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The floating Mi Li was surprisingly calm as she said, “A strong one came out.

What are you going to do now By the way, this empress needs to make it clear; I dont have any plans to interfere.”

When he saw Mi Li on her high horse, Zu An really wanted to tell her that the last one who had called herself an empress had been plowed by him 1,800 times over.

Instead, he said, “Dont worry, you dont need to do anything.

Besides, this fellow is an old acquaintance.”

“Oh” Mi Li was surprised.

She had sensed that the elder was at the peak of the ninth rank when he first appeared.

Even though Zu Ans cultivation was now at a level where he wasnt entirely without a chance, he was still far outmatched.

Where did this kid get his confidence from

The elder had a longsword on his back.

He gave Zu An and the beaten Hou Wu at his feet a look.

“Whos causing trouble in King Qi Manor It looks like you really have a death wish.”

Zu An said indifferently, “Youre quite arrogant.

We act in the place of the son of heaven; can it be that we cant even enter King Qi Manor”

This fellow was indeed an old acquaintance.

It was precisely that expert Han Fengqiu who had saved King Qis heir last time.

Zu An had to admit that his sword ki was quite frightening.

Han Fengqius breathing paused for a moment.

“Theres no need for you to try to threaten us with his majestys name.

You might be working for the son of heaven, but thats no excuse to harm our guards for no reason.

All of them have posts in the court.

Not even his majesty can blame us if I kill you today.”

He immediately prepared to attack after speaking, as if to prove his words.

He didnt dare to look down on an Embroidered Envoy leader, but even so, he had never heard of any envoy being at the master rank.

As such, there was no way this individual could be stronger than him.

As for the other Embroidered Envoys formation, there were more guards on his side, so they wouldnt dare to help this golden token envoy.

He became more confident when he realized those things.

However, he heard the other party speak right when he was about to attack.

“Who says Im acting without reason” Zu An pointed at Hou Wu, who was still on the ground.

“This fellow called us dog-legs.

Everyone knows that the Embroidered Envoys only listen to his majestys decrees and orders.

Isnt he then cursing his majesty as a dog”

“I didnt, thats not what I meant…” Hou Wu had thought he was being wronged at first, but now, he really was horrified.

Han Fengqiu was completely speechless.

How the hell did these guards live normally They even dared to curse the Embroidered Envoys.

Zu An continued, “Furthermore, judging from the way Sir Han spoke of his majesty, it didnt seem all that respectful either.

Could it be that everyone in King Qi Manor is like this I wonder if the subordinates follow the example of their superiors.

Or perhaps, is there another reason”

“Youd better not speak nonsense!” Han Fengqiu began to panic.

It was said that the Embroidered Envoys were difficult to deal with, and today, it seemed that was indeed the case.

Once they targeted someone, even if one survived, one would have a layer of skin shaved off.

He wasnt scared of the envoy in terms of strength, but the envoy kept bringing up the emperor.

He worried that he might bring King Qi trouble, leaving him in a dilemma.

This Embroidered Envoy was too shameless!

You have successfully trolled Han Fengqiu for 233 233 233…

A dignified womans voice suddenly resounded.

“What is going on here”

Zu An turned around.

He saw that an extravagant carriage had stopped nearby, and there was a troop of guards escorting it.

The manors guards immediately said respectfully, “We greet the madam!”

“Madam” Zu An thought to himself.

According to his sources, Madam Qi Bi Fanghua was the crown princess older half-sister.

Even though they were sisters, there was a great difference in their ages.

Even Madam Qis son Zhao Zhi was much older than the crown princess.

Bi Linglongs father Bi Qi really is an old cow who eats young grass… The reason why theres such an age gap is because he picked a young wife.

The crown princess and Madam Qis relationship wasnt too great.

They actually didnt get along at all.

The first reason was the crown prince and King Qis fight over the throne, which had naturally set them apart from each other.

The second was probably their different mothers.

The age difference between Bi Qis first wife and his new wife was so obvious an idiot could tell.

Han Fengqiu rushed over to the carriage and quietly explained what had just happened.

Then, Madam Qi said, “And I thought that something major happened.

King Qi is not inside the manor right now.

If Sir Eleven has some matters to inquire about, then it will be the same to ask me.

Invite Sir Eleven inside.”

Mi Li chuckled and remarked, “A sharp woman.

She quickly dealt with the crux of the issue, so the other small matters were also easily dealt with.”

Zu An sighed internally.

How could King Qis woman be someone easy to deal with As such, he naturally went along.

“Then Ill have to trouble the madam.”

The luxurious carriages door opened, and a pair of thick white thighs appeared.

Zu Ans eyes widened. What the hell Isnt Madam Qi supposed to be an older woman Why does her legs look just as seductive and enticing as a young ladys He quickly warned himself, Remember that stupid Zhao Zhi! Her son is already so old; you better not have any strange fetishes.

Then, a beautiful figure left the carriage.

She was tall and slender, with cool and elegant features.

Her hair was casually held up by a jade hairpin that exposed her long and fair neck.

She looked dignified and high-class.

Zu An was stunned.

He wasnt shocked at the womans beauty, but rather at her identity.

It was because the woman with the long legs was someone he knew! It was the gorgeous principal Jiang Luofu! Jiang Luofu is King Qis wife

Zu An was momentarily distracted.

However, he quickly sighed in relief, because a middle-aged woman came out from inside the carriage afterward.

He could tell that she took good care of her health, and that she had been a beautiful lady when she was younger.

However, her wrinkles still showed that she wasnt young anymore.

“Madam, please be careful!” Jiang Luofu warned.

She even reached out a hand to help the woman down.

“Your gorgeous principal seems to be quite close to King Qi Manor, no” Mi Li teased as she arrived next to Zu An.

She obviously recognized Jiang Luofu, and she knew about her relationship with Zu An.

Zu An frowned.

His relationship with King Qi was quite terrible.

It would be quite depressing in the future if he and Jiang Luofu became real enemies.

Jiang Luofu gave Zu An a curious look when she passed by.

She had heard about the new golden token envoy and was a bit curious about him.

For some reason, she usually hated Embroidered Envoys.

She felt they were dark and sinister.

However, she felt a strange feeling of closeness toward that person.

She shook her head and threw out the absurd thought, and entered the manor with Madam Qi.

Zu An was invited inside by another maid.

The other Embroidered Envoys were worried, but Zu An gestured to indicate that it was fine.

He had them wait outside.

Han Fengqiu was surprised.

“Sir Eleven is quite something!” Golden token envoys are all extraordinary after all.

The emperor has so many talents under him.

Looks like Masters road ahead wont be easy.

“I admire King Qi Manors methods as well,” Zu An replied.

He noticed that someone had brought away the wounded guard as well.

Judging from how the guard had been moved to tears, it was obvious that Madam Qi had appeased him and even granted him a reward.

Han Fengqiu chuckled awkwardly, but didnt reply.

Zu An was brought inside the manor soon afterward.

After taking seven or eight turns, they arrived at a gazebo.

Han Fengqiu stood some distance away.

It was clear that he didnt want to get too close to the manors women.

Madam Qi was sitting inside, with Jiang Luofu next to her.

There were a few servants around them as well.

Zu An had to admit that next to Jiang Luofu, Madam Qi really was overshadowed.

The only thing worth praising was the bit of noble bearing she had left.

No wonder Bi Qi doted on Bi Linglongs mother much more.

She was far more attractive than her big sister.

“What did you need King Qi for You can tell me now,” Madam Qi said indifferently.

Zu An explained his intent.

Madam Qi harrumphed and said, “What a joke.

That person was doing perfectly well, but then he vanished after you investigated him.

Now, youre coming all the way to King Qi Manor for this”

“Everyone knows that Ou Wu was someone King Qi personally raised in the past,” Zu An calmly said as he stared at her.

“Were all court subjects.

Theres no such thing as factions,” Madam Qi said calmly.

“The master usually promotes people who are capable, and not out of selfish intent.”

“However, Ou Wus wife and children left the city with King Qi Manors command token,” Zu An continued.

He carefully observed her expression.

Madam Qi frowned slightly, but she quickly replied, “Is there proof that it was King Qi Manors command token” As Zu An said nothing in response, she chuckled and said, “There are many kings in the capital, and the king manor tokens are virtually identical.

Its not too surprising for the city gates guards to be mistaken.”

Zu An began to think to himself.

Madam Qi continued, “I answered so many of your questions.

Its time for you to answer one of mine.”

“Please go ahead,” Zu An said.

“You have always worked in the palace.

Do you know the eastern palaces crown prince secretary, Zu An” Madam Qi asked.

Jiang Luofus originally calm expression turned into one of shock.


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