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It wasnt because Zu Ans cultivation was too high, but rather because the tested result was too low.

He was only shown to be at the sixth rank.

In many peoples eyes, the reason why he won against King Qis heir was that there was a mysterious expert who had helped him.

However, the fact that he had lasted so long in that fight meant that he had to either be at the seventh rank, or the peak of the sixth rank.

And yet, he was actually just at the sixth rank.

King Qis officials immediately called the result into question, feeling that there were problems with the test.

They didnt want the crown prince to obtain a helper that was too powerful in the dungeon.

The crown princes faction was already well prepared.

Many officials immediately engaged them in a war of words, fending them off.

The two sides argued intensely.

At that time, Qi Yaoguang harrumphed and asked, “Are you all suspecting that our Royal Academy is siding with Zu An” Even though her voice wasnt loud, it was able to penetrate through everything else.

The place quickly calmed down.

King Qis faction members smiled and replied, “Lady Qi has misunderstood; how could we question the academys standpoint Since Zu An was tested to be at the sixth rank, he is at the sixth rank.”

They didnt want to offend the Royal Academy and push this neutral faction towards the crown princes side.

Furthermore, they had actually already discussed this among themselves before.

A single person around the seventh rank wouldnt make too much of a difference.

What had happened just now was a pretense so that the crown princes faction wouldnt go too far.

Bi Linglongs father Bi Qis voice said by her ear, “Linglong, did you give him an artifact that can conceal his cultivation”

Bi Linglong was also confused.

“I didnt.

Where would I get something that amazing”

“Then is he really at the sixth rank Is it only some random tricks that make him much more formidable than others at his level” Bi Qi asked, his voice full of suspicion.

“It might be.” Bi Linglong bit her lip.

She thought to herself, This fella really is only at the sixth rank Then it seems this trip is really going to be dangerous… However, when she remembered the solemn vow Zu An had given her the previous night, she suddenly felt at peace again.

Bi Qi said, “King Qi will only approve of us sending in one person at the seventh rank, but you ended up choosing him instead of Rong Mo.

Is he really worth it”

Bi Linglong took a deep breath and replied, “I trust him!”

Bi Qi frowned, but he knew that his daughter was competent and had good insight.

Since she was persisting with her decision like this, that meant that he didnt have to say anything further.

While the father and daughter were talking to each other, Gu Xing was instead overjoyed at the turn of events.

“After hearing Linglongs praises, I thought he was some amazing fella, yet hes only barely at the sixth rank.

Hah, our cultivation might even be higher than his.”

Liu Xian coughed, indicating that he was offended by these words.

Gu Heng didnt express his opinion as openly and instead said to Bi Linglong, “Crown princess, you have always been rather kind, so you might not be aware of how treacherous those born from the streets are.

I believe you might have been fooled by him.”

Bi Linglong said with a frown, “His real strength is definitely higher than the sixth rank.”

However, she lost confidence soon afterward.

There had never been an issue with the academys testing device.

Everyone could see that his cultivation really had ended up being at the sixth rank!

Gu Xing chuckled and asked, “Linglong, what makes you so sure In my opinion, some people just dont focus on cultivation and instead have people constantly brag about how strong they are.

He might not have been exposed if not for the academys test today.”

“Thats not entirely impossible.” Meng Pan chuckled.

“There were all sorts of rumors surrounding him in the capital recently.

I refuse to believe that no one tried to spread those things deliberately.”

King Liang Manors Zhao Xi harrumphed.

“Hmph, I actually admired him a bit.

Turns out he was only at that level.”

Liu Xian instead said disapprovingly, “Even if we dont talk about his cultivation, his skills with girls are the real deal.

I really have to find a chance to talk to him and see how he got Chu First Miss favor with such an ordinary face.”

While the others were discussing this with each other, Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun were furious.

Unfortunately, there was just too great of a difference in their statuses, and the test result really was the sixth rank.

They didnt know what to say either.

Bi Linglong was also starting to get affected.

When she looked at the figure on the stage, her expression was a bit complicated.

She didnt doubt his potential, but potential needed time.

If there was even a single mistake in the crown princes exam, there wouldnt be any time.

The topic shifted because of what Liu Xian had said.

Zhao Xi teased, “What, so youre interested in Chu First Miss now You were even going after Qi Yaoguang just now.”

Liu Xian stroked his small beard.

“Of course not; going after other peoples wives isnt my style.

I like those who are obedient and especially pure.

You know what, Ive already made my decision! Lady Qi will be my next target.

Im going to study in the Royal Academy and attend her class, to admire her beauty up close.”

Meng Pan clicked his tongue.

“Just give up.

The Royal Academys students are all talented, and Lady Qi is the libationers core disciple.

They key is that shes even capable of divination, making her way too powerful and mysterious.”

“Divination” Liu Xian realized something.

“No wonder she knew what I wanted to do ahead of time.

Haha, this kind of woman is even more worth subduing.”

The others rolled their eyes.

They didnt feel like paying attention to his delusions anymore.

All of them began to chat among themselves.

“Once I leave this dungeon, Im going to study some more in the Royal Academy.

I only studied carelessly for two years back then.

Now, I feel a bit regretful that I didnt study the most important things from the academy.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

I heard that therell be a selection exam coming up soon in the academys rear mountains.

With our background, we should be able to sign up for it directly.

Only after one gets into the rear mountain can you learn the most important techniques from the libationers direct disciples.”

“Which teacher do you all want to become the students of I like playing Go more, so Hei Baizis chess dao seems the most interesting.”

“I hope I can become a student of Mr.

Shen Xuzi instead.

After all, pills become extremely important once you reach later ranks of cultivation.

I heard that hes even able to control golems in battle.

If I had a few golems behind me, wouldnt I immediately become several times stronger”

“As for me, I like Ms.


She has carefully studied the law, and her cultivation is profound.

Im sure Ill be able to improve a lot by following her.”

“Tsk, do you really want to study the law We almost dont even want to expose you.”

“But Ms.

Jiangs black stockings really are incredible; who wouldnt want to learn from her”

Even though they had lowered their voices, Bi Linglong could still hear everything clearly since they were so close to each other.

She was completely speechless when she saw the Gu clan brothers join in with suspicious smiles.

These damn men were all good-for-nothing perverts!

Pei You said with a sneer, “Look at you all, being so picky.

The selection exam for the rear mountain is extremely strict.

All who pass are extraordinary talents.

You should be happy if any of the teachers are willing to take you in.”

“I guess youre right.

I dont even know if Ill pass that selection exam.”

“Ah, heavens, please help me! Ill be eternally grateful to the world if I\'m accepted!”

All of them immediately became much more humble when they realized the difficulty of entering the rear mountain.

They were no longer in such high spirits as before.

Someone with sharp eyes said, “Huh Arent those the teachers of the academys rear mountain”

“Youre right! Those are Shen Xuzi, Hei Baizi, Wang Shuyang, Yin Shi, and wow, those legs in black stockings definitely belong to Jiang Luofu!”

“Huh Why would all of the teachers come out Its been so long since such a thing happened.”

Gu Xing was quick on his feet and immediately spoke out in praise.

“Of course its because the crown prince and princess are setting out on a mission, so the academy had them come out to see them off.”

Even though the others knew that the academy had always held a neutral position, that they shouldnt do anything that would clearly show partiality toward the crown prince, they couldn\'t think of any other possibility, so they supported Gu Xings opinion.

At the same time, they sorted out their clothes and held their heads high.

They thought to themselves that their luck this time really was good, for them to be able to share in the limelight of the crown prince and princess.

When the teachers came over to greet the crown prince and princess, they had to behave well.

Who knew, they might catch the eye of one of the teachers and be taken in as a disciple right there and then.

Zu An had already gotten down from the platform.

He walked over to Bi Linglong and nodded toward her with a smile.

Bi Linglong thought to herself, This fella seems surprisingly relaxed. She hoped that he would continue to hold the same attitude once they went inside the dungeon.

Even though the young masters of the other clans didnt think too highly of Zu An, their attentions were completely diverted.

Not even the Gu clan brothers said anything else.

All of them stuck out their chests and had polite expressions on their faces as they faced the rear mountain teachers.

Gu Xing was the quickest of them all.

He rushed out and greeted them.

“Teachers, did you come to see the crown prince and princess off Theyre over there; Ill lead you guys.”

The others cursed Gu Xings craftiness.

They rushed over one after another to curry favor.

However, the teachers remained cold and aloof, not paying them any attention.


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