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Chapter 833, (2): Hunter and Prey

As such, he decisively used Keyboard Come, yelling, “Your pants fell!”

Wei Pingyang was feeling smug due to the speed and timing of his attack, when suddenly, he felt a chill run through his legs.

When he lowered his head, he saw that his shriveled little fella was dangling in the wind.

Wei Pingyang, Lu Xiao, and He Li were left speechless.

“Damn brat, Im going to cut you up into a thousand pieces!” Wei Pingyang felt as if his mind would collapse.

He had been completely exposed in front of so many peoples eyes!

You have successfully trolled Wei Pingyang for 999 999 999…

Zu An cried out pitifully.

He had planned to use this chance to counterattack, but the soul of a master rank was too powerful and could see through his every move.

Even if Wei Pingyang held up his pants with one hand, his other hand would still stab into Zu An.

“Your pants dropped again!” Zu An used the same skill again when he sensed Wei Pingyangs killing intent.

Unfortunately, it didnt do much.

A flash of light flickered around Wei Pingyangs body, and his pants remained in place.

Wei Pingyang smiled maliciously.

“Just a trifling Soulspeak ability!”

Mi Lis voice said, “Once you reach the master rank, its possible to establish a soul domain around oneself that can resist some Soulspeak abilities.

The dragon race wouldve already dominated the world if there were no weaknesses at all to Soulspeak.”

Zu An evaded Wei Pingyangs attack with great difficulty while replying with a forced laugh, “Can you fix your issue of constantly disconnecting This is actually really scary, you know”

Mi Li said indifferently, “I already told you not to rely on me.

I wont help you.”

“You wont help me even if Im doomed to die” Zu An exclaimed.

“If I die, you wont live either!”

“Dont try to threaten me.

You were the one who created this situation.

You insisted on playing the hero, so you should be prepared for the consequences,” Mi Li replied.

Zu An was getting annoyed.

“I refuse to believe I wont survive.” He didnt feel like talking to Mi Li anymore and charged toward King Qi Manors deathsworn soldiers.

Wei Pingyang asked with a sneer, “Are you trying to use King Qi Manors people as a cover to make me hold back Its meaningless.

I can clearly distinguish my enemies through my soul.” His flying sword chased after Zu An.

Zu An chuckled.

“Who said I was going to use them as a shield I just didnt want to waste my ultimate move.

A sword I have one too.”

As he finished speaking, he called out the Blue Luan.

A loud and clear cry echoed through the air as a blue bird soared into the skies.

Then, a massive sword projection descended.

That sword turned into endless sword energy, surrounding the entire place.


Waves of miserable cries followed.

Many of King Qi Manors deathsworn soldiers immediately lost their lives under the vicious sword energy.

After the rain of sword energy, only a few people several dozen zhang away could barely stand.

However, all of them were wounded.

The deathsworn soldiers even farther out looked in their direction with faces full of horror.

There were so many people from King Qi Manor, yet over half of them had instantly been killed by a single person!

“Fuck yeah! Get them, Sir Zu!” Liu Xian cheered weakly from nearby.

He had three arrows in his back, and there was half of a blade stuck in his shoulder.

There was a long gash across his stomach, and even his internal organs were about to spill out.

Only by holding his stomach with a single hand could he keep them in place.

It was clear that he was already at the end of his rope.

His cultivation hadnt been that high to begin with.

Even igniting his blood essence had only brought him to the peak of the sixth rank.

There were quite a few individuals from King Qi Manor who were also at his level.

Together with their numbers, even though the Liu clans warriors had frantically tried to protect him, his wounds had only grown more and more numerous.

Eventually, one after another, the Liu clans warriors had fallen.

His eyes were completely bloodshot from slaughter as well.

Even though they had killed many enemies as well, his wounds were growing more and more serious.

The Eastern Palaces side had been at an absolute disadvantage to begin with.

After a bitter battle, they were almost completely wiped out.

Only he and a few other warriors were left.

When he saw more and more enemies close in, he had prepared to close his eyes.

However, Zu An had descended like a war deity, erasing over half of King Qis deathsworn soldiers.

The enemy had killed far too many of their warriors, so they felt as if some of their resentment had been released after seeing the enemy slaughtered.

However, after the resentment left, Liu Xian could no longer hold on and fell to the ground.

Zu An quickly ran over to support him.

When he saw that Liu Ans life force was already almost gone, he couldnt help but feel apologetic.

“Sorry, I cant save you all.”

He couldnt afford to be distracted when he had faced Wei Pingyang and He Li earlier.

There were several times where he had almost lost his life.

By the time he could rush over, there already werent many from the Eastern Palace left.

“We resolved to give up our lives here to begin with.

Why do we need you to save us” Liu Xian chuckled.

His usual greasy smile now seemed exceptionally courageous and carefree.

“Is there anything you want me to pass on” Zu An asked gravely.

“Of course, there are so many things.” Liu Xians expression began to scatter, and his voice became quieter and quieter.

“I know that everyone in the capital looks down on me, but I dont have the talent, so what can I do

“If you can leave this place alive, tell my father that I know hes been mocked these years because of me.

However, at the very least, this time, he can stick out his chest proudly.

His son isnt trash who only knows how to play with women!”

Zu An said seriously, “It wont just be your father.

Everyone in the capital will know about this.”

“Really” A smile appeared on Liu Xians face.

“Right, I raised some concubines back home.

Please help me secretly release them, or else the Liu clan might make them die together with me.

I cant bring harm to them just because they decided to follow me.

“I dont want to die in a foreign land either… If theres a chance, please have the Liu clans people come in and bring out my corpse.

I dont want to be buried in the Liu clans ancestral shrine either, or else I might piss off those ancestors.”

“My death is a bit too pitiful; its really going to tarnish my reputation as a handsome and confident man, so just burn me to ashes.

Then, scatter my ashes across the river next to Heavenly Abode.

Whenever those Heavenly Abode girls watch the river waters ripple, theyll know that Im sending them my greetings.

“Sigh, I have so many regrets… I originally planned to subdue the academys Lady Qi with my absolute charm once we left this dungeon…”

Liu Xians voice grew softer and softer, eventually becoming silent.

Even in death, his eyes were still wide open.

He still had many cherished desires that he hadnt fulfilled yet.

Zu An gently helped him close his eyes.

“Dont worry, Ill definitely help you complete all of these things.”

“You wont even be able to survive yourself, yet you want to help another complete their wishes” A figure stood back up while trembling, his body covered in bloody scars.

There were only scraps left of his clothes as well.

He looked like a beggar.

However, his eyes were still sharp.

His injuries were clearly not as serious as they looked.

Wei Pingyang said hatefully, “I have to admit that you have some skill, brat.

You actually pushed us this far.

That attack just now was brilliant as well.

Unfortunately, it wasnt enough to kill me.”

Zu Ans heart sank.

That had already pretty much been his most powerful attack, yet it still couldnt take out his opponent.

As expected, you couldnt defeat someone at the master rank unless you were a master as well.

“Everyone still alive is to chase after the crown prince and princess! Leave this guy to me.” Wei Pingyang ordered.

The Eastern Palaces warriors had practically all been wiped out, but their own losses were similarly heavy.

They had faced these people with an overwhelming advantage, yet they had still lost over half of their men.

He had no idea how he was going to explain this to King Qi later.

The greatest casualties had been caused precisely by this fellow in front of him!

The other guardian He Li, who was at the peak of the ninth rank, had already woken up the ones who were controlled by Daji.

At the same time, he had slaughtered the chaotic beasts.

When he was done with that, he saw Zu Ans sword energy that covered everything.

He shivered in fear.

If that attack had been targeted at me, then I might have already been dead.

I think staying farther away from that monster is a good idea.

He didnt object at all when he heard Wei Pingyangs arrangements.

He quickly led the remaining deathsworn soldiers in the direction Bi Linglong and the others had run toward..

The crown princes escorts were all badly wounded.

Catching up to them wasnt anything difficult.

Zu An also realized that.

He wanted to stop them, but Wei Pingyang blocked his path, not giving him a chance at all.

If they caught up, then Liu Xians sacrifice would have been completely meaningless.

Zu An sighed, thinking he shouldnt have acted on impulse.

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