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The two girls were stunned when they heard what he said.

They subconsciously exchanged looks, then said, “Okay.

Ah Zu, please take care of yourself.”

Pei Mianman deliberately locked eyes with Qiu Honglei.

“Miss Qiu, youd better take care of him.

I will definitely kill you if something happens to him.”

Qiu Honglei rolled her eyes.

“Hmph, I dont even think you can defeat me.

Stop acting so smug just because youve got a big chest.”

Sang Qien, who was still nearby, couldnt help but glance at Qiu Hongleis chest. Yours isnt that small either! Why are you pretending to be jealous Annoying… How are people like me with ordinary chests supposed to feel

Pei Mianman snorted.

“If you have the skill, then fight me one-on-one!”

Qiu Honglei gave her injuries a look and shook her head.

She smiled ambiguously and said, “Forget it.

Youre wounded.

Besides, you wont admit defeat even if I win.

Also, someone might feel heartbroken if I end up hurting you somewhere.”

Pei Mianmans face heated up when she saw Qiu Hongleis eyes wander about Zu Ans body.

She knew what condition she was currently in, and calculated that she didnt have much of a chance of beating her.

She didnt press the issue further.

Zu An also used this chance to speak up.

“Enough, enough.

Hurry up and leave already.

Get some rest and recover properly.”

Pei Mianman grunted in acknowledgement, then left with Zheng Dan.

Many members of the Solitary Eight watched regretfully as the two girls left.

Those two women were both excellent specimens.

Letting them go really was a waste.

The Devil Sect welcomed all sorts of people, which was why they werent exactly bound by a strict moral code, especially when it came to this issue.

Given how beautiful Pei Mianman and Zheng Dan were, it was inevitable that some of the members would have impure thoughts.

Under different circumstances, they would have tried to seize those two girls in secret and enjoy themselves for a while.

Unfortunately, the sect master had given them an important mission, and there were eyes everywhere, so none of them dared to take the risk.

The lightning cultivator snorted in dissatisfaction when she saw her companions\' expressions.

She cursed those women for being so flirtatious and feminine.

To her, letting them go was a perfectly reasonable choice.

After the two girls had left, Qiu Honglei looked back at Zu An.


The lightning cultivator took out some chains to bind Zu An.

Zu An frowned.

“Isnt this a recruitment Is this how your sect treats your guests”

Qiu Honglei stopped the lightning cultivator.

“Young master Zu is the sect masters guest, and he has chosen to stay behind on his own.

There is no need to bind him.”

The lightning cultivator frowned.

“What if he tries to run”

Qiu Honglei looked at Zu An.

“I dont believe Ah Zu would cause me any trouble.”

Her large eyes were so beautiful, it was inconceivable that any man could bear to hurt or disappoint her.

However, Zu An was already used to being around all sorts of beauties, so his resistance to such temptations was rather high.

“That might not be so.

Thats why, if you dont want me to run, Lady Qiu has to watch me real closely.”

“Shameful!” The lightning cultivator was furious.

“The lady saint of our sect shall not be sullied by a man like you!”

You have successfully trolled Solitary Lightning for 444 Rage points!

Zu An was speechless. Just who was it that sent Qiu Honglei to the Immortal Abode There were so many people fawning over back then.

Why didnt I see you tearing that place down with your hammer

Qiu Honglei smiled and said, “Solitary Lightning, theres no need to worry.

Zu An is my friend, and he likes to joke around.

There is no need to take his words seriously.”

The other Solitary Eight members had thoughtful looks on their faces as they listened to their lady saint defend Zu An over and over again.

Who knew how many admirers Qiu Honglei had back in the sect! Many of the higher-ups had publicly declared their intent to pursue her, yet no one had ever managed to get so close to her.

Furthermore, given her special status, even those big shots didnt dare to go too far.

That was why she had always seemed like an unattainable treasure in everyones eyes.

But now, this random brat had appeared, and seemed so close to her! If news of this got back, even if the sect master didnt choose to kill him to safeguard the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, the lady saints endless pursuers definitely would!

Qiu Honglei said to Zu An, “Ah Zu, is this enough to make you feel at ease”

Zu An gave her a look that was full of emotion.

“Honglei, youre really too good to me! I dont know how to repay you.

How about I offer you my body…”

“Ahem ahem…” Qiu Honglei knew of his special traits, and quickly cut him off.

“Enough, enough, its time to set off! Lets return to the sect as soon as possible.”

Zu An chuckled and asked in passing, “Honglei, is your sect master male or female Is there anything he is fond of Or anything he dislikes How many meals does he eat every day…”

Qiu Honglei felt a growing headache.

“Why are you asking about all that”

“I dont want to accidentally piss him off and lose my head over it! If possible, Id also like to prepare some gifts to get closer to him.” Zu An said all this as if it was only right, and to be expected.

Qiu Honglei snorted and said, “Obediently handing over the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra would be the best present of all.”

“Of course,” Zu An agreed, “but I am also hoping that your sect master is female.

Ive always been a ladies man, you see.

If your sect master is a guy, he might feel jealous and hate me.”

Qiu Honglei was momentarily speechless. 

Even the Solitary Eight couldnt believe what they were hearing.

This fellas shamelessness far exceeded their expectations!

The lightning cultivator sniffed disdainfully.

“Then why is it that I dont like you, and why do I get annoyed whenever I see a smooth-talker like you”

Zu An glanced at her body, which looked like it had been forged out of iron, and took in her bulging muscles.

He swallowed subconsciously before replying, “Compared to ordinary women, you are a little… different.”

The lightning cultivator was furious.

“What did you say!”

You have successfully trolled Solitary Lightning for 999 Rage points!

The thing she hated most of all was being seen by men in this way.

Zu An pivoted smoothly.

“Im saying that youre a heroine among women! Youre surely the idol of valiant and unrivaled heroes, not irresponsible kids like me.”

“Thats more like it!” The lightning cultivator said with a huff.

A proud smile appeared on her face, as if she were daydreaming about her invincible and heroic sweetheart.

The others all felt their insides churning, but none of them dared to show even the smallest hint of what they thought.

They were clearly well-acquainted with her fiery temper.

When Qiu Hongleis party had left, Pei Mianman and Zheng Dan discussed how they were going to rescue Zu An.

Sang Qian wasnt far away.

When he saw them, he ran over.

“Are you two okay”

Pei Mianman rolled her eyes.

He was the last person she wanted to entertain right now.

Meanwhile, Zheng Dan felt like he was still her husband, although in name only, and ignoring him seemed a little inappropriate.

However, she wasnt really in the mood to speak to him either, especially when she recalled how hed kept trying to harm Zu An over and over.

Sang Qian was ashamed and angry at being given the cold shoulder.

Fortunately, Sang Qien arrived with her father at this moment, saving him from further embarrassment.

“Lady Pei, sister-in-law, are you two discussing how to rescue Zu An” Sang Qien asked.

Clearly, now that they had spent so much time together, Pei Mianmans identity wasnt a secret anymore.


Young miss Sang, Ive heard that youre quite resourceful.

Do you have any suggestions” They had fought side by side earlier, so Pei Mianman had a different attitude towards Sang Qien.

“We could contact the local officials and inform King Liang.

They would surely step in to seize Zu An back,” Sang Qien said.

Pei Mianman shook her head.

“That wont do.

That would be rescuing him from a wolfs den just to throw him into a tigers cave.”

Even though Zu An had already told her that he had a plan for what to do in the capital, it was truly difficult for her to imagine what he could possibly do against the unrivaled emperor.

That was why she wasnt willing to see him fall into King Liangs hands again.

Sang Qien stayed quiet for a moment, then said, “In that case, we can only save him ourselves.

I have some subordinates with me, and our original plan was to set up an ambush in a nearby inn.

However, I found out that someone had sent assassins after my father, so I had to move out on my own.

I had assumed that those previous arrangements would be wasted, but now, it seems like those men are in the perfect spot to rescue Zu An.”

“Sis!” Sang Qian was unhappy.

He was really hoping that Zu An would die.

He had absolutely no desire to rescue Zu An.

Sang Hong sent him a voice transmission.

“Qianer, we are still criminals.

If we can save Zu An, we can absolve ourselves of this crime.

The emperor will be delighted to know what we have done, and he might even erase our crimes.”

With this explanation, Sang Qian finally understood what was at stake.

He replied with a grunt, but his heart was still filled with a sense of injustice.

Zheng Dan couldnt help but say, “Those fiends from the Devil Sect are all really strong.

Will we be able to defeat them”

Sang Qien smiled.

“Sister-in-law, there are many matters in this world that can be taken care of without using force, but wit.”


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