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Zu An was currently inside the Royal Academy.

As it turned out, Jiang Luofu had sent someone to tell him to head over to the academy first.

He was initially suspicious, because her clan did have King Qi backing them.

He worried that it might be some trap.

However, he quickly gave up on that thought.

If he even had to doubt Jiang Luofu, then living in this world really would be too tiring.

He knew that Jiang Luofu wouldnt cause him trouble at such a crucial time, so he didnt hesitate and headed straight to the academy first.

Either way, the dungeon where the crown princes test was going to be held was there, so it wouldnt interfere with official matters.

Jiang Luofu was dressed in a dark blue dress.

Her black stockings were visible through the slit in the side of the dress.

Zu An sighed in admiration when he saw her.

“Big sis, are there really no men who chased after you these past few years”

“Of course there were,” Jiang Luofu said with a smile.

“Violating a woman through force, coercion, or other methods, or forcing them to do sexual acts, counts as rape.

The law punishes these actions with three to ten years of prison time.”

Zu An gave her stunning legs a look, and then said, “Im sure many men wouldnt mind spending three years in prison for you.”

Jiang Luofu said calmly, “Dont forget that according to the Great Zhou Dynasty, the victims have authority over the punishment.

Ive always been a kind person, so I wouldnt go so far as to take their lives.

However, the tools used for the crime should be confiscated, no”

“Confiscate the tools” Zu An felt a chill run through his legs.

This woman had just said something extremely terrifying in a nonchalant manner.

Jiang Luofu continued, “Since Im a lawyer, then everything I do is backed by the law.

You dont need to wonder if my actions are rational and legal.”

Zu An said with a sigh, “The law youre speaking of seems to describe only women as the victims.

Then what if a man were… humiliated Then what would happen”

Jiang Luofu was momentarily distracted.

“Youve stumped me.

Even though that would still be rape according to logic, according to the law, theres no way to convict the perpetrator of rape… Hm, this issue youve brought up is quite constructive.

Ill find a way to bring it up to the court and have the law amended.”

Zu An was speechless and said, “You dont have to take my words that seriously, haha.

I was just joking around.”

Jiang Luofu shook her head.

“It might be a joke to you, but for legalists, we have the responsibility of making the law more complete so that fewer innocent people will be wronged without any hope of justice.”

Zu An felt great respect when he saw the steadfast expression in her eyes and the dignified look on her face.

The bit of frivolousness within him also disappeared.

“Then Ill thank you in place of all of my male compatriots.”

“This is my job; what is there to thank me for” Jiang Luofu chuckled.

Her expression suddenly became distant.

“Right, why did you suddenly think of such a rare situation Dont tell me that you…”

“Screw that!” Zu An immediately jumped in fright.

“How is that possible Ive only bullied others; no one has ever bullied me like this.”

A dangerous glint flashed through Jiang Luofus eyes.

“I advise you not to break the law in front of me, or else this big sis wont show mercy just because of our friendship.”

Zu An smiled awkwardly.

“Im an upright person; how could I possibly do those illegal things By the way, big sis, what did you call me here for today”

“There was something I needed to talk to you about.” Jiang Luofu opened the cupboard beside her and took out a roll of silk.

There were all sorts of diagrams on it.

Some areas had red exclamation marks on them.

“This is a map of the academys dungeon.

It records the various terrain and vicious beasts in detail.”

Zu An was shocked.

“You guys even have a map”

Jiang Luofu rolled her eyes.

“Of course.

This is the academys secret dungeon, and it opens up once every few years for the students to train in.

The last time it was opened was three years ago… As an academy teacher, of course I know about the situation inside.

I believe the various powers know the details of the dungeon as well, just that their maps definitely arent as detailed as this one.” She continued, “You should stay as far away from these red exclamation marks as possible.

You absolutely cant get close to them.

These places are too dangerous for you.”

Zu An felt warm inside.

“Youve helped me ever since I was in Brightmoon City, and now youve prepared all of this for my safety.

Theres really nothing I can do for you to repay all of the favors… How about I pay you with my body”

Jiang Luofu was pretty moved when she heard what he said at first.

But when she heard the last part, she immediately shouted at him, “Get lost! You even dare to flirt with me!”

After they joked around for a bit, Jiang Luofu suddenly said seriously, “Once you enter the dungeon, no matter what happens, your first priority should be your own life.

Dont try to show off and be brave.

You have to remember how many people are waiting for you outside.”

Zu An blurted out, “Are you included among those people”

Jiang Luofu was stunned.

There was a dangerous smile in her eyes.

“Oh It seems youve really grown up now.

You dare to even tease this big sis so easily.”

“I was never little anyway.” Zu An harrumphed.

Jiang Luofu didnt catch the other meaning of Zu Ans words.

“Youre my little brother, so of course I want you to come out safely.”

Zu An looked at her cool and elegant face.

She was clearly being serious here, and she was giving off a powerful presence, yet he could only think of those office lady videos.

The mood became rather strange for him.

He quickly got rid of those messy thoughts and asked seriously, “Big sis, is there something youre not telling me”

Jiang Luofu shook her head.

“Ive already told you everything I should tell you.

As for the rest, I dont know either.

Just remember that your safety is the first priority.”

Seeing that she wasnt willing to say it, Zu An didnt pressure her either.

However, many possibilities appeared in his mind.

Jiang Luofu got up and said, “Follow me.”

“Where to” Zu An asked.

Jiang Luofu didnt say anything and only led the way.

Zu An followed behind her.

Even though he was confused, admiring her stunning curves and long legs from behind was still a wonderful thing.

Jiang Luofu suddenly stopped moving.

A faint red blush appeared on her neck.

She harrumphed and said, “Walk in front of me.”

Zu An was stunned.

He said, “I dont even know where were going, though.”

“Ill give you directions,” Jiang Luofu replied.

“Oh…” Zu Ans spirits fell. Who are you even on guard against Who was the one blabbering about how you didnt care if others stared at you, that being looked at was the best praise Looks like girls are all liars after all.

The two of them went through several turns and quickly arrived at a secluded courtyard.

Judging from the alternating black and white tiles on the ground, Zu An could tell that he had arrived at Hei Baizis place without even asking.

A handsome man with dark circles under his eyes was holding a game record book and trying to memorize it in a daze.

When he saw the two of them, he exclaimed, almost in tears, “Ms.

Jiang, Ah Zu!”

“Why do you look like that” Zu An jumped in fright.

Was this still the Xie young master who was even prettier than a girl His face was wan and sallow, as if his skin had been sucked dry.

His hair looked a bit oily and probably hadnt been washed for several days.

“Teacher wants me to play Go with him every day, and Im tormented by him day and night.

Whenever hes satisfied, he just goes back and sleeps, while I have to continue to memorize these Go games.

Its been so many days since Ive had some proper sleep…” Xie Xiu grumbled.

Suddenly, a chess piece smacked the back of his head.

Hei Baizis lazy voice called out, “Youre talking smack behind your teachers back again Then add a hundred Go games as punishment.”

Xie Xiu became depressed, and tears even began to gather in his eyes.

Jiang Luofu said with a consoling smile, “Your teacher is doing this for your sake.

In this way, your mind will be tempered and broadened, and your memory and calculative ability will improve.

Then, youll be able to properly cultivate their Go schools technique.”

Xie Xiu was stunned.

He clearly hadnt realized that yet.

“Eighth sister, why are you telling that to someone like him I also intended to work on his temperament.

This brat has no discipline at all! Telling him that wont help him.” Hei Baizi walked out and spoke discontentedly.

However, when he saw Zu An, his strict expression immediately became polite.

He quickly walked over and exclaimed, “So it was Sir Zu! Im honored by your presence.

Come, come inside.

Lets have a chat.

I already discovered a way to win against the situation from last time.

Little Xie, what are you staring stupidly for Get us some tea!”

Xie Xiu wanted to cry.

He was also a human, yet why was he treated so differently He really couldn\'t associate this bootlicker with his usually strict teacher.

After all, he had been drinking and chatting merrily with Zu An a day ago.

He had even given him some advice! But who would have thought that things would change so quickly

Zu An immediately said, “I still need to enter the dungeon together with the crown prince, so I fear we wont have enough time to play a game.”

“What crown prince whatever How can it be more important than chess” Hei Baizi asked indifferently.

Zu An was completely speechless. The people in the academy dont seem to treat the royal family with much importance at all…

Jiang Luofu coughed and said, “Senior brother, the reason we came today is because we wish to ask for something from you.”


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