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King Wu looked toward Yun Yuqing.

When he saw her slightly pink skin, his eyes were filled with infatuation.

“Yuqing, you are really beautiful today.”

Yun Yuqing bowed and replied in a formal tone, “Thank you, my king, for your praise.

May I ask why you have sought me out today”

King Wu frowned.

He was a bit unhappy about her attitude.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly noticed a puddle on the ground.

His expression couldnt help but change.

He pretended to have inadvertently walked over to the edge of the pool.

He looked at the damp floor, as well as the small puddles everywhere, and his expression sank.

“What were you doing here just now” he asked.

“Taking a bath, of course.

What else would I be doing” Yun Yuqing replied nonchalantly.

She sorted out her dress and sat down at a table, pouring a cup of water for herself.

All of that activity had left her feeling a bit dehydrated.

King Wus gaze moved over to his wifes curves.

Because she had just finished her shower, there was still a bit of steam coming from her body.

Her clothes stuck tightly to her skin, making her curves even more seductive.

“Hmph, I wonder which stores clothes those are.

They actually arent see-through even after they get wet.

My king manor will never purchase clothes from them again.” King Wu retracted his gaze and said, “Why is there so much water all over the ground if you were just taking a bath”

Yun Yuqing replied indifferently, “Can I not play around in the water if Im in the mood”

Zu An almost burst out laughing.

It really was the case that the prettier the girl, the better they were at lying! Yun Yuqing was indeed playing around with water, but she was playing with me. At the same time, he was confused.

Why did their conversation seem a bit rigid It didnt sound as intimate as the previous time in North Order Commandery.

King Wu smiled apologetically.

“Of course you can.

I didnt expect Yuqing to still be so young at heart.”

Yun Yuqing lowered her cup and asked, “What does the king need me for today, exactly You even disregarded the servants and barged in, almost as if you came here to criticize me.”

King Wus smile gradually faded as well.

He said, “I just received news that the assassination on Zu An seems to have failed.

We didnt find Zu Ans corpse.” He paused for a moment, then looked at his wife.

“Did you rush over and save him”

Behind the curtain, Zu An was shocked.

They had known about this assassination! In that instant, many possibilities appeared in his head.

At the same time, something that had always puzzled him during this time was finally cleared up.

However, there was one issue.

What role had Yun Yuqing played here, exactly

Yun Yuqing suddenly got up and stared at King Wu, exclaiming angrily, “What were you intending by deliberately keeping news of Zu Ans assassination from me!” Zu An sighed in relief when he heard those words.

King Wu harrumphed.

“Its obviously because I feared that you might be worried.

Why are you getting so worked up Dont tell me you feel something for him”

Zu An sneered in disdain.

This fellow had pushed his own wife onto another man, yet he was here getting all jealous. What the hell is wrong with you

Yun Yuqing said indifferently, “Of course.

Hes a true man and a reliable husband, so its normal for me to feel something.

I like him.”

Zu An was shocked.

He had never expected her to give this kind of answer! He had originally thought that she would try to talk her way around this, but she had chosen to charge straight ahead! Why

“What!” King Wu was also stunned.

His first reaction was that he had heard wrong, but when he saw his wifes provocative gaze, he finally reacted.

He roared, “You actually like that rascal from the streets, that piece of trash!”

Yun Yuqing harrumphed.

“No one questions the background of a hero.

Why would there be a need to evaluate a man based on his status and background I only looked at what kind of person he really is.

Hes clearly an outstanding man, regardless of which aspect of him it is.”

King Wu seemed about to explode when he heard those words.

He charged furiously at Yun Yuqing, aiming to grab her neck to question her.

Zu An was a bit worried, and prepared to save her at a moments notice.

He was full of questions.

Why would Yun Yuqing make such a choice Breaking off all relations would bring her no benefits, after all.

Not only was King Wu a king, he was even a master rank expert!

Even though masters like him had been raised through the emperor Zhao Hans endless resources, it was still dependent on the premise that their aptitude was high enough.

An idiot like the crown prince would only be fattened up a bit by all those treasures.

It wouldnt be of much help at all.

Even though kings like King Wu had reached the master rank, their foundations werent stable, and they lacked combat experience as well.

They were probably the weakest of the worlds master ranks.

But even the weakest of master ranks were still masters! If they really fought, then Yun Yuqing would suffer a loss.

But Yun Yuqing tapped her toes, and streaks of runes flickered at her toe tips.

She quickly evaded King Wus assault, clearly prepared ahead of time.

She sighed and asked, “Why are you getting upset You should be getting even more excited when you hear me say this.”

King Wus expression changed.

He stopped and asked, “What are you trying to say!”

Yun Yuqings tender and beautiful face was shrouded in a layer of frost as she responded, “Dont think that Im not aware of those things youve done.”

“What the hell did I do” King Wu retorted.

However, he immediately lost a lot of his initial confidence.

Yun Yuqing began to recall the past.

“In the past, I shouldered the future of my clansmen, so I had no choice but to marry you.

At first, the intelligence we received claimed that you were an outstanding king in every aspect.

You were handsome, your cultivation aptitude was high, and you even had talent in administrative work.

I even continued to lie to myself, to make myself accept you and love you.

That way, this marriage could be considered a good conclusion for me.”

Zu An sighed when he heard about the events of the past.

The situations of those foreign tribes really hadnt been too great in those years.

The emperor Zhao Han had led the human race in warfare, causing a crushing defeat for the Fiend Races.

Many Fiend Races had been taken captive by humans and turned into slaves.

Some withdrew to the border, while some concealed their identity and lived in the central plains in hiding.

But they were still of the Fiend Races after all.

It wasnt so easy for them to continue living.

For the sake of the Elf Race, Qiao Xueying had no choice but to obey the Shi clan.

Now, Yun Yuqing was clearly in a similar situation.

Yun Yuqing changed the topic.

“I was still wondering how I was going to receive you and consummate our marriage, but who could have known that you would get dead drunk on our wedding night and not even go to the bridal room I didnt mind at first, but later on, you always kept your distance.

Even though I didnt like you back then, I was also rather unsatisfied, and I even felt alone and rejected.

I wondered if it was because you looked down on me as a Demon Race woman.

“Then, I suspected that there might be something wrong with your body.

But I know that you have many women in the king manor.

One day, I accidentally stumbled upon the real reason.”

Zu Ans curiosity was piqued when he heard those words.

He really couldnt understand why, even though King Wus body was fine, he would still refrain from touching a goddess of a wife like Yun Yuqing.

He looked at King Wu.

King Wus expression changed, but he quickly calmed down.

“I dont know what youre saying.”

“Is that so” Yun Yuqing sneered.

“One day, one of my men discovered that you found a girl that looked similar to me, and then you had her dress up like me, and even did her hair just like mine.

You trained her to speak like me.

Back then, I thought that you were looking for a suitable person to act as a decoy since someone was after my life, so I became nervous.

I continued to investigate until one day, I set up a recording formation in your room.

I saw you carry that girl into the room, and then the two of you began to get affectionate.

“I was going to just leave it, and consider it as you seeking out a concubine.

But when I was about to stop watching, who could have expected that you would make her talk like me I could only keep watching then.

That girl really was talented and did quite well.

Then, at the key moment, you stopped and instead made her wear a blindfold.

How could that girl dare to go against you She thought that was just what you liked, so she complied and covered her eyes.

“However, even though that pitiful girl thought that she was receiving the favor of her king, who could have imagined that you would bring out a strong and healthy subordinate from your cupboard Then, you had that subordinate humiliate her in front of your face! Sigh, that pitiful girl thought that the one she was doing her best to service was her beloved master, yet she was actually being plowed by another man!

“When I saw that look of extreme excitement, I knew that you were a disgusting pervert through and through!”


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