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The others, who were standing by the entrance, were stunned.

“Its over, just like that”

Murong Tong was the most nervous.

He quickly stepped out in front of the elder and asked, “Sir Libationer, youve already finished your interrogation”

“Yes.” The libationer seemed to treasure words like gold.

Murong Tong really was panicking now.

“But isnt this a bit too careless Shouldnt you ask things in more detail”

The libationer gave him an indifferent look.

“Are you trying to teach me how to do things”

Murong Tong immediately felt his entire body go ice-cold, to the extent where he found it a bit hard to breathe.

He shivered and immediately apologized, “I wouldnt dare!”

Jiang Boyang also spoke out in his place.

“Sir Libationer, please dont mind.

His nature is a bit too straightforward.”

The libationer nodded and said, “I have already asked everything I need to ask.

He is innocent.

Just release him.” He didnt wait for these people to say anything else and stepped out.

His figure gradually disappeared into the distance.

Zu An was incredibly shocked.

He hadnt used the I Have a Friend skill just now, because the question the other party had asked was extremely strange.

The libationer hadnt asked if he was with the crown princess that day, nor had he asked if they had removed their clothes.

Instead, he had asked an ambiguous question.

‘Are you and the crown princess innocent

Even though most people wouldnt find this question that strange, as someone who was directly involved, he understood what had happened.

Everyones feelings toward innocence were different.

Others might think that being with the crown princess without clothes on, or even touching one another a bit, would make one guilty.

But as a transmigrator, Zu An thought it was normal for guys and girls to touch each other.

Only if they got to third base would he really consider himself guilty.

That was why he hadnt needed his new skill at all when facing this question.

Furthermore, the other party hadnt continued to ask anything else.

If it had been just an ordinary person asking, he might have wondered if the other party was truly a professional, or if this was just a moment of negligence.

However, this was the libationer! He was the third most powerful cultivator in the entire court.

His status was extraordinary.

Why would someone like that make such a low-level mistake

This Sir Libationer was secretly helping me! But why would he help me Zu An thought to himself.

He was sure that he had never seen this person before.

It was to the extent where he had only heard of this person in the past few days.

There was no reason for such a person to help a nobody like him, right Could it be that Im overthinking things, that all of this is just a coincidence He was internally conflicted.

However, just then, Guo Zhi ran over with a smile and said, “Now that those sirs are reporting to the emperor about Sir Libationers decision, I believe brother Zu will be free soon.

Let me offer my congratulations ahead of time!”

Zu An smiled as well.

“Thank you, brother Guo, for your care these past few days.

Otherwise, I mightve really been put in a hard spot.”

Guo Zhi was the one who became a bit embarrassed instead.

“My brother, youre being too polite! I really almost harmed you this time… I still feel quite guilty about that.” 

Zu An said, “It was something hard to prevent.

By the way, did you find the one who did that”

Guo Zhi replied, “I found him, but he had already ended his own life by then.

We werent able to find out much about him either, so this is still an unresolved case.”

“So thats what happened…” Zu An thought to himself.

A while later, someone came over to inform Zu An that he was being released.

He left the gloomy and cold prison, and the sudden sunlight was a bit hard for him to adjust to.

He thought, Sigh, I was such a good citizen in my past world.

How many times have I been locked up already in this one

“Big bro Zu!” Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun arrived with some other guards, bearing big smiles on their faces.

“We came here to welcome you back when we heard the news of your release!”

Zu A felt warm inside.

“You guys dont have work today” he asked.

“The crown princess gave us a day off,” Jiao Sigun replied.

Zu An was stunned.

He realized that sending them here to welcome him was probably the crown princess idea.

After experiencing such an ordeal, she couldnt really come herself, so she had done this instead. That girl still has some conscience.

I didnt save her for nothing after all.

Piao Duandiao moved over and winked at him.

“Brother Zu, shall we make a trip to the government brothel You should vent out all of your frustrations on those cute sisters.” Ever since he had heard Zu An use the phrasecute sis, he had begun to use it quite often himself.

Zu An couldnt help but laugh.

This fellows surname really suited him.

He had an exceptionally strong attachment to such a thing.[1]

They headed toward the palace entrance.

Zu An found a chance to quietly ask, “Has Sir Libationer visited the eastern palace”

Piao Duandiao shook his head.

“He didnt.”

Zu An sighed in relief.

To be honest, he had been worried about the crown princess side the most.

Since the libationer hadnt questioned her, then with her wits, this opportunity would surely be enough for her to deal with the rest of the trouble.

“How is the crown princess doing these days” Zu An asked.

Piao Duandiao chuckled.

“Its only because I know you that I wouldnt think anything strange.

Anyone else might have other thoughts.”

Jiao Sigun retorted, “You dont know **.

Big bro Zu is merely asking this out of loyalty.

Its your mind thats dirty.

I definitely wouldnt have thought those weird things.”

Piao Duandiao was already used to Jiao Siguns bickering and didnt feel like commenting.

He continued, “Dont worry, the crown princess has remained inside the entire time, so there havent been any problems.

Still, I can tell her mood isnt too good.”

Zu An thought to himself that it would be weirder for the crown princess mood to be good after this type of thing had happened.

They all left the palace gates happily.

They began to chat about what kind of girl they would go after once they arrived at the government brothel.

Qiu Honglei and Yun Jianyue had left, so Zu An wasnt really in the mood to go there anymore.

No matter how amazing those courtesan queens were, they were far inferior to the girls at his side.

Still, he couldnt really refuse these peoples enthusiasm.

Suddenly, a guard said, “Wow, theres an incredible beauty over there!”

“Be careful, anyone who can wait near the palace gates definitely isnt an ordinary person.”

“I wonder which sirs wife that is.

Tsk, that person really is lucky.”

When he heard their comments, Zu An turned to look in that direction out of curiosity.

He then saw a familiar face.

“Ah Zu!” An icy blue figure rushed over and leapt into Zu Ans embrace under the shocked gazes of all of the imperial guards.

The guards gulped.

It turned out the husband they were so jealous of had actually been right there with them all this time!

“Chuyan, why are you here” Zu An asked, surprised and happy.

Chu Chuyans face was a bit red.

She had been so excited that she lost her bearing.

Now, she noticed that there were many eyes looking at her.

She quickly took a step back and withdrew from his embrace.

“I received news that the Libationer would personally interrogate you, so I waited for the results by the gates.

Then, sure enough, you were released.

Huh, who are they”

Zu An replied, “Theyre my friends, colleagues from the eastern palace.

This is my wife, everyone.”

Chu Chuyans face immediately turned red when she heard the word wife.

After all, her marriage to Zu An had already been annulled by the Chu clan.

Now that she heard Zu An continue to call her his wife, her usually cold face revealed a stunning smile.

“Hello, everyone.

May I ask where all of you are going”

This gorgeous scene that was like the first budding of spring made the guards feel their souls going limp.

When had they ever met such a beautiful woman before

Even though the crown princess was beautiful, she was always stern and dignified.

The other concubines were also of high status.

None of them would smile so warmly toward them like Chu Chuyan.

When Piao Duandiao and the others snapped out of their daze, they said, “We greet the lady.

We were… just escorting big bro Zu out.” How could they say that they were going to take Zu An to a brothel to his wifes face

Chu Chuyan smiled.

“Ive troubled everyone.

Ive prepared a bit of wine back home.

Why dont all of you come with us”

“Theres no need, theres no need.

We still have business to take care of,” Piao Duandiao and the others quickly said.

How could they interfere in this two-person world of romance It was best if they didnt disturb the couple.

Furthermore, they had a day off, so they should obviously spend that time in the government brothel.

Just then, Chu Youzhao ran over as well.

She exclaimed with a sweet smile, “Brother-in-law!”

Murong Qinghe came over with her and subconsciously began, “Brother-...

Ahem, hello, Sir Zu.” She almost blurted outbrother-in-law too.

Her face turned red from embarrassment.

All of the guards were stunned.

Big bro Zu, your brother-in-law is prettier than a girl!

Also, that little beauty over there seems to be the Murong Clans young miss Look at how shy she seems.

Does she like big bro as well But shes the dignified young lady of the Murong clan! Is she going to become a concubine

Big bro is our big bro after all.

Youre the model for all of us to strive after.

Just then, a carriage slowly stopped nearby.

A pair of perfect legs emerged first.

Piao Duandiao and the others immediately began breathing hurriedly


The characterPiao can meanplain and simple.


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