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She took her legs off the table right away and awkwardly sorted out her clothes.

Her face, usually graced with a calm and carefree expression, now had a never-before-seen trace of redness.

Its all Jiang Luofus fault! Why did she have to call me over for no reason to try out some stockings

Noticing her strange behavior, Jiang Luofu turned around and glared at Zu An.

“Dont you know how to knock”

She was clearly unfazed by the sudden intrusion.

Her beautiful legs were still resting on the table, and she made no move to hide anything at all.

Zu An wore an expression of wounded innocence.

“I knocked, but no one responded! I only walked in  because I saw that the door wasnt completely closed.”

Jiang Luofu snorted.

“Brat, dont walk into places you shouldnt enter in the future.

You might just end up losing your life.”

Zu An was completely speechless. Were you two really up to something that shameless Why are you making this sound so serious

“All right, speak.

Where have you been these past few days Shang Liuyu reported that you told them youd be right back, yet there was no further news from you at all! She was so worried that she went straight to the Chu clan to warn them.” Jiang Luofu gave him an ambiguous smile.

Zu An was stunned.

He subconsciously gave Shang Liuyu a look.

Shang Liuyus face became slightly redder.

“Dont listen to her nonsense.

Actually, Principal Jiang was quite worried about you as well.

She mobilized all of the experts in the academy to look for you, but no one found anything.”

Jiang Luofu twirled the brush in her hands.

“Since the agreement between the two of us has already been fulfilled, why would I care if he lives or dies It does seem strange to me, though.

How could so many people go out looking for you but turn up nothing Just where did you end up going”

Zu An told her everything he prepared beforehand.

When she heard that there was a dragon in Hidden Dragon Mountain, Jiang Luofu suddenly stood up.

After obtaining the general location of the dragon from Zu An, she vanished without a trace.

Jiang Luofus perfume still lingered in the air.

Zu An was stupefied.

“What is going on”

“Principal Jiang has always been fond of cultivation,” Shang Liuyu explained.

“She is interested in the powerful beings of all different races, and her greatest regret is that she has never seen a true dragon before.

How could she sit still after hearing that there is a dragon in hiding” 

Zu An nodded in understanding.

A pity that there was no way she would ever find that dragon!

Shang Liuyu looked at him with her beautiful eyes.

“Even though you played it down, it must have been an extremely dangerous encounter.” 

Zu An was stunned.

“Why would you say that”

Shang Liuyu chuckled.

“The item I gave you has already been broken.

It seems like you suffered a blow that would have been strong enough to kill you.”

“I guess I cant hide it from you…” Zu An said with a sigh.

“I owe you for saving my life.

I really dont know how to repay this debt.”

“I never expected any repayment from you to begin with.

Besides, were friends.” Shang Liuyu carried a type of special bearing when she spoke.

Her words felt like a cool breeze, like a wave gently pattering over a sandy shore.

“How can I just accept that” Zu An said seriously, “How can I not repay a life saving debt But I dont think big sis will like anything ordinary.

I guess I can only give you the one thing most precious to me.”

Shang Liuyu blinked at him, uncomprehending.

Even though she didnt really want him to reply, she was still curious as to what exactly his precious item was.

Zu An ignored her look and continued, “Since we are already so close, could I ask if you have any more of those pendant things Pass me another ten or so of them, please.”

“Do you think they grow like vegetables” Shang Liuyu finally couldnt stand him anymore, and disappeared with the wind.

You have successfully trolled Shang Liuyu for 22 Rage points!

Im really getting bolder and bolder, arent I But then, its rare to see Shang Liuyu angry.

With the two women having departed, he was the only one left in the office.

He was just about to look around to see what the gorgeous principal looked at in private, what she was interested in and what she played with.

However, after her previous warning, he decided not to mess around in this office.

She held a high position, and surely had many important things to take care of.

If he saw something he shouldnt have seen, it would spell trouble.

Most importantly, he didnt want to damage their friendship.

He still had to cling firmly to this gorgeous principals thighs, and so he had to think about the bigger picture.

Just as he was about to leave, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

There were some stockings left behind on the couch that the two women had been sitting.

These were probably the stockings the two women had been trying on.

Zu An had been thinking of a way to get into the Wei clan. Surely this would be something that Wei Suo can only dream of laying his hands on! 

After all, not even Old Mi was willing to sneak into the Wei clan estate.

He didnt know why exactly, but he guessed that it was probably because there was someone inside the Wei estate that he felt apprehensive about.

This meant that he had to give up on the idea of sneaking in himself.

If not even Old Mi could do it, he probably shouldnt overestimate his own abilities.

The one advantage he had was his relationship with Wei Suo.

He could enter the estate openly, if the right opportunity presented itself.

Even so, he needed a good reason to visit.

If not, hed easily draw suspicion upon himself.

Zu An stared at the stockings for a long time, but finally gave up on this thought in the end.

He didnt want to be hounded to death by two women just because of Old Mis task.

Suddenly, Shang Liuyu came running back.

Zu An was stunned.

“Huh Why did you come back”

“I forgot something.” Shang Liuyu rushed right past him, her face red.

He had never seen her move so quickly before.

“Ive found what I was looking for, so Ill take my leave first.

Remember to close the door behind you.” Shang Liuyu vanished almost before the words had finished tumbling out of her mouth.

Zu An only witnessed a blur in front of his eyes.

In that moment, the stockings he had been staring at had disappeared completely.

That was too close! Zu An rejoiced in his decision.

If hed lost control and picked them up just now, there was no way he would be able to wash his hands clean of his crimes!

At the same time, a doubt surfaced in his mind.

Why did everyone in the city say that Shang Liuyu was poor at cultivation Everyone said that she was only at the fourth rank.

But the speed she revealed earlier on was definitely not of the fourth rank!

From the office, Zu An headed straight to the Yellow class classroom.

It has been so long since he returned to class that his relationship with Wei Suo seemed to have grown distant.

However, the admiration in Wei Suos eyes immediately told him that he had thought too much.

The two of them casually chatted for a while, and the slight awkwardness quickly disappeared.

They seemed as close as they had been when they just enrolled into the school.

The two of them chatted with their arms around each others shoulders.

Suddenly, Wang Yuanlong appeared.

“Ah Zu, Ive made a reservation for the top floor of the Four Way Restaurant.

Id firstly like to thank you for saving my life, and secondly, to celebrate your safe return.

Please honor me with your presence.”

Zu An seemed slightly troubled.

“I just said I would eat with Wei Suo, though.”

Wang Yuanlong smiled.

“Its no trouble at all if brother Wei comes along too.

Miss Xie, Lady Qiu, and others are attending.

All of them have only agreed to come because of Ah Zu.

We dont usually have the ability to invite these guests, so brother Wei must not miss out on such a great opportunity.”

Wei Suo immediately agreed.

“That sounds awesome! Theres no way Ill miss out on something like that!”

Zu An obviously had no objections either.

Wang Yuanlong finally left, a satisfied smile on his face.

Wei Suo sighed in admiration.

“Boss is the best.

You can even get Wang Yuanlong to reserve the top floor of the Four Way Restaurant for you!”

Zu An was stunned.

“Is there something special about this”

Wei Suo was just about to explain when a voice called to him from outside the classroom.

“Ah Zu…”

When he saw the cute and lovely young lady by the entrance, Zu An ran over at once.


He was actually looking for her.

He needed her to help him take a look at the medicine hed found next to Chen Xuan.


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