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Chapter 816: How Can It Be So Great

“You’re at the eighth rank” Shi Tong was a bit apprehensive as he looked at Zu An.

If Zu An had been beneath the eighth rank, then Zu An wouldn’t be able to do a thing to him even if he were standing still.

Yet that tremendous force had almost blasted his brain out of his head.

It should have been impossible to possess such tremendous strength unless one could borrow the power of the world.

As for Zu An being at the ninth rank, that was something he absolutely wouldn’t believe.

Zu An was so young, and the intelligence had stated that he was just a commoner from the streets who didn’t have an ounce of cultivation a year or two before.

If he hadn’t experienced it himself, he wouldn’t dare to believe that the other party was already at the eighth rank, let alone at the ninth rank that even he couldn't reach.

Zu An chuckled.

“What do you think”

Shi Tong harrumphed.

“What happened just now was only because I was careless.

Seeing how smug you’re getting, sure enough, you’re just a nobody who’s happy with your petty accomplishments.”

He wasn’t worried at all, since it was mainly because he had been careless earlier, and Zu An had moved too quickly.

He probably had some type of special movement skill.

However, as an eighth ranked expert, he knew that this type of movement skill couldn't be used endlessly.

It would be fine as long as he was more careful.

Zu An sighed.

“You should just admit your defeat if you lose.

Only the weak use all sorts of excuses.”

Shi Tong roared in rage, “Then I’ll make you understand just how strong I am!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Tong for 444 444 444…

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed at Zu An like an artillery shell.

The Gu clan brothers sighed in relief when they felt the attack’s powerful pressure.

General Shi was finally becoming serious.

He had already remained at the peak of the eighth rank for a long time; he was definitely much stronger than someone like Zu An who had only recently reached the eighth rank.

Even so, they felt conflicted inwardly.

How could this Zu An that they had looked down on all this time be at the eighth rank

We need to get him to confess his cultivation secrets after Shi Tong apprehends him.

If we can also reach the eighth rank… Their eyes burned with desire.

They began to cheer on Shi Tong from the bottom of their heart.

Of course, if the two of them could take each other out, that would be the best result.

They didn’t forget how Shi Tong had wanted to toy with Bi Linglong first.

They liked her so much, so of course they didn’t want to see that happen.

While their minds were wandering, Zu An and Shi Tong had already collided once more.

It was a simple back and forth with punches and kicks.

There were no techniques or tricks involved.

Gao Ying and Pei You’s eyes widened in shock.

Zu An wasn’t at a disadvantage at all even when he fought against Shi Tong head-on! The two of them finally understood that Zu An had defeated King Qi’s heir fair and square.

There was no mysterious expert at all!

At first, the two of them could still keep up with the combatants’ movements, but as the fight went on, their attacks grew faster and faster, completely exceeding the limits of the onlookers’ sight.

They could only vaguely see two figures darting back and forth, as well as the blast waves of blows being exchanged.

Bi Linglong’s bright red lips also hung wide open.

She had thought that she was already giving him too much credit, but she hadn’t expected to have still underestimated Zu An in the end.

He was at the eighth rank at such a young age.

This was something that was completely unheard of! Furthermore, he hadn’t even been cultivating for that long…

For some reason, Bi Linglong began to gradually blush a bit.

“Is that all!” Shi Tong suddenly laughed in contempt.

He hadn’t dared to act arrogantly at first, but after going at it for a round, he discovered that even though his opponent was strong, it was still within his expectations.

Furthermore, it didn’t seem as if his skills were that proficient.

“I’m not going to play around with you anymore.

Just die!”

Bi Linglong’s face turned deathly pale when she heard those words.

Was Zu An going to lose

Suddenly, a huge noise resounded.

A body flew outward and slammed into the ground.

“Ah Zu…” Bi Linglong was in utter panic.

She was about to rush over, but she froze after taking a single step.

The one who had crashed into the ground wasn’t Zu An, but rather Shi Tong.

What was going on

Forget about her, even the Gu clan brothers who had been about to cheer out were stupefied.

Even Shi Tong was in disbelief as he exclaimed, “How can this be!”

Zu An slowly walked out from the smoke and dust.

“I didn’t even go all out and you’re already down on the ground.

Just who was playing around with whom”

He was already at the ninth rank.

Furthermore, he had all sorts of powerful skills, so his real strength was far greater than others of the same rank, let alone someone at the peak of the eighth rank.

The reason why their battle had previously seemed even was because Zu An had jumped two cultivation ranks in succession.

He felt that his foundation was a bit unsteady, so he’d wanted to use this chance to solidify it.

After all, it wasn’t easy to find a sparring partner at the peak of the eighth rank.

How could he not make use of one if he came knocking on his own

His understanding toward the power of the world and his higher cultivation rank improved greatly from their clash of strength.

Now that Shi Tong’s job as a sparring partner was complete, there was no need to keep up the act.

But who could have thought that Shi Tong would take things so seriously He had actually said all that conceited nonsense.

In that case, Zu An decided to let him have a taste of why roses were so red.

“You bastard, why is your cultivation so high!” Shi Tong slowly crawled up from the ground.

It had to be said that the body of someone at the peak of the eighth rank was quite extraordinary.

The same question was on the minds of all the onlookers.

Zu An had such powerful cultivation at such a young age.

Furthermore, the ki density surrounding him seemed to even be above that of Shi Tong, who was at the peak of the eighth rank.

“Why don’t you beg me if you want to know” Zu An replied with a smile.

Shi Tong and the others were left speechless.

Why was this guy so despicable

You have trolled everyone for 666 666 666…

Shi Tong finally responded with a sneer, “Hmph, so what if you’re strong I’ll teach you what it means to be an eighth ranked cultivator!”

After suffering a crushing defeat just now, he had already decided that he wouldn’t fight in close combat with Zu An anymore.

He changed his tactics to elemental skills.

The other party might have been able to reach the eighth rank, but there was no way his control over elemental skills could compare.

A wind blade condensed in front of him.

It was extremely fast and arrived in front of Zu An almost instantly.

But for Zu An’s current self…

He just took a step to the side, effortlessly avoiding the attack.

Shi Tong coldly remarked, “You can avoid one, but can you avoid thousands upon thousands of them”

Innumerable wind blades hacked out at Zu An, cutting off all avenues of evasion.

Shi Tong smirked.

These were wind blades formed by borrowing the power of the world, so it didn’t exhaust too much ki.

On the contrary, if his opponent wanted to block these wind blades, he would have to use up a lot of ki.

As time went on, this attack would completely wear him down.

Zu An didn’t dodge when he saw the endless wind blades.

Instead, he reached out his hand and drew a circle.

It was as if a black hole had appeared in his palm.

The endless wind blades were all sucked into the black hole, and then ultimately vanished into his palm.

He sucked away the ki attached to the wind blades with his Heaven Devouring Sutra.

Then, with his understanding of the power of the world, he turned those wind blades back into the natural wind element.

If the other party continued to fire attacks, it would only be giving him ki.

“What kind of skill is that” Shi Tong’s jaw dropped.

“Why don’t you beg me if you want to know” Zu An repeated the same sentence he had uttered earlier.

“Screw you!” Shi Tong roared.

His body began to rotate rapidly, forming a spiral vortex, and then he charged at Zu An.

In response, Zu An reached out in front of him with a hand.


Zu An was blown back several steps.

He frowned as he realized that applying rotational force made the wind element several times more powerful.

He had to admit that the way someone at the peak of the eighth rank used his abilities was worth learning from.

When Shi Tong charged at him again, he tapped his feet against the ground and used the Sunflower Phantasm, easily avoiding it.

“I want to see just how long you can keep dodging for!” Shi Tong’s body spun rapidly, quickly forming a small-scale tornado.

The powerful wind tore the entire tent to pieces.

Bi Linglong quickly quickly grabbed Gao Ying and Pei You’s clothes and brought them to a safer place.

The Gu clan brothers hurriedly ran as well.

Zu An actually wanted to use this chance to experience his opponent’s ultimate move himself, but there were too many people in this camp who were unconscious.

If the terrifying tornado really formed completely, many of them would lose their lives.

He sighed and said, “Let’s end this.”

Shi Tong sneered. Whether or not things will end isn’t for you to decide.

Once my tornado forms, not a single blade of grass will remain within a range of a dozen li.

However, his expression suddenly froze, because he discovered that he seemed to have lost his connection with the wind element.

Furthermore, he felt extremely cold.

Why are there snowflakes Shi Tong was stunned when he saw snowflakes fall.

Why would it snow in the dungeon during this season

But his expression changed the next second.

He quickly reacted, exclaiming, “Snowflake Sword!”

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

The small-scale tornado seemed to have been frozen still by the cold.

There was a layer of frost that covered his body as well.

Then, a flash of cold light flickered.

He heard a crack, as if something had shattered.

Then, he saw a headless body standing nearby like a sculpture. Huh Why do those clothes look a bit familiar

Soon afterward, he realized what had happened.

Then, darkness filled his consciousness.

The last thought in his mind was, How can the Snowflake Sword’s power be so great…


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