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When he saw Concubine Bai look like she was almost worried to tears, Zu An felt like any mans heart would melt in his situation.

Isnt this girl showing green tea bitch flags But guys really do fall for this stuff huh…

He quickly consoled her, “Concubine Bai, do not worry.

Even though that female assassins has not been captured, his majesty has already wounded her seriously.

Even if she isnt dead, she is already crippled badly.

How could she still stir up trouble in her situation”

“His majesty is indeed number one after all.” Concubine Bai muttered to herself, her expression in a bit of a daze.

Zu An continued, “Furthermore, Sir Zhuxie has already launched a full force investigation for her arrest.

That female assassin is busy hiding herself.

How can she dare stir up trouble in the palace”

Either way, big sis sect master couldnt hear him right now anyway.

It was probably okay to say these things.

Concubine Bai smiled and said, “Thank you Sir Eleven for consoling me.

I feel much better now.”

The sound of an infant crying sounded at this time.

Concubine Bai quickly got up.

“I apologize, but the imperial grandson might be hungry.

Im going to take a look.”

Zu An subconsciously glanced at her large breasts. Arent there specialized wet nurses in the palace Why does the concubine need to feed him herself

Concubine Bais face reddened when she noticed his expression.

There was also a bit of bashfulness.

“Then I will take my leave now too.” Zu An quickly got up.

Concubine Bai said, “I will have the maids and eunuchs deliver these goods to your courtyard.” After saying this, her beautiful figure quickly left.

Then, the maid who brought him here led a group of eunuchs carrying several chests to Zu Ans residence.

“What is pretty sis name” Zu An gave this delicate and pretty maid a look.

He didnt actually have any thoughts about her, but subconsciously wanted to get closer to the subordinates who worked under important people.

Important figures might have to appear virtuous and prestigious, but that wasnt the case for servants like them after all.

Having these people on his side would be extremely useful.

“My name is Xin Rui, Sir Eleven.” The maid replied bashfully.

“Its a good name.” Zu An smiled.

“You share your masters temperament.

No wonder Concubine Bai trusts you.”

Concubine Bai loves flowers after all, even her servants surname was related to a flower.[1]

Xin Rui replied with a quiet voice, “I do not dare to be compared with my master.”

Zu An fully exercised his smooth talk skills he obtained from his past world along the way.

Xin Rui was left shaken.

He learned quite a bit about Concubine Bai along the way as well.

She does not normally reside in the eastern palace, and she doesnt seem to be that familiar with the crown princes side.

She only resided in her private residence in the palace.

Her favourite pastime is raising all types of plants and flowers.

Regardless of whether it was the crown prince or the crown princess, neither of them visits her, and she rarely visits the two of them as well.

They seem to live completely independently.

Isnt this crown prince a willing cuckold then

Zu An began to think to himself. How can a stunning and elegant woman like Concubine Bai favor an idiot fatty like the crown prince But other than the crown prince, who else could it be

Is it really the emperor himself

Sigh, I dont have enough information at all, its hard to say…

Xin Rui left with everyone after leaving the chests behind.

Only after Zu An closed the door, did Yun Jianyue appear from her room and say with a cold expression, “You really are a playboy.

You wont even let a maid go.”

Zu Ans flirting with Xin Rui clearly didnt escape her ears.

“You understand nothing.

Danger lurks on every side in this palace, so I obviously need to be careful! I need to do my best to get more people on my side.” Zu An harrumphed and didnt want to pay her any more attention.

Yun Jianyue understood this reasoning as well, so she didnt argue any more about this subject.

She gave the contents of the chests a look and voiced her surprise.

“You really do have luck with women.

The crown princess and Concubine Bai are both so eager to send you gifts.”

“Thats merely because my identity is special.” Zu An said, “Oh, by the way, I need to make a trip outside the palace.

I cannot let Cheng Xiong continue to act against me like this.

I need to retaliate as well.”

“Alright.” Yun Jianyue nodded and didnt say much else.

She returned to the silk band and closed her eyes.

Zu An was speechless.

This girl really was getting a bit too immersed in the Xiaolongnu act.

Zu An ran into an Embroidered Envoy as soon as he walked out.

“Sir Eleven, this is the information Chief Commander Zhuxie ordered for me to deliver.”

Zu An received it and took a look.

This was a report on Cheng Xiong.

He was shocked.

“All of this was put together this quickly”

Only half a day had passed since he spoke with Zhuxie Chixin!

That Embroidered Envoy said with a smile, “The Embroidery House carries detailed information on every official, weve only had to compile some available information so far.

Sir, please take your time looking through it.

This subordinate will withdraw first.”

“Thanks!” Zu An now realized that the Embroidered Envoy were the intelligence force the emperor used to monitor all the officials.

It was completely natural for them to have these resources at their disposal.

He began to read through the information carefully.

This Cheng Xiong came from a poor upbringing and climbed up the ranks on the battlefield.

Later on he obtained the appreciation of Defense General Qin Se, which granted him rapid promotions.

Eventually, he became the Left Guard General, as well as an important member of King Qis faction.

Zu An felt a headache when he saw the name Qin Se.

He didnt expect to run into Chuyans second grandfather at the end of all of this.

As he continued to read, his brows gradually furrowed.

Once Cheng Xiong established himself from his peers, he completely forgot about his humble upbringing and instead engaged even more eagerly in corruption and abuse of the law.

There were many instances recorded in the Embroidered Envoys information where he forcefully seized the property and assets of common people.

Once, it was because he wanted another mans wife that he manipulated that clans head until they became bankrupt and homeless.

Then, he successfully obtained that mans wife.

His son Cheng Gang was also an infamous good-for-nothin in the capital.

There were quite a few instances of him oppressing the people.

Zu Ans eyelids jumped as he read through the information.

After some time, he sighed.

“Absolute filth!”

But there was one small line of red text at the very bottom.

The handwriting was gentle and reserved, giving off a type of awe-inspiring feeling.

He could tell right away that this was Zhuxie Chixins handwriting.

He wrote that these crimes are not enough to take down a high ranking Left Guard General, so he hopes Zu An does not act rashly.

Zu An frowned and quickly realized that these tyrannical actions were common among these aristocrats and high officials.

It was just like how the people of his age would often visit whorehouses and government brothels, these were all common practices.

No one would feel that it was strange.

In the eyes of the emperor and court officials, these were all harmless things.

At most, they would reprimand Cheng Xiong.

It wasnt enough to remove him from his position.

Zu An felt incredibly frustrated.

This worlds people might be used to it, but as a transmigrator, a citizen of the past world, there was no way he would share their views.

As for these commoners who became ruined and destitute, in the eyes of the nobility, it wasnt a big deal at all.

This type of wronged feeling was hard to swallow.

Zu An suddenly noticed something else.

It was mentioned that Cheng Gang recently became enamored by a courtesan queen in the government brothel.

Unlike the Immortal Abode of Brightmoon City, the government brothel was run by the state.

The women inside were all the females of ruined officials or prisoners of war.

Of course, there were some people who were roped in through normal channels, for example, a family who was too poor and had to sell off their young girl…

In general, the quality of girls in these government brothels was higher than that of civilian run ones.

The famous courtesans of history, like Dong Xiaowan, Li Xiangjun, Bian Yujun and Chen Yuanyuan all came from these types of places.

In a place like Brightmoon City, Immortal Abode was already one of the greatest brothels.

However, in the capital, the best whorehouse would always be this government brothel.

“Government brothel…” Zu An had an idea.

The information here stated that Cheng Gang was making a visit tonight.

When he left the palace, Zu An originally planned to visit Chu Chuyan and clear up the misunderstanding from this morning.

After all, she was definitely not happy about yesterdays matters.

But after thinking about it, important business came first.

Furthermore, she was probably still angry, so he should give it some time for her anger to cool off first.

Zu An arrived at the government brothel at nightfall.

There were no girls leaning over the balcony and calling out to ordinary men like in ordinary brothels.

After all, this was a government run facility.

Everyone had their pride.

The worker at the entrance noticed that his demeanor wasnt bad and was dressed properly.

He quickly smiled and greeted him.

“Young master, is there anyone you are interested in”

“Ive admired Lady Shuangyues grace for quite some time.

She is the reason for my visit today.” Zu An replied.

Lady Shuangyue was precisely the courtesan queen Cheng Gang was interested in.

He felt like this name was familiar as soon as he said it.

Where did he hear this name before

That workers expression immediately changed.

“Im sorry, young master.

Shuangyues courtyard has been reserved by someone else today.

She wont be taking any other customers.”


Rui = stamen, pistil


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