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Zu An didnt expect Qiu Honglei to leave just like that either.

However, the strength the other party displayed was extremely great, to the extent where it even exceeded his strength before Phoenix Nirvana Sutras boosts kicked in.

Caught off guard, he was also dragged into the water.

As soon as they entered the water, Qiu Hongleis waist moved like a mermaid.

Her legs swayed gently, immediately bringing Zu An with her far away.

Out of worry that they might be discovered by Blackwind Stockades people, she brought Zu An into the waters depths.

They didnt expose themselves on the surface at all.

Sure enough, the other Blackwind Stockade members were still searching for them on the water surface, but quickly lost track of them.

Zu An was completely depressed. Sis, could you have at least told me to prepare myself Also, if I stayed behind and worked with Pian Mianman, we should have been able to beat that Chen Xuan.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, everything became gurgle… gurgle gurgle…

Im done for.

Am I going to end up like Snow before

Even though he knew how to swim, he had never tried long term diving.

On top of all of this, he didnt mentally prepare himself.

Otherwise, he definitely wouldnt be in such a sorry state if he at least took a breath beforehand.

Noticing his choking and struggling, Qiu Honglei gently swam over.

Then, she pressed her lips against his, providing him with oxygen.

Zu Ans eyes immediately became round.

He saw this scene before from those television dramas! Back then, he even complained that this was unrealistic, yet who would have thought that he would personally experience it one day.

He felt fresh air flow out from her mouth.

Zu Ans struggling movements gradually stopped.

His hands naturally moved towards her waist and bottom, feeling the other partys exquisite figure.

His resentment instantly vanished without a trace.

I want more of this!

When she sensed his movements, Qiu Honglei gently pushed him aside.

She shot him an angry look, and then began to swim towards shore.

A while later, Zu An began to flop around again.

He continuously pointed at his mouth, frantically gesturing that he needed air.

Qiu Hongleis face became red, no longer paying him any attention.

She only began to swim faster towards shore.

Finally, the two of them appeared on the surface.

Zu An breathed in large gulps of air, as if he had just been reborn.

Qiu Honglei instead had a bit of an apologetic look, asking in concern, “Are you alright”

“You still have the nerve to ask this!” Zu Ans voice immediately shot up, sounding incredibly wronged.

“I was calling you for help like that, but you completely ignored me!”

Droplets of water slid down Qiu Hongleis face, her face reddening a bit.

“Its your fault for being up to no good.”

“Is just instinctively hugging you called up to no good I didnt even stick out my tongue!” Zu An said resentfully.

Qiu Honglei: “......”

Honestly, she was a bit regretful.

For the sake of completing the mission, did she sacrifice too much

However, if she didnt give him some air just now, he might have already drowned.

After Zu An voiced his complaints, he hurriedly turned around to look into the distance.

Fiery light rushed into the sky from the center of the city, two figures tangling about each other.

Hm Did Pei Mianman hide her strength before She can actually fight on equal footing with Chen Xuan

As if she could see through his intentions, Qiu Hongleis vermilion lips parted slightly.

“Dont worry, that girl is of the flame attribute, while Chen Xuan is metal attribute.

Fire subdues metal, so she has a natural advantage.”

Zu An thus relaxed a bit.

However, he still couldnt help but say, “Even if she has a natural advantage, that Chen Xuan still has sixth rank strength.

Moreover, they are in a river, which makes it unfavorable for a fire element cultivator.

That friend of mine is still in danger!”

“This is still Brightmoon Citys prosperous area.

With such a huge disturbance created, the city defense army will arrive soon.

That Chen Xuan doesnt dare stay for too long.” Qiu Honglei said with a closed smile, “Seems like the young master and that friends relationship isnt shallow She risked danger in order to save you, and you have been worried about her safety all this time.”

Zu An revealed a faint smile.

“If the lady encounters danger, I will also be worried.”

Qiu Honglei released a hmph sound.

“I originally thought that the young master was an honest and sincere person, but who would have expected that you were just another slick mouthed smooth talker.”

She thought to herself there really is more to this fella than meets the eye! Even a woman with such beauty and strength came to help him… seems like I am not the only one who has noticed him.

“Ill have to disagree with you here.” Zu An corrected in a deadly earnest manner, “You said that I have a slick mouth, but when we kissed just now, there were no slick tongues involved.

Its not like we stuck out our tongues.”

Qiu Honglei: “......”

In all her years in Immortal Abode, it had always been her who teased other men.

She really never expected to be left so speechless today.

She shot him a look.

She didnt feel like replying to him, instead starting to climb ashore.

He didnt notice before when they were in the water, but when she left the water, endless droplets slid down her skin, revealing an exquisite figure.

Every inch of her body released endless temptation.

Zu An felt his nose become a bit warm.

When he subconsciously rubbed that area, there was luckily no nosebleed.

Otherwise, that really would be embarrassing.

“Young master, hurry and come up… ah!” Qiu Honglei had just turned around to help him up, but she suddenly noticed his expression.

When she lowered her head, she realized what he was looking at.

She couldnt help but cry out in alarm, hurriedly covering in front of her chest.

Zu Ans face reddened.

He didnt know what to say either.

He climbed ashore with a guilty conscience.

For the sake of hiding his embarrassment, Zu An said, “Ill bring the lady back to Immortal Abode first sothat you can change your clothes.”

But who could have thought that Qiu Honglei would shake her head, saying in a somewhat troubled manner, “How many prying eyes are there in Immortal Abode My current appearance will immediately create a huge disaster.”

“Then what do we do” Zu An was stunned.

 Qiu Honglei bit her lips, a bit bashful as she said, “It might be better to go to the young masters home.

When we get there, you can just randomly lend me some of your clothes.”

What is seduction This is seduction!

With Qiu Hongleis exceptional appearance, together with these emotions, this setting that was filled with suggestive connotations… there shouldnt be many men who could refuse this in the world, right

Only, it was a pity that Zu An wasnt a normal person.

He refused.

“This place is too far from Chu clan, the chances of being discovered by others is also quite high.

I believe you should also understand my situation in Chu clan, so it isnt too good of an idea to bring you back.”

“You are a glorious Chu clan young master, could it be that you cant even take charge over a single guest” Qiu Honglei produced a faint smile.

This was exactly the type of situation she wanted.

She wanted him to realize how unfavorable Chu clan was, make him feel dissatisfied so that he would have thoughts of climbing up.

This way, things would proceed according to her tempo.

Zu An rolled his eyes. Are you a normal guest You are the most famous courtesan queen in all of Brightmoon City! If I wanted to bring you back, forget about Madam Qin blowing her top, even lil Huanzhao might stop talking to me.

This girls background is also strange, her motives impure.

Chuyans condition is still poor.

Bringing this girl back really isnt a sensible choice.

He ignored her attempts at manipulation and said, “How about this, why dont the two of us just book a room”

“Book a room What does that mean” Qiu Honglei was confused.

“Its the same thing as finding a room in an inn.

Ill find you a set of clothes and youll just change into them.” Zu An explained with a deadly earnest expression.

“Thats alright.

I cant help but feel like you are suggesting something fishy.” Qiu Honglei said with a smile.

Right at this time, clamoring sounded from the distance.

Many people rushed over with torches in hand.

“They seem to be people from Immortal Abode.” Qiu Honglei gave them a look, feeling a bit of hesitation.

“Perfect, going back with them will make me feel at ease too.” Zu An said with a smile.

“But I dont want anyone other than the young master to see my current appearance!” Qiu Honglei looked at him with large and pitiful eyes.

Zu An inwardly praised her formidable powers.

This woman really didnt let a single opportunity to tempt him go! She was a true queen of this field!

He removed his jacket and wrapped it around her.

When he got closer, he was able to further smell her enchanting fragrance.

“This should be enough.” 

His jacket was extremely long.

He was also taller than her to begin with, so it could completely cover her from impure eyes.

Qiu Honglei tightened the robes around her, her expression a bit complicated as she said, “Does the young master know how much of a commotion my current appearance will create”

Zu An said with a chuckle, “Didnt you already plan to marry me Then you can just take this chance to proclaim that you are already taken.

Wouldnt that do”

Qiu Honglei stared blankly.

She didnt expect the other party to throw her schemes right back at her.

She couldnt think of anything in response.

“Im leaving first!” Zu An waved his hand.

Only when they brought up Chu clan did he remember that Chu Chuyans frost needed to be personally adjusted every day.

These first few days were especially important.

If a few treatments were missing, the frost might easily rebound and cause even more harm.

As such, he immediately had his heart set on speeding home.

Feeling that he was in a hurry to leave, Qiu Honglei couldnt help but stop him.

“Ah Zu~”

Zu An had just begun to leave.

He turned around when he heard this.

“Whats wrong”

Qiu Hongleis expression was full of complaints.

“Do you hate me Why are you in such a rush to leave”

“I have something urgent to take care of.

Ill meet with the lady again another time!” Zu An waved his hand towards her, and then his figure disappeared under the night sky.


Soon afterwards, Brothel Keeper Hua brought a large group of guards and rushed over.

“Honglei, are you alright”

“Im fine.” Qiu Honglei shook her head, a bit absent-minded as she looked in the direction Zu An disappeared into.

Hua Weimian wanted to say something else, but when she saw the mens jacket on her, her expression couldnt help but change slightly.

She immediately shouted out orders.

“All of you are not permitted to speak about todays matters to anyone.

If I hear even a single rumor, I dont care who it is that leaked it out, all of you will be beaten to death.”

Those guards shivered inwardly.

They immediately nodded in acknowledgment.

This place wasnt too far from Immortal Abode.

Their group quickly escorted Qiu Honglei back.

When she returned to her room, a maid had already prepared a tub of warm water.

Qiu Honglei removed her drenched jacket, revealing a stunning figure that would make any man go crazy.

She then slowly entered the bathtub.

While bathing in the warm water, she reached out a snow white jade-like arm.

Zu Ans jacket hanging on the screen flew into her hands.

After she moved her hands through the pockets, she couldnt hold back a snort.

“That fellow really is a miser, not even bringing a single banknote with him.”

Even though she didnt find any bank notes, she found a pretty conch.

“Yi~” With her knowledge, she naturally knew that this thing could store music.

Soon afterwards, that classic God of Gambling BGM sounded!

Qiu Honglei felt as if her blood even began to boil.

Only after a long time passed did she release a long sigh.

“Stinky Ah Zu, you still insist that you didnt create thatSmiling, Proud Wanderer.

You really love lying.”

Right at this time, a light sound could be heard from the window.

Qiu Hongleis expression changed, hurriedly covering her body with Zu Ans outfit.

She shot that figure on the other side of the screen a fierce look.

“Who told you to come in”

“I only came out of worry for junior sisters safety… I didnt expect you to be bathing.” Gu Yueyis voice sounded.

Even though this was what he said, he didnt have any intentions of stopping his steps.

It was to the extent where sounds of him swallowing his saliva could even be heard.

Qiu Hongleis expression grew cold.

With a movement of her hand, a delicate bamboo pole lifted a small and exquisite lantern, appearing out of thin air.

Under the bright yellow light, Gu Yueyi discovered with alarm that he couldnt move at all.


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