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Zu An hurried back to the Chu clan to contact them about the most recent developments.

“What We didnt end up finding any illicit salt!” Qin Wanru was just about to erupt into anger when she heard her report, but she suddenly realized that there might be something wrong with this fellas head.

Last time, he exploded after she just criticized him a bit, so she was worried that this situation might get out of hand again.

That was why she directly restrained her urge to scold him.

But she angrily snorted.

She thought to herself, This is weird, why would I be scared of this brat Theres nothing he can do!

She felt more gloomy the more she thought about it, on the verge of speaking out in anger.

However, this type of thing sometimes boiled down to acting out first.

If one didnt speak out in anger right away, it would be hard for them to do so later.

In the end, she could only stare resentfully at the other party, plotting her next chance to properly settle things with this brat.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 9 9 9…

Zu An felt a bit strange when he saw these points.

This woman really did hold a grudge!

If you are going to get mad, you cant be this stingy.

Honestly, if you are only going to give 9 points at a time, I dont even really care about this small amount of points.

Chu Zhongtian gave his wife a surprised look.

Why was her temper so good today This didnt seem like her!

He decided to just treat this as the results of his wifes mental training.

This actually made him feel a bit of relief.

Chu Chuyan smiled slightly from the side.

Only she alone understood what her mother was thinking, guessing that she was likely worried that things would blow up like last time.

“We cannot blame Ah Zu for this matter.

At the very least, we are certain now that the Zheng clan is involved in the illicit salt behind the scenes and even the River Patrol Army is involved.

Filthy living .” Chu Zhongtian said with a heavy voice.

Chu Chuyan was full of worry too.

“No wonder Brightmoon Citys illicit salt trade has gone out of control, no wonder it kept growing no matter how many prohibitions are put in place.

Turns out they were colluding with merchants! If they are colluding inside and outside, how could we have possibly noticed anything!”

Zu An also voiced his concern.

“Right now, the biggest issue is that even though we know who is working behind the scenes, we dont have any proof.

I fear that the Vice Magistrates side wont be able to help much either.”

“I will pay the City Lord Manor a visit and discuss this matter with Sir Xie.” Chu Zhongtian got up.

For people like them, whether or not there was proof behind the interrogation didnt really matter but instead in the exchange of interest behind the scenes.

As long as both parties reached an agreement, they could even make the innocent guilty, let alone this time where the Zheng clan was guilty.

Only, it wasnt that easy to make Xie Yi that old fox completely stand by their side.

A bit of worry appeared on Chu Zhongtians suave face.

He hoped that the City Lord wouldnt ask him for too much this time.

Suddenly, a servant reported in a flustered manner, “Reporting to Master and Madam! Something happened to young master Yucheng!”

Everyone here was stunned when they heard this report.

Even Zu An was confused.

What could have possibly happened to that damn fatty

This guys defensive abilities were almost unrivaled! Those who were weaker than him would even more so be steamrolled!

Let alone the fact that he was with Wang Yuanlong this time.

The Wang clan had many elite guards.


His expression suddenly changed.

A terrifying possibility emerged in his mind.

Soon afterwards, a bloody Chu Yucheng was brought in on a stretcher.

Two people would have been enough for a normal tretcher, but this guy was too fat.

They needed four people to barely move him.

“My son!”

Chu Tieshengs wife Hu Lijing already rushed over when she heard the news, while Chu Tiesheng himself was a bit more calm.

Hu Lijing already threw herself over her son, tears pouring down her face.

The first time Zu An learned Chu Tieshengs wifes name, he was given a fright.

He looked over repeatedly back then.[1]

If we were talking about her face, then it was not bad.

She could be considered a classy middle-aged woman.

Even though she was the same age as Qin Wanru, the traces of age had clearly left much more of a mark on her.

Regardless of whether it was her appearance or physique, she was too far from Qin Wanru.

She really couldnt be called some sexy vixen.

Wait, why did I subconsciously use Qin Wanru as a comparison

Pah pah pah! Disgusting!

The guard who followed the servants in said, “Young master Yucheng had just run back while covered in blood.

He said that there was something important to report, but as soon as he finished talking, he collapsed! We immediately brought him back.”

Chu Zhongtian walked over in a hurry.

He pressed down a palm on Chu Yuchengs chest, sending a wave of ki into his body.

Chu Yucheng groaned, gradually waking up.

“Yucheng, what happened” Chu Zhongtian hurriedly asked.

“I was escorting Wang Yuanlong back to his estate and encountered Chen Xuans attack halfway.

We fought a bitter battle, Wang Clan guards all killed, Wang Yuanlong captured.

I barely escaped!” Even though his voice was disjointed, his meaning was still clearly expressed.

“Chen Xuan!” Chu Tiesheng erupted with fury.

“Spawn of a dog, the two of us cannot live under the same sky!”

Chu Yucheng was ashamed and guilty.

“Yucheng couldnt protect brother Wang, those silvers were also lost.

I felt too ashamed to return, but I realized that I needed to contact the clan as soon as possible, so…”

“Enough, you dont need to say any more.

This isnt your fault.” Chu Zhongtian reached out a hand to stop him.

“Bring Yucheng away for proper treatment.”

Chu Tiesheng and Hu Lijing followed in a hurry.

This was their only son after all.

“Master, what should we do now” Qin Wanru leaned over, her voice extremely grave.

Chu Zhongtian released a long sigh.

“When it rains it pours… I originally planned to use this chance to ease the tensions with the Wang clan.

Who would have expected that we overreached ourselves.”

Chu Chuyan immediately gave out several orders from the side to have people investigate within the city.

She wanted to see if they could pick up any information.

Even though she was sending people out, her beautiful brows were still furrowed.

She also knew that the chances of this bringing back anything was small.

“Why is this Chen Xuan able to move around so easily in the city With his status, he should be keeping more of a low profile! Yet he isnt scared at all!” Chu Chuyan couldnt help but voice her misgivings.

Chu Zhongtian also had a worried frown.

“This guy is slippery like a loach.

We sent out a lot of men several times, yet he got away every single time.

There were a few times where we were even confident of success, yet he still got away.

I really dont know how he is doing this.”

“Does it have to do with the Shi clan He is brothers with Mei Chaofeng.

There was Mei Chaofeng and Shi clan feeding him intelligence in the past, so could he be hiding in Plum Blossom Sects property” Zu An roughly explained the relationship between Chen Xuan, Mei Chaofeng, and Shi Kun.

Everyone was shocked.

Qin Wanru became even more angry and impatient.

“Why didnt you tell us earlier”

“None of you asked.” Zu An shrugged.

The main thing was that he had been too busy recently and forgot to bring it up.

Qin Wanru: “......”

Chu Zhongtian: “......”

Chu Chuyan: “......”

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 233 Rage!

She was just about to give it to him when a guard suddenly reported, “Reporting! The Wang clans master has come with his men.”

“What!” Chu Zhongtian was shocked.

He immediately rushed to the gates.

Chu Chuyan also followed in a hurry.

Only, she still hadnt made a full recovery, so she would feel weak if she stood for too long.

That was why when she began to walk, she felt lightheaded, her body swaying unsteadily back and forth.

Zu An immediately rushed over to support her.

“You alright

“Im fine.” Chu Chuyan shook her head.

“Help me outside to see the situation.”

“Got it!”

When she saw her daughter ask Zu An to help her to the gates, Qin Wanru blinked her eyes.

When did the two of them become so close

Her eldest daughter had always been as cold as ice, always pushing others far away, let alone having any type of physical contact with men.

But she thought about the treatment her daughter mentioned, how she even had to take off her clothes…

When she thought about how her daughter might have been taken advantage of by that fella who she really couldnt bring herself to like, Qin Wanru felt a bit weary.

Zu An supported Chu Chuyan to the gates.

He saw a group of people there.

They didnt have any weapons, but there were wooden sticks, poles, pots, and other types of things.

They probably understood that if there really was a conflict, then the weapons wouldnt be able to defeat the Chu clans guards, so this type of appearance might attract a bit more pity.

He had seen the one in the front before.

It was the Wang clans master Wang Fu.

He was originally talking to Chu Zhongtian about something, but when he noticed Zu An, he immediately seethed in anger.

He charged straight at Zu An.

“The one surnamed Zu, return my sons life!”

You have successfully trolled Wang Fu for 999 Rage!


Hu - surname, Lijing - beautiful crystal.

Lijing with different characters can mean fox-spirit, vixen, enchantress


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