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Zu An gave her a sidelong look.

“I wonder which clans dog is making so much noise”

Wu Qing exploded in anger.

She slammed her palm on the table and shot to her feet.

“Who are you referring to!”

You have successfully trolled Wu Qing for 335 Rage points!

Pan Long and Fu Feng, who were close by, leapt to her defense.

“You dare call our young miss Wu a dog You really have guts!”

“Exactly! Your words are so crude.

I guess thats to be expected from a commoner! Even though the Chu clan took you in, theres no way youd learn to act like a noble so quickly.”

You have successfully trolled Pan Long for 233 Rage points!

You have successfully trolled Fu Feng for 233 Rage points!

Zu An snorted.

“I didnt say who the dog was, but since both of you jumped in so eagerly… Honestly, how can the two of you associate your young miss with a dog Do you guys hate her that much Are you finally unable to hold back your resentment”

Sure enough, Wu Qings attention shifted to them.

She looked at her two attendants suspiciously.

Zu An smiled as he watched this scene play out.

As a master troll in the online forums of his past world, he had more than enough tricks under his belt.

“Of course not! We would never dare to treat the young miss Wu with disrespect!” Pan Long and Fu Feng instantly defended themselves in a panic.

Zu An had no further interest in these two.

“Student Zheng, I see that you have a strong talent in arithmetic, and I want to properly nurture that talent.

I want to make you a teaching assistant.

Please come with me to my office.”

Zheng Dan said with a smile, “Thank you, Teacher Zu.”

Now that she had a legitimate reason, she showed no further hesitation.

She rose to her feet and walked with him to his office, leaving Wu Qing and the other two to argue amongst themselves.

The other students in the classroom launched into a heated discussion.

“Teaching assistant This is the first time Ive ever heard of a student being called to become one.”

“Zheng Dan really is blessed.”

“Tsk, its just an arithmetic class.

I wouldnt become the assistant of something like that even if I was asked.”


“Why do I feel like that guy is doing this because he has a crush on Zheng Dan”

“I dont think so.

His own wife is already so pretty.”

Suddenly reminded that a pig like Zu An had managed to snare the goddess Chu Chuyan, all of them cursed at the same time.

“Damn it all!”


The flood of Rage points made Zu An feel ecstatic.

These students really were cute! They always contributed so many Rage points to him.

Zheng Dan followed a few feet behind Zu An, maintaining the proper distance between a man and a woman.

Along the way, the students who saw them were full of praise for her.

Young miss Zheng really was a paragon of virtue! Her mannerisms and sense of propriety were flawless.

When they finally reached a place devoid of bystanders, Zheng Dan promptly lost her proper and composed appearance.

She threw herself into Zu Ans embrace and showered him with kisses.

Zu An pinched her.

“Werent you making fun of me a second ago”

Zheng Dan cried out.

She looked at him with glistening eyes.

“We were right in front of everyone just now! I cant just show all of them how close we are, can I”

“Then what are you going to do to soothe my hurt feelings” Zu An said.

“How do you want to be soothed” Zheng Dan said, licking her red lips.

Her expression was enchanting and seductive.

Zu An felt a flame light up within him.

He immediately pulled up her dress.

Zheng Dan quickly pushed his hands away.

Zu An looked at her in confusion, and her face turned red.

“Today… is a bad day.”

Zu Ans countenance fell.

“Why are you still tempting me, then Thats rather irresponsible of you.”

Zheng Dan pursed her lips.

Her eyes moved around, and then to his shock, she slowly got to her knees.

Zu An swallowed.

His breathing became ragged.

This woman really was a demon! She was self-taught in so many different areas.

And yet, she was somehow known as the epitome of etiquette and propriety! This huge contrast was truly astonishing.

There was the sudden sound of approaching footsteps.

The two of them quickly separated in a panic.

“Huh Ah Zu, Zheng Dan, what are you two doing here” Discipline Master Lu De looked at the two of them in confusion.

Zu An laughed.

“Haha, nothing at all! We were just discussing some matters regarding arithmetic class.” 

Lu De gave Zheng Dan a suspicious look.

“Zheng Dan, did he bully you”

Zheng Dan hurriedly wiped the corners of her lips, her face red.

She shook her head.

Lu De sighed inwardly.

This young miss of the Zheng clan was truly a lady among ladies.

Her mannerisms were perfectly graceful.

He felt rage boiling within him when he thought about that crude son of his back home. Look how obedient this child is!

With this good impression of Zheng Dan in mind, Lu Den pulled Zu An to the side and said, “Teacher Zu, I know that there is some conflict brewing between your Chu clan and the Zheng clan, but you cant use your status as a teacher to bully their young miss, is that clear”

“But I didnt bully her!” Zu An felt slightly guilty.

Was what hed done even considered bullying

“Wasnt she kneeling in front of you” Lu De glared at him.

Anyone would burn with the feeling of injustice when they saw such an obedient girl being bullied.

You have successfully trolled Lu De for 138 Rage points!

Zu An laughed awkwardly.

“I was just helping her back up.

She tripped accidentally.”

Lu De wasnt in a mood to listen to his nonsense.

He turned to look at Zheng Dan.

“Is this true”

Zheng Dan nodded in agreement.

Looking back at Zu An, he said, “This girl is too good-natured.

Shes clearly been bullied to the point where she doesnt even dare speak up for herself! Forget it, you had better shape up.

The Zheng clan wont take kindly to provocation, and she is the fiancée of the son of the Sang clan.

If they find out about this, it will tarnish the academys name.”

“I accept the discipline masters criticism of me.” Zu An replied, secretly winking at Zheng Dan.

Zheng Dans face somehow managed to grow redder.

The mischievous smile on Zu Ans face only served to inflame Lu Des annoyance.

However, he couldnt go any further, since Zu An was also a teacher, and even seemed to enjoy Principal Jiangs backing.

He gave an angry snort and walked off.

When he had left, Zheng Dan let out her indignance.

“Its all your fault! We were almost caught!”

“How is this all my fault” Zu An was gloomy.

Something tickled his mind, and he looked at her.

“You can speak again! That means…”

Zheng Dans face was so red it resembled a beet.

“Discipline Master Lu kept asking me questions.

It would have been more suspicious if I kept quiet all the time! So I could only… could only…”

She seemed about to explode from embarrassment.

Zu An couldnt help but roar with laughter.

He pulled her straight into his embrace.

Zheng Dan held him gently.

“Ah Zu, why did you want to meet with me”

“I wanted to ask you about the deal Chen Xuan struck with you all.

Where are those salt permits he stole” Zu An said.

The stolen salt permits were the key reason behind the Chu clans troubles this time around.

If he could recover them, it would greatly ease the situation, and they wouldnt have to pay such a huge fine either.

He knew that Chen Xuan had made a deal with the Whale Gang previously, but both sides had fallen out with each other before the salt permits could be delivered.

Zheng Dans expression turned chilly.

She pushed him aside.

“Hmph! It turns out you only wanted to meet with me because you needed me to help that Chu clan woman!”

You have successfully trolled Zheng Dan for 567 Rage points!

She turned around immediately and stalked off.


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