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Xie Xiu was more confused than ever.

Following that, he saw Pan Long and Fu Feng returning with pale faces, seemingly having just received the scare of their lives.

Unable to hold back his curiosity anymore, he quickly snuck forward, and soon, he finally saw it.

Zu An was currently changing his clothes under a tree.

He had taken off all of his tattered clothes, including his pants, revealing his well-toned body.

Xie Xiu didnt think much of it at first glance.

He knew that most women actually didnt like buff men, preferring to go for slender ones like him.

So, there was no reason for him to be jealous of Zu Ans figure.

But when his eyes finally moved down a little, his body immediately recoiled in horror.

“How could this be” Xie Xiu subconsciously rubbed his own eyes, wondering if he was seeing things.

When he finally confirmed that his eyes were indeed not playing tricks on him, he immediately fell silent.

He finally understood why everyone had such queer expressions on their faces.

He tried holding his arm up to compare the sizes, and his face immediately collapsed.

Hes definitely doing it on purpose!

Normal people would first wear their pants before wearing their shirt, but Zu An intentionally wore his shirt first… not to mention that he was changing incredibly slowly, and he would even swing left and right from time to time!

That beast!

Xie Xiu thought about how Zu An intentionally told them not to peep on him, and he immediately knew that it was a trap the latter had prepared for them.

Meanwhile, the women by the side noticed that the returning guys had pale, listless looks on their faces, and they couldnt help but be curious as to what they had seen.

The thoughtless Wu Qing turned to Pan Long and Fu Feng and asked, “Whats wrong You look as if youve seen a ghost!”

“It was even more terrifying than a ghost!” replied Pan Long and Fu Feng with bitter looks on their faces.

“What did you see Stop keeping me in suspense!” replied Wu Qing impatiently.

Pan Long and Fu Feng were usually very heeding of Wu Qings commands, but they adamantly shook their heads and refused to answer this time around.

You must be kidding me! How could I say something like that out loud! We also have our pride, alright!

The other women also asked the same question, but surprisingly, all of the male students seemed to be on the same front this time around.

There was not a single person who divulged Zu Ans secret at all.

Pei Mianman noticed that Xie Xiu had walked over calmly earlier, only to return with a crestfallen look on his face.

She couldnt help but ask, “Xiuer, whats wrong You look horrible.”

Being in King Qis faction as well, she was in close contact with the Xie clan and was good friends with Xie Daoyun.

Due to that, she wasnt as restrained before Xie Xiu.

Xie Xiu put on a strained smile and replied, “Its nothing much.

Im just amazed at what a huuugeeee world we live in.”

It was a rather cryptic response from him, but he wasnt in a mood to be chatting at the moment.

He walked under another tree, sat down, and stared into blank space.

Pei Mianman turned to Chu Chuyan and asked, “Whats wrong with those men”

“How am I to know You should ask Ah Zu later on,” replied Chu Chuyan with a reddened face.

“I guess so.” Pei Mianman nodded with a smile.

Meanwhile, all of those men looked at the two whispering women as realization finally struck them.

Many things that they had been unable to make sense of thus far suddenly clicked together.

Its no wonder why the high and lofty Chu Chuyan would choose a useless wastrel as her husband.

Everyone thought that he had nothing to boast of, but it turned out that there was one part of him that no one could see that was exceptional boastful.

Its no wonder why he was able to win the fancy of so many beautiful women! It turned out that his secret weapon was that! What kind of woman wouldnt like that kind of man

Many thoughts ran through the minds of the male students.

They thought about how those beautiful woman they idolized had been slowly conquered by that mansstrength, and it immediately filled them with complicated emotions such as envy, self-consciousness, and admiration.

But in the end, all of this morphed into rage.

Hong Xingying had always looked down on Zu An, thinking that the latter wouldnt be able to compete with him at all.

Even when Zu An made a name for himself in the Clans Tournament, he didnt think much of it, holding firm to his belief that he would eventually surpass him.

However, what he had just witnessed was a huge blow to his confidence.

It was something that he would never be able to match up to in his entire lifetime.

To compete against such a man made him feel utterly inferior, and he felt that he would never be able to raise his head before Zu An ever again.

You have successfully trolled Hong Xingying for 999 Rage!

He wasnt the only one who harbored such thoughts.

You have successfully trolled Pan Long for 999 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Fu Feng for 999 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Xie Xiu for 999 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Wei Hongde for 999 Rage!

Zu An was delighted to see the huge inflow of Rage points.

I warned all of you, didnt I You were asking for it, so who can you blame now

After wearing his clothes properly, Zu An turned around and walked back to the crowd, only to see a bunch of utterly crestfallen male students.

Thank you for your generous contribution of Rage points, heh.

All of a sudden, he noticed a particularly familiar name in the Keyboards notifications.

Wei Hongde Isnt that the guy whom Old Mi told me to get close to

Zu An made his way over to Wei Hongdes side.

Compared to the scrawny and sly-looking Wei Suo, Wei Hongde had a far more honest and upright look.

It really made one wonder if they had really come from the same womb.

“Brother Wei!” Zu An warmly wrapped his arm around Wei Hongdes shoulder and greeted him.

“Ive long heard of your name.

Its a pleasure to meet you!”

Wei Hongde didnt expect Zu An to suddenly walk over and hug him.

He stiffened up in awkwardness as he asked, “Do we know each other”

Long heard of my name In terms of fame, theres no one in the academy who can compete with you.

It has only been days since you arrived, but theres probably no one who hasnt heard of you yet.

Wei Hongdes eyes wouldnt stop flickering toward Zu Ans crotch as the image of what he saw earlier floated into his mind, causing his face to turn pale.

“Wei Suo and I are seated side by side.

Hes a good brother of mine, and I happened to hear him mention once that he has an older brother who attends the academy too.

Ive been wanting to pay you a visit for some time now, but I havent got an opportunity to do so till now,” explained Zu An.

“Ah, so its Wei Suo.” Wei Hongde finally revealed a smile, exposing his bucktooth conspicuously.

His doubts regarding whether Wei Suo and Wei Hongde were really brothers or not were finally dispelled.

The two of them continued chatting for a while longer, but Zu An wasnt able to gather any useful intelligence.

No matter how he looked at it, there was nothing special about Wei Hongde at all.

Other than the fact that he had managed to get into the Sky class, there was nothing particularly outstanding about him.

He couldnt understand why Old Mi wanted him to get close to Wei Hongde.

“Ah Zu, come here for a moment!” a seductive voice sounded.

Zu An turned his gaze over, only to see Pei Mianman looking in his way with her eyes curled into sweet crescent moons as she gently beckoned him over with her hands.


Zu An made his way over without hesitation.

Needless to say, he would rather hang out with these gorgeous ladies than those stinky men.

Upon seeing this sight, the male students felt yet another gush of envy.

They wanted to speak words of protest, but the memories of the shocking beast they had just witnessed rushed into their heads, and they immediately deflated in disappointment.

You have successfully trolled Hong Xingying for 666 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Pan Long for 666 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Fu Feng for 666 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Xie Xiu for 666 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Wei Hongde for 666 Rage!

“Just what in the world happened back there Why do all of them have such weird looks on their faces” asked Pei Mianman curiously.

Chu Chuyan looked disinterested by the side, but her pricked up ears told a different story.

“They might have been unintentionally traumatized,” replied Zu An in embarrassment.

“I told them not to peek, but they insisted on doing so.”

“…” The other male students.

You bastard! You knew that we would want to look by saying those words! It was obviously a bait! Damn it, just why do I have to go through this torture I need to get some water to wash that image out of my eyes later on!

You have successfully trolled Hong Xingying for 233 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Pan Long for 233 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Fu Feng for 233 Rage!

“What trauma” Confused as to what Zu An was referring to, Pei Mianman shot a sweeping glance at the male students.

Usually, these male students would love more than anything to be met with Pei Mianmans seductive eyes, but at this very moment, everyone was feeling far too self-conscious to enjoy her gaze.

Their eyes averted elsewhere, fearing that she would call them out.

“Its nothing much, just some secrets amongst us guys,” replied Zu An with a mysterious smile.

No matter how thick-skinned he was, it was simply too embarrassing for him to boast about his own assets.

Afraid that she would continue interrogating him, he quickly took his leave and rushed over to Ji Xiaoxis side.

Pei Mianman stomped her feet in frustration as she pinched Chu Chuyan a little.

“Hey, is that your husband or other peoples husband Why does he keep running over to other womens side”

“If you feel so indignant about it, why dont you go and snatch him back” Chu Chuyan turned around and walked away.

In truth, she had roughly guessed what was going on from the cryptic remarks made by those male students.

It wasnt too hard for her to figure it out since she had a firsthand experience of it.

Just thinking about what had happened back at the underground palace made her face steaming hot.

She wouldnt be able to take it if Pei Mianman continued harping on the topic.

Pei Mianman looked at Chu Chuyan with a confused frown.

Why is everyone acting weird today

It was then that Lu De stepped out and gathered everyones attention with a light cough.


Since theyre all fine, lets all get back to what we were doing.

Its a rare opportunity for us to be able to explore a dungeon, and we still have three days left at the moment.

Lets not waste our precious time, alright”

The male students agreed vehemently with Lu Des words and scattered in all directions like fleeing rabbits.

It was simply too pressurizing for them to stay together with Zu An.

Lu De and Bai Susu glanced at one another before quickly gathering their team of students to depart from the area.

Zu An remained in the area to take care of Qiao Xueying.

Ji Xiaoxi had also sprained her ankle and was unable to move properly, so she stayed in the vicinity too.

Zheng Dan had many things that she wanted to ask Zu An about, but with so many other women in the area, she wasnt in a convenient position to make her move.

So, she directed him with a smiling gaze before leaving the area.

Chu Chuyan had long wandered off from being unable to take the embarrassment.

Pei Mianman hesitated for a moment, but harboring the same reservations as Zheng Dan did, she turned around and left for the ruins of the underground palace.

She was hoping to see if she could find anything good from there.

“Was Zheng Dan shooting you a flirtatious gaze earlier” Qiao Xueying pinched Zu An unhappily.

Zu An was astonished.

“When did you wake up”

“Why Are you afraid that I saw something I shouldnt have” Qiao Xueying harrumphed.

“Of course not.

You must have been seeing things earlier.

How could I possibly be in any relationship with Zheng Dan” replied Zu An with an earnest look on his face.

How could I possibly admit to that before the ladies

Qiao Xueying hesitated for a moment before advising, “Be careful.

That woman is getting close to you for that 7,500,000 silver taels debt note you have.”

She had come into contact with Zheng Dan before as Shi Kuns subordinates, so she could easily guess what the latter was up to.

“Oh I didnt think that you would be so concerned about me,” replied Zu An with a hearty laugh.

“Dont worry, I wont fall for her tricks that easily.

Heh, Ill make sure that she makes the greatest loss she has ever made in her life!”


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