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Chapter 1378: Poor Eye for Men

Meanwhile, the various forces that had gathered outside the Imperial Tomb were stopped by Heichi Fei and his troops.

No one suspected him of falsifying an imperial decree.

However, they all had their own thoughts as to why the Fiend Emperor would appear in the Imperial Tomb.

The most nervous one was none other than the Second Imperial Prince.

He had put two schemes in play, one overt and one covert.

For the former, he hadn’t hesitated to expose the important pieces he planted at the crown prince’s side.

Even if they failed, the Golden Crow Crown Prince would lower his guard, subconsciously thinking that the second prince was already out of moves to play.

Apart from that, however, he had used a lot of effort to find the Pangolin race cultivator Wu Liang.

That was his real trump card.

That fellow was extremely mysterious, and he had all sorts of skills that left even the second prince in admiration.

After arranging all of that, he had already been greatly confident in his success.

However, his father, the emperor, had suddenly appeared in the Imperial Tomb.

Was it because the crown prince had died and he rushed over to stop the news from leaking out, or was it because he had actually been in the Imperial Tomb to begin with, causing the plan to fail

That didn’t make sense! Hadn’t his father still been in the palace not too long before He had no way to be absolutely certain of that, though.

After all, with the Fiend Emperor’s strength, his subordinates wouldn’t necessarily be able to keep an eye on him.

On top of that, what was that disturbance in the Imperial Tomb Could it have been caused by his subordinates and the crown prince He was extremely worried because he really cared about that matter.

There was someone else who was just as worried as him.

In a tower of the imperial palace stood a beautiful individual dressed in palace clothes.

She had a fiery red fur coat draped over her shoulders, and the white snow and cold winds surrounding her made her seem even more elegant and stunning.

Many guards secretly snuck looks at her.

Even though they knew that was a huge offense, the Second Empress was just too beautiful, so beautiful that they couldn't even shift their gazes away.

The Second Empress didn’t have her usual charming and flirtatious smile.

Her brow was slightly furrowed, as if there were dark clouds shrouding her mind.

“There was such a huge disturbance.

Could it be that he succeeded” the Second Empress muttered nervously to herself.

She had previously planted trusted aides among the guards around the Imperial Tomb.

If the plan bore results, she would have immediately received the news.

However, the Fiend Emperor had rushed over, so all news had been sealed off.

She had no way of finding out what was happening in the Imperial Tomb at all.

“With that brat’s strength, there really is a chance that he succeeded.

But after the Fiend Emperor went over, did they end up selling me out after being caught” the Second Empress muttered worriedly.

However, she gritted her teeth and said, “Hmph, I can just refuse to admit it, and say that he was sent by the Second Imperial Prince and is just framing me.

I am the mother of the little prince, so the Fiend Emperor still needs me to assist the young prince.”

Unlike those two individuals with sinister designs, the other forces’ analyses were a bit closer to the truth.

Hu Qianxiao and Shi Zhentian both looked in the direction of the Imperial Tomb from where they lived.

They thought to themselves, Why was there such a huge eruption of ki from the Imperial Tomb

Even though the Imperial Tomb was located in a place with excellent feng shui, it was still a tomb in the end.

Normally, it would be full of a deathly aura and shouldn’t have contained such rich life force and ki.

In the Golden Peng King Manor, its current master, the Little Golden Peng King, was enjoying some wine in a gazebo.

He looked at the Imperial Tomb and said, “There seem to be intense elemental forces in the air.

Could it be that some kind of secret dungeon has been opened But why would such a dungeon appear in the Imperial Tomb”

Inside the Ocean races’ temporary residence, a beauty emerged from a pond.

Under the sunlight’s illumination, the water droplets on her skin were dazzling and brilliant.

Shang Liuyu looked in the Imperial Tomb’s direction.

After thinking to herself for a moment, she said through a ki transmission, “Little Chi Wen, go and investigate what’s happening at the Imperial Tomb.

Also, go and see if the Medusa Queen and her friends are at the Snake race’s manor.”

Chi Wen replied unhappily, “I’ll look around the Imperial Tomb, but I’m not going to the Snake race’s manor.” He had received too many painful memories from the Snake race.

He still had trauma from what had happened, so he really didn’t want to revisit a place that would trigger those memories again.

During the competition over the delegate seats, the Giant Maggot Race warrior had been beaten to the point where he spewed ** everywhere.

At first, Chi Wen had also roared with laughter alongside everyone else, but eventually, his laughter had turned to tears, because he really had experienced that kind of taste before…

“Is your skin feeling itchy Do you need a proper beating” Shang Liuyu snapped impatiently.

Chi Wen shivered all over, replying, “I’m going, alright What do you have to be so mean for…”

In the Dragon Palace, he had always been doted on ever since he was young.

Everyone else had been extremely scared of offending him and always acted carefully.

However, this little aunt of his didn’t care about any of that at all.

Whenever he did something wrong, she really did act viciously.

That was why, even though he had been practically fearless ever since he was little, the one he was the most scared of was none other than his little aunt.

In the Elf King Manor, Qiao Xueying couldn't sit still.

In the end, she couldn't take it anymore.

She didn’t care about the manor’s people trying to stop her and left.

At that point, she couldn’t be bothered to worry about the crown prince’s surveillance.

The activity by the Imperial Tomb gave her a bad premonition.

She had to visit the Snake race’s manor to confirm Zu An’s safety.

So many people outside were making guesses and feeling worried, but Zu An himself was even more alarmed.

He worried that the Fiend Emperor would instantly kill the women around him if they said anything wrong.

Yu Yanluo was one thing; as she was a clan leader, her death would have bad effects.

However, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue didn’t have similar statuses to protect them.

Due to his worries, he immediately said, “Fiend Emperor, this Lady Yan excels in rune formation skills, so she can provide help in the Unknown Region.

This Lady Yun is good at… is good at…”

He was a bit at a loss.

He couldn't say Yun Jianyue was good at killing, right Even if he did, how could she compare to the Fiend Emperor He definitely couldn't say she was good at seduction arts.

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“Brat, you don’t need to speak up for me.

So what if I die There’s no way I’ll bow down to another, anyway.”

After saying that, she gave Wu Liang a look.

However, there wasn’t the slightest bit of shame on his chubby face; instead, he had a big smile, seeming to be completely unbothered.

Yun Jianyue was too lazy to give him another look.

If she had still been at her strongest, even if she wasn’t a match for the Fiend Emperor, she could still make sure the Fiend Emperor paid the price.

However, she was seriously injured.

Fighting it out would be meaningless.

“As expected of Sect Master Yun, your heroic spirit is not inferior to any man,” the Fiend Emperor replied, roaring with laughter.

His voice made the others’ hearts tremble.

“You recognize me” Yun Jianyue exclaimed in surprise.

“I met you once on the battlefield.

At my level, I would not forget someone, even after only meeting them once,” the Fiend Emperor said.

He looked at Yan Xuehen and continued, “If I am not mistaken, this is Sect Master Yan, no How surprising.

All of the intelligence I gathered stated the two of you are mortal enemies.

Why do you two look like sisters here”

Yan Xuehen was alarmed, exclaiming, “Who is her sister!” She didn’t fear death, but if someone found out about her relationship with Zu An before her death, that would be her absolute worst nightmare!

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were both alarmed.

After all, they hadn’t fought the Fiend Emperor, but rather let the human emperor keep him in check.

They hadn’t expected him to have actually noticed the two of them all the way over in a corner of the battlefield.

The soul of an earth immortal really was terrifyingly powerful!

Off to the side, the smiling Wu Liang looked at the two women.

Sect Master Yun and Sect Master Yan, and they were arch-enemies… Could it be those two

He was horrified.

Then, he looked at Zu An with an admiring gaze.

Just how had this guy done it Other fickle men could only raise some pretty fish in their pond, and yet this guy had actually raised two massive sharks!

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was shocked and overjoyed.

It turned out that it wasn’t that he was useless, but rather that he had been facing two grandmasters! The most important part was that both of them were stunning.

If he could subdue them, whether in terms of his personal harem or action against the human race, it would be an incredibly beautiful thing!

He had initially thought that they were both Zu An’s women, but when he learned of their identities, he knew there was no way they would have that kind of relationship with Zu An.

Thus, their bodies and minds were both pure.

That perfectly met his standard for women.

He felt absolutely amazing when he thought about that.

Afterward, the Fiend Emperor looked at Yu Yanluo with a conflicted expression.

He said, “Alike… The two of you are way too alike.

You are simply a mirror image of your mother in the past.”

The others all had strange expressions.

Judging from the Fiend Emperor’s tone, it seemed that there had been something between him and Yu Yanluo’s mother in the past.

His eyes were too full of passion, which actually scared Yu Yanluo a bit.

She subconsciously moved closer to Zu An.

Zu An stepped forward to protect her, looking at the Fiend Emperor coldly.

“Is that the lover you have chosen” the Fiend Emperor asked with a frown.

“Unfortunately, just like your mother, your eye for men is truly poor.”


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