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However, Shi Kuns lackeys were already prepared to deal with Zu An.

The stronger four of the five lackeys stepped forward to stop Zu An whereas the weakest hurried over to feed Shi Kun the medicine.

They had witnessed Zu Ans elusive movement skill and swift swordplay, so they dared not to let down their guard.

They swung their weapons before them to create a defensive arc, aiming not to bring down Zu An but just to keep him at bay.

Zu An tried to charge forth numerous times, but he was forced to retreat before them.

These four lackeys were stronger than him in terms of cultivation ranks, so it was hard for him to bypass them in a forceful charge.

By then, the weakest subordinate had already reached Shi Kun and was offering him the pill.

Shi Kun was dripping tears and snot around the place from the sheer pain.

If someone told him that eating ** could alleviate his suffering, he would probably do so without any hesitation.

He swallowed the pill without any hesitation, and a moment later, his pain really began to alleviate.

While it didnt disappear entirely, it had receded to a level where he could still barely tolerate it.

“Why would you have a pill like this” Shi Kuns face was drenched in sweat, such that his hair was sticking to his face.

He looked at Qiao Xueying with appreciation in his eyes.

Qiao Xueying glanced at Zu An with a slightly reddened face as she answered, “I suffered the same plight back then too, so I prepared some medicine in the off case the same thing happens once more.”

The previous encounter had really traumatized her, and being unaware of the cause of it only scared her more.

So, she requested some Pain Suppression Heart Calming Pills from Divine Physician Ji in the off case that it happened to her once more.

Who could have thought that it would really be put to good use here

Zu An was dumbfounded.

He didnt think that this trump card of his was overcome so easily!

Why is my luck so bad today Goddamnit!

I wasted 100,000 silver taels onBefriend a Rich Man for naught, andFaith in Brother Spring wasnt as useful as I thought.

And now, Ive wasted a precious use ofKnock-You-Up Eyes too.

He had used so many of his trump cards, but they still werent out of danger yet.

This was really a huge loss to him!

Since Shi Kun had already recovered, Zu An dared not to push too much anymore.

He quickly retreated to Chu Chuyans side, and the battle between Chu Chuyan and Qiao Xueying came to a halt too.

“Well done!” said Shi Kun.

His face was still pale and he couldnt stop clutching his stomach, but he was in a much better condition now.

“Brother Shit, congratulations on being the very first man in the Great Zhou Dynasty to have a taste of pregnancy and labor pain.

Dont you feel more appreciative of the sacrifices your mother had to make for you now Dont you think that youll be a far more filial son now” said Zu An.

What was done was done.

He would just have to make it back by squeezing more Rage points out of Shi Kun.

“You were the one who did it earlier” Shi Kun growled lividly.

“Wait a moment, what do you mean by pregnancy”

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 233 Rage!

“Isnt it obvious The pain you suffered earlier was a symptom of labor pain.

Actually, Im quite curious as to where it would hurt for you.

After all, you shouldnt have a womb as a man, right” asked Zu An.

“…” Shi Kun.

It turns out that he really is the culprit here.

Just thinking about the hellish experience he had just gone through made rage rush into his head.

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 1024 Rage!

Qiao Xueying was astonished too.

It really is pregnancy! Wait a minute, doesnt this mean that I was knocked up by that hateful Zu An Her face immediately flushed red.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 1024 Rage!

“Ill kill you!” Veins popped out on Shi Kuns temples as he gathered his wind blades once more.

Instead of stepping away, Zu An took a step forward and said, “Oh You want to have a taste of pregnancy again”

Those words immediately jotted up the intense spasms of pain that assaulted him earlier, and he began shuddering uncontrollably.

The wind blades around him dispersed right away as he muttered with a hint of fear, “H-how did you do it!”

Zu An smiled.

“Well, this skill is calledKnock-You-Up Eyes.

All it takes is one glance from me, and that person will be able to enjoy the joys of childbirth.

Does any of you want to give it a try too”

Wherever Zu Ans gaze fell on, that person would instinctively take a step back.

Be it Shi Kun or his lackeys, no one had any interest in suffering the pain of childbirth.

Even Qiao Xueying was frightened too.

She was probably the only one who could empathize with Shi Kun as she had been through the same unbearable pain too.

“Rubbish! How could there be such… an eccentric skill in the world!” Shi Kun couldnt stop his voice from quivering.

Without a doubt, he was already scarred for life.

“Didnt you already try it out yourself Would you like to try it once more to see if Im lying or not” Zu An took another step forward.

Once again, Shi Kun and his lackeys retreated a step as they waved their hands frantically.

“If theres nothing else, well be taking our leave then.” Zu An grabbed Chu Chuyans hand.

“Honey, lets go.”

Chu Chuyan was still dazed even up to this point.

Everything that had happened so far had transcended her common sense.

Is it really possible for there to be a skill in the world that makes one pregnant just by looking at them Doesnt that mean that he can make me pregnant whenever he wants to

Those thoughts made Chu Chuyans face heat up.

All of a sudden, she raised her hand and formed an ice barrier right behind the two of them.

Innumerable wind blades crashed onto the ice barrier the next instant.

Zu An quickly turned around, only to see that Shi Kun and his lackeys were chasing after them.

“Hahaha, I nearly got scared off by you!” Shi Kun sneered in disdain.

Zu Ans faced darkened.

“It looks like you really want another taste of pregnancy, huh You better pray that you have enough medicine for everyone there then!”

Those words made Shi Kuns lackeys recoil in fear.

If all of them were to fall under theKnock-You-Up Eyes skill, the ones prioritized for the medicine would definitely be Shi Kun and Qiao Xueying.

As for the rest of them… it was likely that they would have to suffer through the full course of the skill.

Shi Kun harrumphed coldly.

“Dont be intimidated by him! How could there be a skill in the world that could induce pregnancy Even if there is, he definitely has to pay a heavy price for it.

Otherwise, given his vindictive personality, how could he possibly let us off He could have just ended all of us with a glance instead of talking so much!”

Zu An was stunned.

He realized that he had underestimated Shi Kun all this while.

He should have known that a person who could reach his position at that age was bound to be no fool.

He could use theKnock-You-Up Eyes again, but there were too many people here, and they had painkillers on them too.

It was likely that his skill would just go to waste once more.

He would be much better reserving this skill to use on someone else in the future.

Chu Chuyan pulled Zu An behind her and glared at Shi Kun coldly, “We havent finished our earlier battle.

Lets continue then!”

“Your aura… Why do you seem unharmed!” Shi Kuns eyes widened in shock.

The earlier clash had proved that he wasnt a match for Chu Chuyan in a direct confrontation, not to mention that his limbs were still weak from the extreme pain he just suffered from theKnock-You-Up Eyes.

In his current condition, he wouldnt stand a chance against her at all.

Someone quickly explained to Shi Kun how Zu An had fed her a bottle of medicine, which led to Shi Kun staring at Zu An deeply.

“I must admit, I have made a grave error thinking that you were an insignificant good-for-nothing.

With all of the means you have displayed here today, theres more reason for me to eliminate you for good here!”

The more outstanding Zu An was, the higher chances of him winning Chu Chuyans body and soul over.

Besides, even if not for Chu Chuyan, it was a threat in itself to make an enemy out of a talented individual who possessed a myriad of means.

The wisest move was to stifle Zu An while he was weak, or else he would surely pose a great threat in the future.

“Arent you being too confident here” remarked Chu Chuyan with a frown.

She had recovered greatly from her injuries whereas Shi Kun was in a weakened state at the moment.

Even if he combined forces with Qiao Xueying here, she was confident that she could deal with them.

As for the others, given the powerful movement skill that Zu An had demonstrated earlier, he should be able to hold his own against them until her battle came to an end.

Overall, they should have been in an advantageous position here, so she couldnt understand why Shi Kun was making such confident remarks here.

“Indeed, it would be hard for me to defeat you in my current condition.

Had it been any other situation, I would have offered a truce.” Shi Kun paused for a moment as he glanced at Zu An.

“However, that fellow is a huge variable.

Ill have to get rid of him here regardless of the cost!

“Heed my summons, Devouring Kun!”

Shi Kun raised his ring up high as he muttered an esoteric chant.

His ring began to glow with a grayish light as a terrifying pressure crushed down from above.

All of his lackeys immediately fell to their knees under the pressure, unable to move at all.

A green barrier formed around Qiao Xueying, allowing her to barely hold on.

Zu An wasnt faring any much better either.

The sudden outburst of pressure made it hard for him to breathe, as if a mountain was crushing down on his back.

His bones began to creak under the force.

If even fourth rank cultivators were finding it hard to hold on, how well could a third rank cultivator possibly stand against it It was just that he gritted his teeth and tried his best to hold on here.

He didnt mind mooching off others, but he wouldnt allow himself to kneel before Shi Kun.

It was just that willpower could only do so much against absolute strength.

Just as he was about to cave in, he felt a cooling touch wrapping around his hand, and the pressure on him suddenly alleviated.

A blue barrier was erected around them.

Chu Chuyan had activated her Blue Guardian once more.

It was daytime, but the sky suddenly darkened.

Zu An raised his head, only to be appalled by what he was seeing.

A massive beast of over three hundred meters in length had floated into appearance in the air.

It was grayish in color, reminiscent of a massive whale.

However, its appearance was far more frightening than any whales.

There was a blood-red light glaring from its eyes, and it had a massive mouth filled with innumerable sharp teeth.

Its appearance looked more than enough to intimidate any lifeform into submission.

Looking at the whiskers curling down from its mouth, Zu An frowned doubtfully.

Why does this look like the kun Ive seen in game ads in my previous life

“This aura… Ninth rank!” Chu Chuyans face paled.

“No, its aura is at ninth rank, but its strength is much weaker.”

But no matter how much weaker the summoned beast was, it was still far beyond her means to deal with.

A gleeful smile emerged on Shi Kuns face as he said, “This is the means our Shi clan possesses.

Its a defensive tool that my clan has specially prepared for me, and I was reserving it only for dire situations.

Zu An, you should be glad that youre going to die in the hands of Divine Beast Devouring Kun…”

However, Zu An interrupted him before he could finish his words, “Wait a moment, you said that this beast is called Devouring (Shi) Kun too Ah, it actually has the same name as you! Is it your father”


Kun is a mythological fishlike monster which is known to be able to transform into a roc in the air.


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