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Chapter 1357: All Races General Assembly

Yun Jianyue rolled her eyes and replied, “Am I really that kind of reckless fool in your eyes Why would I be so dumb as to run to my death”

Yan Xuehen said with a grin, “In my eyes, you are precisely such a fool who no longer cares about anything once you act on an impulse.”

Yun Jianyue was speechless.

The two of them seemed about to fight again when the eunuch’s shrill voice suddenly called out, “The Second Empress has arrived!”

This time, a sweet fragrance seemed to spread through the place.

Then, a fair and graceful figure slowly flew into view.

A breeze brushed past, making her dress flutter gently.

It really was as if a goddess were descending into the world.

Many people from all the different clans had heard of the Second Empress before, but this was the first time they had ever seen her.

When they saw her beautiful and charming appearance, many people’s eyes lit up.

Some people even gulped in an embarrassing way.

Such a thing would only happen among the fiend races.

In the human world, if that kind of thing ever happened, it would be a huge crime of disrespect.

“The Second Empress really is an extraordinarily beautiful woman…” many people whispered to each other.

They found it really hard to hide the shock they felt.

Zu An thought to himself, These people really are fearless! Do they really think the Fiend Emperor can’t hear them just because there are people also chatting around them They have no idea just how powerful the methods of an earth immortal are.

However, surprisingly, the Fiend Emperor continued to sit on his dragon throne without a single change in his expression, as if he hadn’t heard the onlookers’ discussions at all.

Yu Yanluo seemed to have seen through his puzzlement and explained quietly, “The fiend races are different from humans.

In this place, men don’t forbid others to praise their own women’s beauty.

On the contrary, they think of it as a kind of glory.”

“But these guys’ reactions aren’t purely praise, right” Zu An asked in confusion.

Judging from how they looked, it seemed as if they really wanted to drag the Second Empress to bed.

Yu Yanluo’s expression became a bit strange as she said, “The style of doing things here is indeed a bit different.

To them, this kind of thing further proves a woman’s charm.”

Meanwhile, the Second Empress drew near to the high platform.

However, she was careful and didn’t fly above the Fiend Emperor, but rather descended halfway through her approach.

Then, she leisurely walked across the steps.

Her voluminous dress naturally spread out around her, looking extremely beautiful as it dragged along the steps; it made her resemble a phoenix.

Zu An had to admit that the Second Empress really did seem to have the noble presence of an imperial mother.

When she arrived on the high platform, the Second Empress smiled and greeted the Fiend Emperor.

“This servant pays my respects to your majesty.” Her voice was sweet and soft, making many people’s entire bodies tremble.

How could there be such a beautiful voice in this world

“Hmph, just putting on airs,” Yun Jianyue grumbled.

It was as if, because they were both women, she really couldn’t stand the Second Empress’ coy and affectionate act.

Yan Xuehen smiled and asked, “Aren’t your charm arts from the Devil Sect similar Why are you mocking her”

Zu An thought of something.

People always said that Yun Jianyue’s charm techniques were exceptional, and that even Qiu Honglei had learned from her.

However, he had never seen her use them before.

He subconsciously glanced at Yun Jianyue.

She was indeed devastatingly beautiful, but she was a bit too fierce.

It really was hard to imagine what she would look like with her charm techniques.

“Why are you looking at me” Yun Jianyue asked, her eyes narrowing.

She felt that Zu An’s expression was a bit weird somehow.

Then, she turned around to reply to Yan Xuehen, “Do you really think it’s the same That’s just a method for us to toy with men; it doesn’t represent our real nature at all.

That woman’s seduction seems to be naturally formed, on the other hand.

She was born to be a sow.”

Yan Xuehen and Yu Yanluo were speechless.

They were also women, and furthermore beautiful women, so they really didn’t like talking about another woman like that.

However, when they thought of Yun Jianyue’s nature, they stopped thinking about it.

Meanwhile, on the elevated platform, the Fiend Emperor nodded.

He reached out with a hand, gesturing for the Second Empress to rise.

The Second Empress smiled sweetly as she got up, then sat down in a smaller seat at his side.

When the two sat together, even though one was old to the point that he already had one foot in the grave, while the other was a radiant beauty, none of the fiend races seemed to think that anything was strange.

In their hearts, only someone as strong as the Fiend Emperor had the right to have a stunning beauty like the Second Empress at his side.

Only Zu An’s expression was a bit strange.

He thought to himself, Is this split soul the same as the original body If you had all of your normal functions, wouldn’t you easily cuck yourself…

Or maybe, every time, all three split souls get together and…

Zu An felt a chill when he imagined that.

It was that damn earth immortal rank’s fault for being too mysterious! Outsiders can’t understand it at all.

An elder dressed in ceremonial official garb stepped forward to preside over the ceremony.

Zu An was startled when he saw his black teeth, exclaiming, “It’s the Black Teeth race again”

Maid Xing explained, “He is the clan leader of the Black Teeth race, the fiend races’ imperial uncle and the court’s Grand Secretary.

His relationship with the Golden Crow Crown Prince is close, and he is one of the leaders of the crown prince’s faction.

Between that and his relationship with the previous Empress, that is why the grand ceremonies of the fiend races are all managed by him.”

Zu An nodded.

He looked at the stage and saw that the Golden Crow Crown Prince had already made his appearance too, arriving in his extremely eye-catching golden war chariot pulled by six hornless dragons.

Together with his dazzling golden armor, he looked mighty and formidable, and his presence was extraordinary.

All those who followed him cheered loudly.

Only Zu An noticed the bit of weakness in the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression, as well as the fact that his face had clearly received extensive makeup.

It was clear that after having his lower body wounded so badly, even though he had been able to recover through the Fiend Emperor’s help and by using the Golden Crow Sacred Fire, it was still extremely taxing.

Meanwhile, the fiend races had always worshiped the strong.

If he revealed any weakness in such a grand celebration, it would clearly be unfavorable for the succession that followed.

That was why he had put on such a getup.

Zu An’s gaze shifted to the golden carriage.

He thought to himself, That thing really is great; I have to get my hands on it sometime and give it a go.

Just then, he noticed another arrogant and prideful pair of eyes looking up at the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

It was from a seat at the very front, closest to the elevated platform; the gaze belonged to the Second Imperial Prince.

The corners of his lips were slanted, and his expression was filled with disdain as he watched the Golden Crow Crown Prince receive people’s praises.

Zu An was a bit alarmed.

He suddenly felt as if he were looking at the popular ‘disdain’ meme in his previous world.[1]

Looks like the Second Imperial Prince really doesn’t have the heart of a subject after all… But the Golden Crow Crown Prince is going to inherit the position of the Fiend Emperor soon.

Even if he isn’t convinced, what else can he do

At the Second Imperial Prince’s side were three yellow-robed individuals, all much younger than the Second Imperial Prince.

The two older ones were probably the Third Imperial Prince and Fourth Imperial Prince.

Meanwhile, the youngest one seemed to only be six or seven years old, and he looked quite cute.

However, he seemed to be trying very hard to look mature.

When he looked at the Fiend Emperor and Second Empress on the elevated platform, his eyes were full of admiration.

He was naturally the little prince who had been born to the Second Empress herself.

Zu An nodded inwardly.

No wonder the Second Empress had her own schemes.

Her own son was just too young, and so was she.

If the crown prince became the new Fiend Emperor, their family situation would become too awkward.

However, the little prince was just too young.

Did she really plan to forcefully support her son’s ascension to the throne

Apart from the princes, there were other imposing figures in the front row.

They were clearly the important ministers of the fiend races’ court.

The one dressed in bright colors next to the Little Golden Peng King was likely the Peacock Wise King.

Zu An thought, Hm, I guess he is pretty handsome.

No wonder he was able to give birth to a pretty daughter like Kong Nanwu.

Apart from that, the Elf King wasn’t there; rather, his seat had been taken by Princess Snow.

From time to time, Qiao Xueying looked in the Snake race’s direction.

Eventually, she just happened to meet Zu An’s gaze, and her restless expression immediately eased up.

After not meeting for several days, both of them had been worried about each other.

Now that they had seen each other safe and sound, they both sighed in relief.

The two stared at each other just like that, as if they both had too many things they wanted to say.

Meanwhile, on the elevated platform, the Second Empress knew what was going on, and had been secretly observing Qiao Xueying.

When she saw their interaction, a pensive expression appeared on her face as she thought, Look at this pair of secret lovers. She had initially been a bit worried about her plans, but after seeing that, she felt a bit more certainty.


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