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Chapter 844: Cant Catch Me

“Will we fall again from here” Bi Linglongs face was incredibly pale.

She definitely didnt want to go through that again.

“I think were okay for now.” Zu An looked at the floating island around him.

It wasnt that large, only a thousand square meters or so in size.

There were rocks and trees present, and the whole island floated in midair.

He had seen similar landforms in the games he played, so he didnt find it all that strange.

He just couldnt figure out how it was floating in the sky.

Everything else was clearly falling downward.

Meanwhile, the skies below had already turned into a thick layer of black clouds.

The red crack was already starting to become unclear.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled within the black clouds.

A lot of electricity seemed to be surging through them.

“The clouds are growing larger and larger… I think theyre actually rising upward” Bi Linglong mused, but she was interrupted as a giant flaming meteor suddenly fell down from above them.

“Be careful!” Zu An quickly pulled her behind him.

The giant ball of flames brushed past the edge of their floating island.

Even though it only touched the edge, the areas they had just been standing on broke apart.

Nearly half of the floating island broke off and fell into the clouds.

The entire island trembled, as if it might crumble at a moments notice.

Sensing that it was becoming unstable, Zu An quickly brought Bi Linglong to the center of the island.

“Are we going to die” Bi Linglong held tightly onto his arm.

Judging from how the island was shaking, she knew that once it broke apart and they dropped down, there would be no hope of survival left.

“Dont worry.

My fortune teller told me Ill have ten wives.

Im still far from that.

How can we die that easily” Zu An replied with a consoling smile.

“Hmph, that fortune teller is no good.” Bi Linglong harrumphed with a blush.

This guy really was a pervert.

What kind of situation were they in now Despite that, he was still in the mood to joke around!

But she also felt admiration for him.

For some reason, that dazzling smile of his made her calm down.

She was quite confident in her willpower, but she still seemed lacking compared to this man.

His optimism really was infectious.

At that moment, a voice that was clearly holding back great anger yelled from the distance, “How long do you two plan on holding each other for!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 433 433 433…

The two of them turned around.

They saw that Zhao Ruizhi was currently standing on another floating island, flames rushing out of his eyes as he glared at the two of them.

He hadnt fallen into thesky abyss below just then, and had instead also found a floating island.

The floating island he was on was far larger than the one Zu An and Bi Linglong were on; its landmass resembled a small mountain.

He Li and the remaining King Qi Manor servants were practically all on that island.

They could even vaguely make out quite a few beasts in the forest.

However, the beasts were all looking around in alarm, not in any mood for fighting.

Bi Linglongs face paled when she saw those murderous eyes.

The emperors power had already left an inextinguishable shadow in her heart after all these years.

Knowing that they really might not make it this time, she got on her tiptoes and gave Zu An a kiss, not knowing where she got the courage to do so from.

Zu An was stunned.

He never would have thought that she would do something like this.

The ones in the distance were also stunned, thinking What is the crown princess…

Only He Li cried out to stir up more drama, and then he secretly moved backward.

He hadnt died even after experiencing that world upheaval, so he definitely didnt want to die now just because he got caught up in the emperors wrath.

“Very good, youve done very well!” Zhao Ruizhi was so angry he laughed instead.

“Die!” He flew over as soon as he spoke.

Even though they were a couple hundred zhang from each other, that much distance wasnt a big deal for him at all.

Bi Linglong felt despair.

She tightly hugged the man next to her, as if only then could she feel a bit more at ease.

Zu Ans entire body was covered in goosebumps.

Even though he knew he was no match, giving up wasnt his style.

Just then, a dozen blinding purple arcs of lightning struck down from the clouds.

Every streak of lightning was as thick as a massive dragon, but their power was far greater than that of a dragon.

The streaks of lightning instantly locked onto the incoming Zhao Ruizhi, blasting his body.

Zu An was overjoyed.

Was the emperor going to die from this His luck had really turned around today! He was definitely going to thank the god of thunder later.

Now that he thought about it, the reason he had transmigrated in the first place was because he was struck by lightning.

That trauma had even made him a bit scared whenever he saw lightning.

But today, he suddenly became much fonder of that same lightning and thunder.

But he was quickly disappointed.

Zhao Ruizhis entire body shone with golden light, forming an eggshell-like golden barrier that forcibly blocked the terrifying streaks of lightning.

“Are you even freaking human anymore!” Zu Ans eyes were wide.

No matter how steady his will was, he couldnt help but feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness against such an opponent.

But fortunately, Zhao Ruizhi didnt have as easy a time as Zu An thought.

After resisting the dozen streaks of lightning, his golden barrier was also covered in fine cracks.

It then shattered into pieces.

The clouds below surged, and endless lightning seemed to converge.

Zhao Ruizhis expression changed and he quickly returned to the island he was previously on.

The clouds gradually calmed again once they lost their target.

As he stood at the edge of his island and looked at the dark clouds, Zhao Ruizhis expression turned grave.

But when he saw the couple on the other side, fury raged within him again.

He raised his hand and fired a golden beam from his finger at them.

Since he couldnt cross over, hed just kill them with a ranged attack all the same!

But several streaks of terrifying lightning appeared as soon as the golden ki left his island, directly scattering it.

“Master empress, what in the world is going on” Zu Ans eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

“Hmph, you were so busy chatting with your crown princess a moment ago.

You finally remembered me” Mi Li replied in dissatisfaction.

However, she still explained, “A new dungeon has appeared, so the laws of the world are currently being recreated.

The elements of the world are in an extremely unstable state.

Trying to use ones power recklessly here will only draw over these berserk elements.

That emperors cultivation is so high that anything he does will incur the highest level of this worlds power.

Normally, his attacks would be incredibly powerful, but in this unstable environment, he will instead be rejected by the world.”

Zu An became more and more excited.

“Doesnt that mean the emperor cant do a thing”

“More or less.

The greater the power he uses, the greater the rebound from this world.

Thats why you should be safe for now.” Mi Li was about to say something else to him, but she saw that Zu An was already standing at the edge of the island.

Zu An began to dance and wave his arms around in front of Zhao Ruizhi, taunting, “You cant catch me, I guess Im just too strong.

What a loser, lalala~”

Mi Li, Bi Linglong, and Zhao Ruizhi were all left speechless.

Even Mi Li felt this brat really needed a good beating, let alone the emperor.

Zhao Ruizhis eyes became completely red, smoke even coming out from his nose.

He stared daggers at Zu An.

His figure flickered as he rushed over again, this time even faster than the last.

Unfortunately, it only made the rebound of the force of this world even more terrifying.

Several dozen streaks of lightning wove into a net around him.

The electricity was different from what one would normally see; it instead resembled a pure purple liquid.

The borders of the islands even began to crystallize from a distance, so it was easy to imagine just how powerful the lightning was.

Not even the emperor could endure such power.

The golden barrier around him quickly broke apart.

The rings on his finger flickered with golden light, helping him block the incoming arcs of lightning.

Bi Linglong stared at the gemstone rings on his fingers in shock.

She had always seen them on his hand, but shed thought that these rings were just decorations the empress had given him out of love to her son.

It turned out that all of them were actually magic artifacts! Any artifact that could block such terrifying lightning was definitely top tier.

Unfortunately, the power of heaven and earth wasnt so easily blocked.

Soon afterwards, the rings continuously flickered with light, but every single one shattered after holding on for only a second or two.

Even so, they already bought Zhao Ruizhi enough time to return to the island he was previously on.

He could no longer remain as calm and confident as he had been before.

His hair had been blasted into a mess, and there were several scorched black marks on his face.

His arms were shaking in his sleeves.

The damage he had experienced definitely wasnt light..

Zu An cried out piteously.

When hed heard Mi Lis explanation, he had used Fragrant Barf without hesitation, forcing the emperor to attack him on the spot.

Hed wanted to use the power of the world to get rid of this huge headache.

Unfortunately, the emperor was so powerful that not even the terrifying sea of lightning could take his life.

Zhao Ruizhi gave Zu An a look from the other island, and the redness in his eyes slowly withdrew.

Then, he turned around to walk toward the mountain behind him.

Zu An was stunned.

What the hell Fragrant Barf lost its effectiveness Didnt the explanation say its effects wont end unless one of us dies

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