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After searching the bed, Zu An turned his attention to the drawers by the side.

He went over to open one of them, and he found that they were filled with beautiful dresses.

Each of these dresses was made with incredibly smooth and comfortable material, and the embroidery was delicate too.

He moved on to open the second drawer—dresses.

The third drawer—still dresses…

All of the eight drawers were filled with all sorts of beautiful clothes, leaving Zu An slack-jawed.

Women sure have a lot of clothes.

There was finally something different in the ninth drawer, but the contents of which made Zu Ans face redden.

As it turned out, they were all undergarments placed neatly in a stack.

Zu An sneakily scanned his surroundings before taking one out and stuffing it into his chest.

“She has so many of it anyway.

She probably wont notice it even if one of them goes missing.”

Just to clarify, even Zu An looked down on himself a little for doing this.

He had such a beautiful wife but he was unable to touch him, and in the end, he could only resort to stealing her undergarments.

To make things worse, after grabbing the undergarment, he realized that he couldnt use them given the current condition of his body!

“Damn it!” Zu An complained as he prepared to put the undergarment back into the drawer.

However, a thought suddenly came into his mind then.

Wait a moment, cant I just pass this over to Ji Dengtu to complete my task I reckon that he wont be able to tell whose it is anyway!

But again, he felt a little uncomfortable since this was his wifes undergarment, even if the two of them were only related in name.

It didnt take a genius to figure out just what that perverted middle-aged man was going to do with it.

“Forget it! Ill just randomly buy a new set of undergarments from a shop and give it to him,” Zu An murmured to himself.

But then, he immediately realized that none of those four women whom Ji Dengtu mentioned were ordinary people.

If he were to buy a low-quality one off the streets, he would surely be able to see through his lie right away.

“Ill just use Snows one then!” Zu An recalled how Snow, despite being a maidservant, was fairly well-dressed.

In fact, if no one were to say it aloud, most people would probably mistake her as a young miss of a distinguished clan.

That lass tried to kill me anyway.

I dont feel any guilt using her clothes to accomplish my task.

Having made up his mind, Zu An immediately began searching through the adjacent Snows room.

Snows room was extremely clean.

It was still possible to find romance novels hidden in Chu Chuyans room, but when it came to Snows, other than a couple of melon seeds lying here and there, there was nothing that hinted at her interests or preferences.

“Is that lass really that innocent, or is she simply that good at concealing her true nature” Zu An wondered.

He was planning to use her personal possessions to deduce some information on her, but he found himself not knowing where to start.

All of a sudden, he caught sight of a slight noise coming from outside, and he leaped in fright.

Could it be that Chu Chuyan has decided to return in advance This wont do.

I cant let her find out that I have snuck in here, especially not with the incriminating evidence on me.

Otherwise, I wont be able to wash my reputation clean even if I were to leap into the Yellow River!

So, Zu An immediately hid behind the screens behind and held his breath.

Through the slight crack between the screens, he was able to catch a slight glimpse of the view in the room.

A black-clothed figure snuck in and began searching around Chu Chuyans room.

“A woman” Even though the black-clothed figure had concealed her face, her alluring figure and relatively smaller physique made it highly likely that she wasnt a man.

Or rather, there was no way she could have been a man.

It was impossible for any man to train his pectoral muscles to such a massive size.

This woman took her time searching the room, but she was unable to find anything worthy of note.

She stood in the middle of the room and muttered to herself, “It isnt here either Where could she be hiding it then”

“Hm” Zu An was alarmed.

The womans voice was astonishingly familiar to him.

It was the close friend of Chu Chuyan whom he had met back at the ancestral hall—Pei Mianman.

“Who is it!” The woman immediately turned her head in his direction.

Zu An was a little flustered.

The momentary fluctuation in his emotions earlier had caused his heartbeat to hasten a little, which caught the womans attention.

Before he could make his escape, the screens were already shredded into pieces, and the woman was rushing right toward him with a palm strike.

Had it been on any other day, Zu An would surely compliment her fair and smooth hand, but there was no way he was in the mood to do so right now.

Goosebumps had risen all over his body, and every single cell in him was telling him that he was in great danger.

He hurled a punch over in an attempt to fend against the attack, but as soon their hands connected, he was immediately sent flying back with a spurt of blood.

One must know that he currently possessed the strength equivalent to 20 adult men after his recent breakthrough, but the might commanded in the womans fair hand far surpassed his.

Sensing the other partys killing intent, Zu An couldnt care anymore.

He began shouting out loud, “Save…”

Since the other party had snuck into Chu Chuyans room in the middle of the night dressed completely in black, it went without saying that she was trying to avoid detection.

Surely there should be plenty of experts in the dukes estate who could deal with her as long as he caught their attention!

But before Zu An could speak out loud, the other party had already flitted right up to him once more.

She struck his chest with a seemingly light palm strike that made him feel as if he was knocked down by a train, causing his voice to suddenly stop short.

Watching as Zu Ans body slumped to the ground weakly under her strike, the woman sneered coldly.

A mere second rank cultivator actually dares to exchange blows with me.

Knowing that it was impossible for him to live, she squatted down in front of him and tried to peel off his mask, wanting to know his identity.

It was then that Zu Ans eyes suddenly shot open.

While the woman was caught off guard, he immediately wrapped himself around her body and employed the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rear naked choke he had seen on the internet in his previous life.

It went without saying that a truly qualified keyboard warrior needed to have basic knowledge in all fields in order to make his words sound logical.

It was just that he lacked the physical capability to pull off whatever he knew in theory into practice.

However, now that he was stronger than ever, he was confident that he could employ those techniques even more smoothly than those UFC gold belters!

He knew very well that this womans cultivation was far higher than his, and her movements earlier were faster than what he could follow.

If she were to fight carefully, he wouldnt stand a chance at all.

His only chance at victory was to do his best to turn it into a physical brawl.

By exploiting the physical differences between a man and a woman, he might just be able to make a comeback here.

To be honest, the previous strike from that woman could have very well taken his life had he not decisively taken out the Heiress Ball of Delights in time.

He was hoping that the item, as depicted in the description, would keep his health bar hanging even if it was already down to the last drop.

It was also with this item that he dared to buck up his courage and fight back.

On the other hand, the woman didnt expect such a change in the situation.

She used her elbow to strike his body again and again, hoping that he would loosen his grip.

Yet, the latter wasnt budging at all.

The other party had wrapped his body around her tightly.

Her legs were intertwined and spread open by his, and her breasts were being molded into all sorts of shapes under the pressure of his elbows.

She had never been taken advantage by a man all her life, let alone being placed in such a humiliating position.

There was no way she could possibly take this lying!

You have successfully trolled Pei Mianman for 999 Rage!

So, she decided not to hold back anymore and use her killing moves on him.

To her dismay, however, the other party was using an extremely bizarre position to pin her down, making it difficult for her to land any effective blows on him.

She tried using her flexible body to escape from the other partys grip.

At this point in time, she was already exploding with rage.

She swore to herself that if she could break free of this fellows grip, she would definitely grind every last bit of his bone into dust!

You have successfully trolled Pei Mianman for 999 Rage!

Meanwhile, Zu An couldnt be bothered to check his Rage points anymore.

He was completely focused on holding the woman down.

He knew that it would be disastrous for him if she were to break free of his grip.

For some reason, he felt like his strength had grown considerably greater than before.

From their earlier clashes, it was apparent that the woman was much stronger than him.

Given so, it should have been very difficult for him to hold her down in place.

Yet, even though he was in a difficult position, he was still successfully locking her down with the rear naked choke.

Pei Mianman herself had also noticed the anomaly too.

No matter how she struggled and fought back, the other party simply wouldnt let her go.

In fact, it felt like his grip was growing stronger with each blow she landed on him.

As it turned out, Old Mi had neglected to inform Zu An that the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, other than the practitioner being able to raise his cultivation level by getting beaten up, had the mystical effect of increasing the stats of the practitioner proportionate to the severity of his injuries.

The closer the practitioner was to death, the greater his fighting prowess would be.

Of course, under normal circumstances, a human would grow weaker along with his injuries, resulting in a drastic reduction in his stats.

On top of that, being on the verge of death was an extremely dangerous condition to be in.

It would take just one more strike to be K.O-ed.

For that reason, the Phoenix Nirvana Sutras enhancement in strength wasnt as powerful as it sounded in theory.

However, Zu An had the Heiress Ball of Delight that allowed him to remain in a near-death state without facing the risk of dying while negating the adverse effects brought about by his injuries.

This combination, in turn, maximized the potential of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutras effects.

Just like that, the two of them rolled all around the ground entangled with one another.

Over time, Zu An eventually managed to gain the upper hand and turn the tables around on the woman.

He pinned her firmly to the ground, rendering her utterly incapable of moving.

Due to her neck being choked tightly, Pei Mianman found her breathing becoming more and more arduous.

She tried her best to claw at his hand, but it was to no avail.

It was as if she was fighting with a monster who knew not of death and pain.

She could sense death coming for her.

Unwilling to let things end like that, a vicious glint flashed across her eyes as a spark of black flame formed inconspicuously on the tip of her finger.

She dared not to use her elemental ability out of fear that the fluctuations in the elements would alarm the experts of the Chu clan.

Once her identity was revealed, all of the hard work she had put in during this period of time would have gone to waste.

But in the face of imminent death, she couldnt care less anymore.

Just as she was about to make her move, a mans voice sounded in her ears, “Pei Mianman, I think we can cooperate with one another.”

In truth, Zu An could have summoned the Poisonous Prick and easily ended her life.

However, for some reason, when he thought about her ravishing figure back at the ancestral hall, her soul-stealing peach blossom eyes, as well as the unfathomable smile lingering on her beautiful face, he found himself reluctant to make a move.

It was no wonder why they said that the world was biased to the good-looking.

Zu An viewed himself as a simple man true to his desires, and he didnt think that there was anything bad about that.

Pei Mianman was shocked to hear those words.

The other party actually saw through her identity! On top of that, she found the voice oddly familiar too.

“Who in the world are you”

She sensed the other party loosening his grip on her neck.

After a moment of hesitation, she dispelled the black flame she had summoned too.

“You nearly caused my death in the ancestral hall earlier this morning.

Have you forgotten about me so quickly” Zu An harrumphed.

Pei Mianman widened her eyes in realization.

“Ah, youre Chu Chuyans useless husband, that… Ah.

Whats your name again”

Zu An: “…”


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