a formal manner.

At the same time, she took the chance to praise Zu Ans contribution.

Sure enough, the others looked at Zu An with eyes filled with admiration when they heard those words, which obviously made him feel amazing.

“Thats good to hear.” Zu An obviously didnt really care.

He recalled what he had heard from the guards on the way and remarked, “I heard that the fiend races have invaded us”

“Correct.” Bi Linglongs expression became more serious as well.

“We just received this news last night.

The fiend races have broken through our northern defensive line, and theyve even slaughtered everyone in our strategic Mobei City.”

“They massacred everyone and captured the city” Zu Ans expression became strange.

He had seen this kind of situation before in history books.

He hadnt expected it to happen so close to him one day.


They didnt even spare a single living thing! The fiend races are too hateful!” Hatred flickered in Bi Linglongs eyes.

“What does the court plan to do” Zu An asked.

Bi Linglong replied, “During the morning court session, there was a huge debate, but the general consensus is that we should declare war.

Our Great Zhou Dynasty has never suffered such a huge loss since our founding.

Submitting to humiliation isnt our Great Zhou peoples nature.

Its to the extent where even the students of the Royal Academy came up to our palace gates to petition, stating that theyre willing to fight the fiend races in the front lines.

But of course, the court obviously didnt agree to that.

The Royal Academys talents are the foundation of our nation; how can we let them die prematurely in battle”

“I heard that the one chosen to lead the battle this time might be the State Duke of Triumph, right” Zu An asked.

Bi Linglongs expression changed.

She waved her hands, gesturing for the others to leave.

But she had to keep Rong Mo at her side for the sake of declaring her innocence.

Afterward, she explained, “Indeed.

If nothing unexpected happens, then it should be the State Duke of Triumph.

There are no candidates more suitable than him in the entire court in terms of qualifications and prestige.”

Zu An tried to find out more information and said, “Having the State Duke of Triumph go might not be the worst situation for the Eastern Palace.”

Bi Linglong shook her head.

She gave him a deep look.

“It might have been a good thing in the past, but now, it actually might not be.”

Zu An was stunned.

He quickly realized what she was hinting at.

They had actually fought against the emperor in the dungeon, so it was actually now in their best interest for the emperor and King Qi to continue fighting.

Rong Mo looked back and forth between Zu An and Bi Linglong.

She thought to herself, Are they speaking in riddles with each other Why cant I understand what theyre saying

The three of them all had their own thoughts.

The room became strangely quiet.

A while later, a maid suddenly entered and reported, “Crown princess, a messenger from the imperial study instructed me to tell you that his majesty has summoned Sir Zu.”

Rong Mo couldnt help but mutter, “Sir Zu really is appreciated by his majesty, huh His majesty keeps summoning you again and again.” She had served the crown princess diligently for so many years, and yet the emperor almost never summoned her alone.

Zu An replied, “What can I say The more capable one is, the greater their responsibility.”

Rong Mo was speechless.

She felt as if she were being offended somehow.

Bi Linglong was worried.

Only she alone knew that it might not actually be appreciation.

She spoke to Zu An secretly through ki transmission.

“Be careful.”

Zu An smiled toward her.

“Dont worry, I still need to help you with your treatment.

How can I let anything happen to me before that”

Bi Linglong harrumphed inwardly.

A bad man!

Rong Mo had a strange expression on her face.

She had also seen Zu Ans strange smile.

She obviously wouldnt think that Zu An was brazen enough to tease the crown princess, so she subconsciously mistook it for Zu An taunting her.

Is this guy trying to hit on me Hmph, even a toad like you thinks you have a chance

Zu An proceeded to the imperial study.

He nodded toward Eunuch Wen when he saw him, and Eunuch Wen also smiled in return.

However, when he was about to go inside, Eunuch Wen shook his head slightly.

If even Zhuxie Chixin could sense the emperors change in attitude, as the emperors trusted aide, how could he not sense the change in his majestys attitude toward Zu An

“I greet the emperor!” When he entered the study, Zu An noticed that the emperors complexion was absolutely cold.

His mood was definitely not good.

“Sit!” The emperor commanded while pointing to a chair off to the side.

Zu An was quiteoverwhelmed by the sudden favor.

He had come to this study so many times, but this was probably the first time he had been invited to sit down, right

But he quickly realized that the situation was actually quite strange.

He had served as an emperor for many years when he was in Yinxus ruins.

He quickly realized that this was a tactic a ruler would often use.

The emperor might actually want one dead, but they would instead treat one well to lower ones guard.

Zu An didnt really understand.

Could it be that the truth of what happened inside the dungeon had been exposed But that shouldnt have been the case, because the emperor would have killed him on the spot the moment he found out.

Why would he even bother playing these games

Thus, his annoyance was most likely due to his instincts as an emperor.

He was worried that his split soul would be exposed, so he didnt want any of the survivors of the dungeon to live.

But he needs me right now, so thats why hes pretending to be nice.

“Have you recovered yet” the emperor asked with an amiable tone.

Zu An replied, “I was fortunate enough to receive the care of many physicians.

Even though I havent made a full recovery, I can at least move around now.” I feel more creeped out from this emperor trying to be nice; Id rather he just act all imposing and intimidating… Wait, what the heck am I saying

“Thats good then.” The emperor nodded.

“There just happens to be something I need you to take care of.”

Zu An thought, As expected.

But he didnt reveal his thoughts on the surface at all.

“I wonder what kind of task it is”

The emperor said, “Something happened in King Qi Manor a few days ago.

King Qis concubine drowned in a pond in the middle of the night.

There are many points of suspicion in this matter, so investigate this matter to help King Qi uphold justice.”

Zu An had a strange look on his face.

What the heck do you meanhelp him uphold justice When did you two suddenly become caring brothers

If she had died in King Qi Manor, if it really wasnt an accident, it would definitely be related to King Qi.

Investigating this matter would mean clearly opposing King Qi!

He said in a troubled manner, “Shouldnt the nine ministers handle this kind of matter King Qis concubine has a special identity, so it isnt too convenient for us Embroidered Envoys to look into…”

He wanted the emperor and King Qi to keep each other in check.

Why would he suddenly run into the middle of their conflict

The emperor shook his head.

“You wont use your Golden Token Eleven status to investigate this matter, but rather your original identity.”

Zu An was stunned.

What the hell I just went through that entire dungeon escapade! Others might not know what happened inside, but King Qi definitely knows that all of his men died inside! Besides, Im the strongest subject who survived! King Qis sword might come straight for my throat as soon as he sees me… And you want me to investigate King Qi Manor Do I look like Im that tired of living

The emperor said indifferently, “I asked you to hand King Qi the fake Phoenix Nirvana Sutra.

How is your progress”

Zu An said in a distressed manner, “I havent found a good chance to give him the fake manual yet.”

The emperor gave him a look.

“Thats why Im giving you this chance.

Therell be many chances for you to meet King Qi when you work on this case.

You have to quickly hand him the fake manual at the proper time.”

Zu An fell silent.

He knew why the emperor was becoming so worried.

The emperor hadnt been in such a rush to handle that matter before, but that was because he had been confident in being able to completely overwhelm King Qi.

But now, he had lost a split soul in the dungeon.

Even though Zu An didnt know just how badly it had wounded the emperor, it had definitely had a significant impact on his strength.

He might not even be a hundred percent certain of defeating King Qi anymore, so that was why he needed the assistance of the fake manual.

No wonder the emperor hadnt exposed King Qi Manors deeds in the dungeon.

So that was one of the reasons.

The emperors brows rose when he saw that Zu An remained silent.

“What, is there an issue”

Zu An raised his head and smiled.

“Theres no problem.

Ill do my best to complete this task!”

This is fine as well.

Ill have a chance to approach King Qi.

If I want the two sides to keep each other in check, I dont have enough bargaining chips invested on King Qis side.

I might even be able to change my relationship with King Qi this time.

The emperor frowned.

For some reason, he felt that Zu Ans smile was strange.

For the first time, he felt as if he couldnt figure out what Zu An was thinking.

He shook his head.

Its probably just a misconception.

This brats entire fate is within my grasp; how can there be that many intricacies He said, “Alright, you can leave now.

Complete the task as soon as possible.”

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