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The capital was more open-minded than average to begin with.

The girls tended to dress in somewhat more revealing outfits, so their nice, thick thighs could be seen from time to time.

However, no one had seen legs as beautiful as these.

The worst part was that they were even covered in black stockings! Those stockings had a shine to them that drew the attention of onlookers, and their lace borders had a pulse-pounding allure.

“Holy **, holy **! Id better not see any girls with stockings like these in the government brothel, or I wont even last a stick of incenses worth of time!” Piao Duandiao gulped.

Jiao Sigun looked at him in disdain and ruthlessly saw straight through him, remarking, “When have you ever lasted longer than a stick of incense”

Piao Duandiao was furious.

“What the hell, man Im really going to stop hanging out with you! Do you believe I wont!”

“I dont believe you,” Jiao Sigun replied.

“...” Piao Duandiao fell silent before changing the topic.

“Which great sirs woman do you think this one is”

“Could it be big bro Zu” Jiao Sigun asked quietly.

Piao Duandiao scoffed.

“Do you think hes a freaking deity or something Chu First Miss is already ridiculously beautiful.

The fact that she can tolerate the Murong clans young miss is already the limit.

How could she tolerate such a beautiful… woman…”

Before he even finished speaking, that stunning woman wearing those seductive black stockings walked over.

Her gait carried a special rhythm, full of elegance and style, unlike the girls of the government brothels.

The sounds her high heels made whenever they touched the ground seemed to pierce through to the guards hearts.

“Hey, do you think that womans coming over because she likes me” Piao Duandiao asked as he subconsciously stuck out his chest.

“Nonsense, shes clearly walking in my direction,” Jiao Sigun immediately retorted.

However, both of them soon froze.

The mature and gorgeous beauty had stopped right in front of Zu An.

“Long time no see,” the beauty in the black stockings said as she looked at Zu An.

There was a faint smile on her face.

“Its been so long that Im already all worn out, and yet big sis principal still looks so amazing.” Zu An sighed in praise.

If this woman had lived in his past world, every man would immediately imagine her as a sexy office lady, secretary, or teacher, among other such fetishes… 

Jiang Luofu crossed her arms, which only further emphasized her outstanding figure.

“You dont seem to have changed all that much in my opinion.

Youre still so slick-tongued.”

Chu Chuyan was surprised and happy as she asked, “Principal Jiang, why did you come to the capital”

Jiang Luofu couldnt help but smile warmly when she looked at Chu Chuyan, the academys most talented student.

She explained, “I was a bit bored in Brightmoon City.

Since some of the academys students were chosen by the Royal Academy anyway, I decided to accompany them here and visit home.”

With Chu Chuyans background, she obviously knew about Jiang Luofus relationship to Jiang Boyang.

She was curious about something else and asked, “I wonder which students were fortunate enough to be chosen by the Royal Academy”

After all, the Royal Academy was the highest-ranked educational establishment in the entire empire.

The heaven class of Brightmoon Academy was already full of geniuses, but compared to the brightest geniuses of the entire empire, they couldnt help but seem ordinary.

The number of students who were accepted into the Royal Academy never exceeded five people.

If they were unlucky, then it was entirely possible for not even a single person to make it.

“It really is quite the upsetting topic,” Jiang Luofu said.

“You guys were students that I was extremely optimistic about, students who might even have had a chance at shattering the academys records.

Unfortunately, you disappeared at the most crucial time, and then who knows where Pei Mianman went.

Something ended up happening to Zheng Dan too.

Without our best students here, we almost ended up with no good candidates this time.”

Chu Chuyan said apologetically, “Its my fault.

I ended up disturbing the academys affairs because of my own situation.”

Jiang Luofu sighed.

“You dont need to blame yourself too much.

I know its not your fault.

Thankfully, three people passed.

You guys are familiar with two of them, and they even followed me here to visit you.”

“Who are they” Chu Chuyan asked curiously.

After all, in the capital, they couldnt help but feel like outsiders.

Brightmoon City was their real home.

“You guys should come out.” Jiang Luofu waved toward the carriage.

“Principal, youre really no fun.

I was waiting to see if brother Zu could guess who we were,” came a voice.

The doors opened, and an attractive man and woman walked out.

Murong Qinghes eyes widened in shock.

She looked at the man, and then looked at Chu Youzhao next to her. Theres actually another man as handsome and pretty as my big brother Chu Hmph! I think my big brother Chu is still a bit more handsome!

Piao Duandiao and the other imperial guards sneered internally. A pretty boy who\'s worthless otherwise!

However, their eyes were drawn to the girl at his side.

Her demeanor was different from Chu Chuyans quiet and exquisite style, as well as from Jiang Luofus glamorous bearing.

This woman had an educated and distinguished aura that made one unable to help but feel closer to her.

They thought to themselves that even though the government brothels girls were all proficient in various skills, they all seemed to lack the qualities of a truly talented girl.

They also lacked the sort of softness that lay between this girls brows.

The young lady first nodded in greeting to Chu Chuyan.

“Chu First Miss.” Then, when she looked at Zu An, she smiled faintly.

“Young master Zu.”

All of the guards expressions grew strange. Does this woman have something to do with our big bro Zu too! Heavens, big bro, we know youre amazing, but theres no need to take all of these incredible beauties, right Can you leave something behind for the rest of us

Of course, the thought passed by in a flash.

They knew fully well that these girls would never have anything to do with them.

It was still those government brothel girls who were more realistic goals.

Those were girls they could see and touch.

The guards could no longer endure these mental blows.

They bid their farewells one after another and headed toward the government brothel with lowered heads.

Zu An chuckled.

“Brother Xie, Lady Xie, it really is touching for people of the same hometown to meet.

Come, lets all come together for a group hug!” he exclaimed, walking over with his arms spread.

Xie Daoyun scoffed, looking away to hide her blush.

For the sake of protecting his sister, Xie Xiu could only brace himself and walk forward to hug Zu An.

“Brother Zu is still as enthusiastic as before, haha.”

At the same time, Xie Xiu was conflicted inside. This guy isnt gay, right He was quite the attractive man.

Hed had a few run-ins of that sort over the years, making him hate physical contact with other men.

Zu An hadnt really been aiming for him, however.

Both of them felt a bit awkward and tacitly agreed to separate.

He commented, “I have a whole new level of respect for brother Xie.

You actually managed to get into the Royal Academy!”

Even though Xie Xiu wasnt bad, his specialty had never been cultivation.

He wasnt a top student in Brightmoon Academy.

Meanwhile, even though Xie Daoyun wasnt good at cultivation, she was excellent in other areas.

Wasnt Xie Xius forte just chasing after girls There was no way that was the Royal Academys basis for recruiting him, right

“Big sister got in on her own.

I only made it here through my fathers connections, haha,” Xie Xiu explained without holding back anything.

“Your familys strength is also part of your own; theres no need for brother Xie to be like this.” Zu An gave the quiet young lady to the side a surprised look.

“So Lady Xie was actually hiding your strength all this time”

Xie Daoyun blushed.

“I merely applied as a Rune Master.

I didnt enter through traditional means of cultivation.”

Zu An praised her, “But a Rune Master is extremely formidable! Regardless of whether its weapons, building defenses, or army formations, they can be far more useful than a single cultivator.

If theres a chance in the future, Ill need to learn well from Miss Xie.”

Xie Daoyun subconsciously glanced at Chu Chuyan and said quietly, “I wouldnt dare take that position.

It would be best if we could all learn from each other.”

Jiang Luofu finally couldnt take it anymore.

She stood between the two of them.

“What do you meanlearn from her Even Im a bit embarrassed exposing you.

Also, Xie Xiu, why are you always like this That girl is the Murong clans young miss, okay Thats not someone you should be messing around with.”

It turned out that by this time, Xie Xiu had already rushed over to Murong Qinghes side to start something, while Chu Youzhao angrily protected her friend.

Zu An chuckled.

His little sister-in-law was also a girl, and yet she was this controlling towards Murong Qinghe Dont tell me you really developed some feelings Tsk tsk.

Even though I dont mind some girl on girl action, isnt that taboo in this world


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