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Zu An had a bit of a headache.

What the hell is wrong with this crown princess Why does she always pop up out of nowhere

This was going to be annoying.

Even though there was nothing strange about Yun Jianyue from the outside, the crown princess was already quite familiar with Golden Token Eleven.

Shell immediately notice that something is strange as soon as they talk.

“We greet the crown princess!” The guards near this gate all greeted her respectfully.

The crown princess nodded in acknowledgement, her bearing elegant.

Anyone who saw her right now would praise her for her etiquette, thinking that she was destined to become the empress of this world.

She waved her hands, indicating for her subordinates to leave.

Then, she walked up to Yun Jianyue and said, “Sir Eleven, I didnt expect you to meet you here.”

Yun Jianyue voiced her acknowledgement.

She obviously knew that she would be exposed as soon as she spoke.

She clearly heard how this crown princess acted when she was chatting with Golden Token Eleven outside the courtyard before.

She seemed to care a lot about him after he saved her last time.

She suddenly thought of something.

Should she use this chance to seize her, or even capture her

The two of them were this close.

She didnt even need to use grandmaster level strength.

But she threw out that thought immediately afterwards.

Not only was killing the crown princess alone meaningless, even if it had any significance, it would place Zu An in danger.

The other party helped her out so much, so how could she repay her benefactor like this

The crown princess didnt seem to mind thisaloof attitude Golden Token Eleven showed that much.

On the contrary, there was a faint smile on her face.

“Sir Eleven, were you satisfied with the gift I gave you last time If you need anything else, please let me know.”

Yun Jianyue was speechless.

Didnt everyone say that the crown princess was proud and cold Why was she so talkative today

Fortunately, the crown princess continued without waiting for her to reply.

“By the way, I heard that Concubine Bai invited Sir Eleven for a meeting as well.

I wonder what kind of things she gave you What is Sir Elevens opinion of her”

The nearby maid Rong Mo looked at her master with a strange look.

The crown princess never acted like this normally! She was always cold and aloof.

This made many people even feel that she was a bit too fierce.

Normally, if anyone else dared to act lovey-dovey like this, the crown princess would already be furious.

However today, not only did she not get angry, she was full of smiles.

She was also much more talkative than usual.

Did she really have some other thoughts towards Sir Eleven

She was frightened as soon as this thought appeared in her mind.

She immediately told herself that this was absolute nonsense.

As the crown princess maid, she knew the crown princess temperament.

She would never do something that would disgrace her clan.

Furthermore, the crown princess was a strong and ambitious woman.

What she needed was authority.

This was something only the crown prince and her current identity could give her.

She definitely would not act recklessly.

Shes definitely just grateful that Sir Eleven saved her.

When she remembered the situation they were in, and then how Golden Token Eleven seemed to have descended from the heavens itself, Rong Mo nodded to herself.

Putting everything else aside, Sir Eleven really was quite handsome back then.

Yun Jianyue looked at the smiling crown princess in front of her.

She had an ambiguous smile on her face.

As a woman, she could clearly sense the good intentions the crown princess had towards Zu An.

She didnt expect Honglei to have this type of rival in love…

Pah! When did I agree to Honglei and his affair

Honglei cant even sleep with him, so its better to get the pain over with quickly and use this as a chance to end her feelings so it doesnt end up affecting her cultivation.

Ill just find another way to make it up to Zu An for what he did for the Holy Sect.

Though I have to say… this kid really must be the reincarnation of some crazy playboy.

Just how many days has it been since he entered the palace, yet the crown princess is already crazy about him

No wonder the disciple I raised with so much care was done in by this brat too.

While her thoughts were all over the place, the crown princess who didnt receive any reply for a long time was finally a bit confused.

“Sir Eleven, why arent you saying anything”

Yun Jianyue began to panic.

She sensed that the mysterious pursuer was nearby.

Once she said something, Zu An would be in danger.

Zu Ans voice sounded by her ear through voice transmission at this time.

“Dont worry, leave it to me.”

Immediately afterwards, he said to the crown princess, “Crown princess, please forgive me.

Concubine Bais status is special, so it isnt someone a mere subject like me can talk about.”

Yun Jianyue was wearing a mask.

The crown princess cultivation wasnt high enough, so she couldnt tell who it was that was sending the voice transmission.

“Her status is special” The crown princess sneered, clearly a bit unsatisfied when she heard this.

“That woman might not be good at anything else, but she really is pretty good at putting on that pitiful act.”

Yun Jianyue was shocked, because this was a voice transmission.

She didnt know what Zu An was saying.

From what the crown princess was saying, was she talking about Concubine Bai

But the crown princess quickly reacted and said apologetically, “I apologize, I lost my composure for a moment.

Ive let Sir Eleven see a poor side of me.”

Yun Jianyue shook her head, indicating that it was fine.

Zu An thought to himself that the crown princess resentment towards Concubine Bai was quite deep! Is it because she felt that by giving birth to the crown princes son, she gave her a feeling of danger

But now wasnt the time to worry about these things.

He was worried that Yun Jianyue would eventually be exposed if they continued to chat like this, so he decided to just go on the offensive.

“The crown princess does not need to worry about my opinion of Concubine Bai.

Could it be that you are jealous”

The crown princess face immediately turned entirely red.

She gave Yun Jianyue a fierce look.


She stormed off with a huff.

But from how she was leaving in such a hurry, it looked more like she was skipping.

Rong Mo and the others were shocked when they saw this and quickly rushed over.

They wanted to ask about what happened, yet the crown princess didnt say a single word, so they didnt dare to ask anything.

They could only quickly follow behind her.

Yun Jianyue had a strange expression on her face.

Why did the crown princess look like she pretended to be displeased

She couldnt help but ask Zu An, “What did you just tell her”

Zu An harrumphed in annoyance.

“Hurry up and use this chance to leave.

Is now the time for gossip”

Yun Jianyues face heated up.

She also felt like her behavior was a bit inexcusable.

She voiced her agreement and left.

Her voice was transmitted back soon afterwards.

“That person seems to have followed me out of the palace.”

Zu An was stunned.

“I didnt see anyone else leave the palace”

He was paying close attention to the situation the entire time.

Apart from Yun Jianyue, there was no one else who passed by the palace gate.

Yun Jianyue remained silent for a moment, and then she said, “I know what it is now.

There are some clans with special hiding abilities, for example, the dark elves who can move through shadows.

This individual is probably using something similar.”

Zu An said with worry, “Then Ill come out and help you!”

“Theres no need.

Ill find a chance to get rid of him when there is a chance once I get out of here.” Yun Jianyue was back to her domineering sect master self.

“Then you have to be careful!” Zu An thought to himself that this made sense.

Once she left the palace, she didnt have to be so worried about the emperors divine will.

Dealing with a hidden assassin wasnt too difficult.

If he went out, it would instead easily expose his connection with Golden Token Eleven.

Zu An returned to the eastern palace to report to the crown princess after leaving the gate.

When he walked towards the eastern palace gate, he saw that the crown prince was playing go with some lesser eunuchs.

Little He and Little Xu looked absolutely miserable.

They were being abused by the big fatty right now.

The crown prince was extremely happy when he saw Zu An come over.

“Come here, come here! These dummies dont even know how to play go.”

Little He and Little Xu both cursed inside. Like hell well know how to play! If we knew, why would we become eunuchs

In this age, go was a game of class.

It was something only nobles and wealthy families knew.

“Go” Zu An gave him a confused look.

Is this fellas intelligence great enough to play such a complicated game

I cant even play well with my smarts.

“The crown prince knows how to play go” He couldnt help but ask.

The fattys face fell.

“Thats why I want you to teach me! Whatever, if you dont teach me, then Im going to have them send you to the castration room.”

Zu An: “......”

This damn fatty really was annoying sometimes!

The eunuchs gave him a look of sympathy.

They had no idea what was up with the crown prince so suddenly today.

He suddenly insisted on learning how to play go! Forget about them knowing how to play, even if they did know, teaching this crown prince would be an impossible task.

The crown prince gave Zu An a look.

“What are you staring blankly for Do you not know”

Zu An coughed and said, “Isnt it just go This is but a simple matter.”


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