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Chapter 837: I’m Toast

“Hmph, these girls usually act all high and mighty, but we’ll be able to press one of them under us and do whatever we want! Heh, just the thought alone is about to make me go crazy.”

“I still can’t believe I’ll actually get to play around with the crown princess in this life.”

“Beautiful miss, big brother is coming! I’m pretty big, so you have to hold on, alright”

The three deathsworn soldiers’ eyes turned red when they saw the crown princess sitting there, weak and powerless.

How could they still hold back They charged over with a roar.

Bi Linglong tried to bite her own tongue to end her life, but her body was sealed and she couldn't move at all.

She could only close her eyes in despair.

But the foul-bodied soldiers didn’t pounce on her the way she had expected.

She sensed a gust of wind around her, and the screams of several men followed.

She quickly opened her eyes.

Those deathsworn soldiers lay collapsed on the ground, their eyes filled with horror.

They were already dead.

A familiar figure stood behind them, saying with a sigh, “I guess you guys weren’t that lucky, to have met me here after all.”

Bi Linglong was happy and surprised to hear that familiar voice.

She looked toward that person in disbelief.

“Ah Zu!”

Zu An turned around and said with a smile, “How come you’re always looking so haggard whenever I’m not at your side” He walked over and undid her seals.

“Ah Zu!” Bi Linglong could no longer hold herself back.

She jumped into his arms and sobbed.

There were just too many things that had happened today.

She had lingered on the border of life and death several times.

Just now, she had almost been defiled too.

The worst part was that she’d thought Zu An had already died, yet he was standing alive and well in front of her.

Even someone like her, who paid a lot of attention to her bearing, couldn't hold back all of the emotions she was feeling right now.

“It’s fine; everything is over now.” Zu An consoled Bi Linglong when he saw how she was shaking.

At the same time, he quickly said, “We need to leave as soon as possible.

This place is dangerous.”

“What’s dangerous” came a voice from behind him.

Zu An felt all of his fine hairs stand on end when he heard the voice.

He looked behind him stiffly, and saw that the fatty Zhao Ruizhi was nearby, watching the two of them.

He no longer had that slow-witted smile, but rather stared at the two of them with sharp eyes.

I’m done for! Zu An cried out inwardly. Big sis empress, why didn’t you warn me

Mi Li harrumphed.

“You wouldn’t have been able to get away even if I warned you, so we might as well let nature run its course.”

Zu An was speechless. Fuck nature running its course! His daughter-in-law and future wife is in my freaking arms right now! He was actually quite surprised that he could still joke around about that even in such a situation.

Bi Linglong also saw the crown prince.

Her face turned red and she instinctively pushed Zu An away.

“Ruizhi so you were okay.” Even though the crown prince was stupid, he was her husband.

She couldn't help but feel a bit guilty embracing another man in front of him.

Zhao Ruizhi harrumphed in annoyance.

“Were you hoping that something had happened to me”

“Not at all!” Bi Linglong felt strangely guilty after having been seen by her husband, and didn’t immediately react to the crown prince’s strange behavior.

“I remember that we ran in different directions, so why are you here alone Where are Guard Piao and Guard Jiao” She looked around while she spoke.

Unfortunately, she didn’t see any sign of them.

“You deliberately pushed me away because you wanted to meet him in private, hm” Zhao Ruizhi remarked coldly.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 222 222 222…

Zu An began to feel a bit numb when he saw these Rage points.

All sorts of methods to save himself rushed through his mind, but no matter what he came up with, with their cultivation difference, he would still inevitably die.

But still, he wouldn’t give up.

He’d just fight a grand battle to the death if push came to shove.

He had to find a way to survive.

“What did you say!” Bi Linglong became a bit angry when she heard what the crown prince said.

When had this fellow dared to speak like this to her He didn’t even dare to raise his voice normally.

“I only just got here too, but then I was almost taken by those King Qi Manor deathsworn soldiers… But thankfully, Sir Zu saved me in time.”

Zhao Ruizhi said indifferently, “You need to pay attention to your identity.

You’re the crown princess.

You shouldn’t express any closeness with another man, even if he saves you.”

Bi Linglong was stunned and stared at him blankly.

She finally realized that this crown prince seemed to be a bit different from usual.

“Why are you still not coming over here” Zhao Ruizhi frowned.

He was clearly unhappy to see that she had still been standing next to Zu An all this time.

Bi Linglong shivered.

She seemed to have finally sensed the other party’s prestige and pressure. This damn fatty is actually giving off a feeling of pressure

She felt an extreme sense of absurdity.

However, the other party’s words made some sense.

She was the crown princess, after all.

Being too close to another subject in front of the crown prince was indeed inappropriate.

She walked towards the crown prince while feeling a bit guilty.

At the same time, she sensed that something wasn’t quite right and subconsciously spoke out in favor of Zu An.

“Ruizhi, Sir Zu’s contributions during this exam were extremely great.

If not because he fought with his life on the line, we would have already died several times.

He saved us many times, so we should be thanking him and not treating him coldly over such minor details.”

“Are you teaching me how to do things” Zhao Ruizhi harrumphed.

“He saved me What a joke!”

Bi Linglong stopped.

Her brows furrowed deeply as she asked, “Ruizhi, what is wrong with you today”

Normally, even though she was full of complaints toward him, she had already gotten used to dealing with the slow crown prince after being around him all these years.

Sometimes, she even found his foolishness a bit cute.

But now, his usual foolishness was nowhere to be seen.

She had actually hoped that the crown prince could one day look like this, yet when the day really came, she felt a mix of estrangement and fear instead.

Zhao Ruizhi didn’t pay her any attention and looked at Zu An, asking, “Were you hiding nearby before”

Zu An shivered.

But worrying that the other party might be trying to trap him, he replied with a smile, “Crown prince, what are you saying I really don’t understand you.”

“Look at how sharp you are.” Zhao Ruizhi smirked mockingly.

“It’s a pity, however; your spice bag gave you away.

I smelled it back then, but I didn’t react quickly enough.

It’s quite strange, actually.

How did you avoid my detection”

Zu An knew that he really had been exposed now.

He said, “Sigh, if I really were smart, I wouldn’t have been fooled by you.”

Bi Linglong was extremely confused.

She couldn't help but ask, “What are you two saying We should use this chance to leave as quickly as possible, or else King Qi Manor’s men will catch up!”

“We should” Zhao Ruizhi sneered.

“The ‘we’ you’re speaking of refers to you and Zu An, right My appearance seems unnecessary to you.”

Bi Linglong frowned.

“What are you saying Sir Zu saved us, so what’s wrong with me treating him a bit better Besides, we still need him to protect us.”

“Silence, you whore!” Zhao Ruizhi’s expression suddenly became sinister.

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking inside! Day after day, you stick around him like a lover.

You don’t see me as your husband at all!”

“What kind of nonsense are you saying Sir Zu and I are both innocent! You can’t slander us like this!” Bi Linglong became angry as well.

“Innocent” Zhao Ruizhi roared with laughter.

“Who were the ones who were completely naked together back then Later on, who were the ones who kept meeting in private in the Eastern Palace When Zu An fell into the water with that serpent, who was the one that jumped in after him You dare claim you’re innocent”

Bi Linglong’s face paled.

“The events in the palace have already been cleared up by his majesty and the libationer; don’t listen to those rumors.

As for everything else, that’s even more baseless.

I didn’t jump in to save him, but rather to complete this mission…”

But she suddenly realized something halfway through her sentence.

She looked at him in shock, saying, “You aren’t Ruizhi.

Who exactly are you”


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