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“So what if hes your student All students in this academy are subjected to the academy rules!” Lu Des eyelids wouldnt stop twitching after seeing Bai Susus dainty gestures.

He felt a strong urge to dig a hole and bury Bai Susu in it.

“Zu An has flouted the academy rules by partaking in a gamble and publicly talking back to a teacher in the academy compound.

Regardless of which it is, its more than enough to have him fired from the academy.”

To be frank, Zu An wasnt too worried about this matter.

One must know that he had a backing in the academy now.

However, since Bai Susu had stepped out to help him, he was more than willing to take a back seat to watch the show.

Bai Susu shook his head and replied, “Big brother Lu, it looks like you have some misunderstanding here.

Zu An did gamble in the Silverhook Casino, but its outside the academy.

As far as I know, the academy rules only apply within the academy itself.

As for talking back to a teacher, Ive already heard about the ins and outs of the matter.

Its Yang Wei who proposed the bet, and Zu An was pressured into accepting it.

“If youre going to punish him over this, wouldnt others think that our academy is blatantly siding with a teacher to pick on a student despite him having lost a bet That would truly be a huge scandal.

Word would spread beyond Brightmoon City to the entire country.

By then, the world will think of us, teachers of Brightmoon Academy, as cowards who cant take a loss.”

The intimatebig brother Lu address from Bai Susu made Lu De shudder in disgust.

To be fair, Bai Susus point did make some sense, but just the knowledge that it was his old nemesis raising this point was more than enough reason for Lu De to disregard his opinion.

It was similar to how Bai Susu had no particular ties with Zu An and was basically intervening in this matter just to annoy Lu De.

This made Lu De even more reluctant to give in.

“Hmph, I am the discipline master of the academy.

I have the final say as to how students should be dealt with.

Teacher Bai, your interference is not needed here!”

Bai Susu placed his arms on his hips in displeasure as he berated Lu De, “Hey, are you just going to blatantly ignore all reason here This is an abuse of power! Ill report you for that!”

Lu De burst into laughter.

“Go ahead then.

Even if you report this matter up to the capital, this matter is still under my jurisdiction.

If you have any disagreements with my judgment, why dont we settle it with a fight then”

“Hmph, lets do it then! Im not afraid of you!” Bai Susu harrumphed.

He took out a plum blossom flower from his robe as a powerful aura burst out from him.

All of the students in the surroundings were forced to retreat hurriedly under his exertion of force.

Seeing how the other students were struggling to cope with Bai Susus sudden show of force, Zu An was intrigued as to why nothing was happening to him.

However, he soon noticed that Shang Liuyu was standing casually in front of him, and he fell into deep thoughts.

Meanwhile, seeing that Bai Susu had taken out his plum blossom flower, Lu Des expression turned grave.

He raised his ruler upward, ready to strike his enemy down.

In contrast to the flustered students of the Black class and Yellow class, those from the Sky class and Earth class looked at the brewing battle with an excited look in their eyes.

These two people were true sixth rank experts, and they were likely the strongest cultivators in the academy aside from the principal.

A battle between sixth rank experts was definitely not common; many people lived their life without having an opportunity to see this grand spectacle.

Naturally, they werent going to miss this precious opportunity to see them in action.

Yuan Wendong stared unblinkingly at the two teachers as he waited for the battle to commence.

He was hoping to see if he could get some inspiration from their battle so as to aid in his breakthrough in the future.

Even though there was only a rank of difference between them, there were many people in the world who were stuck on the fifth rank in their entire life, unable to take the final step forward.

Only Pei Mianman yawned in boredom as she shot a glance in Zu Ans direction.

She noticed that he was staring at Shang Liuyus beautiful side profile, and her lips curled into a smile.

What a pervert he is.

A tense atmosphere lingered in the surroundings.

Bai Susus face turned grim, and Lu De looked as if he was glaring at a mortal enemy.

The two of them assessed each other with great focus, searching for openings to strike at.

“You have been staring at each other for a long time now.

Are you two going to fight or what”

In this moment where everyones nerves were strung up, a lazy voice suddenly broke the atmosphere.

The crowd turned their eyes over, only to see Zu An stretching his back lazily.

You have successfully trolled Bai Susu for 666 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Lu De for 666 Rage!

Everyone was also shocked by Zu Ans remark.

He actually dares to offend Lu De and Bai Susu at once.

What a brave man he is!

Zu An also felt helpless about it too.

What can I do A man has to earn his keep.

My calling as a keyboard warrior requires me to put my head out.

Bai Susu and Lu De exchanged glances, and there was a rare moment of telepathic connection between the two enemies: Lets call it even for now and get rid of this shameless fellow first, alright

But before they could make a move, a cold, authoritative voice suddenly boomed, “What are you all doing”

Bai Susu and Lu De widened their eyes in shock, and they hurriedly kept away their weapons.

They respectfully bowed toward the person walking toward them, greeting, “Paying respects to the principal.”

“Paying respects to the principal!”

“Paying respects to the principal!”

The other teachers and students did the same too.

Zu An was rather surprised at this sight.

He never thought that the gorgeous principal would actually command such a high level of authority in this world.

A beautiful figure slowly walked over.

Her skin was as fair as snow; her long, slender neck felt noble and lofty; her hair was pinned gracefully in place.

Her ravishing look was more than enough to awe anyone.

It was just that she had sharp, piercing eyes that gave her an air of imposing authority.

Her slender legs, wrapped tightly in skin-colored stocking, vaguely peaked through her fluttering skirt, fully showcasing her physical charms.

Zu An couldnt help but wonder if all of these people were intentionally bowing down in order to sneak peeks at her legs.

At the very least, he could be certain that one of them was.

Wei Suo was currently staring intently at Jiang Luofus eyes with an impassioned look in his eyes.

He looked incredibly excited, and he kept gulping.

That idiot!

Zu An clicked his tongue in disdain.

He subconsciously shot a look at Shang Liuyu and noticed that she was wearing a longer skirt today that only revealed bits of her heels.

He couldnt help but remember the time they spent in the gazebo, where she sat casually and revealed her smooth thighs.

If he had to compare between the two, Shang Liuyus legs definitely didnt pale in comparison to Jiang Luofus.

“What are you looking at” Shang Liuyu asked curiously.

Zu An replied with a smile, “Actually, you should consider wearing a slightly shorter skirt.

Itd be a pity to conceal the beautiful legs you have.”

Shang Liuyu was first taken aback before a tinge of redness covered her face.

“If not for our previous meeting in the gazebo, you wouldnt get away with making such remarks.

A student should act like a student; dont go around casually teasing your teachers.”

“Does that mean that itll be fine as long as I do it seriously” asked Zu An.

A bizarre look surfaced on Shang Liuyus face.

“Your personality sure is… Its no wonder why so many people want to deal with you even though it has only been days since you enrolled in the academy.”

“Theyre just jealous of how handsome and lovable I am.

Have you noticed that there hasnt been any woman in the academy who has tried to deal with me yet” Zu An pointed out with a shrug.

Those words surprised Shang Liuyu.

Thats true.

Those who have been trying to deal with him are all men.

On the other hand, its always a woman who stands up for him during his times of crisis.

Even Bai Susu, who can somewhat be considered a woman, is also siding with him too.

Their secret whispers swiftly caught Jiang Luofus attention.

She couldnt help but harrumph under his breath.

This fellow told me that he doesnt know Shang Liuyu, huh Look at just how chummy the two of them are!

She was familiar with Shang Liuyus character.

The latter had a carefree and gentle personality that made it seem easy to get along with her, but in truth, she always made sure to maintain some distance with others.

Beneath her warm exterior lay a cold and reticent heart.

She had never chatted so intimately with someone else before.

After a brief look, Jiang Luofu cleared her throat and glared at Lu De and Bai Susu.

“What are the two of you doing Despite being teachers, the two of you are actually intending to fight on the academy compound before the eyes of so many students”

Bai Susu chuckled under his hand and said, “Big sister Jiang, youre misunderstanding us.

This fellow kept picking on one of our students for no reason.

If you dont believe my words, you can feel free to ask anyone here.”

Lu De nearly exploded upon hearing Bai Susu pinning the blame on him.

However, he dared not to act up in the presence of Jiang Luofu.

He quickly formulated his argument and explained, “Principal, Zu An has no respect for his elders, and he goes around gambling with others.

Hes tarnishing the conducive learning environment of our academy by propagating bad habits.

Under such grounds, I decided to have him expelled from the academy.

Yet, this fellow simply had to stand in my way!”

Seeing how the two of them were throwing the blame on one another, Jiang Luofu heaved a helpless sigh before waving her hand.

“Enough! The two of you can cut it out.

Ive already understood the situation.

Since it was Teacher Yang who proposed the bet, he should face the consequences for it lest our academy becomes a laughingstock to the rest of the world.”

Yang Wei had dashed out due the overwhelming humiliation he had suffered, but once he calmed down, he realized that there was no need for him to worry about this.

Be it his title as an official formally appointed by the royal court, his widespread reputation in Brightmoon City, or the connections he possessed, the power he wielded in society definitely far exceeded that of Zu An.

It wasnt worth it for him to run out and lose his job.

So, he bucked up his courage and marched back to the classroom.

He had resolved himself to stick around as a teacher even if he couldnt raise his head in the academy anymore.

It might be humiliating, but he would bear with it.

But as soon as he arrived in the classroom, he found himself met with Jiang Luofus verdict, leaving his heart sinking into the depths of despair.

Thinking about just how much courage he had to pull together in order to return, he told himself that he couldnt just accept things ending like that.

So, he stepped forward and said, “My position as a teacher is formally appointed by the royal court, as evidenced by the records in the Ministry of Rites.

Even if youre the principal, you dont have the power to expel me like this!”

Loud boos echoed all around.

No one thought that Yang Wei would actually be so shameless as to return after everything that had happened..

“Despite being an arithmetic teacher, you got outdone by a student in your field of expertise.

Our academy does not need an inept teacher.

Ill personally write a report to the Ministry of Rites to have your position as a teacher formally revoked,” said Jiang Luofu coldly.

There was no way someone of her wits wouldnt be able to figure that Yang Wei was intentionally picking on Zu An.

She couldnt be bothered to guess who the mastermind was, so she decided to simply kick him off and end things there.

Had Zu An been an ordinary student, she would still have to weigh the pros and cons before coming to a decision.

But he wasnt.

As the lofty principal of Brightmoon Academy, she could shrug of his identity as the drafted son-in-law of the Chu clan, but the same couldnt be said about his transcendent class aptitude and all of the mysterious events occurring around him.

She couldnt allow someone with limitless potential to be stifled in her academy.

Compared to what he could become in the future, a mere third rank official was nothing at all.

Yang Wei was utterly appalled to hear those words.

There was no way he could bring himself to continue lingering around after that remark.

He ran away in a fluster, not wanting to stay here for even a second more.

Just thinking about that gleeful smile that would be on Zu Ans hateful face made him want to rip his mouth off.

You have successfully trolled Yang Wei for 999 Rage!

Zu An was speechless to see the notification on the system.

Wait a moment, it was the principal who stripped you of your position, so why are you blaming me for that Wow, you really are a loser who picks on the weak.

Yang Weis mind was consumed with rage.

Its all that bitchs fault for sending me here.

It should have been an easy affair, yet I ended up suffering such a grievous humiliation.

That bitch better have an explanation for me, or else I swear that Ill make her suffer for this!

Lu De frowned at the unsightly sight of the fleeing Yang Wei.

Shaking his head, he turned to Jiang Luofu and said, “Principal, I do agree that Yang Wei had it coming.

However, it doesnt change the fact that Zu An talked back to his teacher and gambled on academy grounds.

Shouldnt he be punished for his deeds”


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