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Chapter 1379: Pathfinders

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue exchanged a look.

They had a feeling that there had been quite a bit of drama, judging from the Fiend Emperor’s reminiscent tone.

As expected, the Medusa Queen had been incredibly beautiful, never lacking pursuers.

Back in the human world, Yu Yanluo had also been incredibly famous.

Countless nobles had been won over by her beauty and chased after her, and there had been a rumor that even Zhao Han had pursued her before.

Now that they learned that the Fiend Emperor and Yu Yanluo’s mother had had a thing too, they thought this mother and daughter really were something.

They had stolen the hearts of the two strongest men in this entire world! More importantly, neither of the two women had chosen them, instead picking other men.

Meanwhile, Zu An’s mind was also wandering. I wonder just how outstanding that father-in-law of mine was.

He’s actually almost at my level.

Yu Yanluo eventually calmed herself down.

When she heard that, she said unhappily, “I ask the Fiend Emperor to speak cautiously.

Whether it is me or my mother, we followed our own hearts and chose the one we loved.

Even before her death, my mother never regretted marrying my father.

Similarly, I will not feel any regret.” A steadfast expression appeared on her pretty but delicate face.

The Fiend Emperor became a bit absentminded when he saw her expression, saying, “That expression is just like your mother’s.

Your mother went against me just like this too.

However, both of you have no eye for men at all.

You both ended up choosing unreliable people.”

Zu An couldn't take it anymore and said, “I actually feel that they’re pretty good.

It seems to be your eye for your inheritor that’s really poor.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was speechless. What the hell I was just happily watching from the side.

Why am I being attacked for no reason

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 433 433 433…

The Fiend Emperor’s expression immediately darkened.

He wouldn’t treat Zu An as kindly as he treated Yu Yanluo.

He snapped, “You dare speak to me like that”

“I’m just speaking the truth.

If even I’m not reliable, then what about the crown prince I’ve beaten the ** out of three or four times now already” Zu An shot back.

Wu Liang broke out into a cold sweat.

This guy really didn’t back down! Did he not know how temperamental the Fiend Emperor is

“Very good, very good!” the Fiend Emperor exclaimed, his expression extremely cold.

Yu Yanluo quickly stood in front of Zu An and said, “You are not allowed to harm him.”

She had managed a great clan for so many years, and after associating with powerful nobility in a place like the human race’s capital city, she was quite good at grasping one’s thoughts and behavior.

When she saw that the Fiend Emperor had known her mother, she knew he probably wouldn’t harm her, at least not at the moment.

That was why she stepped forward to protect Zu An.

Yan Xuehen was a bit stunned when she saw that.

At first, when she had heard that her disciple liked someone, and that the man she chose was quite perverted with many women around him, she had just assumed those women had been tricked through smooth talking.

At first, she had intended to expose Zu An’s true colors, expecting that the women would all leave on their own then.

She had thought that perhaps some of them only desired his outward appearance and wealth, which would make them even easier to chase away.

And yet, after being around him, she had discovered that the women around him were all quite different, but all of them were affectionate and true.

Most importantly, even she herself had fallen into that trap.

Yun Jianyue also felt a huge headache.

She had only been worried about Yan Xuehen’s disciple at first, feeling that only someone like that would be a match for her own precious disciple.

But now, it seemed as if neither one of them was enough to compete against Yu Yanluo! Could it be that they had to work together to fend off Yu Yanluo

She shivered all over when she thought of that.

How could her own disciple ever ally with that stone cold woman’s disciple

Zu An patted Yu Yanluo’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry too much.

If the Fiend Emperor wanted to kill me, he would’ve done so a long time ago.

Why would he even give you the chance to step forward and stop him”

Yu Yanluo was stunned.

That was indeed the case.

With the Fiend Emperor’s earth immortal rank cultivation, if he really interfered, she wouldn’t be able to react at all.

She wouldn’t have had the chance to stand in front of Zu An at all.

The Fiend Emperor gave Zu An a look, saying, “Young man, sometimes, being too smart might not necessarily equate to a longer life.”

“It doesn’t matter too much whether you’re smart or stupid.

What matters is your fate,” Zu An said in a profound manner.

The Fiend Emperor was shocked.

He said, “I did not expect someone as young as you would already sense the existence of fate.

Not bad.

As my cultivation climbed higher and higher, I became able to sense more and more clearly that everything is dictated by an invisible fate.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s expressions changed a bit.

At their cultivation realm, they could also sense the unclear and indistinct influence of fate.

They had thought that maybe it was just a figment of their imagination, and yet it truly did exist!

The Golden Crow Crown Prince began to panic when he saw how the Fiend Emperor seemed to be chatting happily with Zu An.

He said, “Father emperor, when my second brother sent assassins to kill me and you told me to forget about my grudges with him afterward, I had no problems with that.

However, this guy is clearly my enemy, and he has tried to kill me several times.

I suffered so much because of him! Is your respected self really going to let him go”

The Fiend Emperor said indifferently, “You have disappointed me too much.

You have only been concerned with fighting and have not given his identity any thought all this time.

This one is a favored minister of the human emperor, the Eastern Palace crown prince faction’s most trusted aide.

Not long ago, he was granted the title of Great Lady Count.

How can someone like that be killed so easily”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince stared at Zu An with wide eyes.

He could never have expected Zu An to have such a great background! At the same time, a hint of humiliation flashed across his face.

A subordinate of the human race’s crown prince had beaten him black and blue!

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 555 555 555…

Wu Liang blinked.

He thought to himself, You really can’t judge a person by appearances.

This kid actually had such an extraordinary background! However, he really is stupid.

Why would he run all the way here to the Fiend King Court when he has that kind of identity Isn’t he just courting death

Yan Xuehen, Yun Jianyue, and Yu Yanluo looked at Zu An worriedly.

They hadn’t expected the Fiend Emperor to have already investigated them so thoroughly.

He really was too terrifying.

Meanwhile, Zu An was calm, saying, “The Fiend Emperor is unfathomable after all.

No wonder you can face our human emperor as an equal.”

“Bringing i[ Zhao Han right now is useless.

The way things are, he cannot save you,” the Fiend Emperor said.

As soon as he spoke, he raised a finger, firing a streak of golden light at Zu An.

Zu An wanted to dodge, but he was locked in place by the Fiend Emperor’s pressure.

Furthermore, earth immortals didn’t reveal any clues when they attacked, so how could he avoid it He could only watch as the golden light entered the space between his brows.

The women were shocked.

Yu Yanluo and Yan Xuehen quickly walked over to support Zu An.

Yun Jianyue stared at the Fiend Emperor, exclaiming furiously, “What did you do to him!”

“Worry not, he will not die.

I just placed a Puppet Curse on him, so he can only listen to my orders for the rest of his life,” the Fiend Emperor said indifferently.

“Puppet Curse!” Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue exclaimed, their expressions changing.

At their cultivation rank, they naturally knew about the existence of that sinister technique.

It made the target unable to act independently or refuse the user’s orders.

The worst part was that no one could undo the technique except for the one who used it!

Yu Yanluo had just sighed in relief when she saw that Zu An seemed unaffected.

But when she saw the two grandmasters’ reactions, she felt a weight in the pit of her stomach.

Even though she didn’t know the exact details, she could guess how serious it was from their reactions.

Zu An’s expression also changed.

He noticed that there seemed to be a faint golden diagram in his mind.

It looked like a pair of terrifying eyes that were completely identical to the Fiend Emperor’s! However, the eyes were still closed.

He didn’t know when the diagram would activate.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince finally revealed a smile when he saw that.

Now that the Puppet Curse had been cast, wasn’t Zu An already like a fish on a chopping block

Once father emperor perishes, all of his cultivation will be mine.

I can then just use this Puppet Curse to control him and make him offer up all his women to me!

Apart from the Elf Race’s Princess Snow, there is also the Medusa Queen!

After learning that the Medusa Queen was Zu An’s lover, and judging from their intimate expressions, he suspected that they had probably already been intimate.

However, the Medusa Queens were women that not even his father and the human emperor had been able to obtain, so that gave him a deep desire to conquer them.

I’m going to obtain something not even my father could get!

The Medusa Queen was someone only the strong deserved!

I’ll keep this Zu An on one side and let him watch as I subdue and wantonly toy with his women.

Only then can I vent my anger, hahahaha!

Just then, the Fiend Emperor looked at Wu Liang, saying, “I sense that the surrounding spatial force seems to have stabilized.

Bring us to the entrance of the Unknown Region.

Everyone else is to follow along.”

No matter how confident he was, he still had to act cautiously when he recalled the rumors surrounding the unknown regions.

It would be best to use Zu An’s group as cannon fodder to test the waters.


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