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Chapter 1333: Imperial Tomb

The Golden Crow Crown Prince had watched as his own lower body was crushed into a bloody paste.

A psychological scar had already formed.

Many times, he jolted awake as soon as he closed his eyes.

He had even begun to wonder if he had lostthat ability, so he needed to quickly prove himself.

Normal palace maids couldn\'t get him excited, but the incredibly beautiful Medusa Queen was a different story.

She would undoubtedly be able to restore his powerful masculinity.

When he saw the Golden Crow Crown Princes excited expression, Elder Wu felt a bit troubled.

He said, “Crown prince, I was unable to bring the Medusa Queen back.”

“What” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed, his expression turning sinister.

He was just about to act out when he remembered Elder Wus grandmaster status, so he could only swallow the curses back down.

Instead, he asked, “What happened”

Elder Wu thus told him about what had happened just then in the Snake races residence.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was shocked, asking, “The Peacock King race, Elf race, and even the ocean races, as well as the Demon Race all spoke up for her”

“That is right,” Elder Wu said with a grim smile.

That was something he couldn\'t figure out at all either.

“That slut actually has relations with so many people Was it purely because of her beauty” the Golden Crow Crown Prince wondered.

Because of what had happened in the Snake race territory, he hated the Medusa Queen.

“These great clans have already expressed that they are going to protect her, and there are many smaller clans that have good relationships with her.

Doing something to her has really become quite difficult,” Elder Wu said with a frown.

“I fear we will be unable to force out that assassin under her.”

“That might not be so,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince said with a sneer.

“The All Races General Assembly will be held in three days.

At that time, every single race will send their people to fill those representative seats.

The Snake race used to be a great clan, and with her return, the Medusa Queen will not be content with just a single seat.

She will definitely send powerful cultivators to participate.

We can just use the stage to find a way to cripple her powerful cultivators.

The more miserable, the better.

This crown prince refuses to believe that the person under her will not act.”

“That is a feasible plan, but would it not be a bit too overt It might affect your distinguished selfs reputation,” Elder Wureminded him out of concern.

If forcing out the assassin led to the various races dissatisfaction, the losses wouldnt make up for the gains.

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“Who said this crown prince would do it myself According to the intelligence, the Lion race has a grudge with the Snake race too, right We canjust rig the system a bit and have them fight over the same seat.

That should do the trick, right” the Golden Crow Crown Prince said with a sneer.

He had heard that the Lion races little prince Shi Ling had been seriously injured from a conflict with the Snake race, and still hadnt woken up.

Shi Ling was a rising star publicly acknowledged by the Lion race, and he was doted on greatly by his brothers and parents.

Now that something had happened to him, the Lion race was furious.

Given the opportunity, why would they show the Snake race any mercy

“What a wonderful plan!” Elder Wus eyes lit up.

He had been worried that the crown prince would be embroiled in rage after his defeat in the Snake race, and perhaps even infatuated with lust, thus completely losing the wise and heroic nature needed to become the future emperor.

Now, he completely felt at ease.

This young man was still the same crown prince he remembered deep down.

Afterward, the Golden Crow Crown Prince gathered some people and arranged various things.

That naturally wasnt something he had to trouble Elder Wu with.

He could stay in the palace to help him recover faster.

Meanwhile, in the Snake races residence, Yun Jianyue sought out Zu An and said, “Get up.

Lets take a look around the Fiend King Court.

After being cooped up inside these past few days, Ive been feeling really stuffy.”

She had wanted to go for a stroll the previous day, but Zu An had disappeared, and then the Fiend Emperor had released his powerful presence.

Worried that Zu An was the assassin in the palace, she hadnt gotten any rest the entire night.

She hadnt been in the mood to look around the city at all.

Of course, there was no way she would talk about any of that out loud.

Yan Xuehen couldn\'t help but frown slightly, saying, “He has gone through quite a lot all night.

Let him rest for a bit.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, youre sounding like a young maiden whos just joined the Zu household or something.

Stone cold woman, are you feeling alright” Yun Jianyue replied, reaching out toward Yan Xuehens forehead while speaking, as if she didnt recognize her.

Yan Xuehens face heated up.

She was worried that Yun Jianyue might notice something and quickly explained, “Do you think I am like you who makes decisions without thinking about others Firstly, he is too tired, and secondly, his arrest has already been ordered.

It is really not too good for him to be moving around right now.”

Yun Jianyue replied disapprovingly, “Did you forget what Ah Zu just said The more dangerous the place, the safer it will be.

Who would expect a wanted criminal to just be strolling through the streets like this He should just take the chance to spread the name Yan Zu, or else people will start associating that person with Ah Zu after just a few days.”

Yan Xuehen frowned slightly.

She felt that Yun Jianyue was twisting logic somehow.

She was about to retort when Zu An said, “Theres no harm in familiarizing ourselves with the Fiend King Court.

Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will be victorious in every battle.

Furthermore, we can take the chance to look for that place recorded on the map.”

The women were stunned.

Only then did they realize that he was talking about the map of the Unknown Region they had gotten from Lord Suis Tomb.

With that, none of them voiced any more objections.

When they left, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue remembered their experience by the city gates.

The masks could hide their appearance, but they would easily make others curious.

That was especially true with their incredible physiques and presence; they were clearly incredible beauties.

They were in the Fiend King Court, where there were many powerful cultivators.

Even though they werent scared, they didnt want to make things complicated for no reason and provoke unnecessary trouble.

Furthermore, they were going to help Yu Yanluo fight for the three seats in three days.

They were going to show themselves in front of everyone then.

They couldn\'t just keep masks and cloaks on forever, right

Using their original appearance obviously wouldnt be a good idea.

In the human world, the two women were famous grandmasters.

Some people from the fiend races would undoubtedly recognize them too.

If they were recognized, in their current state, they could end up dying without even knowing how.

As such, they each asked for a face mask from Zu An, turning themselves into ordinary-looking women to get used to the sensation.

When they looked into the mirror, they could only describe their new look as extremely plain, but they didnt mind it at all.

With their temperament, they had long since stopped caring about how they looked.

Zu An sighed in amazement, thinking that if these two were to enter his previous world as they were right now, they would definitely be mocked as women who looked stunning from behind but had unattractive faces.

They were goddesses from the back, but their faces…

That guy Chen Xuan actually had a few female masks on him… Who wouldve thought that he would actually have a cross-dressing fetish.

As for Yu Yanluo, she was a well-known person.

Furthermore, with her identity as the Snake races clan leader, she naturally didnt need a mask.

Just a face veil was enough.

Then, the group walked through the city.

Despite the assassin attack the previous night in the imperial palace, the various races representatives were all gathered at the Fiend King Court.

There was no way the royal family would hold a lockdown with so many influential figures present.

That was why, after the entire city had been searched, it had been opened up again.

Even though the Fiend King Court wasnt as bustling as the humans capital city, it was still up there.

It was a place where all kinds of different races talents gathered, each with their own specialties.

When all those specialties came together, it made for quite the exciting place.

Along the way, many fiend disciples blew catcalls when they saw the womens figures.

The fiend races were much more direct than others.

When they saw what they liked, they were always very proactive.

However, when they saw Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyues faces, they immediately felt their appetites being ruined, quickly running away.

As for Yu Yanluo, because she was Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyues companion, they all figured that she probably wasnt much better.

They werent even interested in undoing her veil.

Zu An couldn\'t help but chuckle, remarking, “I didnt expect even you two to be avoided for being ugly.”

“It is actually quite interesting,” Yan Xuehen said.

She was used to being flattered wherever she went.

She found the experience quite new and novel.

“I didnt expect being ugly to have its uses,” Yun Jianyue said.

Despite that, she was still upset.

“Hmph, if this were the human world, I would have already gouged out their eyes, chopped off their limbs, then had them used as fertilizer.”

Yu Yanluo clicked her tongue.

The Devil Sect Master really was fierce, as expected.

However, their group had gotten along quite well as of late.

The women werent preoccupied with that for long.

Their attention was soon drawn by their strange and bizarre surroundings.

Yun Jianyue was excited.

Even though there were quite a few imported goods from the fiend races in the human world, to the point that there were all kinds of specialty shops opened by the fiend races, compared to the real deal, they werent nearly as authentic.

In contrast to Yun Jianyues excitement, Yan Xuehens interest was quite lacking.

She usually liked peace and quiet, so not only did she not find the bustling surroundings that interesting, she even felt that the place really wasnt for her.

Instead, she unwittingly glanced more at Zu An.

She was a bit confused.

Why was it that she had felt so happy and carefree when she was strolling through Cloudcenter City with him, and yet today, she felt really annoyed Was it because there were others there too

She was alarmed when she realized that.

I have to hurry and push him to raise that Mo Xi girls skill, I need to get rid of thatLove Is More Solid than Gold skill.

But the two of them had already shared that kind of relationship, so was there even any meaning left in getting rid of the skill or not…

“Is there something on my face” a playful voice called out.

Yan Xuehen jumped in fright.

Only then did she notice that Zu An was looking at her with a smile, walking right next to her.

Yun Jianyue was distracted by all of the new sights, and Yu Yanluo didnt want to show that she was too close to him to hide his identity, so she was walking together with Maid Xing.

That was why Zu An had been able to walk over to her side.

“Who is looking at you” Yan Xuehen replied, looking away quickly.

Zu An had a strange expression as he asked, “Big sis Yan, didnt you never tell lies before Nuns arent supposed to lie, you know” Yan Xuehen practiced daoism, so to a certain degree, it wasnt wrong to call her a nun.

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

This guy really was annoying! So you knew I was a nun, and yet you still did that kind of thing to me

Yu Yanluo seemed to have sensed something.

She turned around and asked, “Ah Zu, what are you two talking about”

Yan Xuehen was alarmed, but while she didnt know what to say, Zu An replied completely naturally, “Were studying the map.”

Yan Xuehen felt a bit of admiration inwardly.

This guy didnt even bat an eyelid when he lied.

I have to warn Chuyan to not be fooled by this guy later.

When she thought of her disciple, however, she suddenly started feeling bad.

The group wandered around the Fiend King Court while secretly studying the places topography, comparing it to the Unknown Region map.

Eventually, they moved farther and farther away, arriving at a forest to the north.

It wasnt a wild, desolate area; rather, it was still inside the Fiend King Courts city borders.

They could vaguely make out buildings and lights scattered around.

“It seems to be around here,” Zu An said, comparing the surroundings to the map.

They followed a limestone path up a nearby mountain.

Suddenly, a fierce shout came from up ahead.

“Halt! Up ahead is the imperial tomb! All those who trespass are to be executed without exception!”

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