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Chu Chuyan whimpered a little upon the abrupt kiss.

She instinctively raised her hands to push Zu An off, but she eventually held her hands back after a moment of hesitation.

Seeing that she wasnt resisting him, Zu An moved on to undo her clothes, causing them to flow down her body and onto the floor.

This made her heart thump even faster.

Am I really going to lose my body to him

She had always been the pride of the Chu clan from a young age.

Her beautiful appearance and top-notch cultivation talent made her the center of attention no matter where she went to.

Many men viewed her as their dream lovers, but they dared not to approach her, thinking that they were unworthy of her.

So, they buried their desires in the depths of her heart.

Of course, there was also no lack of outstanding men expressing their affection for her, just that none of them was able to move her.

The man of her dreams was a true hero, someone who could inspire admiration from her but at the same time dote and love her…

However, she was simply too outstanding that few could match her, even for those from a generation older.

So, she thought that the man of her dreams didnt exist in real life, so she relied on novels in order to fulfill her imagination.

But the more outstanding the protagonists of those novels were, the more closed her heart became in real life, She became more and more disillusioned with the men she met.

That was also why she had no qualms about looking for a renowned wastrel in Brightmoon City as her husband.

All men were the same in her eyes anyway.

While she viewed Zu An as a shield necessary for the Chu clans extenuating circumstances, she was willing to accept him as kin or a friend, considering that they were going to live decades together.

However, she never thought that a day would come where she could see Zu An as a man, let alone as a romantic interest.

Far too many things had happened in this trip.

It was still fresh in her head how Zu An insisted on staying with her despite their dangerous plight, holding onto her tighter than ever while fending off the enemies…

While she was still deep in thought, she was unaware of just how fatal the charm of her bare skin was toward the man standing right before her.

When she finally became cognizant of the heavy presence of a man in front of her, her heart suddenly began beating quickly.

And when Zu An finally overcame her final hurdle, she felt something that had been encasing her heart all this while shattering.

She stared at the man in front of her as two streams of tears flowed down the corner of her eyes.

She had no idea why she was tearing up, but her body seemed to have completely gone out of her control.

Meanwhile, Qiao Xueying was sitting right outside the barrier Mi Li had constructed with a blank look on her face.

There was a fact that she had hidden from Zu An.

Half Lifes Fate was a secret art that only a few of her race were able to use, and most of them wouldnt use it in their entire lifetime.

If they ever used it, they would only use it on their other partner.

Such had been the way since ancient times.

“I really made a huge loss!” Qiao Xueying bit on her lips as she kicked on a little rock grumpily.

She never thought that she would end up using this skill on another womans husband, and that made her incredibly exasperated.

The knowledge that those two were consummating their marriage just a few meters away from her made her feel even more irritated, causing her to kick those rocks with greater force than before.

As a result, the opposite wall ended up being filled with holes.

Some time later, Chu Chuyans cold expression gradually mellowed down.

Her tears had already dried up, but her eyes were still glistening as beautifully as ever.

She felt a hint of strength returning back to her limbs.

The final shreds of her modesty made her instinctively push the man on her aside, but her strength was still too lacking at the moment.

She had never felt so helpless before in her entire life.

Under normal circumstances, all she needed was a single finger to press Zu An down, yet the tables were turned on her today.

Hmph! Once I recover my strength, Ill show him what true strength is!

But barely after those thoughts surfaced in her mind, it was dissipated with a powerful ram from Zu An.

Her cheeks flushed like blazing flames as her initial resistance gradually turned into subconscious compliance…

Some time later, she suddenly heard Mi Lis voice sounding in her ears, “Guard your spirit.

From this point onward, circulate the ki in your body using the formula Ive imparted to you earlier.

Make sure that you assimilate his precious blood essence entirely.”

Chu Chuyans body shuddered as her skin further reddened.

She was looking at us all along

A feeling of shame and awkwardness swiftly engulfed her mind, leaving her on the verge of losing her mind.

“Dont lose concentration right now!” shouted Mi Li.

Chu Chuyan was, after all, an incredibly talented cultivator.

She was blessed with decisiveness and sharp judgment.

She knew that it wouldnt be worth it if she were to lose this precious opportunity due to her embarrassment.

So, she began circulating her ki along with the formula imparted to her, directing Zu Ans blood essence toward her injured ki meridians to repair them.

It was just that every time she reached a critical period, a sudden ram from Zu An would shatter her composure, undoing her efforts.

Annoyed, she wanted to tell Zu An to cut it out, but her embarrassment made it hard for her to approach the topic, so she could only bear with it silently.

In truth, she was also misunderstanding Zu An too.

It was not that he was intentionally being forceful here; on the contrary, he was trying to repair her collapsed ki meridians as carefully as possible.

Unfortunately, he couldnt control his strength properly as he hadnt gotten used to his newly enhanced body yet.

On top of that, Chu Chuyan had never been through such an experience before, making her incredibly sensitive.

Chu Chuyan kept trying to circulate her ki along with the formula again and again, but for some reason, she started to feel her consciousness blurring out…

At the same time, Zu An suddenly noticed something and quickly turned to the side, only to see Mi Li standing by one side.

Alarmed, he quickly grabbed the clothes on the ground to cover the two of them before asking, “Big sis empress, what are you doing While I dont particularly mind it, Chuyan might get embarrassed here…”

“Dont worry, she cant see me,” replied Mi Li.

Zu An was stunned.

He quickly lowered his gaze, only to see Chu Chuyans eyes glazed with confusion.

Astounded, he asked, “Whats wrong with her”


I just have some things I need to talk to you about,” replied Mi Li.

Zu An scratched his head awkwardly and said, “Cant we find another timing It feels rather offensive to you to have a conversation at a time like this.”

Mi Li ignored his words and said, “Im here to bid my farewell to you.”

“Bid your farewell to me” Youre going to leave” asked Zu An anxiously.

“Youve saved me from the seal, and in return, I helped you save your little wife.

Since weve fulfilled the ends of our promise, theres no reason for me to remain here anymore,” replied Mi Li.

“But Ill miss you if you suddenly leave like that,” remarked Zu An.

He was still feeling delighted at how things were finally working out after all of the hardships he had been through, but the news of Mi Lis impending departure made him feel a little empty inside.

Is this what they callcamaraderie forged in times of hardship Gah! Who am I lying too Its just because shes pretty, thats all.

Zu An shot a glance at Chu Chuyan, and he suddenly felt a bit disdainful toward himself for letting his thoughts wander at a time like this.

You philanderer!

“Youll miss me” An enigmatic smile surfaced on Mi Lis lips.

“Perhaps, we might just meet one another not too long later.”

Zu An sighed softly and said, “Youre a person who stands at the top, possessing strong cultivation and a lofty standing.

While the Qin Dynasty might have fallen, the two of us clearly live in different worlds.

A starving camel is still bound to be bigger than a horse.

I doubt that well have a chance to meet one another after this parting.”

“A starving camel is still bound to be bigger than a horse Those words sound oddly jarring to me,” Mi Li harrumphed.

“Its too early for you to start missing me now.

Perhaps, in our next meeting, youd rather that we never had met one another ever again.”

“How could that be Theres no man who wouldnt be delighted to meet with the gorgeous big sis empress, unless he isnt a man at all!” said Zu An resolutely.

A rare chuckle sounded from Mi Li, and she remarked, “I hope that youll remember your words!”

Leaving those words behind, her silhouette vanished from view.

Zu An felt a little empty by her sudden departure, but he quickly snapped out of it and continued healing Chu Chuyans injuries with his Primordial Origin Sutra.

Meanwhile, Mi Li had returned back to outside the ki barrier she had constructed.

She raised her hands and saw that a red teardrop had appeared on her left palm too.

There was a red thread that extended all the way to her elbow and beyond.

She knew deep well that the red threads had already weaved their way through her limbs and bones, filling up her entire body.

It was just moments away from reaching her heart.

“It looks like Zhang Han really wasnt lying.

TheRed Tears of Lady Xiang does have the prowess to poison even an Earth Immortal to death!” Mi Lis eyebrows arched in hatred.

“Ying Zheng, you wouldnt even let me off even after death, huh”

Conflict flickered across Mi Lis eyes.

She exhaled deeply before murmuring, “I guess I have no choice here.”

Black spirals began forming in her eyes before a transparent silhouette drifted out from her body.

Had someone been watching the scene, they would have noticed that this transparent silhouette looked identical to Mi Li.

This transparent silhouette drifted upward for a bit before turning around to gaze at the body on the ground.

She could see the red threads fully covering her body, and the next moment, her body suddenly disintegrated into dust, scattering along with a gust of wind.

Watching this scene, the transparent silhouette sighed softly, “Ying Zheng, Ive gritted my teeth for thousands of years for this day, yet as soon as I was freed from my restraints, I still ended up getting done in by you.

However, do you think that you can end my life with just this much”

With a wave of her hand, she tossed a helmet she had casually picked up aside before swiftly darting through the ki barrier into Chu Chuyans body.

Chu Chuyans dazed eyes gradually twisted into black spirals, similar to the ones that had appeared in Mi Lis eyes earlier.

However, Zu An happened to be distracted by the helmet earlier that he failed to notice it.

By the time he turned his gaze back, all had already reverted back to normal.

Seeing his lover staring at him, Zu An gently wiped off the beads of sweat on her forehead and said gently, “That scared me.

I thought that Mi Li returned.”

‘Chu Chuyan sneered coldly and said, “Do you detest her that much Thats not what you said earlier.”

Zu An shook his head and said, “Its not that I detest her.

Shes simply far too powerful.

On top of that, she has already been sealed for several thousand years now.

God knows whether shes a human or ghost.”

‘Chu Chuyan slowly raised her hands and wrapped it around his neck.

Her fingernails began extending eerily before finally stopping right behind his heart.

“So, do you think that shes a human or a ghost”


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