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Chapter 1364: Empress, You Don’t Want Something to Happen to Your Son, Right

Who else would say something like that, other than the Second Empress 

Zu An thought, It seems she’s still brooding over what Snow and I did on her bed.

If he didn’t head over, who knew what that woman would do He could only follow the maid.

Fortunately, because there were just too many people at the general meeting, he didn’t really have to worry too much about anyone following him.

The maid took him through the crowd, weaving from side to side.

Eventually, she arrived at a remote forest near the plaza.

There was a carriage parked there, but unlike the gorgeous carriage the Second Empress normally rode in, it was as low-profile as one could get.

“Master, I have brought the guest,” the maid said, bowing in front of the carriage.


You can withdraw for now,” a soft and charming voice replied from inside the carriage.

“Understood.” The maid bowed, then withdrew to take watch in the distance.

“You can come in,” the seductive voice said.

Zu An was a bit shaken. No wonder people keep talking about how extraordinarily beautiful the Second Empress is.

She really is a woman who can make you go crazy.

When he entered the carriage, he sensed a refreshing and penetrating fragrance that filled the air.

It was Second Empress’ unique fragrance.

Zu An thought, Anyone would instantly recognize who she is, right This kind of enchantment is too unique.

He noticed that the Second Empress’ entire body was covered by a black cloak.

Even so, he could see her exquisite figure through the voluminous garment.

“Does the empress need this subject for something” Zu An asked.

He was still wearing his mask, so he didn’t know whether she was really looking for him.

“Your mask is surprisingly intricate.

I actually cannot detect any sign of one at all,” the Second Empress said, gently brushing a finger across his face.

It was ice-cold to the touch and extremely soft.

Zu An quickly dodged backward.

He replied with a straight face, “I wonder what Second Empress is talking about”

“Since you came here, that means my suspicions are correct.

I am the empress of a country, after all; this bit of investigation is still within my abilities,” the Second Empress said with a smile.

She continued, “Take off your mask already.

Your real face is a bit more pleasing to look at.”

Zu An knew he couldn't fool her and removed the mask.

He sighed and said, “If you need me for something, then just come looking for me.

Do you have to use that kind of pretext”

“If not for that, would you have obediently come here” the Second Empress replied, also lowering the hood of her cloak.

The carriage interior immediately brightened despite its plain and simple appearance.

This woman really is something, Zu An thought with a sigh.

However, in his current state, he naturally wouldn’t be bewitched by beauty.

He quickly snapped out of his daze and said, “You told something so private to your maid.

Aren’t you scared of any unwanted information leaking out”

After all, if such a matter were exposed, forget about putting him and Snow in danger, not even the Second Empress would be able to handle the consequences.

Furthermore, even if it weren’t exposed, just that sentence would start a huge controversy if it were heard by others.

Other people could even end up suspecting that there was something between the two of them.

“Don’t worry, no one will believe a few maids,” the Second Empress said calmly.

She was clearly unworried.

Zu An knew that she was an intelligent woman.

Since she had said that, it meant there was no problem.

He asked, “What does the empress need me for”

“What if I just missed you” the Second Empress replied.

She leaned against the window and rested her chin in one hand.

Her body really was incredibly supple and strong.

Zu An couldn't help but chuckle, saying, “If the Fiend Emperor heard that, he might feel a bit hurt.” No matter how conceited he was, he wouldn’t believe that the Second Empress felt anything for him after just a few meetings.

“How can you be so cruel I am being so sincere, and yet you are so cold and heartless!” the Second Empress replied resentfully.

Zu An raised a brow and replied, “Oh In that case, let’s not waste any time.

Let’s get a bit more intimate right now.” He reached out to hug her as soon as he spoke.

The Second Empress’ back arched backward as she avoided him.

She said, “I just wanted to talk to you, and yet you are in such a rush for lust.

I have really misjudged you.” Her eyes had even started to become a bit red, as if she were extremely disappointed in him.

“Empress, we’re all experienced people here, so let’s not play these kinds of games.

If you have something to say, please just say it,” Zu An replied.

If he were still inexperienced, he really might have been toyed with in the center of her palm.

“What an uninteresting man.” The Second Empress harrumphed.

Then, her frivolous smile gave way to a serious expression.

She asked, “You still remember that you owe me a favor, right”


I’ll work like an ox to repay the empress’ favor,” Zu An replied, looking at her with a smile.

If she hadn’t saved him that night, he and Snow might have been done for, back at the imperial palace.

“Work like an ox” the Second Empress replied, blushing.

“You are up to no good after all.

You are still trying to take advantage of me even now.”

Zu An was speechless.

He had just said that on a whim; he really hadn’t had any such thoughts when he said that. This woman is also an experienced veteran if she can even think along those lines.

The Second Empress’ expression turned grave as she said, “There is no need for you to work like an ox.

There just happens to be something I need your help with.”

“What is it” Zu An asked.

He didn’t dare to show any carelessness.

If the task was something even she couldn't take care of, it definitely wouldn’t be easy.

The Second Empress lifted a corner of the curtain and looked in the direction of the altar.

She said, “The succession ceremony is going to start tomorrow.

The crown prince will become the new Fiend Emperor then.

I heard about what happened in the arena today.

The crown prince and the Snake race clearly do not get along with each other.

If he becomes the Fiend Emperor, you will not have a good end.”

Zu An smiled and replied, “The Second Empress speaks too harshly.

The Snake race is a great clan, after all; don’t tell me he’d dare to just eradicate us There are so many clan leaders watching.

He wouldn’t be so foolish as to cause the fiend races to fall apart, would he”

“He wouldn’t eradicate the Snake race, but getting rid of the Medusa Queen and your group wouldn’t be a problem at all,” the Second Empress said.

She had clearly done her homework beforehand.

She continued, “Furthermore, your Snake race’s internal politics are unstable.

Elders White and Blue have the real authority in the clan.

As long as the crown prince supported them a bit, it would not be too hard at all to borrow them to eliminate the Medusa Queen.”

Zu An frowned.

That would actually be quite troublesome.

It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it were just Elders White and Blue, but there was no way to stop the crown prince.

If he became the Fiend Emperor, he would have too many methods to deal with Yu Yanluo.

When she saw him start to think to himself, a faint smile appeared on the Second Empress’ face.

She said, “Apart from the Medusa Empress, the matter of you and Princess Snow needs to remain a secret too.

If he becomes the Fiend Emperor, Princess Snow will be unable to refuse an invitation into his harem.

If she does not go, will be going against the imperial decree.

If she does go… I think I have no need to explain anything.”

Zu An harrumphed.

“Did the Second Empress forget to mention something else If the crown prince ascended to the throne, where would such a young empress like you go Could it be that you really think he would respect you as an empress The Golden Crow Crown Prince is quite lascivious, and the empress is so stunning.

If he barged into your chambers in the middle of the night and said ‘Empress Dowager, you don’t want anything to happen to your son, right’, what would you do”

“You bastard!” the Second Empress cried, her face turning completely red.

Apart from helping her own son, she had decided to act precisely because she was worried about such a situation.

However, she had no idea where this kid had learned to talk the way he did; his descriptions were just way too realistic! She even shivered a bit when she imagined thE situation.

Zu An shrugged and said, “That’s why you’re clearly more worried than me, so why does it sound as if you’re trying to help me”

The Second Empress took a few deep breaths before her rapidly rising and falling chest finally settled down.

She replied, “Then, let us not beat around the bush.

Our interests actually align in this case.

Otherwise, if the crown prince entered the Imperial Tomb and the dust settled, neither of us would benefit.

You should not act too smug, though.

If that really happened, I would immediately report your affair with Princess Snow.

Then, I would likely just experience a bit of humiliation, while you, Princess Snow, and the Medusa Queen would really meet tragic ends.”

Zu An suddenly sat up straight. Did I just hear the words ‘Imperial Tomb’

The Unknown Region was also in the Imperial Tomb! He had just been worried about how he would get in there.


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