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The commissioner assistants expression changed and quickly said, “Our imperial hospital prides itself in loyally carrying out our duty.

How could we lose any medicines”

Cheng Xiong rolled his eyes inside when he heard this. These tactful phrases are useless, who knows how much your people stuffed your pockets 

This was indeed the case for many government offices, with everyone turning a blind eye.

But of course, he wasnt going to just expose them.

“Cough cough, Sir Ma must have misunderstood.

The reason I am saying this is because the palace was attacked tonight, so even many of the guards were injured.

As such, there were definitely many assassins who were injured.

Those who did not escape might come here for medicine to treat their injuries.

That is why I wanted to try to investigate from this perspective .

This way, if there were any assassins discovered to be in the palace, then your respected self would be completely free from blame.”

“The assassins today were truly vicious.

Not even our many palace guards could stop them.

That is why if they really did steal some medicine from the imperial hospital, it isnt your fault at all.” He added.

The commissioner assistant said with a sigh, “So that was what the general meant.

General Cheng, please feel at ease.

Our hospital will fully cooperate with your investigation.”

After saying this, he called over some helpers to check on the storerooms inventory.

Cheng Xiong didnt send any men over because every government office has their own secrets.

He didnt come here to investigate the imperial hospital, so he wouldnt offend the officials here for no reason.

Soon afterwards, someone returned and said, “There are no medicines missing.”

Cheng Xiong was shocked.

“You checked everything that quickly”

He was even starting to feel suspicious now.

The investigation ended way too quickly! Was there really a huge deficit inside He felt an urge to run in and check himself, because he had the pressing mission of capturing the assassins right now.

After all, now that something so major happened in the imperial palace, as the Left Guard General, he had a lot of responsibility to shoulder.

If he didnt find out any useful information soon, then his future might be done for.

The commissioner assistant explained, “Shi clans young master was wounded, and then there were a bunch of injured guards who came in afterwards.

My staff were constantly coming in and out of the storeroom.

I wouldve immediately noticed something if there really was something missing.”

Cheng Xiong was relieved when he heard this.

After thinking for a bit, he said, “Who dropped by for medicine during this time Do you have the records”

The assassins managed to break into the palace too easily, so he suspected that there were insiders inside the palace.

These spies might have helped the assassins bring out some medicine.

“Of course there are records.

These are the rules.” The commissioner assistant gestured with his hand, and then a thick book entered it.

“These are all of the medicines that have been given out from the imperial hospital during these past few days.”

Cheng Xiong hurriedly flipped through it.

However, he didnt see anything strange even after examining it for a long time.

Suddenly, his eyes landed on a record.

“Huh The crown princess requested a Five Aggregates Root”


When the general came, the crown princess had just brought it away.” The commissioner assistant replied.

Cheng Xiong grunted in acknowledgement and didnt treat this as a big deal.

He could suspect anyone, but he wouldnt dare suspect the crown princess!

Right at this time, the commissioner assistant suddenly said, “There is something quite strange.

Golden token envoy Sir Eleven also asked for this type of medicine before the crown princess came.”

“Sir Eleven” Cheng Xiong frowned.

He remembered the one he saw in the imperial study.

“What does this medicine do”

The commissioner assistant said, “It has amazing effects on nurturing the soul.

At the same time, it can treat internal injuries.

It is an incredible medicine that is hard to come by.”

Cheng Xiongs expression changed.

He remembered meeting him in the imperial study.

Back then, his gait was steady and his breathing calm.

He didnt seem wounded at all.

What did he need this medicine for then

He suddenly thought of something else.

When he was about to catch the female assassin, a mysterious person suddenly rushed out to save her.

Even though flames covered almost everything back then, he was able to see a corner of that persons clothes.

He didnt think much about this before, but now that he connected the dots, the clothing did seem a bit like an Embroidered Envoy uniform!

He could no longer sit still.

He got up and walked out while calling over his subordinates.

“Were leaving.”

When he saw them leave energetically, the corners of this commissioner assistants lips curled upwards.

However, when he noticed that other physicians were coming, his expression immediately became serious again, recovering his usual calm.

Meanwhile, after Zu An bid the crown princess farewell, he returned to his residence.

When he opened the door, he discovered that there was no one inside.

He immediately panicked.

“Big sis”

He didnt find a single person even after searching all day.

There was only a lingering fragrance here.

For some reason, he felt a bit dejected.

He sat down and said gloomily, “She didnt even leave a word before disappearing.

She has no conscience at all!”

“Who are you saying has no conscience” A teasing voice sounded from above him.

Zu An raised his head with pleasant surprise.

He saw that a beautiful woman was currently leaning against a beam, her long hair falling downwards.

Her posture seemed comfortable and carefree.

He had to admit that this woman really was blessed by the heavens.

Every little movement she made was stunning.

“Why did you go up there” Zu An was gloomy.

“Why didnt you reply when I called out to you”

“You brought back Zhuxie Chixin after leaving for just a short while last time, who knows who youll be bringing back this time Its obvious I should be hiding myself.” Yun Jianyue jumped down from the beam, her movements light like a feather.

“As for why I didnt reply, I merely wanted to see your reaction.”

“Then was my reaction satisfactory, miss sect master” Zu An harrumphed.

Yun Jianyue smiled.

“My mood improved greatly when I saw tears almost appear in your eyes.”

Zu An: “......”

“Isnt your ego a bit too high I would look for a kitten or puppy I raised if they suddenly went missing too, let alone a person.”

It was now the time for Yun Jianyues smile to freeze.

A while later, she harrumphed and said, “Your mouth is pretty skilled.”

“Oh How did you know” Zu An widened his eyes.

Yun Jianyue subconsciously took a step back.

She just felt like his words were strange for some reason.

“Did you get the medicine” She felt a bit uncomfortable and changed the topic.


Five Aggregates Root.

However, I dont want to give it to you anymore.” Zu An brought out the jade case and dangled it in front of her.

Then, he returned it into his robes.

Yun Jianyue gave him an impatient look.

“Has anyone ever told you that you really need a good spanking”

Zu An harrumphed.

“If you want the Five Aggregates Root, then beg me for it.”

Yun Jianyues expression immediately became extremely dangerous.

Before she even said anything, Zu Ans expression changed.

“What is it” Yun Jianyue sensed that something was off and asked.

Zu An said, “There is a large group of troops heading our way.

The leader is… huh The Left Guard General Cheng Xiong!”

He became more careful ever since he was almost caught by Zhuxie Chixin last time.

As such, he always used the jade badge to control the nearby little creatures.

This way, he would always know before danger showed up ahead of time.

“Youre sure that they are coming for us” Yun Jianyue said.

They were looking everywhere for the assassins in the palace after all.

It was normal for guards to be passing by this area.

Zu An nodded.

“Theyve already surrounded the courtyard.”

“Did they discover me But they shouldnt have been able to.” Yun Jianyue was a bit confused.

Zu An said, “Theyre probably here for me.

Someone became suspicious after I picked up the medicine from the hospital.

Right at this time, a knocking sounded from outside.

“Inspection, please open the door!”

Zu An immediately thought of something.

He pretended to be weak and said, “Im treating my injuries right now.

Whats the issue”

The guard outside said, “Assassins stormed the palace and alarmed the empress and crown prince.

For the security of everyone in the palace, we are inspecting everywhere in the palace to ensure that no place remains unchecked.”

Zu An said unhappily, “Are you **ing blind This is a golden token envoys residence.

Why would an assassin be hiding here Get lost!”

Yun Jianyue nodded.

This fella wasnt stupid, he knew how to use his special identity.

Cheng Xiongs voice sounded at this time.

“Sir Eleven, please excuse our rudeness.

This general shoulders his majestys mission to find the surviving assassins.

As such, every residence must be inspected.

We are not targeting you alone.

Even Chief Commander Zhuxie Chixin has agreed to have his courtyard searched, so I must trouble Sir Eleven for your cooperation.”

Zu An remained silent for a moment.

Since Cheng Xiong already said this, then what other reasons could he even use to stop them Once they came in, Yun Jianyue would be exposed!


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