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“So what if I messed with you Are you going to bite me” Zu An sat leisurely in his seat with an arm hooked around Leng Shuangyue, completely unfazed.

Chen Xuan immediately became furious.

A sharp noise sounded, his blade leaving his scabbard.

He had a treacherous look on his face, already seething with killing intent.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 444 Rage!

Chu Yucheng inwardly gave Zu An a thumbs up.

This guy really was nasty.

In the past, he always thought that he was some useless drafted son-in-law.

Who would have expected that he would actually be this type of fierce person

But I like it!

When he thought about how powerless they were before that red haired man, he wanted that bastards face to be covered in as much dirt and grime as possible.

He immediately dragged Chu Hongcai over to help out of worry that Chen Xuan would erupt into violence.

Unfortunately, Chu Hongcai was still in a daze.

He already completely shut off the outside world, so Chu Yucheng could only come to Zu Ans side alone.

After some hesitation, Wang Yuanlong also came over.

Zu An was a bit surprised.

He didnt expect these silver spooned fellas to be this loyal when it really mattered.

Chen Xuan sneered.

“Do you think youre all that because you have more people now”

When his words had just sounded, his subordinates all stood up.

The numbers advantage immediately swapped.

Qiu Honglei spoke out again when she saw that a conflict was about to break out.

“I hope that everyone can give Honglei some face.

Pease not cause a disturbance in Immortal Abode, is that okay”

Her sweetly pleading voice was difficult for even the coldest hearts to refuse.

Chen Xuan resentfully returned the blade to the sheath.

I\'ll leave you with your life for now out of respect for lady Qiu.

We\'ll settle things once we are outside of Immortal Abode.”

Zu An immediately raised his voice.

You dare claim to have things to settle with me Do you know who I am

When he saw tha Zu An didnt have a shred of guilt, instead acted even more cocky, Chen Xuan was a bit stunned.

Don\'t tell me this fella really was the heir of some bigshot

I still haven\'t learned who this one is

When he heard these words, Zu An suddenly laughed.

“It\'s better if you don\'t know who I am.

That way, you cant find me once we leave Immortal Abode.

Everyone was stunned.

Then, this place erupted with laughter.

This guy really was witty.

Chen Xuan: ......

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 666 Rage!

He was played by this guy again and again today.

How can he possibly endure this He grabbed his blade and charged over.

Qiu Honglei hurriedly blocked between the two.

She looked at Chen Xuan with a lovely and pitiful expression.

“Big brother Xuan, you promised me just now!”

When he saw this girls blinking eyes, Chen Xuan swallowed his saliva. This really is quite the woman, I definitely have to bring her back to take care of me well.

His anger was replaced by desire.

He also forgot about settling the debt with Zu An.

He sat back down, a big smile on his face.

“Thank you so much big brother Xuan~” Qiu Honglei smiled.

She then turned to give Zu An a look, inwardly wondering what was he going to do if I didnt step in

Meanwhile, Xie Xiu released a sigh from the second floor.

“What a pity! I wanted to use this chance to get a gauge on Zu Ans strength.

Who would have thought that Qiu Honglei would interfere”

Xie Daoyun on the other side said, “No matter how formidable he is, he is definitely no match for a sixth rank expert, right”

“That may not be true.” Xie Xiu mentioned the events in the rear mountains where Zu An defeated Shi Kun with a single sword strike.

“This guys strength is completely unpredictable.

I really am curious as to just how strong he really is.”

He wasnt the only one who sighed with pity.

On the other side, Pei Mianman also blew out the black flame hovering above her hand.

She said with a bit of self mockery, “Theres no way that fella will cause trouble without any confidence.

What am I getting all worked up for Hes not even my husband, hmph~”

Qiu Honglei thus raised her head towards the second floor.

“Young master Xie, you still havent answered my question...

Could it be that in young masters heart, Hongleis song is that unsightly”

Xie Xiu arrived by the windowsill, using his figure to hide his older sister.

This time, he said with a smile, “Lady Qiu must be joking.

I was so stunned by your beautiful melody that I fell into a trance! Thats why I forgot to reply to the ladys question.”

Qiu Honglei laughed while covering her mouth.

“Everyone has always said that young master Xiu is the ideal type of countless girls.

Your words are just too sweet.”

“I was speaking but the truth.” Compared to those crazy men below, Xie Xiu only casually stood by the window, his eyes still clear.

This immediately made his presence seem rather outstanding.

When everyone saw these two chat in such a happy manner, the man handsome, the woman beautiful, they all thought that they were a good match.

They couldnt help but feel a bit sour inside.

Yet when they thought about Xie Xius background, there weren\'t many who could even compete against him.

All of them immediately felt dispirited.

Chen Xuan definitely didnt feel such misgivings.

When he saw this girl, who he already considered his own exclusive property, talk so intimately with another man, a flame immediately ignited in his heart.

Furthermore, this Xie Xiu knew someone else was impersonating him, yet he didnt say anything, resulting in his later embarrassment.

With the new and old grudges added together, he finally couldnt hold back his anger.

“Young master Xie, lady Qiu wanted you to contribute some constructive criticism.

Why are you wasting so much time with all this boot-licking”

Now that someone took the lead, everyone else began to echo in agreement.

Everyone came to a brothel to see girls.

Who was more dignified than the other in this type of place

This Brightmoon City wasnt Xie clans in the end.

Many of them immediately became more brave from the alcohol they drank consumed.

Xie Xiu didnt think he did anything wrong.

He was completely unperturbed.

“As for lady Qius song, there was indeed a slight flaw.”

When they heard these words, hissing noises of displeasure sounded from all directions.

Here comes another idiot who wanted to play the vulgar claptrap.

Chu Hongcai had just embarrassed himself, yet this idiot was now going to do the same thing.

Qiu Hongleis smile also became rigid.

“Oh Id love to hear more.”

Even though she asked everyone to voice any critique they had, she was also confident in her guqin skills.

She didnt believe that there were any real complaints to bring up.

There was no way her ego didnt get inflated from all the praise.

As such, these words left her a bit unhappy.

Only then did Xie Xiu continue.

“Young miss Qius song moves one to tears, your ability to imbue emotions is truly magnificent.

In the aspect of emotions, there really isnt anything to pick at.”

Chu Hongcais face paled upon hearing this.

He now understood what his greatest mistake was.

Everyone knew that for the sake of picking up girls, even though Xie Xius cultivation wasnt anything to write home about, his achievements in the arts werent shallow.

His words confirmed that Qiu Hongleis piece was full of emotion.

No wonder my words made her angry instead.

Sigh, I shouldnt have tried to push myself, shouldnt have said such risky words.

While he was feeling regret, Xie Xiu continued, “Lady Qiu has already reached perfection in the art of imbuing emotions, but there are some slight flaws in your guqin technique.”

“Towards the later part of your song, perhaps because you were too focused and caught up in the emotions of the song, the zheng note was held slightly longer, while the yu note was pressed a bit too fast.

This resulted in a slight distortion in the music.”

The zheng note was equivalent to modern worlds F key, its sound a more sullen pitch.

Yu note was equivalent to the modern worlds A key, a higher key than the zheng note.

This note excelled in expressing anger and other intense emotions.

Qiu Honglei was stunned.

She then closed her eyes to recall her song.

Only after a long time did she open her eyes again.

“There is a saying among Brightmoon Citys lady chambers:a mistake in the song, endless gratitude for the guests consideration.

Today, Ive finally increased my knowledge.”

“Thank you young master Xie for your pointers.

Otherwise, Honglei would have been self-satisfied, yet unaware of my own shortcomings.” Qiu Honglei gave him a deep bow.

Xie Xiu hurriedly returned the greeting.

“Young miss Qiu is too hard on herself.”

Meanwhile, he was blushing with shame inside.

Even though he did dabble in the zither, it was only enough to deceive other girls.

In front of a true master like Qiu Honglei, he was still far inferior.

He obviously couldnt pick up this slight flaw.

All of this was what his big sister Xie Daoyun told him.

Qiu Honglei praised him so greatly, making everyone here go crazy with jealousy.

This made Xie Xiu become a bit full of himself.

Now that he earned her full respect, he wondered if he would be chosen later.

At this time, Xie Daoyun also quietly said behind him, “Dont forget what you promised.

You have to bring me with you when youre invited.”

Xie Xiu immediately felt a headache. Why in the world did I bring my big sister to a brothel Im probably the first one to do something this stupid, right

Qiu Hongleis eyes suddenly moved, sweeping them over the others here.

Those men all had their heads up and chests high, hoping that they might receive similar attention like Xie Xiu.

However, everything that should be said had already been said.

No one had any confidence in giving any better critique.

Seems like that bastard Xie Xiu is the one getting lucky tonight.

The entire hall immediately became filled with an air of sourness.

However, who would have thought that Qiu Honglei would suddenly speak up.

“I heard that Chu clans distinguished young master Zu has also arrived.

I wonder where he is right now”

When they heard her words, everyones eyes immediately gathered towards Zu An.

The grape that Leng Shuangyue was still feeding him dropped out of his mouth.

“What is this woman playing at” Second floors Pei Mianmans peach blossom eyes flickered with a dangerous radiance.

Her heart entered a mysterious state of suspicion.

Everyone else shared her puzzlement.

After all, there were plenty of men with higher statuses than Zu An.

If they put it nicely, then he was Chu clans young master.

If they were a bit more direct, then he was nothing more than a lowly Chu clan leech.

Why didnt Immortal Abodes Qiu Honglei bat an eye towards all of them, yet paid special attention to him

Zu Ans brows furrowed under everyones glares.

He knew that this woman already recognized him from the Rage points he received, yet she insisted on pretending that she didnt.

This is really strange!

“You are Zu An”

Before he could even say anything, a teeth clattering noise sounded.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 1024 Rage!

Zu An was completely shocked when he looked at the fuming Chen Xuan.

Werent all those who provided him with 1024 Rage points in one go those who wanted him dead

Did I accidentally kill this guys dad, sleep with his wife or something

Why in the world are you reacting like this for

Zu An sighed.

“I already tried to keep a low-profile to not steal anyones thunder.

I let you all do your thing, but I still ended up becoming the star.

Someone as outstanding as me really cant avoid attention no matter where I go…”


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