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Zu An obviously didnt get enough of her legs yet, but he didnt want to die.

He immediately let go, his expression as pure and honest as it could be.

Jiang Luofu finally nodded in satisfaction.

She continued, “Shi clan is one of the bigger clans even in the capital, and their members scattered all over the courts positions of power.

Forget about our current situation where we dont have much substantial proof, they would just toss out a random scapegoat even if we did have something on them.

It wouldnt even make a knick in their foundation.”

“Then how do I take down a clan like this” Zu An asked, feeling a bit annoyed inside.

It sounded like Shi clan was the only who could mess with him, while he couldnt even do jack all to retaliate.

How could he stand this

“The only way is to have a big clan backing you as well, though normally, big clans wouldnt fight to the death even if tensions reached that point.” Jiang Luofu replied with a frown.

“Of course, you can just ignore all of these things if you become strong enough yourself one day, but how can it be that easy There are still too many things to worry about even if your cultivation surpasses the emperor.”

Zu An became quiet.

He remembered the Chu clan mentioning the emperors conflict with King Qi.

The emperor was already the publicly acknowledged strongest expert, yet he still couldnt accomplish what he wanted.

This immediately made him discouraged.

Jiang Luofu changed the topic when she noticed his change in expression.

“You dont need to feel too down.

You already have Chu clan backing you, and together with your status as a student of the academy, Shi clan wouldnt dare to threaten you out in the open no matter how powerful they are.”

Zu An sighed.

“Unfortunately, they have no intentions of dealing with me in the open…”

Without anything linking Chen Xuan to Shi clan, neither Chu clan or the academy could do a thing even if Chen Xuan really did kill him.

“You just need to make it past this period,” Jiang Luofu consoled, “Shi Kun already left Brightmoon City and returned to the capital.

Hes already too far away even if he wants to do anything.”

“He really left” He also picked up a few rumors, but he assumed that this was just some bluff.

“Indeed, and he left in quite the hurry too.” Jiang Luofu rubbed her temples.

She clearly didnt understand this matter either.

“Do you have any idea why he would leave”

“No idea.” Zu An looked puzzled on the surface, but inside, he guessed that this probably had to do with the sudden disappearance of Shi Lezhi.

“Lets talk about another important matter.

Do you still remember what you promised me before entering the dungeon” Jiang Luofu asked.

Zu An was a bit confused.

He asked probingly, “Are you talking about the takeover of Plum Blossom Sects property”

“Correct.” Jiang Luofu revealed a satisfied smile.

“Mei Chaofeng is already dead, Plum Blossom Sect has gone up into smoke overnight.

Countless people are eyeing their property and assets.

Like I said before, the academy cant really step in, but everyone knows that you have a Plum Blossom Sect debt note.

Its perfectly justifiable for you to get involved.”

“You dont need to worry about the specifics either.

Ill send some people to help you out when the time comes.”

Zu An said, “So Im only doing this in name like some type of spokesperson.

The real takeover of all the assets will be taken care of by your people”

“You can understand it that way.” Jiang Luofu leaned back into her couch after saying this, a pen twirling between her figures in a relaxed manner.

Zu An didnt voice any objections against this.

He already made a deal with the academy: He would give away the 7.5 million taels debt note he had no way of redeeming to the academy, while the academy would grant him the position of a teacher.

Jiang Luofu even personally helped him get rid of Mei Chaofeng.

This was also largely the reason why he was able to casually converse with Jiang Luofu like this.

Otherwise, this greatly respected principal would have buried his irritating and troublemaking self six feet under a long time ago.

Even though he was already quite satisfied with how things turned out, after thinking about it, there was still something worth bringing up.

“Honestly, I dont even know if Ill be alive in a week.

How can I possibly focus on taking over Plum Blossom Sects property”

“This Chen Xuan is indeed a bit tricky.

I dont care much about his strength, but he really is slippery.

However, his intent to kill you has instead brought us a good opportunity to capture him.” Jiang Luofu stood up, casting her gaze over the Brightmoon City outside her window.

“Let me think about it a bit more.

Ill contact you when I think of something.”

Jiang Luofus last words continued to echo in Zu Ans head as walked out of the principals office.

Why does it sound like he was going to be bait

But there wasnt anything he could do.

He could only serve as a chess piece for now.

Zu An returned to the classroom in a gloomy mood.

Surprisingly, there werent many people who dared to look down on him anymore, even the teachers treating him much better after the dungeon events and his blade that almost cleaved Shi Kun in half.

The class he returned to was currently lecturing on war theory.

He actually wanted to learn a bit more about this topic, but he didnt know anything about this continents history.

He never heard of any of these battles or ancient countries, so all of this was just like listening to nonsense.

As such, he could only give up out of helplessness.

Instead, he began to tally up the Rage points he accumulated.

This was always his happiest time.

He was like a squirrel who stored pine nuts day in and day out, now finally able to enjoy the fruit of his labor.

When he saw the total amount of Rage points, he almost jumped in fright.

Ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand…

He thought that there was something wrong with his eyes at first.

After checking several times, he realized he already hoarded 321,765 Rage points!

There were two biggest batches of Rage points, the first from Immortal Abode last night, the second when he asserted his dominance in the dungeon with his big pipi.

A thought suddenly came to his mind.

If I made a trip around Brightmoon City butt naked that day, would the system have exploded from the crazy amount of Rage points

But he still dispelled this thought when he thought about what kind of sacrifice he would be making to achieve this.

Forget it, this bro still wants some dignity.

My life really would be done for if my reputation is completely trashed too.

What he was most worried about were those at the very top.

He felt like all men would care about this type of thing regardless of whether their cultivation levels were high or low.

If I end up provoking some freak, he might just cut it off out of jealousy…

His legs immediately pulled together following this thought, feeling a chill run between.

Forget it, Ill just stick to the old plan.

Ill farm the ** out of those simps with a few hot chicks.

Way safer.

After confirming his main stream of Rage point income, Zu An began to pull the lottery.

341,746 Rage Points meant that he had 3,217 pulls.

If I get more and more Rage points, then Ill have to pull more times too.

Wont my wrist break at this rate

Zu An was suddenly a bit worried for his future, but he still pressed the enter key to start pulling.

He used to come up with all types of shenanigans, praying to his grandfather and grandmother, doing all types of dumb rituals just to see athanks for playing show up on the screen.

As such, he already became numb.

He had more than 3000 chances now anyway, so he didnt bother with any preparations.

The cursor continuously wandered about.

In the end, it didnt land on the space bar, but instead on the number 8 key.

Zu Ans eyes became completely round, excitedly checking what he got.

A small bottle appeared in front of him, inside some sparkling green liquid, below it a line of description: Poison Bottle, thrown projectile.

Targets caught in the area of effect will become numb and powerless.

Ignores the defenses of those at the fifth rank and below.

Only now did he remember that he pulled this item before.

He was much weaker back then.

The reason he could defeat the Blackwind Stockade members who attacked Yu Yanluo that time was because of this item.

This items defense ignoring properties were extremely important for his past self.

But he didnt need this type of stuff at all anymore against opponents of this level.

This Poison Bottle might help against other fifth or sixth rank experts, but it was practically useless against those above the fifth rank.

As for those of even higher cultivation ranks, he might as well just bend over and let them have at him.

Oh, unless they were female.

No, I dont even have the Heiress Ball of Delights anymore.

I cant do anything even against cultivator beauties.

Ill only have my looks to depend on at that point.

He put away this useless poison bottle and began pulling again.

After a bunch ofthanks for playing, the cursor finally stopped on a Ki Fruit.

He had three thousand pulls anyway.

Zu An pressed the enter key in a numbed manner while reminiscing about his past worlds button fairy.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

He noticed that the cursor stopped over the letter K key.

Congratulations on pulling the skillFragrant Barf!

Skill information: When you use this skill, anything that comes out of your mouth will sound like the utmost provocation and mockery.

Enemy targets who hear your words will enter an enraged state, buffing all of their attributes by 10% and do everything they can to kill you.

All Rage points produced by this skill will not be collected.

Friendly warning: Use this skill cautiously.

Once used, the effect will never expire.

There can only be two results -- Either the user kills the enraged target, or the enraged target kills the user.

Zu An was immediately stupefied when he saw this final warning.

What kind of stupidass skill is this It buffed the enemy instead!

The system can go to hell before I use this skill!

This skill might be useful for someone else, but this was a talent he was already naturally born with! He could infuriate everyone with just a few words and even make some Rage points along the way, why would he give his enemies a buff Let alone start a fight to the death.

So what meaning did this skill have for him

Zu An thought to himself no wonder theres no limit to this skills usage.

The good stuff like the Heiress Ball of Delights and Knock-You-Up Eyes are loaded with restrictions.

Only a good-for-nothing ability likeWhat You Lookin At has no limitations.

This Fragrant Barf skill is probably no better.


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